Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

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    Thanks Ann O'Nymous 2, appreciate your support on 1.!
    As for 2., I understand that Dydan will be collating the segments for this interview, just waiting one more section to be complete.

    Now I am getting onto that Marc Headley interview, sounds interesting!!
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    Part 5A (Splitting it with AnonyFag, who has the second half)

    JB: See, you know what’s interesting, to me? There was a big thing about, maybe, 2 years ago, or a year and a half ago, that everybody wanted you to listen to your Congresses. Which is, all the congress was is this, you know, meeting that LRH had, starting in 19, early 60’s, and he would get a group of people together and he would give a series of lectures on X. And usually it was about, it all really had to do with Clearing. Cause all these Congresses really had to do with Clearing. And, uh, and I, uh, lemme give you a, remember that I’m talking about the congresses. I’m gonna give you the unabridged version. Okay?

    WBM: Sure.
    JB: You sure?
    WBM: We have time.

    JB: Okay. Uhm, when I was in that TRs course, uhm, my very first week in Scientology. now again, I’m an actor, so communication is something I kinda do for a living. So, that’s a whole course about communication, so I felt like I’m kinda pretty good at this naturally.

    And one of the exercises is, uh, you take uh, they use Alice in wonderland, which is full of these wild kinds of, uh, sentences, and you take it and you read it to yourself and then you deliver it as your own. That’s a TR1. TR2 is, properly acknowledge somebody. So they say, “Off with your head”, and you say “Thank you” to make sure they know it and end it and there’s all these other things.

    Now, here I was doing this TR, and it happened to be TR2, and somebody said “Off with your head!”, and I said, “My god!”, and they flunked me. And I said, “Why?” And they said, “you know, because you’re showing, uh, you know, it’s supposed to be just ‘thank you, good, whatever’”.

    And I said, “No, read the fucker there. It says appropriate acknowledgement. If somebody says “Off with your head,” why do you think he chose Alice in Wonderland?” And they bring the technical, the head, technical head of the fucking place, and they’re all invalidating the shit out of me, and I’m sticking to my guns. I finally am crying and I say, “You guys are fucking wrong; who the fuck talks like that?”

    JB: [monotonous tone] Thank you, I got it, okay, good. Wow. That would be way too much. Wow. Okay? I totally duplicate that. This is the way you’re supposed to talk. I’m really talking to you, but do you see how I’m not? So it’s there. I’m doing, this is perfect, in terms of their idea. Alright, I got it.

    Okay, so that’s really, that was good TRs, but not excellent. Excellent TRs is more like is this. You know, you’re really conversational, but I’m not moving, I’m not looking at you, I’m ready for everything. And I don’t blink, and I’m not really. Your eyes stink.

    [normal voice]Okay? So it’s that kind of fuckin’ deal. Sum gum wore Sue up. Anyway, the, um, that’s just a private joke. (to someone offscreen) You know that one, right? Anyway, um, moo goo gai pan. These are words that are just, you can talk gibberish in Scientology to help you learn your TRs. And one of the things written down is “sum gum wore Sue up”. That’s not a sentence, that’s like written like Chinese, s-u-m.

    Anyway, so, uh, at any rate, so I’m in there, and I’m fucking crying and shit and like blahblahblah, so finally, I stop and I, and I toe the line. And I’m like, thank you, okay, good. You know? And then about four years later, in some event, uhm, COB. David Miscavige says, “Hey there’s been some great breakthrough in this Golden Age of tech” (aside) Fuckin’ piece of shit . And they, one of the things is they, “Here is the real thing, people have been doing the improper acknowledgment. You’re supposed to have, it says, appropriate acknowledgement. And they have LRH on tape saying, somebody says, “Off with your head!” and he goes “My god!” that’s the right way to do it!”

    So here I was, this guy first day of school, and I had it right. Now, cut to: you’re asking me how I got out. So I’m in the fuckin’ thing and they keep telling me I’ve got to do this action: and I gotta do this, and you gotta do this sec checking.

    And all this shit, and I’m like, you fucking people, I wouldn’t show up here if I wasn’t ready, and they would be sec checking, which is basically asking me for my crimes, and charging me thousands. I’d probably paid 50 grand. Excuse me, in sec checks, to get this shit together, cause everything was fucked up, so it must be that I’m, I’m fucked up, and I kept saying, “These sec checks are killing me,”

    And this is the standard of tech now, this is the Golden Age of tech, and I finally say “You know something, motherfuckers, I don’t care. You can get LRH to fly down here, back from fuckin’ target 2, and tell me that I am fucking doing it wrong. I am not going to session and doing this shit; you guys are fuckin’ killing me. I am here to tell you: you’re fucking me up! So I’m outta here, until you fucking wake up, okay?”

    And then they come back to my house, and they’re offering me free auditing, and I say, “Show me where free auditing is standard. You’re not giving me standard tech, now you wanna fix it by more unstandard shit? Get the fuck out of here.” You ask Griffy Blythe and the whole rest of those other motherfuckers at AO if this is a lie. It’s the fucking truth, and I’m out, and then they call, and I just went on Course, ‘cause I just couldn’t take anymore of this fucking auditing, it was fucking killing me.

    So then they come out with this thing, and they, “Jason, you hafta see this!” I wouldn’t even go to events. y’know, ‘cause me, I’m at events, and everyone’s like, “Hey, how you doing?” and I go, “[forced expression] Good!”, I just couldn’t fuckin’ lie anymore, I’m ready to fuckin’ die, y’know, and I told ‘em, “I’m not going, I can’t participate.”

    Cause my role was like, “Jason Beghe!” I couldn’t be like, ‘Cause you know what, to tell you the truth, I’m fucked up, I hate OT5, and everything’s going fucking shitty, and it’s fucking not working and it’s costing me a shitload of money and I’m more unhappy than I’ve ever been in my entire fucking life.”

    WBM: What would happen if you spoke truthfully?

    JB: Well, I would tell the truth, I would talk to RTC, and all these things, but it’s bad PR, it’s bad business. You’re not supposed to talk about your case. So this was going on, honey, this is going on for, I was in scientology maybe 10 or 11 years? The last 8 years, like that. Okay? And I’m paying fuckin money. Maybe I paid a million fucking dollars, I don’t know.

    I didn’t even keep track, I just said, “What, oh, okay here, another fucking thing. This is gonna work, you think so?” and they say, “Yeah, we finally got it.” I’m out of thing and I’m out of Course and I’m just off auditing lines, y’know.

    And then “You’ve gotta see this thing, Jason, it’s gonna fucking key (?) you out,” and I go in and they show me this fuckin, uh, uh, and I’m looking at all these people who are on OT7 and they’re going nuts with the sec checks too, and I’m like, this is fucking crazy. These people like, y’know, they’re supposed to be home auditing, and then they have to go to Flag every six months, and they’re here for like six fuckin’ weeks. How are you supposed to, what are you, crazy?

    And they’re coming home like, “Uhng, uh, uh, I had a really good six months check”, I mean these fucking, uh, I just, clear as day, I tell you, this is not fucking standard. Scientology’s not supposed to make you fucking worse! I saw it, I’m experiencing it and watched it, so now they come, and this is 2, 3 years, and this little mistake probably made the church about five hundred million dollars.

    And then about five hundred million dollars later, COB gives a fuckin’ briefing on the Freewinds, and this is what they show me, is: ”Arbitrary’s cancelled!” It’s an arbitrary, is what they say. So what they’re saying is all this Sec Checking, it’s an arbitrary. And through this research, looking into things and rechecking all of LRH’s notes, they realized they made a mistake. And so now I don’t have to do this sec check.

    “Aren’t you happy, Jason?” And all these people, like on [OT]7, like a bunch of fucking idiots, are like, “Arbitraries are cancelled! I can just go on, and it’s gonna save me about 50 grand a year”, and all this shit, and it’s like, “wow”, and me, I’m like, “You think that’s supposed to make me fucking happy? I feel like you should have a fucking apology.” I said, ”If I were COB and made this fuckin’ mistake I wouldn’t go, “Arbitrary’s cancelled!”

    I’d say, “I made a fucking mistake. I’m sorry.” And I would make up the fucking damage, I’d pay. My fucking mistake made me 500 million dollars, and you don’t even fucking say you’re sorry? You say, “Guess what!”

    And this is what the fucking thing does. It just plays the same game over and over again. And this, we’re going now to the Congresses. The Congresses. Toward the end of this 8 years, they say the, and I’m like off auditing. Y’know, I finished the, y’know, OT5, finally, and I just said, “I don’t want any more of this shit”, and no one even said, “Take OT7”.

    ‘Cause apparently I’m in the middle of four different fucking action sand nobody knows what to do. Y’know, so I’m in the middle of fucking L10 and I mean, I can tell you about L10 is a story, in itself. L10 is a story. Just know that they used my fucking wins on the Ls. And the Ls, are what fucked me up, in Scientology, okay.

    The, now. I do the, uh, I do the, uh, so I go, and I say “Fuck it. Okay, I’ll buy these Congresses. It’s only like a couple thousand of bucks and I have something to do. I’ll get in shape: I’ll listen to a congress and go for a walk. So I was one of the first people to finish the Congresses. Cause I just sat, and I’d get up, fucking thing, and I get up early, I get up at like 5, and I just get up and I take the dog, and I’d go and I’d listen to three tapes and walk for an hour or two, and do the thing. And I got through the Congresses.

    And me, the Congresses are part of what got me out of Scientology. Because if you listen to those fucking Congresses, it goes like this: “Hi everybody, I’m LRH. I’m very happy you’re here. Listen, I’ve got great fuckin’ news: we’ve got clear handled. And you do this thing, and it’s this new technology, and here’s this realization, and this is foolproof, and this is it.” And this is the, that’s it, now welcome to 1964.

    Apparently, ‘cause you know, the thing is, the fucking thing didn’t work and Dianetics didn’t work even though nobody ever said it didn’t, but they were always trying to perfect Clear. And there were what, 20, 30 of these fucking Congresses? Maybe about, I dunno, 200 hours or some shit? Every fucking congress is, “I got it this time! Now we’ve got clear handled! We’ve finally got clear!”

    And this is going on over, I’m listening from 1964, to like 1970, and they still haven’t fucking handled Clear, but they’re selling you Clear! And I said, “What the fuck? That’s exactly what they’re doing to me now!” I said, “What the fuck!”

    And I went back, and I’m talking to Dave Pettid who is head of CC and who now is handling my case personally. Personally, y’know. He’s at my house, he’s at my fucking thing, we’re taking walks. I almost killed him once. I fucking took him by the tie and I was groundin’, I fuckin’, “Oh, Jason, please don’t [unintelligible].”

    [aside]I actually, uh, secretly recorded it. It’s funny, I have it on, um, audio tape.

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    Hai guys!
    There is just ONE part I am waiting on and I will have the full transcript ready to post. AnonyFag is taking care of the 2nd half of Part 5 and then we'll be good to go!

    I cant thank y'all enough for the dedication and effort that went into getting this done. Makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, it does!
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    Hi Dydan,
    Thanks for doing this!

    I have just finished producing a 'tidy' transcript of the Marc Headley interview on Glosslip, what I did was remove phrases like "You know" (110 of them!) and "I mean" (lost count...), and pruned sentences to reduce repetition and make more managable sentences, and the resulting 19-page document I have posted as a PDF document.

    Future projects will be started in Translation and Text Composition Projects > English (composition only) , and I am coming up with some hints and tips to make the process easier :)

    Hope to see you all again soon!!
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    I just would like to know if there is an ufinied version of the whole document, as done for other transcriptions ?

    Thanks for the good work.
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    By ufinied i assume you mean unified?

    edit: wha- o i c what is thur. Guess we'll have to make one.
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    Dydan and Anonyfag, please let us know what's going on with this transcript.
    If you guys are unable to finish the work you've committed to, then please let us know so somebody else can complete this.
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    I am preparing to produce the 'tidy' transcript myself (if we don't hear from Dydan soon), however the second parts of Videos 1 and 5 still need transcribing.

    Can anyone complete those please?
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    I guess I could do one or both tomorrow (don't know how long the missing bits are).
    It's veddy late now where I'm at, but I'll check tomorrow morning and finish what's left. Ok?
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    So here's Video 1 completed:

    JB: It would be probably useful for me to kind of go through this thing, cause
    I'm still trying to discover what happened. I feel still a little lost and
    bewildered and I don't quite get it. And, thats a common thing for me in my
    life.Like some things, just politically: I can't
    get how people don't see that politician's a liar. You know what I mean?
    I don't get it. And so for me, if I was going to write something, the concept
    or the title would be, "How I got into Scientology and why I got out".


    JB: As a little kid-- I'm talking about... Even before I could talk, I can remember
    being interested in people. Really interested in people. And... I was pretty
    shiny and everybody wanted to, you know, pick him up and all this crap and I
    didn't like that. And I could see people. I felt like I understood who
    somebody was pretty well as a little guy and I didn't have any kind of, I
    might have had some judgement on it, but I didn't have a condemnation like
    "Uh..." I just thought: "Ok, that's Dad" not just "Daddy", but "Oh, ok, that's
    that guy and that's uncle Gino and... this is this guy at the party" as a three,
    four year old kid looking 'round. And at a certain point I think -certainly
    before first grade- I became very, very interested in, "Who am I?" Not just,
    you know, "Oh, that's that guy I know", but I had some kind of a perception
    about a person and as a little kid I remember... cause the way I could get,
    how I perceived the people in front of me, whether it was accurate or not- I
    believed it was true- was kind of by looking into their eyes and saying... who
    they are. So I remember as a little kid looking into the mirror. Looking in
    the mirror and like really, not looking at how do I look, looking and tryin' to
    say: Who am I? And I would say: "Who are you? Who are you?" you know? As a
    five, six year old kid I remember it, 8 years old it was pretty intense and
    I... I'd never got it. And I just thought: "Well, I guess, that's the life
    condition, you know, it's too hard to self-perceive." So this was a question
    that was always, you know, and then I went up and as I was growing up and I
    played the fool and did normal, stupid things and drugs and whatever, but it
    was always something that was in the back of my mind and I was always on a
    spiritual journey one way or another, you know, either some new age shit, not,
    never like, not a lot of organized religion by the time I was fourteen, I kind
    of... lost interest in that. You know, but I would read a lot… even to the
    point where as a 21 year old kid, I mean I remember I was into the spiritual
    teaching of this one guy who is originally teaching in French and I learned
    French just so I could read it in the original French, so... it's important to
    me. But it was all based on "Who am I?" and I guess that kind of greek "Know
    thyself" type of philosophy. So.

    Somehow I got into Scientology. Bodhi Elfman was in my acting
    class and my acting teacher who's a big disseminator - Milton Katselas - was
    ranting about some shit which was pissing me off, 'cause it was wasting
    class... it was like nobody... "How you guys are auditioning me?" or
    something- he was pissed off and he wanted more unmitigated just adoration
    and he wasn't feeling like he was getting it. And in the middle of his tirade
    I was sitting there 'twas like first thinking: "Who are these fucking people
    that are not, you know, flowing the correct amount of attention to the
    master", and then I looked and I said, "Wonder if I am?" And I said, "Do I
    trust Milton?" And I said: "You know what, I really don't." And that was kind
    of like a weird thing. I said, "Wow, I don't." And I thought, "Who do I trust?" And I said, "Well at least my parents. I trust them." And I was looking and I didn't trust anybody in the room. And then I had this realization: I don't trust myself. And so in Scientologies, I found my ruin. I found my own ruin. And for some reason, because I thought, "Oh, let me try and trust somebody, let me try and trust Milton", which is what he was yelling and crying about in this whole big speech. And I knew he was a Scientologist, so I said, "Bodhi, give me some book on Scientology."
    I was doing a scene with him. "Oh yeah." And he was just a nervous little kid at the time. So he gave me this big fat book called "What is Scientology". With a lot of pictures. And so I took this book and I read it. I think I stayed up most of the night and I read the thing. I don't know if I got it, I didn't clear all my MU's (1) for sure. But I got through the thing. And I thought, "Ok, that's true? I'll go clear. I'll try that. That sounds fine". So I gave Bodhi the book back the next day and I said, "Take me to that big castle thing, I want to check this shit out." So I was very excited. He brings me in and everybody's all excited and they've greased the path, because I had been on TV and shit, and everybody's really nice. And I figured I want to do this Purif (2) thing, because I had done drugs and I could feel them in my body. And I read the thing what the Purif's supposed to do and I… I felt at that point, I hadn't done drugs in 10-15 years, and I thought that was one of the biggest mistakes I'd made my life. And I thought if this can really take that effect away… Because I felt I had lost some of the shine I had had by… I wasn't a drug addict, but I was a drug indulger. And so I go there basically planning on doing the Purif, but they've gotta give this tour, and I must have gotten there at ten in the morning, and I swear to god, I'm starting to go nuts. I've done tests, I'm on the cans with some lady, and I'm like, "F*** me, can I just buy this course and let's get going." And then they do this thing and they give me my personality test and I was all on the top of the thing and they're still telling me that I'm f***** up and I was like, look… And they want me to do this, finally they go to the-- I must have been there eight hours, I'm ready to pull my hair out. And they say, "You should do…" some little course called Ups-and-Downs.
    And I said, "Look, I'll do the course, can I just do the Purif thing?" "Yes, yes, yes, and you have to do the TR's and Objectives (3) first. Or with it." "What's that?" "That's this course…" I said, "Fine, let's go." So I buy the course, I said, "I've been here…" It's now like 8:30 at night. And I said, "Can I start?" And I had to get a little oral surgery, so I said, "Let me do something, I came here for some Scientology and all I got is everybody selling it to me, I never got to do any." Right? Because I wanted to try the shit. And… So now it's eight thirty and I say, "Ok…" They said, "Well you can start your TR's course, you'll do the TR's, you'll do the …" And the TR's are these communication drills. "Then you do the Purif and you clean the drugs out, then you do the Auditing." Which is called Objectives, this stuff where you walk across the room and touch the wall and this kind of stuff. And you're supposed to-- the end-phenomenon is: firmly rooted in present time. I said, "That doesn't sound bad, I'll do it. Ok. If you can deliver that. Cool." So I said, "Well, give me some Scientology. I've been here for nine hours or something getting nothing." So they say; "Ok, you can start your TR's course." So I go in and I do this thing called M7, which is basically Bodhi and a supervisor are kind of helping me clear the words through, and the first thing I ever did in Scientology was read "Keeping Scientology Working". It's a pretty heavy… bulletin.

    MB: Explain what that bulletin says.

    JB: Well, it basically said that Scientology… Well, it's a very interesting bulletin. At first… It's updated. So you're reading the update. I think it was written in 1965 and it was updated in '70 and '75. And those updates are before you read the actual bulletin, and the updates are L. Ron Hubbard just going bananas. "This thing is true! It was true in 1965, and it will be true forerver! If you just follow this, Scientology will never fail and it will take over the universe and we'll save all mankind, and we're the only hope for the world! So if you just apply this one policy, everything will be fine." Now, in the book of the f****** policy, is stuff of… It's pretty heavy, that if you're in Scientology an inch, you're in... I mean, you're in for the rest of your… This is the billion-year contract shit. This is the heavy Scientology "We are the only hope for mankind, and wether you get it or not, it's the truth, and we're not here to placate you. We're here to try and save the planet and we're the only hope for mankind. And so this is no game."

    JB: So that was the first thing I got. I said, "Ok, we'll see." I couldn't say I believed that, but it was interesting bold claim that made me say all the more, "Is this shit really that good? Let's go." So here I am, I've bought my little TR'S and Objectives and my Purif and I said to the supervisor-- because now, by the time I finished that it was eleven O'clock at night, and I'm like, "Ok, when do we start"-- you know she said, "When can you come in to start the course, to finish up?" I said, "Let's start tomorrow, I can be here at seven in the morning." She said, "But we don't start 'til nine." I said, "I came here to do something. I've been here all day. You guys say you've got a product", you know… So she came in at eight O'Clock for me. So I came in and I just started. And I read all my shit in there and… it sounded good. And the first exercise is a thing called OT-TR0. Which is basically where you sit three feet apart from somebody, you cannot have any thinking mechanism, and you close your eyes and you're totally relaxed, but there's another person three feet in front of you doing the exact same thing and… The exercise is to be in communication with that person and your environment, but fully-- the keyword is "confronting". Which he defines as "facing without flinching". So without thinking anything, like if I'm doing with you I'm thinking, "Ok, Mark, he's got that beard and he's probably hiding behind it"-- then I'm flunking. Because I'm thinking instead of just being there. Without any thinking. And so I have to be able to beat-- and you do this, it says, undtil you get a major stable win. Okay? So I said, "F*** it, here's my first Scientology shit, and I'm there with some whoever, and I'm sitting there and I'm facing without flinching and I had a major, major stable win. What I did, according to Scientologists, and I don't have any other nomenclature for it so it would work for me, but I went exterior. So in other words, the concept would be your Thetan, you, your soul, whatever you want to call it, that's who you are. You're not the body, I'm not Jason Beghe, Jason Beghe-- It's like buying a new car. I'm the driver of the car. Ok? So basically I went exterior, and to get back to the beginning of my story, I felt for the first f****** time the biggest win in my life. I knew who I was. That question that I'd been asking since I was cognizant. Who am I? I knew who I was. And this was huge for me. I said, "Wow!" And this is not even that f****** auditing stuff they'd talked about, this is just some f****** , some thing. Yeah. And I said, "Shit. That's awesome." So I was blown out of my socks happy. And I was like, "Oh, so that's who I am!" You know? Because I knew I wasn't this thing, because I sometimes would have this personality, sometimesw I was a phony, sometimes I was…. You never know if you're real or not. But then there's those moments, it's like, "Who are you?" You know, and I could see I could create effects on people and stuff and all this growing up, I mean this was really interesting. Why would this person like me? You know? I knew why I liked them, but why would they like me?

    MB: Well, you said back in class that you didn't trust yourself, why didn't you trust yourself?

    JB: I didn't know who I was.

    1 - MU's (Misunderstood Words)
    2 - Purification Rundown
    3 - TR's = Training Routines and Objectives Co-Audit
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Rest of Part 5

    JB: But... the... Oh, f***, he didn't want me to leave. "Please don't leave! Please don't leave!"
    I said, "Motherf******* get out of the way, or I'll will f****** kill you!" And he wouldn't get out of the way, so I took him by the tie and put him down on the floor and I walked out-- Because it will get you pissed. But that's how mad I was. I was f***** up. It's one thing to feel unhappy from-- I remember walking into Scientology and I was on the top of the thing - it must have been false, though - and I was f***** happy. And I'm f****** unhappy. And they're making me pay to get f***** up.And they're telling me what's wrong with me. And that's another f****** thing: they won't tell you what the next thing is. And I'm like-- "Believe me, it's good." So you gotta buy the f****** thing for fifty G's a pop or whatever. And it's wrong. "Oops, made a mistake. We're gonna do this now." Are you f****** crazy? Do you see how stupid I was?
    And it's like, "Oh my god." And that’s the game. And I'm telling you, that's the game. So at any rate, the Congresses helped me out. Because I said, "What the f***?" I never met LRH, and I figured he was good, and I figured Scientology works, it's just these f****** mortals can't give me Scientology. If Scientology works 100% of the time, this ain't f****** working, so I'm not getting Scientology. And that’s what I said to him, I said, "You guys should give me the f****** money, it's one thing to make a f****** mistake, but-- let's say, you know, the last f****** 600 grand was a f***** mistake, I mean, I feel like I've got a case." Because if Scientology works, and they agree this didn't work - I bought Scientology, then you should give me my f****** money back. And there's nothing to indicate that they have any f****** hope for my case now. So I just said, "Babies, let's just try--" and I was trying to be nice, it took six to eight months, and I said, "Why don't you just let me go? Just let me go. Just let me go. You know? I think it's better."
    "You don't wanna get into a whole f****** thing with me." And they would. And they had to keep changing Terminals. Because I was-- and I'm talking about big fucking Terminals. Because I would put doubt in their universe. Because you can't argue with my story when you saw what happened to me. And you're a trained auditor and you look in my f****** folder? They f****** me up. I mean, I'm talking about, like insane. I'm like (laughs/makes sounds). I'd never been like that in my life. I walked out I was like, "Hey, hi!" I was never shy, I was never introverted or... And I'm sitting there like (breathes). I'm f***** up now. You know what I mean? And so I mean, they f***** me the f*** up. I mean, there's no reason to get in that room. Maybe that was the hidden deep shit. I'm looking at my kid, he's five years old, he's a happy f****** guy. He's not f***** up yet. He might get f****** up later.

    MB: Are you sure you were f***** up? Maybe you were just PTS to an SP?

    JB: Well, that's what I'm saying. And that's the other thing, I had this big f****** car accident. In the middle of OT IV I nearly died, I was in a coma for three and a half weeks. I mean, I was f*****… Everybody thought I was going to die. So of course we gotta find my PTS Terminal. That happened eight and a half years ago. Ok? And I got out of Scientology a year ago. In the last seven and a half years in Scientology - still no f****** PTS . Until I finally said, "It's you guys." And they couldn't deny it. I said, "Look at the data." "Are you sure it's not that person? He's gay." Somebody told me. That's how naïve some of these people are. That's a, what do you call it, an RTC Terminal. Which is like the Gold standard of technical perfection.
    So they believe that homosexuals are all 1.1.

    MB: They still believe that?

    JB: There's some that do. I never believed that, I read, I interpretated it differently. But it was something where I had to do some mental order to make work.

    MB: Well, that's what Hubbard wrote, though. That they were 1.1.

    JB: It's debatable. I know that he wrote… He said something in… He said, "You're homosexuals." When he's saying the 1.1. So, I don't know if it's all homosexuals or…

    MB: Yet the Church says that they changed that.

    JB: The Church has said that?

    MB: They said that they no longer think negatively about homosexuals.

    JB: I've never heard the word faggot more than when I hang around people at Gold. To the point where I said I don't like it.
    My brother's gay, and he sure ain't 1.1. I've got great, great friends of mine that are gay. You know? You're telling me Leonardo DaVinci is 1.1? I don't think so. If he's covertly hostile, I mean he's got so much that he did that was good, that as much hostility as he may have exuded, I think he made up for it. You see?

    MB: Yeah.

    JB: I mean, that's-- I don't buy it. I never bought it. And again, in my own, in my universe when I was in it I just thought… Because you, part of the thing when you're in it, LRH is this super-duper guy. So you make him into your own super-duper guy, I suppose, probably.

    MB: So you're looking at the current management, David Miscavige CoB, and you're thinking, "Well, is he in it for the money?"
    What's your view of L. Ron Hubbard now?

    JB: Well again, I don't have all the data. I read some of the books that are out that are critical. "Bare-Faced Messiah"and "Madman or Magician", or whatever it was.

    MB: …"Madman or Messiah".

    JB: Right. That one. And…

    MB: "A Piece of Blue Sky".

    JB: "A Piece of Blue Sky". And then there's stories…. Yeah, I think that… So I don't know if all that's true. But it's consistent. One of the ways for me that I can detect whether something is true or false, is for inconsitencies. You know, you say the guy wore blue shoes and here's a picture of him in red shoes. So I never so I never saw anything inconsistent. But I didn't see it with my own eyes.
    But there's a-- the person seemed reliable.But then again, here I am, I'm just pulling out of this thing and I thought LRH was reliable. And I don't-- I don't think so now. I look at he whole death, and the death certificate and all this stuff, it's hard to argue with. You know, it seemed like he was… You know, and his kids… You know, like my wife is--she-- my wife is an interesting person to talk to as well, because she is class V OT V, or class IV OT V.
    And she's one of those people, she could probably do heroin for a year and then just say, "Ah, it's making me too skinny", and just put it down. You know what I mean? She's not a person-- and she, everybody loved her, I guess she was Jason Beghe's wife to some degree over there, but she's a remarkable person in her own right.
    And one of the ways is that she just doesn’t… She's one of those people you just can't brainwash. So when she go out it was kind of like, "That's it." She didn't even talk about… I'd say, "Honey, I'm thinking about doing this", she wouldn't even say-- she was like, "Okay, fine. Whatever." Flip the burger. Yeah. Cause I think there are… She'd said, she'd always pointed out things that were inconsistent also.

    MB: Like what?

    JB: Well. All these f****** OT's that aren't OT.
    Like, that's a f***** OT?

    MB: And what's an OT supposed to be?

    JB: Well, somebody who's at least able. Somebody who can walk and chew gum. There's people that are OT that are some of the most incompetent stupid people. And I'm not saying--
    My definition of stupid is not necessarily… It doesn't have anything to do with data or education. It has to do with being able to say… I mean, I'm talking about people that put their hand on the stove and go, "Hey! Hey, hey! My hand's hot! My hand is hot!" I'm talking about that kind of stupid. Unreal. Unreal. What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? So there's some real dopes. That have-- but they have money and they're successful and they feel good about themselves. Because they're on 7. "Well, I'm on 7 now. F****** great. I tell ya, you gotta get on 7." It's that kind of thing. And it gives them a thing…And you look at them and it's… And you know, and Scientologists know, and I've talked to like big big and I said, "What the f***? What is that?"
    You know? What is that? Because these people, I might have had an issue with them and they'll write me up. And they'll bring me to Ethics and I gotta handle this thing they wrote up. I'd say, "What do you want me to say? It's true, I guess." And they go, "Well, you know…" I'm not gonna say the name. "He's… You know, he's very…" And I'd go, "Yeah." "Ok. We just had to bring it in because it's written up. Do you want to write anything?" I said, "I don't give a fuck, put it in the folder." So I mean, it's-- do you understand what I'm saying?

    MB: Yeah.

    JB: So that was some of the stuff that she would just really go nutty on. And even me. Here I was. I told you. The further I went up the f****** bridge, the more "case-y" I became. I met this girl and I was, you know… And she could see the more I do this shit, you know… Whatever. It wasn't handling dick.
  13. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Great, thanks for completing that, SmackThePony :flowers:

    I will get onto tidying all of the texts up and producing the transcript ASAP (tho, sadly, real life calls, but I think I should have it done by Friday).
  14. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Way to SmackThePony!

    Er, I mean, way to go smack the pony!

    Er, I mean... FUCK.
  15. Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Well, where's the collated, tidy transcript of the full interview?

    Here's a line from an user of this message board:

    I think I should have it done by Friday

    The line was posted about two months ago.

    Whatever happened to the transcript?

    Thanks for your attention.

  16. Dubber Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I'm trying to edit it together. As you know if you've watched the video, Jason is very non-linear.
  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I love people like this one who, in their only post on Enturb, manage to behave like an inspector for finished work...

    Having said that, it is good if it helps us finish something that it almost done.
  18. Dubber Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Raw transcript of video 8, which AFAIK was never transcribed:

  19. Dubber Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Complete transcript (edited for readability)

    Jason Beghe interview
  20. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Thank you very much for finishing this. I add the link to the list of finished work.
  21. Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Wow. Awesome work guise.

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