Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by j0eg0d, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. j0eg0d Member

    Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    National Enquirer Says


    The ENQUIRER has discovered the nanny John Travolta hired to care for his disabled son Jett went through a Scientology drug program before the teen's tragic death.

    Jeff Kathrein, 29, took a course called a "Drug Rundown" that the controversial church's Web site says "addresses the devastating mental and spiritual damage that can follow in the wake of drug use."

    If a Scientologist enrolls in a Drug Rundown, "it could indicate that his case supervisor believed he needed to get drugs out of his system," Jeff Jacobsen, a Scientology expert, told The ENQUIRER.

    Jett, 16 was found unconscious in a bathroom of the family's Bahamian vacation home on Jan. 2. An autopsy determined the teen died from a seizure. The youngster suffered from frequent seizures and needed to be closely monitored, said his family.

    Kathrein occupied an adjoining room when the tragedy happened. [BOLD]A baby monitor linked the rooms, and a bell was set to sound when Jett entered the bathroom.[/BOLD]

    A Scientology publication, tracked down by The ENQUIRER, confirms the nanny's involvement in the treatment program, which the Scientology Web site touts as helping people escape "the harmful effects of drugs, medicine or alcohol."

    Scientology watchdog Kristi Wachter, who runs a Web site called The Truth About Scientology, told The ENQUIRER that the magazine is published by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, "It's likely that Jeff completed the Drug Rundown sometime in early 2008."

    A Travolta rep told The ENQUIRER that if Kathrein had been in the substance abuse program, it was of "no significance" to the tragedy.

    Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis added that while Kathrein may have completed the drug and alcohol program, it "doesn't mean he was an addict."
  2. Consensus Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    holy smokes.

    Methinks the National Enquirer is smelling blood in the water. Between this and the 'Katie Holmes wants to leave Tom but is too scared' article.

    And methinks that's a strong signal that the ship is sinking.
  3. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"



    Which one of the $cilon drug rehab programs was it where the alcoholic who never used drugs in his life died of a heroin overdose?

    10 ways to quiet noisy retards....

    10. Hammer
    9. ....
    8. ....

    1. Heroin Overdose!!!!

  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Narconon in Atlanta, Georgia.
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    The artcle seems to be gone...
  6. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Nope, it's there. Must've been a netburp.

    Alas, there is no comments section for me to go play in...

    lonelytroll is lonely...

  7. Mutante Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Cover story.

  8. Itwasntme Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    I can't see the article either.

    This comes up:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /travolta_nanny_drug_program_jeff_kathrein_sxcientology_jett_travolta_tragedy_/celebrity/66125 was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  9. Forseti Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    I guess Co$ needs some training on drug dependence. Once an addict, always an addict. Recovered addicts are still considered an addict. Some experts will even say that addicts are ALWAYS considered recovering even if they have been sober for years.

    You could be a meth addict, get treatment, and remain sober for 20 years, but you are still an addict.

    It is not a matter of semantics.

    Tommy Davis is the biggest fool out of any of those high ranking $cientologists. It is so typical of him to trivialize something like this.
  10. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    It's been many hours and this story isn't showing up in a direct search for the name of the Manny, or under Scientology in Google News. Seems a bit odd.
  11. azonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    No google news on "jeff kathrein" since they took him in for questioning over a week ago.

    Have all the nannies disappeared?

    That would be convenient...
  12. whoever Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    The Drug Rundown isn't a substance abuse program or a drug and alcohol program. As Jeff Jacobsen said, it's done to get drugs out of your system. But remember, Scientology considers nearly everything a drug (except tobacco!), even OTC painkillers. So even if you've only taken Tylenol or Nyquil, they still want you to do the Drug Rundown.
  13. azonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    So, what do you think Jeff Kathrein is doing now?

    Some kind of "rundown"?

    Did he "pull it in"?
  14. Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    The Bus Rundown?
  15. TinyDancer Member

  16. WTF Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Actually not even that.

    The Purification rundown claims to get drug residues out of teh body.

    Scientology Drug Rundown is an auditing action that reduces mental/spiritual effects of previous drugs taken. It is a regular part of the Bridge as is OT IV--NOTs drug rundown which addresses entities and drug effects they mimic/retain etc.

    New Era Dianetics (NED) drug rundown [the one that the manny is listed as having completed] is an action for preclears to handle unwanted attitudes/emotions/somatics etc. that are due to drug incidents. It uses e-metered Dianetics techniques and is not supposed to be run on preOTs. It is also a usual part of the Bridge done after Grade IV.

    Yes "drugs" can include aspirin, alcohol and other common items. Interestingly enough "nicotine" or "caffeine" were not necessarily considered drugs (they might be now) unless the person being audited originated them as "drugs" and they read.

    I had one friend add "sugar" to his NOTs drug RD list when he fainted or passed out after eating a candy bar. (Fortunately he was not near a bath tub.)
    Of course it probably was hypoglycemia and not the candy bar that led to the unconsciousness, but heh--it was true for him.
  17. azonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Jeff Katherein has not been seen for weeks.

    So did he get RPF'd?

    What would have happened to him?

  18. WTF Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Lurk moar

    RPF is for Sea Org

    The [STRIKE]mantoy[/STRIKE] manny is Public
  19. pooks Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    The RPF is for Sea Org members. Jeff Katherein was a public Scientologist, not a Sea Orger.
  20. Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Unrelated, but in 1986 (age 15), I was sent to Narconon in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles, and that was the first time I had ever been exposed to heroin. I didn't use any, but they were useing the community bathrooms to shoot up and half the staff was on coke.There also was a 15 year old african girl there that was statutory raped by a staff member in his mid-twenties, that was set up and facilitated by the other staff members (all ex-clients). I got high every day in there. After I finished the purification rundown, they tried to force me to get auditing (drug rundown) and I refused. The guy that ran the place, Ken, screamed at me that he would send me back to jail (never happened). Guess he didn't want to explain to a judge why I didn't finish the "program".
  21. azonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Is there something comparable for publics? Like punishment I guess, it would not be surprising if the nanny was blamed for this...

    Sorry, I have done lot's of research, but it's very confusing, especially with all the hubbard-speak lol

    Thank you for your patience!
  22. Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    They get run through "ethics*," which means lots of $$$ to take courses to "repair" their "condition." (In travolta's case, since they have the dirt on him, it'll probably mean $$$,$$$ or $,$$$,$$$ or more...) Basicly, you have to pay to make the problem go away, but you have to keep paying until you reach your local "ethics officer's" satisfaction stats-wise.

    Although, I've heard rumors where certain cultists sent to "ethics*" are given a "choice" of signing up for the SeaORG or getting a SP-declare (totally NOT like the mafia, there eh?), and when they sign that billion-year SeaORG contract, they get insta-RPFed.

    *Scientology "ethics," for all intents and purposes, means the OPPOSITE of what you expect ethics to mean.
  23. auchraw Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Google <Travolta Nanny Drugs> and you'll find lots of parallel articles. <Katy under Tom's Thumb> will also work. The Enquirer seems to be shy but it leaves thing up long enough to be copied..

    Google is your friend
  24. pooks Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Public Scios get sent to ethics. If they are in a local org they get to see the Ethics Officer, if they are doing services at a Sea Org Org, (like Flag) then they get sent to the MAA Master at Arms-- which is the Sea Org term for Ethics Officer.

    Once they are on "Ethics lines" are forced to do Lower Ethics Conditions.

    Understanding Scientology / Chapter 11: Ethics -- The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics

    It's not nearly as gruesome as the RPF.
  25. auchraw Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    <It's not nearly as gruesome as the RPF.>

    But a lot more expensive/profitable.
  26. whoever Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Thanks for the correction and clarification. I was going by memory of things I'd read. I thought some part of it involved getting the effects of drugs out of your system (though I knew it wasn't the same as the Purif).

    Of course, even though we (and probably others) have pointed this out, people are going to continue discussing how he was in a drug program.
  27. WTF Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Ethics services typically do not gather money, if you are on a service at the Org where the ethics cycle is being done.

    When you are sent to the MAA, it is to handle a situation that is "out-ethics" and keeping you from progressing on the bridge. (Which does gather money.)
  28. WTF Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    I'm not going to jump up and down and give a correction to the Enquirer, that would be OSA's job ;-)

    Leaving it as is is just fine--hopefully with enough attention on the situation enough people will notice that Jett was not given standard medical care. (Which is actually a written part of scn tech and policy.)

    The net public result: "Scn kids are not well cared for." (because the church does not follow its own policies)
  29. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    how noice of old tommy davis to indirectly point out their drug detox programs pwned on the public are also apart of their church doctrine / spiritual practices.

    also, national tabloids cozying up to OG.... moar likely than u think!
  30. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    WE RUN THIS! :) Actually, when the media calls and you start talking, you never know what they're gonna quote you saying. This reporter seemed to be pretty green to me.

    There's two more Scientology-related articles in the works. One should come out this Thursday, the other one I know little about.
  31. POS Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Bump, can we dig more into this guys background ? I think we need to lurk more.
  32. parvent Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

    Yep/ A covert black operation against you.

    Got blood? On your walls?
  33. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Jeff Kathrein "Drug Rundown"

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