Jeff Stone Campaign Info

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  1. xenubarb Member

    Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Got this email yesterday from anon who spoke with sum gai named xxxx. Interesting observations on JS and his position in the Republican party and Socal:

    Oh hai!

    Just got off the phone with xxxx xxxxx. He is sending me this afternoon several emails he got from the JS crew re the winery kickoff. Including the 60 endorsers.

    He provided extremely useful information on the political situation.

    JS has spent his career breaking into the good ole boy network in Temecula and Riverside. xxxx says there are only about ten movers and shakers there.

    He has good staff in Temecula. People either love him or hate him. His support is in the business and development community. xxxx said he used to tout his Jewish roots but hasn't done so for a while. He appeals to the law and order and conservative crowd.

    The most interesting is this:

    While J is now an insider in Rivercide, he is an outsider to the Republican establishment in Sacramento from Riverside and SD counties. The leading name here is Dennis Hollingsworth. Assemblyman Joel Anderson - El Cajon is running against JS: He is Hollingsworth's protege. Here is the situation in the district from Joel Anderson's website:.

    District Profile

    Assembly District 77 encompasses nearly 500,000 people. It includes parts of our border with Mexico, Imperial and Riverside Counties, and stretches into the City of San Diego. It is San Diego County’s largest Assembly District and one of the largest in California.

    It includes El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Jamul, Lakeside, Alpine, Borrego Springs, Ramona, Borrego Springs, and the City of San Diego.

    It is 100% within Senate District 36 (Dennis Hollingsworth) and 98% within Congressional District 52 (Duncan Hunter).

    Back to xxxx. He says it will be tough going for JS because the bulk of the district lies in East San Diego where he has to build a constituency.

    Other info I have gleaned is that xxxxx xxxx is a Catholic and member of St. Kieran's parish in El Cajon. He is strongly pro-life and was tight with SD auxiliary bishop who is now Bishop of Oakland.

    Dennis Hollingsworth was born in Hemet and lives in Murrieta. He has been State Senate Republican leader since February.

    This is a very conservative, pro-life, anti-gay marriage crowd. We need to plan ops as a nonpartisan pro-mental health care, pro-family, anti-disconnection, anti-human trafficking movement.

    Also, there are many secular conservatives and religious conservatives for whom pro-life and anti-gay marriage are not hot-button issues. They would care mostly about free speech, disconnection, and infiltration of government. It seemed to me that the La Mesa City Council decision represented good sense on the free speech issue.

    Free speech and human trafficking I think are our strongest cross-ideological issues.

    xxxx had only been following Gold from the LA Times and did not know about Nate Baca. He did not know how complicit JS is. As I recounted the story I got a lot of "Oh my"'s from xxxx.
  2. Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    I would think Pro Life would be the strongest cross ideolog. Vury vury interested in how this unfolds.
  3. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    You listed a guy's name and his initials. Is that okay with him?

    Otherwise, good info. Stone won't win this one if you guys in the area make things known to the side opposing him.

    Maybe Stone is already realizing how much Scientology is going to cost him....thus the look about him in the last meeting.

    Tavilogne didn't look too happy when Lirra was announced.

    Btw, what has happened with the request under the California Public Records Act or has that gone nowhere?

    Make sure opposing side knows about Headleys they can see what Scientology is all about.

    A real kicker would be some evidence that Stone is being told about all of this and is IGNORING IT.
  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    JS is Jeff Stone. He is the enemy.
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    I think the coerced abortions thing is very likely to have legs, but I'm not from around there. I do happen to be a Republican, though....
  6. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    I got that part.

    5th and 6h paragraph. You post a name and some initials.
  7. AnonLover Member

  8. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Issa is a friggin' tool.

    [edit] Just found out that Joel Anderson is that idiot who wants Google Earth to blur out buildings (including churches) in California. He proposes a massive daily fine for every day google fails to comply.

    How they manage that blur is apparently not his problem. He doesn't the internets.
  9. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Learn to use the blur button.
  10. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    holy crap - i've begun checking the names on this list, and Jeff Stone is in bed with all the freaking crooks! and the scilon connections are coming to light!!

    Here's what i got so far from the fund raising flyer posted above:


    Hon. Rod Pacheco
    Riverside Co. DA

    Hon. Stan Stiff
    Riverside Co. Sherriff

    Hon. Darrell Issa
    US Congress 49th Distrinct (R)
    Issa for Congress - Home - Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) biography
    United States Congressman Darrell Issa, 49th District of California
    Rep. Darrell Issa [R-CA49] -
    Darrell Issa is on Twitter - Tweet Congress
    Darrell Issa | Congress votes database |

    Supports Narconon
    Alt.Religion.Scientology Week In Review

    Mucho Dirt on Darrel Isn't!
    Darrell Issa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Darrell Issa: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Congressman 2010 | OpenSecrets
    DownWithTyranny!: Neither Darrell Issa Nor Hank Greenberg Ever Went To Prison For Their Crimes And Today They Were In Congress Together
    What was Darrell Issa doing 40 years ago? | Robert Hamilton for Congress
    Never Giving Up Heroes for Hillary (#3!!)
    GOP Rep. Darrell Issa under fire from everywhere after 9/11 comments
    Darrell Issa | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
    Issa was charged in San Jose car theft
    Darrell Issa and the Axis of Idiocy | Patrick Henry Press News
    Poor Mojo Newswire: Rep. Issa asks grieving mothers, "Who wrote your opening statement?"

    Washington, D.C. Office:
    2347 Rayburn House Office Building,
    District of Columbia 20515-0549
    Phone: (202) 225-3906
    Fax: (202) 225-3303

    Vista Office:
    1800 Thibodo Road, #310
    Vista, California 92081
    Phone: (760) 599-5000
    Fax: (760) 599-1178

    Temecula Office:
    Temecula, California
    Phone: (951) 693-2447

    Hon. Jay La Suer
    CA State Assemby 77th District (RET)
    Jay La Suer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Former SD Sheriff & Wants to be Sheriff again in 2010:
    Jay LaSuer for San Diego Sheriff
    La Suer Eying Sheriff's Seat? | Red County
    Sheriff Jay La Suer, 2010 - CalCCW

    Tribute to Assemblyman Jay LaSuer

    P.O. Box 2115
    La Mesa, CA 91943

    Jay La Suer (SheriffJay) on Twitter
    Jay La Suer - San Diego, CA | Facebook


    Congressman Ken Calvert
    California's 44th District (R)
    Home Page - Rep. Ken Calvert (R-California) biography
    Ken Calvert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ken Calvert: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Congressman 2010 | OpenSecrets

    Major Dirt:
    Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA) | CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress Final.pdf
    Ken Calvert - SourceWatch (See Aticles at bottom)
    Ken Calvert (Picks Up Prostitute!)
    Ken Calvert Page
    Ken Calvert | The Liberal OC
    Think Progress Conservatives Replace Scandal-Plagued Doolittle With Scandal-Plagued Calvert
    Rep. Calvert
    Orange County News - Of Pork and Ken - page 1
    Grand jury finds Jurupa agency violated laws | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
    Ken Calvert | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
    TPMmuckraker | Talking Points Memo | Ken Calvert

    Scientology Connections:
    Comes up in conjunction w/ Mary Bono's name alot - - Transcripts

    Washington Office
    2201 Rayburn Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-1986
    Fax: (202) 225-2004

    District Offices - Riverside
    3400 Central Avenue
    Suite 200
    Riverside, CA 92506
    Phone: (951) 784-4300
    Fax: (951) 784-5255

    District Offices - Las Flores
    26111 Antonia Parkway, Suite 300
    Las Flores, CA 92688
    Phone: (949) 888-8498
    Fax: (949) 888-8524
    Las Flores Office Hours: Open every Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

    Ken Calvert | Facebook

    Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack
    CA 45th District (R)

    No Dirt Found?

    Scientology Connections:
    Former Scilon via Sonny Bono -
    Had Trouble Making Break w/ Cult -
    Distanced herself after Sonny's Death -

    Washington, D.C.
    104 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-5330
    Fax: (202) 225-2961

    Palm Springs
    707 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way
    Suite #9
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
    Phone: (760) 320-1076
    Fax: (760) 320-0596

    1600 E. Florida Ave.
    Suite 301
    Hemet, CA 92544
    Phone: (951) 658-2312
    Fax: (951) 652-2562

    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
    CA 46th District (R) - Foreign Affairs Committee, but only a few fluff bills sponsored
    Former member of Reagan Administration, dirty ties to taliban & bin laden dealings

    Major Dirt:
    See later half of Record and contriversies:

    Connections to Scientology
    on committee for the annual congressional Reports on International Freedom that were chock full of criticism about anti-scilon efforts abroad
    2001 -
    2003 -
    Did big Robert Heinlein (LRH connection) tribute -

    Washington, D.C. Office
    2300 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-2415
    Fax (202) 225-0145

    District Office
    101 Main Street, Suite 380
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
    (714) 960-6483
    (310) 377-9493
    Fax (714) 960-7806

    Hon. Michelle Steel
    State Board of Equalization District 3 - Property & Special Taxes
    Former George W Bush Advisor (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Cpmmission)

    Hardly any Dirt:
    Backed by the other sleezy politicians on Stone's list -

    Scientology Connections:
    Uses the Same Roadshow Presentation company -

    Third District
    Rolling Hills Estates Office
    550 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 355
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
    Phone (310) 377-8016
    Fax (310) 377-5731

    Sacramento Office
    450 N Street, MIC:77
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone (916) 445-5713
    Fax (916) 323-0546

    Hon. Larry Ward
    County Assessor

    Hon. Don Kent
    County Treasurer

    Hon. Robert Byrd
    County Controller

    Hon. John Tavaglione
    County Supervisor

    Hon. Bob Buster
    County Supervisor

    Hon. Roy Wilson
    County Supervisor

    Hon. Marion Ashley
    County Supervisor

    Hon. Jim Venable
    County Supervisor (ret)

    Hon. Tom Mullen
    County Supervisor (ret)

    Mayor MaryAnn Edwards

    Mayor Bob Magee
    Lake Elsinore

    Mayor Scott Farnam

    Mayor Wallace Edgerton

    Mayor Gary Thomasian

    Mayor Mary Craton
    Canyon Lake

    Mayor Eric McBride

    Mayor James Hyatt

    Chief Mark Wright

    Chief Richard Dana

    Hon. Jim Cunningham

    Hon. Frank Schiavone

    Hon. Steve Adams

    Hon. Ron Roberts

    Hon Jeff Comerchero

    Hon. Mike Naggar

    Hon. Chuck Washington

    Hon. Doug McAllister

    Hon. Rick Gibbs

    Hon. Scott Mann

    Hon. Robin Lowe

    Hon. Jerry Franchville

    Hon. John Machisic

    Hon, Bonnie Flickinger
    Moreno Valley

    Hon. Robin Hastings
    Moreno Valley

    Hon. John Mansberger
    San Jacinto

    Hon. Jim Ayers
    San Jacinto

    Hon. Larry Dressell

    Hon. Dick Kelly
    Palm Desert

    Hon. Eugene Montanez

    Hon. Frank Hall

    Hon. Arthur Brown
    Bueno Park

    Hon. Richard Dixon
    Lake Forest

    Hon. Joan Sparkman

    Hon. Robert Brown

    Hon. Stu Morris

    Hon. Kim Cousins

    Hon. Sonya Wilson

    Hon. Nancy Ayers

    Hon. Joseph Kuebler

    Hon. Ron Sullivan

    Hon. Phil Paule

    (moar on this list tmo unless somebodys picks up where i left off)
  11. Smurf Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    If AO or anyone else here attends this function, I hope you have a chance to talk to Sonny Bono's ex-wfe, Mary Bono Mack (who complained to the FBI of Scientology's harassment & regging for $$$ after his death).

    I think she would be very interested in hearing about Jeff Stone's major ass-kissing & pontifications of the cult. I think he JS will lose a lot of support from among his political pals who are ignorant of what he's been up to.
  12. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    thks for info smurf - i didnt know mary bono had started singing a new tune after sonny died, thought she was still a hardcore scilon.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    A simple Google search told me all I needed to know.

    Jeff Stone is as dirty as they come.
  14. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Dana Rohrabacher- another two faced slimball in Stone's court, info updated above. this is the wacko surfer dude that went balistic on global warming, did all reagan's dirty dealings in afghanistan w/ taliban & alqueda then tried to claim he warned everybody about bin laden for years. plus helped write the pro-scilon reports on international religous freedom issues.
  15. Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Scum personified.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Darrell Issa is the asshole who made millions with the first big car alarm company. He is to blame when you hear some idiot's car alarm go off for 20 minutes at 3 am.
  17. Smurf Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    On Mary Bono (now married to Florida Congressman Connie Mack):

    1999 - U.S. Representative Mary Bono is speaking out about Scientology's relationship with her late husband, Sonny Bono. From the Washington Post on July 15th:

    "Since her election to the House, Rep. Mary Bono (R-Calif.) has gotten two visits from emissaries of the Church of Scientology, including one from well-known church adherent John Travolta.

    The California Republican's late husband was a devotee of Scientology, but church officials did not find a receptive audience in Mary Bono. Bono tells George magazine that Sonny Bono ultimately became disenchanted with the church. 'Sonny did try to break away at one point, and they made it very difficult for him,' the congresswoman says.

    "Bono says she told the Scientologists who visited her House office that she will deal with any 'legitimate concern' they have. A church official denied to the magazine that there had been any estrangement with Sonny Bono."

    From a July 15th article in the New York Post Page:

    "Pop-star-turned-politician Sonny Bono, once a devoted Scientologist, tried to break away from the cult-like group in 1991 - but members refused to let him, his widow says. 'Sonny did try to break away at one point, and they made it very difficult for him,' she recalled of a California book tour in 1991 during which church members paid a visit to Bono at his hotel. 'Extremely difficult. I was resentful of that. I did not like the fact that he said, 'Hey, I'm done with it. I'm not a Scientologist.' And they were saying, 'Hey, you can't do that.' 'He was amazed, and I was upset.'

    "'Ridiculous,' Scientology official Mike Rinder told The Post last night. 'I'm very offended by the statements that were made' in the article, said Rinder, a member of the church's board of trustees. 'I had both a personal and professional relationship with Sonny.

    He was constantly talking to me, seeking advice and assistance on matters ... I had no indication he was not a Scientologist. He never said anything discouraging to me. 'I don't know what Mary Bono 's agenda is, but it isn't Sonny's,' Rinder added."

    Operation Clambake present: Alt.Religion.Scientology Week In Review

    ** I recall after Sonny died, alot of pressure was put on his family to give Sonny a Scientology funeral, even sending Sonny's 2nd wife, Scilon Susie Coelho, to talk his mother into it, but she insisted on a Catholic funeral and it was. Heber Jentzsch & Karen Hollander attended on behalf of the cult & Cher flew in from London.

    More interesting facts here:

    Proud Mary Bono
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    He is also to blame for the Governator.
  19. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    so from the higher rank names chcked out so far, Jay La Suer & Mary Bono look like possible persons to contact for voicing concerns anout there support of Stone.

    Unless Jay is known to have been a scilon friendly cop in SD Sheriffs dept, he's otherwise known as Mr Law & Order and seemingly walks the strait & narrow path.

    And one of the interviews on Mary quotes her as saying she'd listen to scilons if they came to her with a legit issue concerning her district, but she would also listen to complaints against them.

    EDIT: Michelle Steel might be a possibility as well... but theres not alot of info on her aside from her tax policy works (that seem on the up & up very much, but the slimeballs all back her)
  20. Smurf Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Anyone ever think of harpooning Ahnuld about the cult?
  22. Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    I'm pretty sure she is still a cult supporter.
  23. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    Proud Mary Bono

    Bono says slowly, "They are constituents of mine. They have a huge facility in Hemet, and if they come in with a legitimate concern, then I will address it." On the other hand, constituents who have complaints against the church will also get her attention. "It's something that I will watch. I know the D.A. and sheriff here quite well. We will look into it."

    Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack

    Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack represents California's 45th congressional district, located in southeastern California in a region known as the “Inland Empire”

    The majority of residents within the 45th District reside in the Moreno Valley, the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley, and the Coachella Valley. The 45th District includes the communities of Palm Springs, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert, Hemet, Cathedral City, Temecula, Blythe, Rancho Mirage, Murrieta, Indio, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Cabazon, Anza, Thermal, Idyllwild, Coachella, and other unincorporated areas of Riverside County.
  24. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    The really slimy politicians identified so far on Stone's list, all have buddy buddy pics with Arnold spread around.
  25. Don Carlo Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    I encourage picketers to astound Stone by wearing preppie clothes. Anonymous already has a suit-and-tie look, under the mask. I would not try to "embarass" Stone with partial nudity. These insiders can be tribal, and that might draw them tighter together.

    Please ignore your disagreements on any one Republican politician on global warming or any non-Scientology issue. Your insults could be used to bias that person against Anonymous and disregard the Scientology abuse story you are trying to tell.

    Ideally, these guys hear you and decide to back a different Republican for State Senator, and Stone loses the Republican primary. If you want a Democrat to win in the final election, THEN you join a political group and fight for your Democratic candidate.

    Ideally, Stone looks like a loser and starts to fail at fund-raising, since people don't like going to fund raisers with pickets outside that say "Jeff Stone condones Scientology forced abortions." In the next election Stone even loses his Riverside County job, and he and sister Lori Stone have to find work in the private sector with no juicy fringe benefits. Whoever replaces Stone will, we hope, learn not to get in bed with David Miscavige and Scientology.

    By the way, minimum wage violations don't interest many Republicans. Hard-right-wingers think there shouldn't even BE a minimum wage. With regard to beating staff, many would think the people should just quit, and be reasssured by Sea Org "policy" that the people can just quit. It's too complicated to explain, in five words on a sign, fear of losing your immortality, and fear of disconnection within Sea Org.

    Abuse of picketers also isn't a hot-button. Republicans think most picketers are DFH ("dirty f_ing hippies) and Scientology and Jeff Stone will spin attacks on picketers as "protecting law and order."

    Families ARE a hot-button, though. A suggested pair of signs:
    "Jeff Stone coddles Scientology in Hemet"
    "Scientology rips up families"
  26. moarxenu Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info


    Republican opposition to minimum wage is that it puts poor black teenagers who are willing to work out of jobs.

    Opposition to minimum wage is pro-marketplace wages. Sea Org wages are slave wages. A Republican president launched a Civil War to put an end to that.

    DFH - this is a complete stereotype. Hundreds of thousands of Republicans and others including Democrats are relentlessly raiding at Tea Parties across the country.

    I think HT is actually the number one issue for conservative republicans followed by freedom of speech. HT basically means slavery. Maybe we should reposition ourselves as a Neo-Abolitionist anti-Sea Org Slavery movement in the tradition of that great Republican, Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The freedom of speech issue is huge for the center-right. Right-wing commentators were appalled by Scientology's busting 15-year old Epic Nose Guy in London. They saw exactly what was going on. OSA was using hate crime laws to hide its crimes exactly the way radIslam does. The center-right is deeply concerned about the abolition of free speech in the name of PC, hate speech, blasphemy, and other freedom destroying free speech restrictions.

    On families, you are correct. We Republicans despise any action by government or groups like CoS that undermine and destroy families.
  27. the anti Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    this whinny little bitch is the reason why we had that recall here in california awhile back, sure does like being a pain in the ass doesn't he?
  28. Smurf Member

    Re: Jeff Stone Campaign Info

    She not longer supports the cult, but you're free to believe what you want. She is close to her step-daughter Chaz (nee Chastity) Bono, who is an openly gay activist, and Mary, herself, has been a huge supporter of gay rights legislation and supports the HIV/AIDS community... something you would never see from a Scilon celebrity...

    Plus, there is a large gay population in the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area. I suspect it's in the back of every politician's mind to remain as neutral as they can on controversial issues, even while taking a stand, because of re-election hopes.

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