Jehovah's Witnesses?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Foremost, is this even worth touching on? I'm sure the subject has been brought up in the past, and by readdressing it now I'm not doing anything particularly novel, but. But.

    I've a friend who recently admonished that his mother, who he seldom if ever spoke of, was a Jehovah's Witness. I was largely ignorant of the implications that such carried and initially didn't really understand the weight that carried; I live in a rural area where separatist societies are pretty common, and I had been under the impression that like the Amish communities, JWs were largely harmless (if more preachy and without the rad bread). But after he explained that by his refusal to commit to the JW lifestyle he had been labeled an apostate and his mother forbidden to speak to him, I did some research.'s_Witnesses'_handling_of_child_sex_abuse's_Witnesses_and_blood_transfusions

    Six botched Doomsday predictions, allegations of child sexual abuse scandals and their consequent repression by the religion, refusal of blood transfusions (though this apparently is a progressive topic in the community)... And that's just the wikipedia coverage. The net is rife with stories of excommunicates being harassed and members of the religion committing suicide rather having to face the shame of leaving the society and all those they love commanded to alternatively forget they existed or damn and demean them on their way out.
    I'm at a point in researching where I feel I can say that I'm reasonably confident that this has all the right totalitarian, independent-thought suppressing, and excommunicating ingredients to make a cult stew.

    Yeigh, neigh? Debate, Discussion? What about can do?
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    JW is a nasty cult, but the Scientology corporation is much worse.
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    Mm. I'm probably just butthurt over my emotional attachment; I'll set it aside and refocus on scientology. Tackling everything that might be unjust at once, outside of being shit thinking, is a waste of resources and effort. Efforts need to be concentrated to be effective. Anon has a point, so NYPA response accepted.

    Topic aboutface:
    What do you think of JWs? What are your experiences with the religion, and have they been negative or positive?
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    Well just from speaking with them they are a virtual encyclopedia on theology, I do not agree on how they raise their children or their practices. Yet they are a good walking talking reference on theology now Scientology they are one sick puppy.
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    I think Jehovah's Witnesses made their religion so they don't ever had to buy their kids presents.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Yea I do feel for their children it must be so weird to them.
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Dude, how ADHD are we that we can't just focus on one cult at a time?

    I'm not even saying one TARGET at a time. But at least we could manage to limit ourselves to one cult.
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  13. I'm sorry that you checked the wrong site for accurate info re: this.
    Pls see because that is the OFFICIAL website.

    Also JW's are NOT branded apostates just for not wanting to be JW's.
    Apostates are people who are baptised JW's but no longer wish to live as a JW and openly talk against Jehovah God and his org. Those are people who are not spoken to by their former friends and/or family. And with good reason!
    Being DISFELLOWSHIPPED/ex-communicated is something different. That person is not associated with either. Or spoken to unless it is business-related or family-related like a death or sickness, etc. And with good reason!
    There's always consequences for those who refuse to conform to the Bible's standards.
    Always was, always will be...
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    fuck the bible's standards
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    There is no leader of JW's getting rich off of tithes or offerings... there is no policy of disconnection that is handed down by leadership. There is no Sea Org or anything like it...

    Meh, not interesting!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Jehovah's Witness is a cult.

    After Scientology has been destroyed, utterly, then sure, there may be a list of other cults that need destroying, but for now - help to smash scientology and the Jehovah scam will surely be exposed in due course.

    One cult at a time.
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  19. anonymous612 Member

    Please tell me which part of this is not a textbook example of Disconnection:

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  20. Anonymous Member

    LRH stole shunning from already existing religions.
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  21. Malory Member

    Funny that since the Bible I read had Jesus teaching that sinners are to be embraced instead of shunned. In fact. your crap about disfellowshipping is a heinous perversion of the Christian faith.

    Fucking cult.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Anyone who puts their faith before the lives of their children is a fucking cunt, Jehovah's are a prime example of such cuntitude.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    What surprises me is that a JW found this thread so they could post their propaganda here. Do they have JW-bots trolling the internet like OSA?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Highly probable.
  25. CarterUSP Member

    Really? You want accuracy?
    Start with your Bible translation. Do your homework, compare the NWT with the original New testament Greek, notice that the NWT has numerous words ADDED or TAKEN AWAY. Ask yourself why the JW leadership felt the need to CHANGE the Bible.
  26. anonymous612 Member

    The Governing Body is squirrelling the tech?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I hear that they're buying some new Ideal Kingdom Halls.
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  28. CarterUSP Member

    Would love to actually have a rational discussion with a JW. The only ones I've met face to face don't actually respond to questions. They just repeat their script with blank expressions and look scared when I ask them anything about their beliefs. Maybe they aren't allowed to answer unless their masters approve their responses.
    Rather cult-like if you ask me.
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  29. anonymous612 Member

    Well, I have, Carter, and he wasn't a zombie, or a robot. So maybe you shouldn't make wild generalizations. Down that path lies Scientology tactics.
  30. Anonymous Member

    A former neighbor kept asking me to read his JW literature. I told him I would if he would read a book by a former JW I had checked out of the library. He said he would but returned it the next day saying an elder in his church told him not to read it. He refused to reconsider saying he had to do what the elder told him to.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I recall a JW minister writing extensively on scientology, and its abuses, on his blog. Contributed to wwp as well.
    I may disagree with his beliefs but his actions have been helpful to chanology.
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  32. CarterUSP Member

    Sad but not surprising.
    What a sad and sorry state it must be to be under such mindless control.
  33. anonymous612 Member

    That's right, only cherrypick the anecdotes that agree with you, Carter.
    That's totally how critical thinking skills works.
  34. grebe Member

    People get their religion from their families mostly, and they don't pick their families. They largely have to make due with what they're given, unless they want to be a social reject or a freak.

    Religions persist for non-religious, practical, social reasons. Until the humans invent some social structure that serves a similar function, we are stuck with them.

    If we could figure out a way to keep the more toxic groups from attracting members, that would be great. But once the humans openly feel entitled to pass judgment upon divine guidance, then, well, it's pretty obvious the divine guidance is superfluous. And that's the elephant in the room that is difficult to discuss.
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  35. anonymous612 Member

    I've yet to see significant evidence that JW is toxic. That's my biggest issue with discussions of whether to protest them.
  36. DeathHamster Member

    First they have to get sucked into an asymmetric war on the Internet. Then when they send lawyers and goons to shut down critics, get it on video and put it on the net.

    One problem: If there are any JW celebrities, they don't use them for JW PR.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Michael Jackson.
  38. Missfit Member

    Religion, in general, is toxic.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Michael Jackson and Prince.
  40. Anonymous Member

    The bastards stopped giving a date for the apocalypse because the kept getting it wrong, now they just say it is near and you will be fucked if you don't join them.

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