Jehovah's Witnesses?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 5, 2012.

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    We forgot about it.
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    You do know the JW's don't celebrate birthdays.

    The monsters
  3. I am sure Herro is on an irc not to far from here.
    Discussing shaws prolapsed rectum, or the other way round.
    Depends on what day it is.
  4. I was a Jehovah Witness. They took my family from me. The only way I can see my parents is to repent and show them how wrong I was. I can't do that because how do you sell your soul to a group just to be accepted? My sister says I don't love them because I don't go back. Funny thing is, I loved them with all my heart and I would love them no matter what they did. Yet they will only love me if I become a Witness. The governing body controls everything they do. Parents give their kids up for them and die for them and kill for them through no blood. How powerful can you be to tear apart a family like they do. Please help me destroy them. This cult is dangerous.
  5. I just read last week that they practice disconnection sorry "shunning" - they come to our area every summer. This time I won't have to fake a silent smile, I'll have something to add:mad:
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  6. I see this is an older thread but just wanted to add my 2 cents for what it's worth. I was raised as a JW and left after being married to one for almost 20 years who was in the upper echelon of the congregation yet took all his biblical teaching and god love and beat, raped, and mentally abused me and his 3 children. I was disfellowshipped as a tactical move because even though I tried to go through the proper channels of speaking to the so-called respected elders, I was called a liar and consequently tossed out (the ex wanted this to keep the kids from me). My ex husbands mother, also a JW, sexually abused my daughter when she was an infant. I was called a liar for this also and my ex husband threatened to slash my throat or conduct a complete murder/suicide if I went to the authorities.

    Currently only my oldest child is in my life. My middle child, who suffers from a very severe case of bipolar disorder and is parent to a little boy tried to leave the religion last year after multiple suicide attempts. The spouse and his family strong-armed her by taking her child away from her, kicking her out of the marital home, took her car away, and subjected her to hours and hours of interrogation and chastising to 'break' her rebel spirit. The last text I have reads "I have nothing, my child is all I have taken care of for the past 5 years. No money. No education to support myself. Nothing in my name. I would lose my child because they told me I am mentally ill. I love you mommy." Youngest child who has history of being suicidal and a cutter/self harmer, abruptly moved out over a year ago and I haven't heard since - absolutely no idea where she is and no way to communicate. She could be dead, I would never know. The cult of JW has convinced her that her loving mother is devil spawn.

    This is my experience in a nutshell. This is nothing. There are networks upon networks of us ex-jw's who support one another and I'm also involved in activist causes to bring attention to the lies and mind control tactics used that violate basic human rights and are dangerous. While not as heinous as Scientology, it is still a cult and a dangerous one at that. People are pawns to them - money is everything. Why cut off family members so cruelly if you have nothing to hide? Pedophiles, domestic violence, abuse in many forms, too many deaths from not allowing life saving medical procedures to name the worst offenses.

    All we want is to educate the public. We want our children, our parents, our grandchildren, our friends, to wake up and see that they are drinking kool aid, we want them back. Our efforts are working, the numbers are dwindling and they are getting desperate.

    A Jehovah's Witness, a pedophile and a rapist walk into a bar - he orders a drink.
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    The JWs finally managed to do something,

    resulting in lulz:

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    I feel strongly we should discuss Jehovas Witnesses
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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    Is he fishing for Steve Miller albums? :confused:

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