Jenna Elfman Shoops purged ?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. Of course David miscavige is against if it could cost him money. No rights for Scientologists.


  3. Latest over at Tony Macaroni's:

  4. RightOn Member

    Idiot husband doesn't even know how to hold a microphone.
    He has a disorder? Auditing can help you with that.
    Scientology works and it helps people.
    And Bhodi you are NOT a celebrity.

    His mother is a lesbian? So is she a Scientologist also? If so, they would think she is a degraded being?
    "There is God in all of us" Jenna? Really? "A droplet of God in al of us"?
    "Everyone is full of shit". So are you Jenna.

    Careful Jenna, chocolate is a stimulant.;)
    Her car was totatled due to rain? I never heard of that. And they raised her rates? Boy! they saw her coming. I bet they cleaned up that car and sold it. Who ever heard of totaling a luxury Mercedes SUV because of rain?

    These two make me sick. Crass and idiotic.
    There is such a thing of swearing TOO much.
    And they nail it. They need more ivory soap.
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  5. peterstorm Member

    275 views. I'm impressed.
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  7. Mark at Tony Macaroni's

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  9. Training Routine ?


  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Actress Jenna Elfman Holds Reddit AMA, Ignores Scientology Questions

    Scientology Trolls Hijacked Actress Jenna Elfman’s Reddit AMA

    By John Bonazzo, Observer, April 12, 2017


    It’s no surprise that Reddit AMAs are most fun when something goes wrong — indeed, actor Woody Harrelson has been a Reddit punchline for five years because of a disastrous AMA in which he refused to answer questions about anything other than the film he was promoting.

    The latest Q&A gone awry occurred yesterday, when actress Jenna Elfman of Dharma & Greg fame held an AMA about her new sitcom Imaginary Mary, which premiered last night on ABC. She answered a lot of complimentary questions about how she stays “so ageless and beautiful,” and how she recovers from sickness by sleeping and taking Airborne.

    But in a Harrelson-like turn of events, many questions in the AMA remained unanswered because they touched on Elfman’s sordid history with Scientology. She is on the board of advisers for the Los Angeles exhibition "Psychology: An Industry of Death," which is owned by the controversial church. She also supported the Scientology-backed New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, whichclaimed to flush toxins from the bodies of 9/11 rescue workers using exercise, saunas and high doses of vitamins.

    Then of course, there are the tenets of the church itself — each believer’s spirit or soul is contained in a “thetan,” and the group’s most dedicated members are part of the fraternal religious order/paramilitary naval force Sea Org.

    Any redditors who asked about these beliefs were ignored, however.

    “Wow, this is the most staged AMA I’ve ever witnessed,” xjayroox wrote. “How many Sea Org members joined Reddit in the last 2 hours?”

    “Who recommended this AMA? Have they been fired? Have they ever actually been on the internet?” trevorplantaginous asked.

    What made the AMA even more fake was that many of the people who asked “on-topic” questions were there solely to suck up to Elfman — their comment histories showed they had just joined Reddit minutes before the AMA started. Some even deleted their accounts after it ended.

    This led to widespread condemnation from the real redditors present, especially from one user called Sixstringkiing, who called out every post by these “ghosts.”

    “How many people did your cult pay to start new reddit accounts in order to post questions on this thread that you wanted to answer?” he asked. “And how stupid do you think we are?”

    Elfman’s trickery actually ended up on r/AMADisasters, which celebrates the “best of the worst of Reddit’s AMA posts” and was created after the Harrelson incident. Many commenters there said moderators should do a better job policing these ghost accounts.

    “It’s like the mods don’t even fucking care,” BoringPersonAMA wrote.

    Reddit mods are having a bad week in general — they were also widely condemned for removing several front page posts that included video of a man being dragged off a United Airlines flight.


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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jenna Elfman’s Reddit AMA disaster

    By Tony Ortega, April 13, 2017


    Observer writer John Bonazzo had a fun piece yesterday about Jenna Elfman’s disastrous “Ask Me Anything” session over at Reddit that was intended to promote her new ABC series, Imaginary Mary.

    Even before this week’s premiere, the show was getting some poor reviews and it seemed like another bad choice by Elfman, who has had a string of bad luck since her days on Dharma and Greg.

    But even with all that as background, things went far worse than anyone might have expected.

    As Bonazzo pointed out, two things happened.

    First, a bunch of shills who had signed up for Reddit accounts only hours before the AMA lofted a bunch of softball questions — which Elfman answered.

    And a bunch of riled up Redditors who could see what was going on reacted angrily and hit Elfman with a lot of pointed questions about her involvement in Scientology — which she did not answer.

    But we’ll differ with the people Bonazzo quoted who assumed that Scientology was behind what was going on. We actually don’t think it was the church behind the shills asking Elfman the softball questions.

    That’s also the conclusion our Celebrity Centre source came to. You remember our CC source, the same one who said that Jenna was one of the “Bitter Enders” who will never leave the church.

    Here’s what our source said after looking over the charred remains of Jenna’s AMA:

    “The AMA thing I’m sure was a bright idea of her public relations people or perhaps the public relations department at ABC,” he says. Friends and family were probably rounded up to help out, he adds.

    He points out that Scientologists live in such a bubble, they wouldn’t know about Reddit or what an AMA is. And even Jenna, he says, is probably unaware of just how bad the press is these days for Scientology.

    “She just got a real glimpse of how Scientology is perceived in the real world,” he says. “But I don’t think the Church was involved in having shills go on Reddit.”

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  13. Because she needs to be "In Exchange" whit her hubbie ;)

  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    This article was published today, three weeks after it was reported. It provides nothing new.

    Chilling Chat!
    Jenna Elfman’s Online Humiliation Over Scientology Actress ambushed by questions about bizarre church!

    By National ENQUIRER Staff, May 7, 2017


    Sitcom vet and devoted Scientologist Jenna Elfman’s, “Ask Me Anything” online chat turned into a total disaster — when she was flooded with snarky questions tying her to the space cult!

    Jenna went on the Reddit Q&A to plug her new ABC show, “Imaginary Mary” — but she was ambushed by crafty trolls. “Do you know where Shelly Miscavige is?” posted one wise guy, referring to the missing wife of cult leader David Miscavige.

    “What is your opinion of Leah Remini?” asked another about the “King of Queens” beauty who left the cult and is one of its biggest critics.

    Jenna ignored those questions, and chose friendly queries — which led to another vicious inquiry.

    “How many people did your cult pay to start new Reddit accounts in order to post questions on this thread that you wanted to answer?”

    Answer: Silence.
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    "Online Humiliation" = BUTTHURT
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