Jesse Prince: You're off Marty Rathbun's Xmas card list!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by BodyThetanKilla, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. ZeroC Member


    It's nearly 30,000 fucking words and it ends with "More to come..."

    Could he not have found a simpler way to convey the Christmas card situation?
  3. Anonymous Member

    From reading that, I was left with an idea:

    Jesse Prince and Aaron Saxton having a good long chat on video...
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  5. Anonymous Member

    There's nothing wrong with the post other than the fact that the Hanna Whitfield affidavit should have been presented as a link rather than copy/pasted in the middle of Jesse's post. Spoon fed is not well fed.
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  6. pooks Member

    Agreed that Hana's affidavit should have been a link. Here's the tl:dr.

    Marty is a lying faggot!
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  7. Anonymous Member

    inb4 marty says jesse is osa
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    (Thanks, Jesse!)
    This is actually worth reading. Jesse is stepping up and telling it like it is.
    Including Dox and references to put it in context.

    In brief, Jesse is saying that Marty is misrepresenting himself, as far as whatever high rank he would like you to think he had while in Co$.
    Basically, Marty was in charge of doing really dirty work for DM, allegedly even possibly including murder and various other black ops to utterly destroy people. Mike is also guilty of this. Both of them fully did DM's bidding, and both are criminals, and are keeping silent for their own self interest.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Hana Whitfield's affidavit is a very interesting read because she describes how the $cientology processing leads to Mental Illness, and how these symptoms which the TRs bring on, are actually considered to be "normal" amongst peers within the cult. I believe that she also discussed the extreme harassment she endured at the hands of the "church".
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  11. anon0004 Member

    hmm reminds me that I have soem unpublished Video stuff of the part of that conference he speakes of. It did not seem to be interesting at the time, but maybe you guise wanna see it now.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Do it, you will.
  13. Orson Member

    Skip the full-text inserts for now and just read Jesse's commentary. Very interesting.

    Here's a gem:
    and another:
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  14. Jesse Prince has a new blog post up:

    Some good quotes:

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  15. Orson Member

  16. Oops. My mistake.

    The above quotes are still good, though. :)
  17. Anonymous Member

    so Marty had to do "things" to show his loyalty, in order to get in a higher position.
    just like the mafia or a gang
    Isn't that nice.
  18. Anonymous Member

    tl;dr: Jesse thinks that Mike Rinder will go run to the RPF in order to hide from FBI investigators, while Marty has no place to hide.
  19. It'll be interesting to see the damage control that Rathbun employs here. :)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    posted this in other thread too
    I has confused.

    so Marty had to do "things" to show his loyalty, in order to get in a higher position.
    just like the mafia or a gang
    Isn't that nice.
  21. BLiP Member

    And now Rathbun is out in the wild gathering in his own collection of PC Folders . . . spooky.
  22. subgenius Member

    Feelin' the Jessie love:
    "Back to the conference in Hamburg, I remember the internal conflict within me concerning my respect and admiration for people who represented themselves as Anonymous and some of theseNew Soldiers that had recently left the Scientology movement. The Anonymous people had an understanding about human rights and decency that some of the New Soldiers had yet to fully realize, and that’s putting it lightly. Within the group of Anonymous people that I’d met at the conference I don’t remember any of them telling me about a personal Scientology experience as a member or anything. These people were rebelling against a secret bully culture (Scientology) that they’d stumbled over thru the internet. That was enough for them to get up and do something about that situation so you know I just loved them totally.
    The Anonymous people that I met also knew something about my experiences with Scientology and showed their support for what I’d accomplished in the struggle. These people have never and never will make excuses for Scientology, L Ron or anyone else who thinks the movement is great or has redeemable attributes. That opinion is where I live on that issue"
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Similar. Replace pragmatism with moonbattery though.
  24. and to think Jesse could have ended this shit years ago! LOLOLOLOL I wonder why they never mention such an incident...

    9001 hours in MSPAINT
    template at 100% jpg quality - knock yourself out!
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  25. RightOn Member

    love the dog tags too!
  26. subgenius Member

    so full of win
    someone point jesse to it....I'm sure he'll love it
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  27. sooleater Member

    i enjoy your talk alot

    with the jacked you look like a pimp fomr the ´80
    i like
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Anyone know who exactly Jesse's talking about with his references to the New Soldiers? Is he talking about Marty and his fan club? I think that's who he's getting at, because he contrasts them with anon's attitude: "These people have never and never will make excuses for Scientology, L Ron or anyone else who thinks the movement is great or has redeemable attributes. That opinion is where I live on that issue."

    Just wanna make sure I'm understanding this right.
  30. pooks Member

    Yes, I believe the New Soldiers are Marty and the new Independents.
  31. LocalSP Member

    Thank You Jesse. Hopefully your words reach those who need to hear them the most.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Off-topic: Jesse is a Chicago guy, and he seems to like anon, so does anyone wanna shoot him a link to this newspaper article? I don't have a way to contact him directly, and I don't have an easy-cheesy account to post in the comments section of his blog either. Maybe someone else who already has a Blogspot account could drop this in the comments section of his blog or something?,0,2038620.story

    Not really a big deal, but I just thought he'd be amused to learn about the fight going on in his own backyard. Anyone wanna do a favor and let him know about it?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Can someone explain how a high-ranking Scientologist could point two guns at CoB and threaten to accidentally the whole
    and not get "terminatedly handled" in some permanent fashion?

    If this were an LRH story, I could believe it. Hubbard thought himself invincible and invulnerable (at least sometimes)
    and his stories of defying death were indeed legion. Hubbard I could see, making a grandiose show of humility and forgiveness
    (Perhaps then, shooting Jesse in the back as he walked away, all sins "cleared and cancelled"?)

    But David Miscavige?
    Unless I'm mistaken, his lifetime greatest show of bravado was packin' pennies at Pennypacker....
  34. Orson Member

    FYI, you can post on his site if you like. Sock up if needed. Also, he's on twitter.
  35. Anonymous Member

    How in the world can we get details of the dark ops Marty (and Mike) did?
  36. Anonymous Member

    With all of the people that have left in a massive exodus from the church, there have to be other executives out there who could corroborate a story regarding the "Black Dianetics" card played by Marty at the behest of DM to destroy people, and "shatter supression", whether that be by starting malicious gossip, damaging friendships and work ties, mind games to seriously make them go insane and introvert, and the like.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I have not seen this discussed in any concrete, factual manner on ESMB, either.
    Time to put your heads together and cooperate.
  37. Anonymous Member

    He's also on Failbook.
  38. COREarg Member


  39. Orson Member

    I know you are joking around....but I must post the obligatory "we do not promote illegal activities on WWP" reminder nonetheless.

    Wise owl is wise.
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