Jett Memorial Foundation

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Donovan Cook, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Donovan Cook Member

    Jett Memorial Foundation

    John Travolta Official Website

    The foundation will help other children with impairments and will "use its resources specifically to assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavior learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs."

    The funding may also be used to "make grants to educate the public about the need for a clean environment, provide relief and assistance to children who are victims of natural or man-made disasters, and to fund children's educational programs."

    Would you give money to them???
  2. Herro Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    No, I hate children with disabilities and I hate having a clean environment.
  3. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    "specifically to assist and provide relief to children"..

    depends on the type of relief.. we talking touch assists and reading alice in wonderland..
  4. flimbos Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    That too .. and I also hate non-specific charities . .
  5. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I think any $$ donated would benefit cos (volunteer ministers, study tech, etc) so I would never waste any $$ this way.

    Maybe he's funneling money to the VM's starting the school in India? j/k, maybe not?
  6. basil Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Depends how they define "clean".

    After all, we need contact with germs in order to build up an immune system. Otherwise every little bug going round knocks us sideways - and no doubt the massive push for antibacterial products, wipes and sanitisers is in more than some ways responsible for why so many kids are ill these days.
  7. Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I do believe I will make a donation, in the name of the Autism Canada Foundation

    perhaps with a specific request that it not be used to purchase niacin or sauna heaters
  8. none given Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    The Human Fund; Money for People
  9. ARC Member

  10. Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Just don't mention Kawasaki Syndrome.
  11. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation


    I suspect at least *some* of the pushback against "household chemicals" would be a good thing. Not just leaving those bugs alone, but not bringing in weird petrochemicals that have unspecified and unclear (though typically small) effects in the body.

    Blaming detergents, solvents, pesticides, adhesives for your kid's problems- is a little late. Keeping them out to begin with might (or might not) be a good idea. Has there been any good research published on this?

    Moar concerned about the bug problem tho-
    engineering superbugs that doesn't afraid of countermeasures worries me. Though. It's MUCH MUCH harder for bacteria to evolve resistance to things that kill them straight up (antiseptics) than to things that kidneypunch (antibiotics).
  12. Mutante Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Who's Jeff?
  13. ARC Member

  14. ARC Member

  15. Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

  16. ARC Member

  17. 14G0 Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    This makes my skin crawl. Somebody touch assist me.
  18. Mutante Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    ARC = TheBitch ???????????????

    Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. subgenius Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Money will definitely go to $cientology. Any doubt????
  20. Ravenmore Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    My Name is Michael J. Caboose.
    and I HATE BABIES...

    what are we talking about again? some kind of tragedy?
  21. LocalSP Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this what supposedly screwed up Jett to begin with? You know all that carpet cleaning crap.
  22. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Ah, but a truly clean environment begins within...Purif anyone?
  23. anon555 Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    why not set up a foundation for Kawasaki Syndrome, if that's what my child suffered and died from, that's what I'd do (assuming I were rich and famous) or maybe he doesnt buy that line line either....
  24. themadhair Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    To any media personnel reading this forum.

    A euro (aka €1, 95pence and $lots at the current exchange rate) to the first journalism organisation that mans up and calls this situation like it is:

    [size=+1]A fucking act of delusion by parents unable and/or unwilling to come to terms that their membership in a science fiction cult, and the associated ramblings of a madman they hold to be above medical science, resulted in them failing to take personal responsibility to ensure the care of their own son. This foundation is the realisation of their denial of reality, and the means by which they can help protect that denial.[/size]

    I don’t expect any media organisation to grow a pair over this though. It is not as if telling the fucking truth right about now might help prevent this happening again. That could never happen.

    Move on and go back to your celebrity worship. [strike]needless death[/strike] Nothing to see here.
  25. Mooki Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Should Anon tell the media it's a Co$ front in a press release?
  26. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation


    I vote yes

    Make a poll on this question too please.
  27. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Hmm, ok so how do we handle this (or can we). Competing site with facts surrounding the death of Jett Travolta advocating boycotting donating? Some response would seem appropriate, any idea of what? If people want to donate money, there's lots better places than putting into a Scilon operated front group.
  28. Mooki Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Pick up People mag, with short article on Ravoltas w/ Co$ spin, Anne Archer quote, and Jett-less pic from '07.
  29. Herro Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I wouldn't put out any kind of statement until you know for sure that this is some Co$ front. Because if you're wrong, then you look like a group that wants to tell people to not donate money to needy kids. That would not play well.
  30. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    So wait until we have more proof ?

    I mean it's not like every link but one is scino in his links.

    No, I guess I should't have jumped the conclusions.

    How would one get proof on a newly set up foundation for Jett (scientology) ?
  31. Herro Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    That's what I would do. I mean obviously my gut tells me that this charity group will use CoS stuff, but I could be wrong. I mean, as it stands this sounds like a fantastic charitable trust being set up so the only reason to attack it is if the money will be used for CoS stuff without donors knowing. If you find evidence of that, then you've got something big to bring to light. People would be furious if that was going on and it would also raise public interest in uncovering other CoS front groups.

    But, if you pull the trigger too soon and it turns out that the CoS isn't involved or that CoS involvement is made public knowledge before donations are solicited, it's going to look pretty bad. Just my thoughts.
  32. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Wasn't L Ron totally paranoid about germs and constantly having the Freewinds cleaned of everything but asbestos? Using chemical cleaners?
  33. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I agree. good input herro,

    it's just now they exploit his death like this and once again other people with disabilities when they can't even acknowledge Jett's true condition or the fact that their ideas on how to handle it didn't work.

    But I agree, we must get our ducks all in a row before we charge the gates of hell.

    But how ?
  34. Donovan Cook Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation


    You always shoot down ideas BUT this must be your one and only CONSTRUCTIVE post. Maybe I'll take you off my ignore list....NOT. lol

    I'd like to know more about the foundation. More details will emerge sooner or later. Then we strike!
  35. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    No info on jett travolta Memorial foundation yet in google seach ?

    No mention of the true name of this fund is there. got sick of being at scilon johns site when I seen all the scino links.

    You know there is observable proof and the pattern of a scino is to fund scino only programs, so I think it is reasonable to assume it will fund scientology fronts, but yes, dox and pic of stfu as always.

    Let's stay on this.
  36. Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    My name is Evan Didier, and I heartily endorse this apparent new found spirit of cooperation and production.

    How about simply asking the question publicly as a foundation for learning if it is or it isn't? Put out a clear statement calling for Travolta HIMSELF to publicly state there isn't a $cilon agenda.

    Just a suggestion.
  37. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    EHHH I find this Foundation utterly ridiculous and will end up or already is another Scientology Front. Travolta probably promised DM to set this up for all the flap he has caused. All money will probbaly go directly to DM.
    I bet Travolta's brother Joey is having a good laugh over this as well as thet neighbor that once had lunch with John and asked him what he thought of being the parent of autistic child, as one parent of an autistic child to another....( this person also had an autistic child) and Travolta walked out on him. These neighbors were the ones who tried to get child services after the Travoltas years ago. I wonder why they have been so silnet lately? And Travolta's brother? How come he has had nothing to say about Jett's death, or did I miss it?
  38. Anon Aleichem Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    You would think your kid dying because your church told you not to treat his very obvious condition would cause a parent to wake the fuck up, but the Travoltas are in deep. That or they're just not that smart. Their going forward with the Kawasaki bullshit story and the useless charity fund to fight industrial cleaners is disappointing proof of that.
  39. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    In deep yes, John since 1975... they also have a TON of crap on him and I am sure he doesn't want his dirty laundry aired. So he contines to stay. IMO
  40. kissyfur Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Dat guy is prolly talking to Jett right now, since the fella is also dead.

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