Jett On Depakote

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Ima Nonymous, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Ima Nonymous Member

    Jett On Depakote

    Travolta's Son: Meds Ultimately Did Harm -

    I believe you will find that Depakote is on the CCHR's list of evil psych drugs. I wonder how this will be explained to all the faithful scilons.

    First they edited the article and took out the part about Depakote causing liver damage. THen they changed the headline from what you see above to: "Ultimately Meds Didn't Work". Now the original link is broken. Here's the article.
    John Travolta's Son: Meds Ultimately Didn't Work -
  2. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    So -- As serious as the seizures were, they stopped treatment rather than try another medication?...
  3. WTF Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Newer meds (Lamictal) seem to be working well for many patients.

    Usually Lorazepam (Ativan--similar to valium) can be used to handle abrupt onset seizures.
  4. Re: Jett On Depakote

    Interesting. Not sure yet what to make of this. The claims are too specific IMHO to be flat out lies, so it seems Jett HAS indeed been receiving medication for a while. I find it strange though that they stopped administring anti-seizure drugs altogether. However, I am in no position to judge this decision.

    I wouldn't be surprised though if John and Kelly had different views on it. Kelly appears to be the hardline anti-drugs campaigner whilst John may have been tempted to keep his son on drugs. But that's pure speculation, I don't think we'll ever find out.
  5. Avery1 Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    This is interesting and truly sad. I'd like to find 3rd party information about whether or not this drug tends to "lose effectiveness" over time, as these lawyers are claiming.
  6. Re: Jett On Depakote

    Possibly, yep. Not confirmed yet though
  7. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I challenge the Travoltas to spell the name of the drug he was on and give approximate dates for when he was on it without asking their lawyers or looking at records.
  8. cubby Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    you know, they may have begun administering another drug. seizure disorders can be difficult to deal with, and the meds that are once effective often lose effectiveness and there's a period of trying other meds to find an effective one.

    mostly when people have seizures it's a mystery what exactly causes them... finding something that works to supress them can be kind of hit or miss. there's no magic pill, and often a pill that proves effective in preventing the seizures has other side effects that can be worse.

    if you're smart at all you'll continue to reserve judgement about what has actually gone on and how much of an effect scientology had on this situation.
  9. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Precisely. I would imagine the timing intersects with the mother's crediting the "detoxification technology of L. Ron Hubbard" in print as having vastly "improved" (over what? nao we know - Depakote for however long) Jett's life.

    His liver would have had to have been SHUTTING DOWN to take him off the drug for liver reasons (highly unlikely) and he'd have had to have been on it for YEARS to become tolerant to it. Funny thing is.. they accounted for the two top reasons to change meds... but they're generally mutually exclusive. If you were on a drug for long enough to become tolerant, then clearly your liver must have tolerated it well. If a drug was having THAT serious a negative impact on your liver, you'd never be kept on it long enough to develop tolerance UNLESS it was the only available drug of its type.

    /me checks PDR

    NOPE!! Guess the fuck what. Depakote is one of MANNNNNNNNNNY drug treatments for seizures.

    Sounds like a job foar...

  10. Snake Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote


  11. skidmark Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I sent a 'poon but it has yet to be published.

    In my experience with seizures, people are normally on a small cocktail of different medications to control the seizures and other symptoms (you hardly ever have JUST seizures.) Also, epilepsy and migraine disorders are chemically similar, so the meds for one disease works for the other. I've been on 40 different meds in the past 3 years to find something that works, been involved in an academic study, and learned to identify and eliminate triggers - and I'm on a basic HMO. They have unlimited access to money and doctors!

    Also, when you have seizures that badly, why would you be left alone? When I was still trying to get the meds regulated, someone was with me all the fucking time and I'm a grown woman with my own house. I had a seizure about 3 months ago in the bathroom, and it only took 15 minutes for my husband to notice I wasn't in my normal place. THEN the doctors identified an allergy to aspartame, and since then I've not had a single seizure or numbness in my limbs.

    With all that is available to people with money, why didn't they get the best care possible for him? At least an accurate diagnosis.
  12. Avery1 Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    From TMZ Comments:

    "14. As a mental health professional, depakote is primarily used to treat bipolar disorder, it may also be used as a component in the treatment of seizures, there are other medications that would treat grand mal seizures and it does not seem to make sense that he would be given depakote for a serious seizure disorder, that does not add up."
  13. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Relevant to the drug issue if you haven't seen it already... specifically deals with seizure medications, names some, explains usually it's a cocktail not just one drug, then outlines $cilontology beliefs and consequences within 'church' if ur on psychmeds.

    [ame=]YouTube - Jett Travolta, Seizures, Psych Meds, and Scientology - A Public Service Message[/ame]
  14. auchraw Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    QUOTE: Jett took Depokate for "several years," but it eventually lost its effectiveness, according to Ossi and McDermott. They say "it began to cause serious physical damage" including damage to Jett's liver. And, Jett went back to having at least one seizure every four days. So Travolta and Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons, stopped administering the drug.>>

    This is not credible. No reputable neurosurgeon would allow this. How do they know the liver damage was not caused by OD of niacin?
  15. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    re ^ this, what I don't get is why discuss ANYTHING with a SURGEON? You'd be dealing with a clinical neuropsychiatrist / neuropsychologist / social worker team MAYBE tops... but you sure as fuck don't have any SURGICAL alternatives. So why were they talking to someone about cutting?? Lobotomy?

    TMZ requires you to confirm your poon at the email addy you give them when you post your harp. If you don't click yer email confirmation ling, there is no explosive orgasmic satisfaction of poon landing.
  16. blah Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    "TMZ has learned more about the medical condition of John Travolta's son, Jett, and the medication that ultimately didn't work.

    We're now told the grand mal seizures Jett suffered were "frequent and extremely serious." Travolta's lawyers, Michael Ossi and Michael McDermott, tell us "each seizure was like a death," with Jett losing consciousness and convulsing.

    We now know Jett was taking a drug called Depokate, a strong anti-seizure medication. There have been reports Travolta refused to give his son anti-seizure meds because of Scientology but those stories are not true.

    Jett had been having seizures on an average of every four days, until he started taking Depokate. Ossi and McDermott say the drug initially worked, reducing the frequency to approximately once every three weeks.

    Jett took Depokate for "several years," but it eventually lost its effectiveness, according to Ossi and McDermott. They say "it began to cause serious physical damage" including damage to Jett's liver. And, Jett went back to having at least one seizure every four days. So Travolta and Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons,
    stopped administering the drug."
  17. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    The article doesn't specify what the medical advice from the neurosurgeons actually was, only the action of the parents.

    I'd like to know what advice they were given.
  18. skidmark Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    c. Why would a neuroSURGEON be involved? A regular neurologist would do just fine. How about a pediatrician? A family doctor? Someone who treats instead of cuts out tumors and masses?

    d. Why weren't other medications tried? You have to be on a shit load of pills for a long time to even start showing liver damage - especially in a 16 yo boy. Lessee... it took me 60 days of 15 darvocet a day to start showing elevated protein levels. (Tylenol products will kill your liver as fast as anything - most pain meds include tylenol.)
  19. Erra Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    If Jett was really having seizures as often as they say, I would think that they would HAVE to put him on something just to keep him from dying a lot sooner.

    Also, doesnt this completely fuck the Kawasaki syndrome lie? Since Kawasaki only causes seizures with an excessively high fever, how the fuck is he getting that kind of fever every four days without constantly being in a hospital?
  20. skidmark Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    The seizures involved with Kawasaki are almost always febrile seizures. Those happen immediately before spiking fevers and are not seen over the age of 6. Most kids have their first at 2 years old and it's very common, albeit, very scary to see a toddler seize.
  21. WTF Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Yes, I think you are correct...

  22. Ackerland Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Epilepsia can be treated well in most cases. However, there are cases that are virtually untreatable with medicine intended for long-term medication. We were not the doctors responsible for his case, so we do not know whether the lines TMZ got from Travolta's lawyers is factual.
    However, I believe that Scientology really *does* have some spin in it. The official line to the outside world never was "don't take any medication". They only tell that to their own members. Even if Jett initially got medication that helped him with his condition, this may have contributed to him getting undermedicated. On the other hand, Dianetics or anything to do with Scientology cannot have helped Jett - I am sure they tried it on him at least once and it didn't work.

    We don't know whether he died because the medication stopped helping, or whether he died after they stopped medication to try Scientology techniques.

    I find it unlikely though, that any sane neurologist would have willingly said "we'll stop medicating altogether now..". I agree, they would have tried to put him on a different substance. Let it be said, that changing medication from one drug to another for an epileptic is not something to be taken lightly.

    I don't like how they start going on like "Med's ultimately did harm". This sounds like a Scientology line to me.
  23. Consensus Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    In the case of severe and frequent seizures, severing the corpus callosum can relieve some symptoms. It's a very extreme treatment though, not to be employed lightly. It changes a person, and it's irreversible.

    EDIT -
    SUPPOSING he was treated (ineffectively), we should make this about the purif rundown. What doses of what vitamins exactly are involved? How often has Jett been subjected to it? What are the side-effects? Could it trigger seizures? Could it have caused the liver damage that Travolta says his son was suffering?

    Also, a question - could an autopsy confirm or refute the autism hypothesis? Are autistic brains visibly different from normal ones? I simply don't know, and would like to know what we can expect from the autopsy results...
  24. Lady LeJean Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    All this begs the question that if Jett was at risk of having a serious seizure at any moment, and his family and carers knew he was at risk for them since they happened every few days and he, as they all knew, wasn't on medication since they stopped the Depakote, how could any caretaker be totally fine with him vanishing off into the bathroom completely unsupervised and not notice he hadn't come back for ten hours? Surely if his caregivers knew he was off his meds they should have been extra vigilant, not simply assumed that oh, he'd be fine and headed to bed without, by the sounds of it, so much as checking up on him?

    Whether Jett was on anti-seizure medication in the past or not isn't really relevant. He was at risk of seizures, was no longer being effectively medicated, and he clearly wasn't getting the supervision he needed. Isn't it more important to explain what happened to this poor kid, rather than try to excuse it?
  25. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote


    Well, of one thing we can be sure - those in the Travolta camp are reading the press/comments and spinning as fast as they can.
  26. Erra Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    So then it is a confirmed crock of shit, yes?
  27. skidmark Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Crock of shit confirmed. Fire at will.
  28. Erra Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Just wanted to point it out for all the reporters, public and Co$ members lurking as guests ITT.

  29. captainslug Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Everything they have presented so far to explain the "why" of the whole situation has been a crock of shit.
  30. 13Heathens Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    From personal experience - granted I'm bipolar, and not epileptic, a person can build up a tolerance to Depakote.

    Also, the son of one of my ex inlaws suffered from seizures, and the doctors were constantly shifting his meds to reduce the likelihood of side effects, while finding something that works. The biggest problem they'd spoken of was that once meds were found to work, the dosages of many would have to be steadily increased to maintain effectiveness.
    The medication would have to be changed once the dosage level reached a certain plateau.

    I hope that helps.
  31. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Range... firing.

  32. number 6 Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I did a presentation on epilepsy for a class a year ago. Here it is, for what it's worth:
    [ame=""]Epilepsy Classification 14@@AMEPARAM@@/docinfo/9712656?access_key=key-16zawxvaxnoznxjstm6t@@AMEPARAM@@9712656@@AMEPARAM@@key-16zawxvaxnoznxjstm6t[/ame]

    Click on the title to view it.
  33. Re: Jett On Depakote

    NOT to mention the fact that MOST liver damage occurring with Depakote occurs within the first 6 months of treatment and that constant blood level monitoring and liver function blood tests are all routine when taking Depakote. It is unusual for liver damage to become sever with proper monitoring of this drug. Also, it IS a psychotropic drug used for bi-polar disorder (I know an Aspy with bi-polar who is doing quite well on this drug and an epileptic with mild seizures who also does well on it.) and would most certainly be on the clams list of drugs NOT to take.
  34. not shure Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Depakote and Lithium both have narrow ranges between therapeutic and toxic levels.

    Why does a kid of 16 living organically have liver damage?
  35. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I'm still not buying that he was actually ever medicated on anything, and that the lawyers made something up so the parents aren't immediately charged with neglect, but if he had been on a seizure medication, the only reason to stop medication altogether is liver failure (which medical records could confirm if he ever had). After which, you wait a couple months and try another medicine.

    I've been on plenty of immuno-suppressants that had side effects of liver failure and required blood work every 2-3 months to check my liver (which was always fine - liver failure is extremely rare or the drug wouldn't be on the market). I was told that if anything funny showed up in the blood work, I would be taken off the drug and put on something else. With my disease I had about 3 choices, whereas there are dozens of seizure medications.

    Even if they tried one medicine once, they are still guilty of neglect for all the years of not trying any medicine.
  36. Lady LeJean Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Not a medical professional, but I made a bona fide attempt to become one before being undone by my own mental health issues, and I did a couple of placements on neurological wards. I saw a lot of people who suffered from seizures admitted for medication reviews - as 13Heathens says, medication prescriptions get changed around a lot as doctors try to find something effective - though it was rather unusual for them to only be on the one medication at once.

    If anything about this story rings slightly false to me it's that Jett could be on only one drug for several years, especially at his age. I've got no real experience in pediatrics, but I know the body undergoes an awful lot of changes at puberty, which may well have necessitated a medication review. Stopping the drugs altogether, though, seems really rash - especially if the patient's at home. Medication reviews, IIRC, are usually performed in hospitals so that while the patient is off their meds they're at least surrounded by professionals who'll know what to do if they do suffer a seizure while unmedicated. Stopping the Depakote if it's no longer effective makes sense; it doesn't make sense to not try to replace it with any other medication, and I don't see how that could have happened unless it was against medical advice. I may well be mistaken on this - I didn't qualify, after all. But going by the little I do know, this strikes me as strange.

    Also, seconding the queries about neurosurgeons. Jett had a medical complaint that, by the sounds of it, was being medically managed. Why the surgical input? Is this just a question of the lawyers choosing the wrong term and not realizing there's a significant difference, or do I need to get my tinfoil hat out?
  37. Re: Jett On Depakote

    space cooties, of course

    mystery solved!
  38. xenuluvsu Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    the liver damage was probably caused by CoS shit like purification rundown

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