Jett On Depakote

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Ima Nonymous, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Their are other threads calling for the information on the Purif to be really pushed regarding how they were treating Jett. We know for a fact that Kelly has had Jett put through the Purif at least once. I believe the Depakote is being floated out there not only to say "Hey look we were trying to medicate our son" but to also mask any type of abnormalities that found during the autopsy of a 16 year old boy. Say a liver that looks like it came out of a 65 year old chronic alcoholic.
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    And I heard she just reached her target weight.
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    You are all forgetting the simple principles of Co$.
    If Travolta had any handlers for his son, they were most likely all Scilons and were receiving pay only from the Co$.

    If they were really giving him drugs for what ever reason they were effectively doing something against their beliefs as Scientologists. With Johnny boy schedule and Kelly the twat schedule probably very little time was spent with Jett. And if you want to believe the lies they can spin on all of this go right ahead.

    The kid was not material for the BRIDGE and consequently John probably wished he vacated his decrepit body ASAP. Now is a day for rejoicing for the Travolta family watch how proud and profound they will be in coming days!

    My bet is that they will return to form and march right in line with Co$ most likely providing more publicity for the CULT then any other Scilon can. They will probably make all the regular shows....Oprah of course, Larry King, Montel Williams, you name it and see how many times they mention the CULT for assisting them.

    Get real people no one will have the guts it would take to pin them to facts!

    That's my prediction!
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    My understanding is that this diagnosis was made when he was 2 years old by a doctor. Kawasaki is an immune system response and according to Travolta himself on Larry King, it was diagnosed and treated within 48 hours. I believe it's the sort of illness that one recovers from like Rye syndrome. I've been a little confused about this myself. Have either Travolta or Preston ever said that Jett's impairments later on in life are from Kawasaki? It seems to me that they hadn't ever admitted anything was wrong with their son, let alone that his current problems were a result of the "chemical poisoning" he had when he was a toddler.
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    'My agony at losing my beloved boy': 'Heartbroken' John Travolta releases new pictures of his beloved son | Mail Online

    According to this article Mommy and Daddy were sleeping while the 2 nannies were at it first by getting them and second by also getting the Hotel Manager who was administering CPR when after John arrived he took over with mouth to mouth resuscitation while CPR was continue by the hotel manager.

    WoW or Wow I'm very much impressed, one nanny had to go and get them because Jett was on the floor by then and most likely dying while the other nanny was attending to Jett as he laid there.

    OT5, OT6 or what ever is their levels (Kelly or John) all the way to Tommy Cruise Boy phoning in to help none of the high powered OTs could cure or help Jett!!! That should be a clear statement for all fucking Scilons.
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    Quick guide for lawyers


    I'm not really so cynical. But, please, $cilons, show respect for Jett and all the people who do suffer Kawasaki Syndrome, autism and epilepsy and their families and friends. Avoid the fabrications, half-truths and deceptions.
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    Who are you calling Scilons?
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    The OSA lurkers that we have around all the time?
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    I think you mean NO RESPECT don't you ?

    As in someone with autism would be considered a degraded being ?
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    poor kid
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    Oh Really! How about Helatroban Implants! That one seems to think we are all Scilons!
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    No, I read it as, "Lol this is the rubric the Scilons are going to use in their spin about Jett. But really, Scilons who see me put up this rubric, don't be a dick and lie, okay."
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    Kay, so it should be understood that finding the right medicines for epilepsy is really tough, especially when they have other conditions. Usually it's, like someone said, this horrible cocktail with all of these grueling side effects. But taking him off it after he's been on it for years is a huge thing. Going off any heavy duty med like that will fuck you up hardcore, even if it's not physically addicting like Lamictal is. And I've seen people go off meds, including Depakote. There's usually a lot of terrible shit going on AND off drugs, like stomach problems, shaking, lethargy, memory problems, and loads of seizures.

    Now, with that in mind that it's a huge ordeal and a huge amount of commitment that going off a med like that needs, Jett had other problems too. That'd be a good indication right there that his epilepsy was harder to control than most, if we weren't already told that he'd been having them at the alarming rate of every four or so days. You have grand mal seizures like that routinely, that often, that's a slow descent into death. That's why you have to watch the person very closely, especially if they're retarded or whatever like Jett was. He obviously couldn't take care of himself; nobody can when their seizures are so fucking uncontrolled.

    Travolta and whoever the fuck he's married to were on vacation; what needs to be asked is who was taking care of Jett at the time, and why the Travolta's didn't ensure he was properly taken care of.

    To die hitting one's head on a bathtub or something is such a common way to die from Epilepsy; head trauma. It can be expected, like if you're a bachelor living alone or you're old and frail. But he had a thousand reasons to be watched, and he still fucking died like that anyway.

    The fact that he died how he did is a glaring indication of gross negligence.
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    This sounds like a job for Dr. Lilly von Marcab!

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    6 minuts into this vid. L. Ron Hubbard tells us all about epilepsy and the drugs that treat it.
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    "So Travolta and Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons, stopped administering the drug."

    Got to find out who these "neurosurgeons" were. L. Ron Hubbard, would be my guess.
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I used to work with head injury patients in college and depakote was prescribed to many of the patients I worked with. It served two functions among TBI patients - anti-psychotic (helped keep their behavior in-check, subdued) and helped with seizure control. Patients taking high levels of the medication had to have regular blood tests to ensure safe levels of the drug - which can be toxic if not monitored. The drug (and this probably wasn't just the depakote, because TBI people are usually prescribed drugs in combination with others - sometimes to counter side effects) could sleep enormous amounts of time. 16+ hours a day of sleep was not unusual. However they tended to do sleep this much when they were pissed or depressed about something. If the sleeping 80% of the day didn't cease after a few weeks medications would be adjusted. But I stress that while the depakote did tend to make them sleep more, the exagerrated sleeping usually stemmed from something in they were unhappy with in their environment. (i.e. they were told they had to start cleaning their room everyday before they could go see a movie - rather than do the dreaded chores they would protest by sleeping all day - and night) I can say it at least gave them the ability to sleep like it was their job - but they could choose to keep a normal l(for them) sleeping schedule when they wanted too. It did not give them any "high" or whatever. Since their cognitive abilites were impaired they didn't see depakote as anything than another "med" and had no dislike or favor in regards to taking it - at least never commented on it specifically.
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    I don't see where it says any of this in the article--no reference to John and Kelly being asleep, no reference to a hotel manager. (I admit, I skimmed it pretty quickly, but I also searched for some key words.) If I'm wrong and it really does say that, could someone provide the exact wording so I can find it?

    I was mainly wondering about the supposed "hotel manager." In some places I've seen the place where Jett died referred to as a hotel, but more often it has been said to be a house John T. owns. I see that the lawyer, Michael McDermott, used the word "hotel" though. ("The ambulance took about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the hotel, and all that time John said he never once gave up trying to save his son.") So which was it?
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    Post removed due to lack of lurking.... gotta quit doing that
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    Ahh yes, I remember now.
    I knew they were both buried there in the Bahamas.
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    My guess would be massive doses of Niacin.
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    Should Depakote be the first drug a doctor thinks of for the treatment of seizures?
    What are the proper procedures for the detection of liver toxicity?
    What should* happen when liver toxicity is detected?

    Doctor-Anons I know you're out there.
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    The choice of medication is done case by case based on the specifics of the case and experience of the clinician. There will be full set of blood test done prior to the medication regimen being implemented, it is part of the process.

    The use of Depakote involves monitoring of levels frequently, blood test. Initially they may be weekly and taper-off as time goes on, but they will continue for the duration. The therapeutic range of Depakote is close to the toxic level, the levels are watched closely and indications of hepatic impairment will usually become known before they are problem.
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    Depakote is broad spectrum and monitoring blood levels is EASY, so it's among the first unless there are reasons to avoid it (mitochondrial disease, the side effects will be intolerable, family history of PCOS in girls).

    There are monthly blood tests for levels and liver functions when one starts it, moving to every 3 months if there's no problems.

    If liver toxicity is detected, one cross-tapers onto another medication (off depakote, onto...say...Trileptal if there are no absence or drop seizures.). Blood monitoring of liver levels continues until enzymes are back to normal.
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Defenders of pseudoscience scornfully reject scientific methodology and gleefully ignore evidence on purpose, and their high profile members even admit this openly and publicly; Because they actually preach this bat shit insane teachings they must automatically reject –without consideration- everything we ever find that doesn’t fit into their pre-conceived bias. Even if we are correct and this death was a direct result of Scientology, I highly doubt that this could be used as an issue we could point out to devote Scientologist, but what it can be is a compelling tail of what is wrong with Scientology. let us be sure that we do not allow them to use this lie about Depakote rise to the levels that I am afraid it might.

    I am saddened that science is in scientology
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    For people who need meds, especially for something as common as epilepsy, what usually happens when a patient reacts badly is that they change the meds. If liver toxicity's an issue, they would have taken him off Depakote and put him on something that isn't known to cause liver damage as a side effect. If that didn't work, they'd have changed to a different one.

    I mean, think about it: even for minor things, we've got at least, eh, three or four different over-the-counter painkiller meds (Tylenol, Asprin, Advil) that all work in different ways, so if one isn't working out for you, you switch to the other. You don't just say "I'm allergic to Advil so I'm never going to take painkillers EVER AGAIN".
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    For all that is cute and fluffy, THIS!^^^
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    i cannot see any neuro specialist saying stop a medication without giving an alternative either medication, surgery or implant depending on reason for seizures if one could be found.. we found neuro specialists to be quite the opposite rather gun-ho when it came to medication and there are plenty of aed medicines

    our child is an intractable epileptic, most medications dont work for his condition (ring 20) in fact it made his 'blips' on eeg much much worse, causing neuro shut down and many many daily convulsive seizures... we stick with one much older type of med phenobarbitol low level as we know this to be a safe one with his condition along side his vns implant

    one of the biggest issues is why oh why was this child alone and in a bathroom!!!its a big no no for an intractable epileptic
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    I am a student of pharmaceutical sciences with epilepsy. I checked the facts and press releases of the Travoltas lawyer for myself and I am convinced now that Jett Travoltas death would very likely have been avoidable had he been on adequate medication to treat his seizures. Whether he was suffering from Kawasaki syndrome or autism doesn't matter in this regard. The simple fact that he was on no antiepileptic medication whatsoever at the time of the deadly seizure speaks for itself. Normally children with such a high frequency of epileptic fits as the Travoltas lawyers stated I know would be wearing helmets and other special gear to protect them and be under constant supervision in order that emergency medication can be administerd if needed. I guess the Travoltas are simply victims of the teachings of Scientology org which doesn't recognize epilepsy as a medical condition or the drugs against it to be helpful. Some antiepileptic medications like DEKAPOTE which Jett is said to have been taking for some time are also approved to treat psychic disorders. Scientology strongly disapproves of the use in these cases. There are even photos on the internet of Kirstie Alley (member of the Scientology) holding up signs with slogans like "Psychatrists hooking kids on drugs" . At these protests they will mostly talk about drugs like Ritalin and Adderall as they are commonly known and easier to argue against ea. misuse, not given for a life threatening condition etc.
    In my opinion Jett Travolta and his parents became victims of the misinformation and/or technique of denial of a dangerous organisation, not religion. Let's spread the word so that other children being in the same situation recieve appropriate medical care and no cases of failure to render assistance are commited to helpless children with neurological disorders in the future. I deeply pity the Travoltas. I hope they were loving and careing parents to Jett. Let them grieve in peace. They have learned in the hardest possible way that what the Scientology organisation tells its members to do can be very dangerous.
    Putting a child off all medication against seizures is something normally only done very carefully after every possible substance tried for his type of seizures tried and if the side effects tremdendously outweigh the benefits. This is rare when you consider that there are more than 15 different medications to treat seizures approved by the FDA, some being even approved for children up to the young age of two which you can even combine in many cases in order to reduce frequency and strenght of the fits.
    In Germany and many other countries the Scientology organisation has never been recognized as a Curch or Religion. This status would have given them a Tax Exempt like they have in the U.S. and many other benefits. Due to the organisation being more structured like a money making business than a spiritual group their request for this status has been declined. They sued and lost in every level of jurisdiction. Now they are playing the Third Reich card saying they are being prosecuted like other minorities in the twentieth century. This is an outrageous thing to do especially in a country like Germany where many jews, homosexuals and disabled persons were murderd during Holocaust. No wonder the Jewish community has protested against such nonsense. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is observing the activites of the Scientology organisation as there is evidence that the Scientology organisation is a threat to the free democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and might be dangerous to the public.
    I know what seizures feel like, too. Broke my jaw three times and shoulder during seizure. Sometimes to stop breathing during seizures and turn all blue, you bite your tongue and spit blood, you probably even wet yourself everytime. Now look at the press release off the Travoltas lawyer: "Each seizure was like a death". Can you imagine what Jett Travolta had to go through? The time came has to speak up. Tell everyone !!
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    Ironically enough a well-trained and expierienced neurologist/psychatrist (this kind of medical specialisation often comes together) and drugs would probably have saved Jett's life.
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    "He used to be on medication a long time ago and it stopped working" is a smokescreen. There are others that you would switch to. That's the question the media has to and maybe will get to: "So why wasn't he on any at the time of his death in light of how serious they say his seizures were. Or even a helmet?
    Good post by anon0601.
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    The following is a list of medications prescribed to treat seizure disorders. The Travolta's stopped giving Jett Depakote, why did they not have a neurologist prescribe one (or more) of the following in place of it to prevent Jett's seizures?

    Depakote ER®
    Keppra XR™

    Tegretol XR®
    Valproic Acid
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    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Umm, what is "What is, 'Because they're rabid $cientologists?"

    "I'll have Human Sacrifice in a Modern "Religious" Context for $1000, Alex."
  37. Marieke Member

  38. Re: Jett On Depakote

    I agree his doctors would/should have tried other anti-seizure medications instead of just discontinuing the Depakote, and I think it is highly likely that CCHR propaganda and scaremongering from the cult influenced the Travoltas' decision to cease medication (and not try alternatives). But we don't have any real evidence to show this.
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    Re: Jett On Depakote


    thanks for fixing the link!

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