Jett On Depakote

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Ima Nonymous, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. anonymous0601 Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    We might not have proof here. But the fact alone that the CCHR propaganda strongly speaks out against the use of any psychatic medication whatsoever speaks for itself once again. Some of the antiepileptics are approved by the FDA for mental disorder or used off label (outside of the actual indication) to treat patients with mental disordered disorders altough being more commonly prescribed for epilepsy.

    ea. Valproic Acid the active ingridient of Depakote and Lamotrigine used both used for some of Bipolar disorder (at least in Europe)
    Topamax also approved for migraine (not a mental disorder of course) (Europe)
    Lyrica, Clobazam, Clonazepam is approved for anxiety in Europe

    Do you really believe Scientology tell its victims its OK to take some medication when you have seizures but not in other conditions? Not very plausible!

    If Jett really was on Valproic Acid (DEKAPOTE)what his weight gain might actually indicate (common side effect) it would be a very good example how different policies to Normal members of the organistation (See the link of the Ex-Scientologist above) and the Hollywood stars families are applied. Still this does not fully explain why he was on NO MEDICATION or other scientific proven treatment when he died.

    Bottomline for me is that Jett Travolta woud still be alive if it wans't for his parents being Scientologists. The dissaproval of the CCHR of the antiepileptics and their link to Scientology has to be made public. Then the times of the CCHR with their stupid slogans (Psychatrists hooking kids on kids) are over. These drugs can save your live. They are doing it for me this very moment.

    Do you remember to outcry caused by Tom Cruise's remark on Brooke Shields being better off doing some sport then using antidepressants to treat her postnatal depression? Let's hope he does the same thing here. Would save us a lot of work.
  2. Midge Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    Unfortunately they do...

    I used to be epileptic & you actually have to have a blood test weekly/bi-weekly to make sure the medicine is working...

    I was VERY lucky to have grown out of it!
  3. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I think the first details in the stories we heard were true, that Jett was no longer getting his siezure meds, instead he was getting the rundown.

    That he had a seizure and hit his head and wasn't found for a while, for whatever reason.

    The he got the "touch assist" in the ambulance :eek:

    Then the media managment folks fixed the story. :rolleyes:

    But the tragedy is compounded and becomes even more problematic, since it was made public that Jett was denied:

    A) Appropriate medical treatment and medication for seizures because the Co$ disapproved, and as a result of that improper medication, suffered a fatal head injury, which could have been prevented.

    B) Adequate medical supervision for the severity of his condition. Proper medical supervision likely would have prevented the accident.

    Bahamian authorities have the power to conduct a coroners' inquest if the circumstances warrant, but the chances of that were slim, and noone expected it.

    When it comes to celebrities, authorities are often reluctant to ask too many questions.

    Covered up, or Suppressed, if you will, very easily in Freeport, Bahamas. Don't ask too many ?? they won't bring their $$ back :(
  4. Anon4fl Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    anyone else think its plausible that maybe it didnt take them 10 hours or so to find jett and maybe after they found him dead they pumped the meds into him so as to save john travolta and the CoS from homicide charges?

    All the tech they have there has to be some type of emergency precautionary measures for things like this especially for people that would draw as much media attention as the travoltas
  5. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett On Depakote

    I saw and saved this from somewhere, i forget
    Not sure if this is what you meant...

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