Jett Travolta (info finding)

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  1. Bluebell Member

    Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Though I would make this thread, so as to gather links, videos, photos etc, that are to do with the death of Jett Travolta.

    Try and remember the Uwe "shit storm" spend time and get the FACTS first, then press releases and fliers etc

    Scientology's "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" Exposed: John Travolta's Son Maybe Denied Medicine
    ( Woman in photo, Jett's mother Kelly Preston. )

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | John Travolta's teenage son dies
    ( The teenage son of American actor John Travolta has died suddenly while on a family holiday in the Bahamas. )

    Travolta's teenage son dies - Yahoo! News UK
    [ Preston has said that Jett became sick when he was two years old and was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, an illness that leads to inflammation of the blood vessels in young children. ]

    Kawasaki disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Kawasaki Disease

    John Travolta's Son Dies -
    We're told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston. We do not know the circumstances of his death.

    John Travolta's son, 16, dies on family holiday in Bahamas - The Daily Record

    TB Television

    SCIENTOLOGY IS DANGEROUS - What Would Tyler Durden Do

    Actors' son Jett Travolta dies at 16 -

    John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Jett Travolta Dies After Bathtub Accident -

    ABC News: John Travolta's Son Dies in The Bahamas

    Jett Travolta Dies, Son Of John Travolta And Kelly Preston (PHOTOS)

    Jett Travolta: Victim of Autism, Kawasaki, or Scientology?


    BREAKING: John Travolta's Son Dies in Bahamas

    Larry King Live: Blog Archive - BREAKING NEWS: John Travolta’s teen son dies in Bahamas - Blogs from

    Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 1/2/09 - Blogs from

    John Travolta's son, 16, dies in bath - World news, News -

    Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Evening Buzz: John Travolta?s 16-year-old son dies - Blogs from

    Hollywood, Interrupted: TRAVOLTA FAMILY TRAVESTY: Wild Hogs Star Gives own Autistic Son the Silent Treatment

    John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Dies - Celebritology - Liz Kelly's Celebrity Blog -- A Guide to Celebrity and Entertainment News

    Travolta son to have autopsy amid autism allegations - Telegraph

    John Travolta dead son Jett had history of seizures - Telegraph

    Relevent posts? and

    Affidavit of Tory Christman (January 2001)

    Photo of John and Jett

  2. Bluebell Member

  3. Bluebell Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Ladies and gentlemen of the press, people of the Internet

    Anonymous note with deep sadness the passing of Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, as the result of a seizure. We should like to extend our condolences to the family and friends, and to everybody whose life was touched by his. We shall not intrude upon this time of grief.


    Ladies and gentlemen, we caution you from coming to ugly conclusions about this very sad situation on the basis of insufficient evidence. Yet as a result of speculation in the press, Anonymous websites have received many thousands of hits since the event was published from guests apparently looking for information about the attitude of Travolta's religion, Scientology, towards disorders such as autism and epilepsy. This bulletin is intended only to answer some of these questions.

    Psychiatric drugs are considered toxic by Scientologists, and are said to remain in the body permanently. Their use is therefore forbidden to Scientologists. Many ex-Scientologists such as Tory Christman and Charlotte Kates have reported that they were expected or even ordered to cease taking medication for various disorders, including members who suffered from serious medical conditions such as epilepsy, Lyme disease and Grave's disease.

    Scientology denies the existence of such conditions, and attributes the symptoms to other causes. Scientology claims that these symptoms can be alleviated by expensive auditing sessions and a series of hours alternating exercise, sessions in the sauna, and extremely large doses of vitamin tablets known as purification rundowns.

    Unfortunately, the disruption of existing treatment regimes often means that participants suffer from recurrence or even intensification of their conditions, which can at times be dangerous for their health or even, in some cases, for those around them.

    We remain


    [[[ Please note this may not be the final draft ]]]
  4. moarxenu Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    I think Tory Christman's Video is important to include in your links OP.

    Tory knows John and was one of his auditors, and speaks of her experience as an epileptic within Scientology's system. It would be very informative for the general public. It is full of compassion as well as tough love and an appeal for John Travolta to come out of Scientology.
  5. blank Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    The purpose was to have one thread that contains only the raw information without all the noise in between, that makes it time consuming to find it in the other thread.
  6. Badiedum Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    And thanks for doing so!


    Theanonymoustipster, who made you fucking leadarrr telling people what they can, or can not do?
  7. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    I'd like the exes to weigh in on this proposal. Tory doesn't "know John". She supposedly audited him over 20 yrs ago. (She first says she knows Jett but then admits she'd never met him.) I found the video to be typical Tory. "ZOMG I HAD A SEIZURE IN A BATHTUB, TOO - JUST LIKE JETT!" She conjectures: (Tory has epilepsy and DID get back on her meds, for example), within like the first minute she switches it to HER saga, etc. etc. The mood lighting, the candle, the music, THE TIMING, was too much for me IMNSHO.
  8. Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    I like it, also for any of you who have lost your consciences when you gained your anonymity kindly die in a fire. My deepest condolences go out to Mr. Travolta and his family. And for anyone who can’t put this in perspective let me do it for you, is using a dead 16 year old as a fucking stepping stone going to be of any use or is it going to fucking bite us in the ass when the press gets a hold of one of you idiots holding a sign saying “LOL JETT” systematically destroying all work that has done to sway the public slightly bringing us back four laps to the role of heartless monsters.

  9. moarxenu Member

  10. Bluebell Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Yea got that one thanks
  11. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    HiveMind informational press release regarding the connection between $cientology beliefs and the strict prohibitions regarding psychiatric medications (also used extensively to treat seizure disorders).

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jett Travolta, Seizures, Psych Meds, and Scientology - A Public Service Message[/ame]
  12. Edweird Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    A few months ago there was paparazzi video from france that clearly shows Jett in a manner that looks like he has Autism. Film was taken at night of the whole family leaving a restaurant, John Travolta was wearing one of them stupid beret things and the whole lot was fairly well dressed.

    disregard, found it... here is the sauce

  13. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    This does not relate to Jett, but it relates to scientology's views of autism:

    When my son was first diagnosed with Autism nearly 6 years ago, my wife and I, originally accepted it as a curse, until disreg (Warning: Scilon website, use condom)

    I don't understand this at all. They audited it out of their child?

    Also note that a search for "scientology autism" brings up multiple examples of media and public speculation, including some true examples.
  14. Ima Nonymous Member

  15. Anonynamefag Member

  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

  17. Forseti Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Travolta says he's heartbroken over son's death - Road Runner

    From page-2 of the story...

    I know these Kelly Preston statements are old, but it is worth repeating. $cientology was being used as a medical treatment. One can easily assume that they were doing the same crap to treat his seizures. I guess the autopsy will shed some light on that theory.
  18. MsDweller Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    This video makes me very sad for a number of reasons. To begin with, I worked with profoundly disabled children/adults, and there is no doubt in my mind that Jett is Autistic.

    All the classical behaviors are there. His Father is tender with him. His Mother, Kelly is distant. her body English shows she is not comfortable with/around her son.

    Jett is ready to panic & shows anxiety coming out of the restaurant. It is his Father that reassures him.

    His Mother puts on her "public face" to pose with a fan.

    Every picture tells a story. This video tells a tale.

    Too sad.
  19. Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    6 minuts into this vidio L. Ron Hubbard tells us all about epilepsy and how to treat it with scientology. You might want to watch it on you tube, so you can fast forward to 6:00
  20. amaX Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    I think it is also very telling that John Travolta's brother Joey Travolta has devoted much of his time these past few years to AUTISM.

    Joey Travolta does have a degree in special education.

    He has a film company that deals with films about people with special needs.

    There is also the Joey Travolta Autism Social Skills Camp.

    Joey Travolta devotes a lot of time to other people's autism charities, camps, and endeavors.
  21. Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    More about Joey Travolta, and Hollywood, Interrupted:

  22. Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Documenting Kelly Preston and John Travolta involvement with "", and various videos available on youtube where they advocate not treating kids for mental and behavioral illnesses.

    See youtube for video evidence.
  23. IComeInPeace Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    I hope this is an appropriate place to post this:-

    John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Dies - Jett Travolta, John Travolta, Kelly Preston :

    In 1994 the actor told PEOPLE how much he loved fatherhood. "I can't imagine what life would be like without Jett," he said. "After he was born and cleaned up, I held him for hours while Kelly slept. When they came to take him away for various tests, I said, 'No, you can't see him today. You'll have to do it another day.' I went a little nutsy."

    Sorry but I do think this indicates just how controlling he was about the poor child's health from the moment he was born.
  24. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    This clip from an LRH lecture reiterates the order for people suffering from seizures to be taken off meds prior to Auditing:

    ...and an article from Freedom Magazine clearly indicates that $cientology considers Depakote a "Psych Drug" (look at the original URL in the upper right corner of the pages), which would be BANNED for use by members, and requiring detox (Purification Rundown) before Auditing can take place:

    Fiction Masquerades as Science - Buying Off the Drug Traffic Cop.pdf

    Please note that in the lecture, L. Ron (Science of Mind) Hubbard clearly demonstrates a total lack of understanding of little things like neurotransmitters, etc. -- and bear in mind that without Auditing, there is no $cientology. Auditing is what it's all about.
  25. Optimisticate Member

  26. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Cross-posting results from the INFO DUMP medical claims thread

    Final version dox dump - everything from all known leaks related to medical claims & practices all in one file! Indexed & highlighted for quick reference.

  27. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    ive been wondering

    did the Travoltas have a sauna in their Bahama home and (if so) they could have left the roast in the oven too long

    if you get ma drift
  28. lurknomoar Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Scientology vs. autism - Social Studies

    New here..... curious about the comment to the posted blog about halfway down that states the Scilons have never said autism doesn't exist, etc, etc...

    Since when does this bunch get on the defensive?
  29. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Since now, it seems. The tech ain't working as advertised and the hammer's coming down. They're flailing in a death spiral.

    I've even had shills try to "reverse process" me in news story comments LOL...
  30. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Not sure if this goes here... Why there's no more coverage of this...Jett deserves for every piece of dirt on this to see the light of day..

    L. U. forensic scientist takes case in Florida - The Sudbury Star - Ontario, CA

  31. lurknomoar Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Kind of funny that the last couple of examples have been Canadian news.
    I wonder when little Davey is going to declare us SP en masse?
  32. Da Sandmastah Member

  33. enturbulina Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    From the comment section on gawker. I know its a week ols and you guys probably saw it and posted about it etc, but it was new to me. Good job whoever you are or wow, thanks mr scifag.:eek:

  34. Messenger Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)


    Several things about this strike me as odd: First of all the time of death: It says "12.1 pm". What kind of time is this?

    Furthermore, the spaces for the certifying physicians are left empty. Is that usual or is it not?

    Also note that "seizure disorder" would be a satisfactory entry for cause of death. Shouldn't it be something like "suffocation," "blow to head," or "loss of blood"?
  35. tippytoe Member

  36. OTBT Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Info on Kawasaki's disease, from a Medical Doctor: The article includes symptoms and treatment.

    Kawasaki’s legacy
  37. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Extortion claims related to pics of Jett

    So is this the only investigation about this?

    What happened to talking to the Nanny?

  38. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Now they claim the extortion is not about pics...

    from tmz

    $20 million is a lot of misinformation...
  39. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta (info finding)

    Mortuary Assistant Director Glenn Miller fired for improperly releasing information

    Shows how tightly they are controlling information...

    Wonder if this has anything to do with the extortion claims?

    Bahamas mortuary director fired over Jett Travolta leak Bahamas News

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