Jett Travolta "Stimming"

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by anonymous90405, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    I don't claim to be an autism expert or anything, but I'm familiar with some of the symptoms, such as stimming. Call me crazy, but is that not EXACTLY WHAT JETT IS DOING IN THIS PHOTO?!?!!?

  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    pl0x explain
  3. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    No, no, no! That's perfectly normal behavior for a 15 year old! You're completely misinterpreting the facts!

  4. the_cloak Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Someone's been playing too much fallout.
  5. Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Michael - Stimming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's a way for autistics to deal with their surrounding - it's self-soothing. Different people have different physical manifestations. Some people press their fingertips together, like Jett is doing in that photo. Some people rub their hands together, or flap their arms.
  6. xenucam Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    thats a gang sign.
    the clearwater theta rangers massive.
  7. subgenius Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Stimming is a jargon term for a particular form of stereotypy, a repetitive body movement (often done unconsciously) that self-stimulates one or more senses in a regulated manner. It is shorthand for self-stimulation, and a stereotypy is referred to as stimming under the hypothesis that it has a function related to sensory input.[1] Stereotypy is one of the symptoms listed by the DSM IV for autism and is observed in about 10% of non-autistic young children. Many people with autism do not exhibit stereotypy. Common forms of stereotypy among people with autism include hand flapping, body spinning or rocking, lining up or spinning toys or other objects, echolalia, perseveration, and repeating rote phrases.

    There are many theories about the function of stimming, and the reasons for its increased incidence in autistic people. For hyposensitive people, it may provide needed nervous system arousal, releasing beta-endorphins. For hypersensitive people, it may provide a "norming" effect, allowing the person to control a specific part of their sensorium, and is thus a soothing behavior.[2]
    Stimming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Stimming is repetitive stereotypic behavior commonly found in autism, but also found in other developmental disabilities.

    This behavior may involve any or all of the senses in various degrees in different individuals. Several examples are listed below.

    * Visual – staring at lights, blinking, gazing at fingers, lining up objects

    * Auditory – tapping fingers, snapping fingers, grunting, humming

    * Smell – smelling objects, sniffing people

    * Taste – licking objects, placing objects in mouth

    * Tactile – scratching, clapping, feeling objects nail biting, hair twisting, toe-walking

    * Vestibular – rocking, spinning, jumping, pacing

    * Proprioception – teeth grinding, pacing, jumping
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Dammit, is that a pic of L.Ron Hubbard's new body to be revealed at the March 13th Birthday event by DM>>>???
  9. subgenius Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

  10. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    DM has been doing all these since Anonymous came on the scene, as well as biting old shoes, crunching empty whiskey bottles up and humping palm trees. So sad.
  11. Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

  12. whoever Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    I do this. Glad to know there's a name for it. :/
  13. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Yes, it could be stimming...or it could just be a mentally challenged child scratching his finger. Need more photos to see how often he does it. Same with the Tippy Toe photos.

    It looks like he is exerting quite a big of pressure in his hand because of the way the first and last finger look
  14. Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    That's what made me think it was stimming - his hand looks very stiff or cramped.
  15. xenucam Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    guys, he is reppin' for tha TR click.
    thats how he "keeps it realz"
    as in, yo, im up in your material universe, clearing yore planet...yo
  16. Vir Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

  17. Donovan Cook Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    He also does it here when he scratches his head. 1:44 into it.

  18. An0nyo0us Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    I don't think that's stimming to be honest.
  19. anongurl7 Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Hay Guise I ate not one hamburger but two, can I has psychological disorder label pl0x?
  20. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Need moar information. Did you puke right after? Did it feel "wrong" to be eating? Did you feel guilty? Did you feel better after you puked? Do you weigh 87 pounds, and is your name NOT David (The Dwarf) Miscavige?
  21. Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    My post is stolen!

    Actually if I remember right I caught at least two types of stimming in the video by Jett. Poor sweet boy. :(
  22. DBGFT Member

    Re: Jett Travolta "Stimming"

    Oh wow. I just noticed the hand like 20 minutes late.

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