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    Jett Travolta's situation summary

    No update to this OP anymore. See WWP wiki:

    I intend to maintain the timeline below and to complete it ASAP with links, quotes etc. Contributions are welcome.

    Conflicting information is underlined. Statements by family or representatives are in blue. Statements by scientology or scientologists are in red.

    Timeline (Time is Grand Bahama time (EST) except when stated otherwise)

    12.04.1992: Birth. [119]

    1994: Kawasaki’s syndrome is diagnosed. His mother acknowledges the positive effect of the purification rundown on the syndrome. She becomes an activist on this issue. [101], including for CCHR. [131] JT too. [102]

    Since mid-90’: Insistent rumors of autism, including by Jett’s uncle, Joey Travolta, who made a film about autism. [107]

    Around 2000: Jeff takes an anti-seizure drug that helps him a lot. By fear of side effects, the treatment is stopped after several years. [110] The treatment is stopped after several years. [111]

    27.02.07: Travolta said: “It's so sad. We could have helped [Anna Nicole Smith] with Narconon but didn't get a chance to. I wish we had.” [103]

    December 2008

    Sunday 28

    12:21: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) lands in Grand Bahama Intl and stays there until 01.01.09. [122]

    Monday 29

    Arrival at Grand Bahama Island. [129]

    Tuesday 30

    Arrival at Grand Bahama Island (police). [108]

    Wednesday 31

    January 2009

    Thursday 01

    Jett Travolta has apparently hit his head on the bathtub this day. [132]

    Morning: No activity. [123]

    Afternoon: Boating. [123] Jett, his family and his two nannies are boating. [111]

    14:57:JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) leaves Grand Bahama Intl in the direction of Leesburg, but is diverted to Fort Lauderdale (15:16 – 16:13), then in the direction of Ocala, but is diverted to Greystone (16:53). [122]

    18:00: Family returns to the Old Bahama Bay Hotel. Jett is tired, goes into his bedroom and to sleep. Jeff Kathrein watches TV in the adjoining room. [111]

    23:30: Eli Wheaton, returnes to the townhouse. Both Jeff and Eli turn in at around that time. [111] There were two nannies with him for the entire evening.[114] It is the last time Jett was seen alive. [104] Jett went back and forth to his room. [105]
    (Jett) was spectacularly supervised. [114] Jeff Kathrein is a photographer [121, 123] and had problems with drugs [135]. He goes in vacation with the Travoltas and was never referred to as “nanny” before the death. [123] Moreover, he first appeared in the media for a kiss with John Travolta in 2006. [133] Eli Wheaton is a software test engineer [137]. Both are scientologists [135, 136] and seem to have no medical training. [134]
    There was a baby monitor in his room as well as a chime on the bathroom door. The nannies and Jett were all on the bottom floor. It's not unusual for Jett to sleep 12, even 16 hours a day, so Jett not being present is not unusual. [111] Autistic people seem to have often sleep disorders. [138]

    Friday 02
    08:01: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) takes off from Greystone (FL) in the direction of West End (Grand Bahama, 08:37). [122]

    ~09:30 [116] - 10:00 [111]: After Jeff got up, he went into the bathroom and discovered Jett laying on the floor. [111] Jett's fatal injury was the result of hitting his head on the bathtub, toilet seat, or both. It is still unclear if Jett fell to the floor as a result of a seizure or if he had a seizure after falling or slipping. There was blood on the floor of the bathroom, but "not a tremendous amount." [105]

    09:50: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) takes off from West End in the direction of Jacksonville Intl (10:39). [122]

    10:05: Estimated departure time of the ambulance from the hospital (if it was its origin).

    10:15: Eli Wheaton alerts the parents. Jeff Kathrein and a female hotel staff perform CPR. John took over for a "substantial period of time [and] was performing CPR and continued that until EMT came and took over." [105] Two physicians arrive and an automated defibrillator is used three times, but the shock is not recommended by the machine. [129] Travolta had heard Kathrein’s screams on discovering the prone Jett, rushed to his suite and took over the resuscitation attempts until paramedics arrived. [123]

    10:50: When ambulance arrives, a local doctor was performing CPR while Travolta and his wife looked on helplessly. Jett had been moved from the bathroom into the villa’s hallway and had a large swelling on his forehead. Jett was worked on for 25 minutes. [123] He was "bleeding in several areas," including his mouth. He had no cuts but did have bruises on his body. There was a considerable amount of blood after the resuscitation efforts. Jett had also been bleeding internally. [118] Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene. [106] Discussion about the options: go to the nearest hospital or fly to Florida from the airfield near the resort with the resort’s prop jet aircraft. First JT chooses Florida and signs the form releasing the ambulance driver from liability. But minutes after that, he changes his mind – due to technical problems with the flight - and decides to go to the hospital [this episode implies that JT thinks his son is still alive]. [129]

    11:25: Estimated departure time of the ambulance from the house. CPR continues in the ambulance. [129] John and Kelly are in the ambulance. [123]

    11:40: Police is informed and investigates and finally releases a statement. [104]

    11:42: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) takes off from Jacksonville Intl in the direction of West End (Grand Bahama, 12:24). [122]

    12:10: Estimated arrival time of the ambulance at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport.

    12:1 (sic): Official time of death. [119] 12:14. [120] [The death certificate says that Jett is dead at 12:1 PM at the resort which is not possible: IOHO, this document should contain either the time and place of the actual death or those of the official death.]

    13:33: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) takes off from West End (Grand Bahama) in the direction of Jacksonville Intl again (14:29). [122]

    15:20: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) takes off from Jacksonville Intl in the direction of Clearwater Intl (15:59). [122]

    17:16: JT’s Gulfstream (N492JT) takes off from Clearwater Intl in the direction of Grand Bahama Intl (17:52). [122]

    Saturday 03

    Family criticizes the police statement. Jett's body will be embalmed Monday afternoon. There will be a local showing on Tuesday and later that day the body will be flown to Ocala for burial. [105] The cremation might have finally been chosen in order to be able to bring them back home. [113] Travolta said to be furious at claims Jett had autism- and that he was denied medication because of the family's Scientology beliefs. He was also outraged at police claims Jett may have been left alone for ten hours. [112] The Travoltas have also taken legal action against gossip columns that have claimed their Scientology beliefs have left them in denial over his son's autism. [132]

    Sunday 04

    Monday 05

    10:00: Autopsy begins [120] at the funeral home and takes several hours. Toxicology assessment should still be performed. [113] Cause of death on the certificate: “Seizure disorder” [119] Synonym of epilepsy. [123] Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist considers this diagnosis as premature, as it can be reached only after many other possibilities have been ruled out. [113] The autopsy results appeared to contradict statements from the family and police that he had hit his head in the bathroom. [125]

    Keith McSweeney, owner of the funeral home, takes the medical certificate to the Coroner’s Court and waits for the Police to forward their report, collects the Coroner’s Certificate and the certified death certificate and hand-delivers them to the Travolta family physician Dr. Mark Smith. Only Mr. McSweeney, Dr. Smith and Mr. Russ Faber, a Travolta family representative, view the body from the completion of the autopsy to cremation. He had received instructions from Ginn Resorts to handle the situation himself. [120]

    Glenn Campbell, of the funeral home, talks to Associated Press: no signs of head trauma whatsoever and the cremation was not due to the body appearance. [113]

    18:00: End of cremation in the Bahamas; beginning in late afternoon. [113] Press statement by Mr. McSweeney at the family’s request. [120]

    21:00: The ashes are in the custody of the funeral home. [113]

    Travolta family flies home in Ocala (FL) with the ashes. [117]

    First scientology’s PR piece.[109]

    Scientific American publishes an online article tending to show that the Kawasaki’s claim is bogus. [115]

    Tuesday 06

    Wednesday 07

    Friday 08

    Mortuary assistant director Glenn Campbell fired for improperly releasing information. [120]

    Monday 12

    A Daily Mail’s article is pulled after scientology threats. ´[124]

    Thursday 22

    Senator Pleasant Bridgewater is arrested over extortion claims. [125] She denies the accusations and is free on bail. [127]

    Saturday 24

    Senator Pleasant Bridgewater resigns. [126]

    Monday 25

    Travolta’s statement to the police. [129]

    February 2009

    Jett Travolta foundation established. [128]

    Sunday 01

    April 2009


    Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne plead not guilty. Their bail remains at $50’000 each. [130]

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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Thank you for this.....
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Please harvest links from this summary repost if it helps save you any time.

    1) Scientology views anyone with a disability, including autism, as a 'degraded being'.

    Insert best dox proving this

    2) Video evidence suggests Jett displayed behaviours associated with autism.

    3) Family friends and relatives have long been concerned that Jett's condition was mistreated.

    John Travolta's brother Joey thought Jett had autism | The Dish Rag | Los Angeles Times

    4) Scientology doctrine states that seizures are psychosomatic and requires members to abstain from medication in order to receive 'auditing'

    Hubbard talks about auditing epileptics

    5) Scientology via its CCHR front group objects to a wide range of medicines including Depakote.

    CCHR document on psychiactric drugs

    6) The controversial 'Purification Rundown' is used as treatment instead of medicine.

    The Purification Rundown - Wikipedia

    Critical Analysis of the Purification Rundown
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Thanks for the contributions. I will add them ASAP.
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    [ame=]YouTube - KCAL 9 :Jett Travolta Autopsy Update[/ame]
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    These are just some of the events that I find to relevant to the story.

    • November 2002: "There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of losing your child. And then to think that something you did--or didn't do--might have caused this." --Kelly Preston.
    • November 2002: "In addition, Preston follows the tips in the book clear mind, clear body by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. It outlines how drugs and environmental pollutants affect people and offers a personal purification program she swears by" - Health magazine Nov, 2002.
    • 2003: Purif on Jett
    • 2003: photo op of Preston and the fat-one protesting psyc.
    • January 24, 2007: CCHR protest the funeral of murder victim demanding to know the Rx of the autistic assailant
    • February 17th, 2007: Soon after the CCHR funeral protest; Preston and others celebrate the "wins" at a CCHR gala event, "Wins" such as the protest of the funeral. Kirstie Alley, Kelly Preston, Priscilla Presley, Marisol Nichols and Anne Archer are all given awards at the event.
    • April 4, 2008: CCHR touts Depakote as a "anti-seizure medication" "that is only FDA approved for use in Adults."
    • January 1-2, 2009: Jett Travolta tragically dies from "seizure disorder", unmediated, untended, without properly qualified caretakers (when there's a car wreck, you know you're the only one who can help) No pulse per EMT.
    • January 2, 2009:Travolta's Gulfstream goes for Jacksonville to Clearwater to Bahamas.
    • January 3, 2009:The spin machine begin to lie.

    A quote in full makes another profound prophecy that shall soon come.

    When you offer your name as representation of something, you are taking a risk that you believe in, you are in fact opening yourself to criticism. Albeit a tragedy, you created the situation by your own hand. As a spokesperson, as an advisory board member of CCHR did you say anything against protesting the funeral of someone else's child?

    As much as I am saddened for your loss, I will use all available resources to bring the dangers of your cult to light.

    Don't let Jetts death become another sinister tool to promote Hubbard's sociopathic abomination of Scientology. With the loss of a child, many couples split up with in 10 years over it. Give his death real meaning, see the truth and help others to not suffer as you are right now.


    You will always be remembered for this incident, what you do with it from here will determine how in the eyes of others.

    expect the truth to come out or hide from it for the rest of your life.
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Untreated Kawasaki (or treated too late) can cause encephalitis (sorry, I can't spell), which in turn can cause brain damage (and then seizures..). From the description and videos of Jett, as well as autism, his problems could have been caused by any kind of brain damage in the past.

    It's a bit problematic highlighting the autism so much because it wasn't autism that killed him, it was seizures. Although seizures are more common in autistics it's not the only possibility, and a lot of people are just going to wonder how the label of autism would have helped anyway- as there aren't any treatments or cures for autism as such (and most people aren't familiar with the seizures connection). There's no proof he had autism but there is proof of the seizures because they have been admitted.

    Personally I think the emphasis has to lay on the fact that he had a seizure disorder, that treatment was stopped in line with scientology beliefs and that people expressed concern that whatever his condition was, it wasn't treated properly.
  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Do you want media reports that have them saying embarrassing things and/or the death timeline?

    Travolta?s late son ?not victim of cult?, say scientologists | Latest News

    The story says, "John Travolta’s son Jett, who died following a seizure, was ‘not a victim of cult’, scientologists have claimed."

    The phrasing is perhaps strange? Dunno, but the way I read that is the scientologists have claimed Jett was "not a victim of [the] cult." Implying....? Why does this need to be clarified if it is untrue? The "evolution" of the cover story would seem important, but maybe other threads are dealing with that?
  10. Canadian Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Hi, I'm new here and have been reading the site for a couple of days after finding it subsequent to Jett's death. I'm not a member of any cult, nor have I ever been, but wanted to voice my opinion. :)

    I don't believe for a second that Jett was ever on any anti-seizure medication. Dekapote is not a typical seizure medication prescribed in any event.

    I also believe that were it not for the cult and its practices, Jett would be alive today.

    It is my fervent hope that Jett's death will be probed further and that his parents and the cult be held responsible. I have absolutely no sympathy for John and Kelly Travolta because had they seen that Jett was properly taken care of medically, he would be alive today.

    When I read that he'd been cremated so quickly, that's when I knew the lies being spread from the Travolta camp. First, it was reported that Jett's liver had damage. Then it was reported that he'd been on Depokate. Etc. Etc. Now that he's been cremated, none of that can be verified.

    Unlike the U.S., the Bahamas has a system similar to that in Canada, inasmuch as the release to the media of Jett's autopsy report will NOT happen. This is a huge coverup, both by the Travolta's and by the cult.

    Keep up the good work all of you. When children are drawn into a cult by their parents and have no voice, that's the epitome of evil.
  11. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    1. If I am correct, it was said that they stopped Depokate for fear of liver damage.
    2. IMHO, the Depokate aspect cannot be good for them either way:
    - They used it and stopped: negligence and double standard,
    - They did not: negligence.

    Due to the level of details provided by the family, I think that they did.
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Wecht: Unanswered Questions In Travolta's Son's Death - News-
  13. Mutante Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    WebMD report (reposted from here).

    Kawasaki Disease: No Link to Travolta Death
  14. amaX Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Here are just two interesting tidbits of info about Cyril Wecht.

    He's in the middle of trying to fight against being brought up for re-trial on charges of using government workers and equipment for benefit to his private practice.

    Wecht lawyers file papers opposing moving trial to Erie - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    For those who are not aware, Wecht was also one of two doctors chosen by the cult of $cientology as forensic pathologists and testify for the cult.

    Lisa McPherson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    People Mag: Jett "was never heard speaking" (reposted from here)

    COVER PREVIEW: Loving and Losing Jett - Jett Travolta Cover, John Travolta Cover, Kelly Preston Cover, Jett Travolta, John Travolta, Kelly Preston :
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Please note the URL of the original article, which was preserved when the page was "printed" to .pdf format:

    There's nothing ambivalent about that, Co$ considers Depakote a "Psych Drug".
  17. RavenEyes Member

  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary Loving and losing Jett-
    1. It is quite surprising to hear a scientologist mention mental handicap. Could be interesting to ask her about what scientology think of them...
    2. It is me, or every account refer to Jett & John and never Jett & Kelly. There are a couple of pictures, but that is it.
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    I'm beginning to think Scientology is going to leave the Travolta's out to dry. I can only guess why, but perhaps it has to do with Travolta's on-again off-again relationship with the "church".

    Having lived in a place where he owns a house and spent quite a bit of time, it was rumored that JT was only a member due to some information they had from his auditing files he did not want released. Perhaps this is their payback?
  20. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    I might have missed it, but I don't think the contents of this thread have yet made it here;

    In their own words, Scientology (in the guise of the CCHR and consistent with what we've seen of Hubbard's teachings) takes the position that;

    I see this as providing wiggle room for privileged Scientologists like the Travolta family to make use of otherwise "evil Psych drugs" like Depakote. If it's not the primary reason for formulation, and you can get it from a doctor without reference to psychiatrists, this would explain how they were able to rationalise using such a treatment.

    The same thread also includes a quote from Hubbard about the inclusion of Autistic behaviour within the Sci definition of paranoid schizophrenia. Proof, if it were needed, that someone on the autism spectrum within Scientology is at great risk of misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment.
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    These should be 2009.
  22. not shure Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

  23. rof Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    12:1 PM ? wtf
  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the Depakote story is a major foot-bullet.

    I can imagine why it was mentioned, as a way to defuse potential remarks about a lack of propre care.

    But the mistake of interupting the treatment without replacement will be understandable by most people. Even if MDs come forward to explain this, and I doubt it, the effects on Jett seem to be so clear - 1 seizure / 4 days before, 1 seizure / 3 weeks during, 1 seizure / week after - that some level of scrutiny will be called for, IMHO.

    John Travolta's Son: Meds Ultimately Didn't Work -
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    I started to add a full timeline in the OP, but it will take time to complete. Help is kindly accepted. Please provide missing pieces with links.
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    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    auchraw has flight data you can put for real times of flight arrivals. They have since made the flightaware tracking private.

    I converted all times to EST and made it human readable.

    Greystone (17FL) is Travolta's private airport housing community near Ocala
    Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF)
    West End Grand Bahama (MYGW) is Old Bahama Bay where they were staying
    Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Int'l (KFLL)
    Jacksonville Intl (KJAX)

    2:57PM depart Grand Bahama Intl
    3:16PM arrive Hollywood Int'l (diverted from Leesburg Intl)

    4:13PM depart Hollywood Int'l
    4:53PM arrive Greystone (diverted from Ocala Intl)

    8:01AM depart Greystone
    8:37AM arrive West End Grand Bahama

    9:50AM depart West End Grand Bahama
    10:39AM arrive Jacksonville Intl

    11:42AM depart Jacksonville Intl
    12:24PM arrive West End Grand Bahama

    1:33PM depart West End Grand Bahama
    2:29PM arrive Jacksonville Intl

    3:20PM depart Jacksonville Intl
    3:59PM arrive Clearwater Intl

    5:16PM depart Clearwater Intl
    5:52PM arrive West End Grand Bahama

    8:12AM depart West End Grand Bahama
    8:50AM arrive Orlando Sanford
    ?? missing flight leg to Greystone
    10:38AM depart Greystone
    11:13AM arrive West End Grand Bahama

    11:54AM depart West End Grand Bahama
    12:50PM arrive Jacksonville Intl

    1:37PM depart Jacksonville Intl
    missing arrive West End Grand Bahama (diverted from Grand Bahama)
  28. Ann O'Nymous Member

  29. happy feet Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Guess it doesn't matter where his plane was because in the police report he states his planes were unavailable, which is true enroute to Jacksonville. He was planning to use the Old Bahama Bay propjet they fly investors around in (I couldn't find a tail number). I can't think of a plane that can be ready to fly (safely) in less then ten minutes, so the whole thing sounds crazy.
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    For me, his statement to the police is for PR purpose. My guess is that it has to do with the reason why he signed the paper in the first place.

    Besides, I cannot understand why this statement was made so lately, about one month after the beginning of the extortion case.
  31. JMBrandon Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    I have a friend that informed me... Dekatope isn't something that would/should be taken for years...
    That if he was taken in for routine checkups- he would have been moved to a different type of med when it was discovered the current medication was losing effect or endangering the liver...
    So I havta wonder how often Jett was checked up on by a doctor that knew what he was doing...
    can't prove anything, just thinking out loud.
  32. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    The PR people mentioned that out the blue. Footbullet IMHO.
  33. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    When looking in detail to the timetable (I switched to EST), I think it is important. E.g.:
    - why did it come to Grand Bermuda in morning of the 2nd ? Family was relaxing and the plane seemed to be used by "friends".
    - why did it leave for Jacksonville later this same morning at about the time o the alleged discovery ?

    I also dont' like the fact that JT is described by some as distressed and by others as very calm...
  34. auchraw Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    As for the actual time of death, until we get more useful leaks, it is probably going to remain a guess. But back in January when there were a lot of uncontrolled rumours and statements flying around, I got the impression (please note choice of word) from these initial reports that Jett was found dead or dying quite early in the morning, 8 am or so, and that all the activity early on 2 January when the plane came to GB from Greystone where it had been overnight, then to Jacksonville and back, and then later to Clearwater and back, was a response to this situation. And that they brought certain significant people from Greystone, Jacksonville and Clearwater - who might have been the missing nanny, or a lawyer or a scientology minder.

    The plane schedule suggests that everything that happened with the ambulance and resuscitation attempts etc etc was a blind. Jett may have been dead for hours by then.

    Whether this speculation is right or not, the flightaware schedule shows that the jet WAS available during those crucial hours, though at the specific moment when the ambulance arrived it was in the air coming back from Jacksonville, or whatever. This would explain his strange story about flying Jett back to the US for treatment. He could not say he had already sent the plane to fetch his lawyer as he anticipated problems. If there is a point where blackmail could be applied it seems to be that it must be in here somewhere, with the time and cause of death.

    This at least shows that we don't need to believe everything JT said to the Bahama police on 25 February. He and his minders had had weeks to work on it. Some points may be true fax but some of it is real lies, most of it contradicts other statements made in January, and a lot of it makes no sense.

    There are two or three parallel time-lines, only one of which can possibly be correct.
  35. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    I can second almost everything you say. We have to live with several working hypotheses, the two main ones being:
    - The Travoltas' version is essentially correct.
    - The Travoltas' version is essentially incorrect.

    The police statement gives credence to the second one and the PR work too. But even in this case, part of the information might be correct.

    I will dig some more.
  36. auchraw Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    To remind newbies of what everyone was saying at the time, including the Daily Record, Reuters and CNN:

    << IIt happened in the Bahamas. The Travoltas were staying at their vacation home at a resort on Grand Bahama Island. Something went terribly wrong. Jett Travolta, 16, was pronounced dead at a Bahama hospital, but the cause is unclear.

    "He had a history of seizures. He had had seizures in the past," Travolta family attorney Michael Ossi said. "All attempts were made to revive him but were unsuccessful and he died."

    But police said Jett Travolta fell in the bathroom, hitting his head on the tub. He was last seen going into the bathroom Thursday night, but wasn't found by a home caretaker until late Friday morning. He was unconscious.

    On the streets of the city, news of the tragedy had already spread.>>

    This is what the Bahama police said and they had no reason (at that time) to suspect they should not be telling the truth. I personally give more credibility to their story than to Travolta's statement of 25 February.
  37. auchraw Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    [strike]Bluebell[/strike] (banned) made a thread Jett Travolta (info finding) back in January to gather links, videos, photos etc, that are to do with the death of Jett Travolta. It's there as a Sticky under Celebrity News, Jett Travolta.

    Scientology's "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" Exposed: John Travolta's Son Maybe Denied Medicine
    ( Woman in photo, Jett's mother Kelly Preston. )

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | John Travolta's teenage son dies
    ( The teenage son of American actor John Travolta has died suddenly while on a family holiday in the Bahamas. )

    Travolta's teenage son dies - Yahoo! News UK
    [ Preston has said that Jett became sick when he was two years old and was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, an illness that leads to inflammation of the blood vessels in young children. ]

    Kawasaki disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Kawasaki Disease

    John Travolta's Son Dies -
    We're told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston. We do not know the circumstances of his death.

    John Travolta's son, 16, dies on family holiday in Bahamas - The Daily Record

    TB Television

    SCIENTOLOGY IS DANGEROUS - What Would Tyler Durden Do

    Actors' son Jett Travolta dies at 16 -

    John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Jett Travolta Dies After Bathtub Accident -

    ABC News: John Travolta's Son Dies in The Bahamas

    Jett Travolta Dies, Son Of John Travolta And Kelly Preston (PHOTOS)

    Jett Travolta: Victim of Autism, Kawasaki, or Scientology?


    BREAKING: John Travolta's Son Dies in Bahamas

    Larry King Live: Blog Archive - BREAKING NEWS: John Travolta’s teen son dies in Bahamas - Blogs from

    Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 1/2/09 - Blogs from

    John Travolta's son, 16, dies in bath - World news, News -

    Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Evening Buzz: John Travolta?s 16-year-old son dies - Blogs from

    Hollywood, Interrupted: TRAVOLTA FAMILY TRAVESTY: Wild Hogs Star Gives own Autistic Son the Silent Treatment

    John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Dies - Celebritology - Liz Kelly&apos;s Celebrity Blog -- A Guide to Celebrity and Entertainment News

    Travolta son to have autopsy amid autism allegations - Telegraph

    John Travolta dead son Jett had history of seizures - Telegraph

    MODS please note that collecting, editing information and moving it around within WWP is very very tedious. And increasingly important.
  38. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    Moved from the original OP.


    Concurrent versions of the timeline leading to the death, the presence of trauma and blood.
    Questions arouse about Jett's nannies. One is a male photographer and scientologist, (in)famously known for a kiss with John Travolta.
    Death due to “seizure disorder” and “without head trauma” according to a funeral home official refering to the autopsy.
    According to Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic expert, this conclusion can be reached only by "ruling out all other causes of death, such as any heart disease [...] any injuries, any trauma to his head or brain. [...] Greta, there are about 1.5 million people in the United States who have seizure disorders. And very few of them die from the epilepsy itself, but, occasionally, when it gets bad, especially Grand Mal Epileptic seizures, can interfere with breathing, and the person can die. And that is what the conclusion of the doctors who did the autopsy this morning was."

    Scientific description
    Autism: Autism is a congenital, neuro-developmental disorder, which means you are born with it. It emerges between ages one and three. Because it starts during early infancy and because these children can look normal initially, a whole host of things have been attributed to causing autism: vaccines, infections, lead and other toxins. And because we can't point to a cause of autism, there's an impression that these temporally related issues must have caused it.

    Kawasaki’s syndrome: Description - It's an inflammatory, autoimmune disorder (in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body), but we're not quite clear of the cause. However, it has some features consistent with an infectious cause: It occurs mostly in winter and spring, it's usually among toddlers and rarely in children under three months or in adults.
    Symptoms - A high fever above 101 for more than five days, severe redness in the eyes, a rash on the stomach and chest, red, cracked, dry lips, swollen tongue, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes.
    Effects - The main, long-term side effects are cardiac problems, such as aortic aneurysms (20-25% of patients), cardiac arrythmias, inflammatory disease of the heart and abnormalities in the heart valves. The mean age at presentation for cardiac damage is 24, plus or minus 8 years. Seizures are very uncommon. But Kawasaki syndrome is rarely a cause of encephalitis or residual brain problems.
    Kawasaki syndrome is not believed to be one of the etiologies of autism.
    Treatment - The main treatments are to prevent cardiac disease. Patients are usually put on IV gamma globulin, a mixture of antibody proteins that fights inflammation and help fight infection by boosting the immune system, for a week to 10 days, and usually put on aspirin, to prevent inflammation, for years.
    Fatality - Rarely. Most children tend to recover. Death may occur if the cardiac complication is unrecognized.


    Depakote: Depakote ER is indicated for the treatment of acute manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar disorder, with or without psychotic features.
    Depakote is indicated for the treatment of manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder.
    Depakote and Depakote ER are indicated for the treatment of complex partial seizures, and simple and complex absence seizures in adults and children 10 years of age and older with epilepsy.
    Depakote and Depakote ER are indicated for the prevention of migraine headaches in adults.
    The following serious side effects can occur with Depakote and Depakote ER:
    Some people have experienced serious liver problems while taking valproic acid*. Your doctor should check your liver function before you start this medication and at frequent intervals thereafter.

    Purification rundown: Critical Analysis of the Purification Rundown

    Scientology’s description
    Autism: The Citizens Commission on Human Rights believes that there is no known medical treatment for autism except off-label drugs.
    Hubbard, L. Ron. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. May, 1950. 1992 ed. Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc., 1950.

    Kawasaki’s syndrome:


    Depakote: Nothing specific, but Scientology - and more notably its front group CCHR - is strongly against psychaitric drugs: The Side Effects of Common_Psychiatric_Drugs-1.pdf. travolta and Preston supported CCHR and .

    Purification rundown:

    Plausible conclusion: Jett Travolta suffered from a condition, not the Kawasaki's syndrom in itself and possibly autism, that led to frequent seizures. After trying scientology's sole solution - the purification rundown - without success, Jett's parents decided to use a psychiatric drug - Depakote - for years and with success. At some stage, because of fear of liver damage - and possibly to stick with their beliefs - they stopped Depakote and did not replace it by another drug. Jett died of "seizure disorder".

    Question: Would Jett have had a better life with non scientologist parents ?
    Answer: Probably yes, as his seizure problem would have been better accepted and handled.
  39. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jett Travolta's situation summary

    OP cleaned.

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