Jett's Early years, Diagnosis and the Purif. Rundown.

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Etain, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Etain Member

    Jett's Early years, Diagnosis and the Purif. Rundown.

    Okay, with everything that's come out in the past few days, recently someone posted a thread about the Purification Rundown and how it can cause side effects similar to Kawasaki Syndrome (rash, swelling). I think I may have come up with a possible scenario on what went on before and after Jett's 'official' diagnosis.

    Here it is; feel free to correct/add anything. Much of this is based on mere speculation, what is already known about the COS's methods and some facts about autism.

    April 3rd 1992: Jett Travolta is born.

    Now we don't know anything about the first two years of Jett's life, but the sake of argument, let's say that for the first 12 months, Jett appears to be a healthy baby.

    As time goes on, something is amiss. He isn't talking, has 'odd' behaviors and seems overly sensitive to things like loud noises.

    Now being the high level Scientologists that they are, John and Kelly are very worried about how 'management' will view their son, who clearly isn't 'normal'. They need to fix it, and fix it fast.

    Enter the Purification Rundown.

    What could have happened (feel free to correct me if I'm missing anything) is that the Travolta's were convinced to put Jett through their 'detox regime'. Which we all know by now to involve sitting in saunas and ingesting high doses of vitamins and vegetable oil. It's entirely possible that put Jett through a version of the detox program.

    According to reports (unclear if they're true, Jett was rushed to the hospital at the age of 2, with a rash, severe swelling and a high fever. The Travolta's then claim he was diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome.

    Let's take a look at that a little more closely. They claim Kawasaki Syndrome, which symptoms include high fever, swelling and rash.

    Earlier, someone posted that the Purification Rundown can cause swelling, rash and fever(?)

    The possibility should not be ruled out; Jett was misdiagnosed at two years old with Kawasaki Syndrome when, in reality, he had been put through the detox program and nearly died as a result. If it were a Sci- approved doctor, then the misdiagnosis was clearly deliberate because hey, autism doesn't exist. After this diagnosis, it was easy for the Travolta's and Scientology to blame Kawasaki Syndrome for Jett's behavior. This allowed them to live in denial of the possibility that Jett had autism and refute any claims and speculation that he did. Admitting it would have severely reduced their status in the 'church'.

    Now, as for the Travolta's leaving;

    Honestly, I don't see that happening anytime soon. If anything, the Travolta's may cling tighter to the COS as a result. What person would want to publicly admit that they had been wrong this whole time and that their 'beliefs' may have very well cost their child his life?

    I realize I wasn't very coherent, but bear with me; with everything that's come out over the past few days, my brain is a bit fried. And I really need to cut back on the fried stuff.

    Corrections? Additions?
  2. Kiefersgirl Member

    Re: Jett's Early years, Diagnosis and the Purif. Rundown.

    I really hope none if this is true .... but, it WOULD explain a lot - don't you think?
  3. Aika Member

    Re: Jett's Early years, Diagnosis and the Purif. Rundown.

    He was born 13 Apr 1992 at 00:22 (or 12:22 AM) Daytona Beach FL. His sister Ella was born April 3rd (2000).
  4. NotBobMinton Member

    Re: Jett's Early years, Diagnosis and the Purif. Rundown.

    Shouldn't be ruled out. But rashes, swelling & high fever pretty much cover a lot of what kids go through at some time or another.

    Interesting hypothesis, but sounds impossible to verify making it pretty much useless. There are far more bad things that we can actually prove. Let's focus on those.
  5. star eht Member

    Re: Jett's Early years, Diagnosis and the Purif. Rundown.

    i'd like to add something.

    We all know the purif rundown include high dose of Niacin (Vit. B3)
    we also know that high dose of vitamins, including vit. b3 of course, can cause liver damage. on a young child, it may leave very nasty scars.

    whatever Jett had, it caused Seizures, and the med he took (Depakote)for it had to be stop because they ran tests (i assume) to find out it was causing liver damage

    I do not know if he used to take the seizure med in a timeframe close to when he did the purif., a detail maybe not told to doctors who perhaps concluded that the liver damage was being caused by the med. Or if he had meds way later in his youth, but could not handle it because of permanent liver maybe induced by the purif.

    also if he had permanent liver damage, it could be why he didn'T have any other medication (that or because of their belief they decided not to try other meds).

    But i DO suspect the purif. may have played a role in jeff un-use of meds for his seizures, wich ultimately was the reason of his death.

    P.S: I do not say they didn'T love Jeff, I'M sure they loved him like any decent parents do, nor do I accuse them of negligence.
    If anything, it was shear ignorance, and they are in no way responsible.

    P.P.S: I have no medical degree whatsoever, I am a nurse that's all. If someone with more knowledge on these health issue has anythign to say to correct me please do so

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