Jim Carrey's Scientologist girlfriend Cathriona White's suicide

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    While reading Tony Ortega's site tonight I noticed this comment:

    Richard17 hours ago

    I haven't been around for some days and realize that the Cathriona White story is off topic today, but as it is still an ongoing story and this type of news is never really off topic as far as Scientology is concerned, I thought I would throw in my twopence.

    Scientology, in some ways, has a gang like structure, in that the adherents band together and are required to show their allegiance to the group. Another similarity is that the individual members get all pumped up by the rest of the company. What happens in the end, is that an individual is convinced that the group is their only way of survival. Without it, they would perish. Strength is found within the group.

    This is a very dangerous scenario in Scientology, particularly when the group has a direct influence over a relatively new member, like Cathriona White.

    Cathriona was apparently stalled on the Objectives. What I believe, is that she was having doubts about Scientology. Even if she had been required by the group to "handle or disconnect" from Carrey, most certainly she had been having contradictory inputs from him and this most probably put her in to a state of conflict.

    It's very possible that Cathriona talked about her doubts regarding Scientology to her group of "friends". What the "friends" would do at that point would be to love bomb Cathriona with stories of successes and wealth that can be had, perhaps fame, and certainly how Scientology had changed each of their individual lives for the better.

    Love bombing is completely fake talk. None of it is genuine. It is a dangerous and insiduous way of pumping up a person so as to obtain something from them. Often it is money that is wanted. However, in the case of Cathriona, it would have been more about how great Scientology is, but that it requires faithfulness and obedience.

    Cathriona, very probably, was cut between being part of this elite group that promised everything, and living her life with an SP like Carrey. The relationship with Carrey could have broken up at any time anyway, just like a thousand other relationships, but the difference here could well be to do with the knowledge, as a Scientologist, that Cathriona herself knew she could never live with a person like Carrey. It is impossible for a Scientologist to live with an antagonist to Scientology. Add the fact that there were episodes of depression, and you have a time bomb waiting to explode.

    For some people, leaving Scientology can be relatively easy. In my case, it was a simple matter of looking at the internet and realizing that the whole thing was a lie. For others it can be much more difficult, particularly when a group of close "friends" are influencing you and you feel that you are indebted to these people.

    In a very small way, I once found myself in this sort of situation. I was frequenting a non-Scientologist who found out one day that I had been involved in Scientology. It was a time that I was completely off lines, had no interest in Scientology, but for some strange reason, that I can only attribute Scientology's group hypnotic effect, I still protected them.

    Anyway, that time, I tried to avoid the whole subject when this person asked some more questions about my involvement. I was embarrassed. However, when I got back home, inspite of not caring anything about Scientology, I remember thinking to myself that I could eventually convince her, a little bit at a time, that Scientology was good. This is the power that Scientology can have over an individual.

    This all happened, quite obviously, before looking at the internet. Fortunately for me, the whole thing exploded in an argument a couple of days later and the very next day I Googled "Scientology". The rest is history.

    What made it easier for me was that I never had any real friends who were Scientologists. Mostly they were acquaintances and hence I had very little to break away from as far as relationships, and certainly work, were concerned.

    But that was me. Who knows, on the other hand, how difficult it could have been for Cathriona. Whatever was really going through her mind in those last weeks and months, she unfortunately paid the ultimate price for it.

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  2. DeathHamster Member
    Scientologist or not?

    If some mystery man steps in and makes changes as "next of kin", that would be an important question.
  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    At this point about all I can add about this is that one of the reports mentioned that her estranged husband will be bringing her body back home for the funeral.

    Found it:

    White’s body will be released to her husband for repatriation to her native Ireland, an official with the L.A. County Medical Examiner’s office tells The Hollywood Reporter.
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  4. anon8109 Member

  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Spied On Jim Carrey To Get Him On ‘Purif,’ Says Former Exec

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 6, 2015

    One of our most reliable sources, former Scientology executive Claire Headley, tells the Underground Bunker that in 2001 she was personally involved in a high-level project to entice actor Jim Carrey to begin taking Scientology courses, a project that not only involved the now-disappeared wife of Scientology’s leader, but it also made use of a spy in Carrey’s personal life.

    Continued here:
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    REVEALED: Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White was married to cameraman Mark Burton at the time of her death
    • Cathriona White's body will be released to her husband Mark Burton, a cameraman she met in Los Angeles
    • The pair worked on online projects together, with White doing the makeup and Burton filming
    • Burton has been speaking with White's family and making arrangements to take the body to Ireland for a funeral
    • A source close to Jim Carrey said White was separated from her husband at the time of her death
    • She was reportedly planning on filing for divorce later this year
    • White, 30, who was a make-up artist and aspiring actress, was found dead of a suspected drug overdose on September 28
    • Carrey and White first began dating in 2012 and had an on-off relationship for three years, which ended five days before her death

    Mark Burton - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
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  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

    First entry for Burton is 1989. White either married a much older man or it is the wrong Mark Burton.
  8. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Take that back IMDb has him with credits back to that time.
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cathriona White Was Married To Scientologist Mark Burton

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 6, 2015

    The Daily Mail today reported that Cathriona White had been married to a man named Mark Burton after the two met on the set of a web TV series.

    Our sources tell us that the series was “The Online Gamer,” part of the “Reckless Tortuga” web channel, and that the show was largely made by young Scientologists, including Burton.


    Our sources tell us that after meeting on the set, Cat and Mark Burton got married. But they apparently kept very quiet about it, because after Cat was found dead on September 28, apparently at her own hand, some of her friends were stunned to hear that she had been married.

    But our sources say they are sure: Cat met Mark Burton on the Reckless Tortuga set, and they were both Scientologists.


    There is a Mark D. Burton in the Scientology completions database, but we have not yet confirmed if these records pertain to the Mark Burton that married Cat. There is a Mark Damian Burton listed in Los Angeles of about the correct age, but when we called him he denied that he was the person we were looking for. We will bring you more information when we get it.
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  10. Quentinanon Member

    If the marriage to Burton is true, then, most certainly, Cathriona White was using a sexual angle to get Jim Carrey into the scientology cult. In scientology, all marriages are expedient and valid only if they "forward the aims of scientology."
    And most certainly, this fiasco was orchestrated by the scum of OSA Int.
    In scientology, the bottom of the barrel does not exist.
    "The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." - L. Ron Hubbard
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    She dated Carrey for five months, then split.
    Married Burton in 2013, then separated (if they really were together)
    Later did more off and on dating with Carrey.

    It's possible that the marriage to Burton was to get her some kind of legal status in America.
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  12. Quentinanon Member

    So that she could recruit Jim Carrey into the cult?
    BTW, back in the 1970's, a large percentage of Saint Hill sea org and guardian's office marriages were to get legal resident status in the U.K.
  13. A comment over at T.O's :

    Sunny Sands3 hours ago
    It caught my attention that Cat was planning on filing for divorce in December. Filing in Dec. 2015 would mean a final judgment in 2016. With a Jan. 14, 2013 marriage date, that would be exactly 3 years of marriage.

    At the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website, it shows you can qualify for naturalization if you have been married for 3 years to a U.S. citizen and have a green card. I would suggest this was Cat's original plan before her suicide.
    "In general, you may qualify for naturalization under Section 319(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) if you:

    Have been a permanent resident (green card holder) for at least 3 years
    Have been living in marital union with the same U.S. citizen spouse during such time

    Meet all other eligibility requirements under this section"
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jim Carrey -- Girlfriend Attempted Suicide Once Before | TMZ

    Jim Carrey's on-and-off again girlfriend Cathriona White tried ending her life in 2012 and we're told a hateful message from her biological mother may have led to her suicide, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

    Our sources tell us, during their investigation they learned White attempted suicide after her father's death in 2012.

    We're told White's friends told investigators on Cathriona's birthday -- just days before her suicide -- she received a hateful message from her estranged biological mother who called her a "failure."

    Cathriona committed suicide on the 3rd anniversary of her father's death.

    Our sources say her mother's attack, along with the somber anniversary and her breather with Jim, may have contributed to Cathriona's suicide. It appears she OD'd on drugs.

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  15. Oh I wonder if "HER FRIENDS" were scientologists, eh trying to stem the bad press for scientology meh, so much for her bloody friends, they took 4 days to contact her when she was depressed.......poor girl
  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    If all this is true wouldn't it be in her PC folder? Wouldn't they have known and had her on service?
    I don't usually get this tinfoily but I have serious doubts she was alone for 4 days and then found
    by friends who should have known what a difficult time this was for her. 5 people found her.
    5 people who knew all of this and left her alone. Didn't check on her after one day. After two days.
    CCTV didn't show her on day 3. Come on guys, we've been around these people long enough to
    know that something ain't right.

    Then again TMZ does tend to lean toward Scientology so take it for what its worth.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    A secret Scientology wake, a ‘Snow White’ link, and more odd twists emerge in the Cat White story

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 7, 2015

    The gathering featured a giant poster of a black and white headshot of the 30-year-old woman whose face has become so familiar. Memorial brochures were printed up, but they were careful not to mention the location. Guests were asked to rsvp, but weren’t told where to go until the last minute.

    As much secrecy as possible was maintained so that only a vetted guest list of people were invited to last night’s secret Scientology wake held for Cathriona White at the eccentric and legendary Zorthian Ranch in Altadena, California.

    Jenny Burpee was there. And Tiber McCormick and his sister, Tama Leia Stewart. So was Cyril Helnwein and others in the social group of young Scientologists we told you about on Sunday, who had befriended Cathriona White after she emigrated from Ireland to California in 2009 and then encouraged her to begin taking Scientology courses at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

    We sent an email to Burpee last night, asking her if Mark Burton attended the gathering. Burton, a Scientologist who was also part of the Hollywood clique, married Cat White on January 15, 2013 in Las Vegas, after, apparently, her five-month relationship with comedian Jim Carrey had initially ended. She and Carrey took up again this year, after she and Burton, 38, separated. But when Carrey reportedly broke up with her on September 24, Cathriona apparently took her own life and was discovered by Burpee on September 28.

    As Cat’s husband, Burton by law was in control of her remains, but he reportedly released her to her family to be taken back to Ireland for burial. Jim Carrey met with Cathriona’s sister Lisa, who flew to Los Angeles, and he is expected to fly to Ireland for the ceremony.

    But in the meantime, the Scientologists who had encouraged Cat to take her own journey on the “Bridge to Total Freedom” gathered to have their own secret ceremony last night. We asked Burpee if words by L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote ceremonies for Scientology funerals, were read aloud. We’ll let you know if she gets back to us.

    Meanwhile, we’re hearing other odd things from our Los Angeles sources. For the past week, for example, private security men have kept watch at Cathriona’s house, and when they’ve been asked who they are or who they work for, they’ve refused to answer. Are they there at Carrey’s request? Scientology’s? We don’t know. One local reporter told us they found it odd that the coroner’s blue tape sealing the house was broken after three days, and not by police.

    That also could have an innocent explanation, but we can say that we’ve never talked to so many spooked reporters — from around the world — who are calling us and saying they keep running into strange problems reporting this story.

    In the meantime, we keep running into some strange things ourselves, things that the Underground Bunker community may understand the significance of better than just about anyone else.

    Take Mark Burton’s family, for example. Mark Damian Burton’s mother is Paula Marie Burton, 61, and for many years she’s worked at David Morse and Associates (DMA), a Glendale, California insurance investigations firm. In a brochure put out by DMA in 2005, there’s a photo of Paula, and her last name reflects that she’d remarried after a divorce.

    We called DMA yesterday and were told that Paula was in a meeting. We left her a message and we hope she gets back to us. We want to ask her about DMA’s CEO, whom she married, and who is the stepfather to her son, Mark. Here’s her husband’s photo from the same 2005 brochure put out by the company.

    <photo snipped>

    As you can see, DMA’s CEO, who happens to be Mark Damian Burton’s stepfather, is a man named Duke (Wake) Snider, and he’s a very familiar face, at least to some longtime Scientologists.

    Mike Rinder, Scientology’s former spokesman, told us that he had met Snider in Scientology, and positively identified him from this photograph. So did former longtime Scientologist Karen de la Carriere. They both told us that, without question, this Duke Snider is the same Duke Snider who was among the eleven Guardian’s Office Scientologists who were prosecuted and sent to prison as part of the notorious “Snow White Program” of the 1970s.

    Continued here:
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  18. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I looked through her twitter and instagram accounts but didn't see any Scientology reference there. There was one tweet about TM and a couple of anti-vax tweets. Quotes from famous writers. So the whole thing is a mystery to me.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

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  20. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    As the week went on, some people were surprised to read that Cathriona's family were spending time grieving with Jim Carrey in LA. Did they not see, as the tabloids did, that he was the bad guy in this? Clearly not. Carrey wore a Tipp jersey on occasion too, funnily enough. And maybe this brings us back to where we started. Maybe Carrey isn't the bad guy and maybe he was right, and maybe her family saw that. Maybe she was too delicate for this soil. Maybe in the end Cathriona's death was not that different from any suicide in any small town in Ireland. Maybe her skinlessness, her sensitivity, her black dog, whatever you call it, had left her isolated while surrounded by people.
    And maybe in those final moments she felt alone and far away from home, and maybe she succumbed to that permanent solution to a temporary problem, because maybe she thought it would take her home again to somewhere she was comfortable, where things didn't hurt so much.
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    For some reason, news sites are keeping quiet about who found Cat White’s body. So here he is.

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 8, 2015

    Two excerpts:

    Sometime between Thursday, September 24 when actor Jim Carrey reportedly broke up with her, and Monday night September 28 when her body was found, Cat White reportedly ended her life with a drug overdose. There are some lingering questions, at least in our estimation, about how Cat’s body was found, so we thought it made sense to at least identify the person who first found her that night. It was her friend Den Bradshaw, a corporate trainer.

    “I’m not a Scientologist, but I’m still not interested in discussing this,” he said to us before hanging up. Well, that’s a shame. As we said yesterday, there are some very odd things about the investigation into Cat White’s suicide that we’d like to get cleared up. We’ll just have to find another way.
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tragic Last Words! The Suicide Note Of Jim Carrey’s Ex Cathriona White Revealed — Her Heartbreaking Plea

    'Jim, I love you. Please forgive me. I’m not for this world': Suicide note of Cathriona White revealed as Jim Carrey is expected to fly to Ireland for her funeral
    • Cathriona White will be buried next to her father Pat on Saturday morning
    • Her body has been returned to her native Co Tipperary for her funeral Mass
    • Details of Ms White's suicide note have been published online in the US
    • Hollywood star Carrey, 53, is expected to fly into Ireland for the funeral
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ The Radar source story doesn't mention that there were several notes, only one to Carrey. Story smells phony as hell.
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  24. RightOn Member

    There is a chunk of Bradshaws in completions... just sayin.....

  25. Celebrity Scientology: Life (and Death) After Going Clear

    Published on Oct 8, 2015

    Scientology and the suicide of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend Cathronia White, as well as her connection to the church is exposed by journalist Tony Ortega. How Scientology has struggled to maintain connections to Hollywood celebrities, the upcoming tell-all book by Leah Remini, and the recent Scientology wedding of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter that may have had Kidman banned from the ceremony is revealed. We also examine the success of HBO’s documentary exposé Going Clear, and if the film will get Oscars to accompany the Emmys that it has already collected--all in this uncensored Media Mayhem with Allison Hope Weiner.
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  26. It's always a special treat to listen to Allison and Tony reporting on the criminal cult, and this show was no different. Tony is a courageous journalist of the highest integrity, with an unerring eye for the important facts.

    We're incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated, tenacious reporter on the case. It's surely only a matter of time before his fellow journalists will want to recognise such an outstanding contribution.
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  27. RightOn Member

    Bravo to Allison for her continual coverage and exposure
  28. RightOn Member

    From the end of Ortega's interview...
    When are they going to reveal Connor and Isabella's birth parents?
    At one time, was it Marc Headly (If I remember correctly) that was going to reveal Connor's real parents on his birthday?
    But then it never come out.
    Did I miss it? Or not remember it?
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Scientology-Ireland connection that propelled Cathriona White to Hollywood

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 9, 2015

    In 2009, Cathriona White emigrated from Ireland to Los Angeles. We’ve reported that once she was there, a group of young Scientologists welcomed her into the fold and encouraged her to begin courses at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

    But from the beginning, our sources were telling us that it wasn’t an accident that Cat fell in with the Hollywood group. Something had happened in Ireland that convinced her to go, and helped her gain entrée to the California clique.

    We should have known the reason sooner, because we’ve written about Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein and his family in the past. But this week, a couple of our readers reminded us that the Helnweins own a castle in County Tipperary, where Cat herself was from. And photographs and online writings by Cat and the Helnweins make it clear: It was the Helnweins, in particular Gottfried’s son Cyril Helnwein, who form the connection between Ireland, Cathriona White, Hollywood, and Scientology.

    Continued here:
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  30. SlappyDM Member

    Tony's list of sources is wonderfully wide spread but the man puts in so much work...awesome!
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Revealed: Jim Carrey’s dead girlfriend became a scientologist BEFORE moving to LA after meeting family of ‘weirdo’ Austrian millionaires who live in a castle
    • Cathriona White met with members of the Helnwein family in Tipperary
    • The Helnweins are well known within the scientologist community in LA
    • Ms White moved to LA to become an actress using scientology contacts
    • She even married a scientologist Mark Burton who she met on a TV show
    Tragic Cathriona White became a scientologist before moving to LA after meeting a family of 'weirdo' Austrian millionaires who live in a castle near her home village.

    The 30-year-old make up artist from Cappawhite, Co Tipperary is believed to have taken her own life after splitting with Jim Carrey, 53.

    It was previously thought she became a scientologist after moving to the US, but now it has emerged that she had become close friends with a family of eccentric artists, and well-known scientologists in Ireland.

    Ms White was friendly with family of eccentric Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein and his son Cyril, who are both scientologists.

    The Helnweins were described in the New York Times last December as 'The Real Life Addams Family'.

    According to Tony Ortega, who has written extensively about scientology, Gottfried Helnwein moved to Ireland in 1997.

    Continued here:
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    EXCLUSIVE: Pictured, the secret Scientologist husband of Jim Carrey's tragic girlfriend - living hundreds of miles from her Los Angeles home after split
    • Cathriona White married Scientologist Mark Burton in Las Vegas in 2013 but the couple were preparing to divorce
    • White is to be buried in her native Ireland after her death last week in Los Angeles, where she had just split from on-off boyfriend Jim Carrey
    • Burton, a Hollywood cameraman, has a $150,000 house in McMinnville, a small town in Oregon, where he lives quietly
    • Their marriage came after she was unable to leave the U.S. for her father's funeral because she did not have legal immigration status
    • Unclear when they split but friends were said not to know she was married and they were planning divorce later this year

    Read more:
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a comment that was left below that article, by Mareka Brousseau:

    Mareka Backus James Brousseau8 hours ago

    Not relevant to the story about Cat at all but it's so strange to see a picture of Cyril after all these years!!

    I knew Cyril from my time spent at St. Hill when I was younger. He was quiet and I was shy so we got along well. We reconnected later when I was 16 in 1998. I was going into the Sea Org and on the EPF and he was (on MEST work) routing out, although I didn't know it at the time. We swapped cigarettes and shared bus rides into St. Hill and back to Walsh Manor. As Scientology children with Sea Org experience we had an immediate affinity and understanding with each other.

    I got into trouble for "hanging around" with him because he was "out-ethics". I was given a whole speech about how he was a scum, loser and I shouldn't even look at him, let alone talk to him because he was leaving the Sea Org. In fact I was forbidden to talk to him by my mentor CO CLO UK, Bruce Perry who was grooming me to be his communicator (secretary). The speech made me worried for Cyril's welfare. I didn't want him to leave the SO, I was concerned he would lose his eternity. When I asked Cyril about it, about what he was going to do and how was he going to support himself. He laughed and told me not to worry, that his father was rich and owned a castle.

    Cyril was sweeping outside St. Hill Manor and as I walked passed, he tried to call me over and return a cigarette but I shook my head, pointed to the executive watching us, I looked down at the ground and Cyril went back to his sweeping. That was the last time I ever saw him.
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  34. sallysock Member

    I can't find the thread, but no, you didn't miss anything. Marc talked about disclosing that information when Connor turned 18.
    Iirc, there was concern/criticism.
    He ultimately decided against it.
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's that thread, from September of 2012:
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

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  37. SlappyDM Member

    Hey Wrong Guy....just thanks man!
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  38. RightOn Member

    I wonder if the kids know. Well, they are not kids any more.
    Not that they were told the truth by Pops either.
    You would think that Nicole would want them to know who their real birth parents are. I wonder if there is some sort of gag agreement attached to that adoption.
  39. DeathHamster Member

    A private woman indeed if her family didn't know that she'd been a Scientologist for six years, and the guy she was seeing didn't know about the husband.
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  40. DeathHamster Member

    I guess it has to be asked:

    Was Cathriona White part of a long-term flirty-fishing attempt to hook Jim Carrey into Scientology? Was she under tremendous pressure to land him and failed?

    i.e. not just reporting every minute detail (which she would have to), but being directly micro-managed, probably via BFF ex-SO Jenny?

    Right after Cat and Jim broke up the first time, up pops a husband-on-paper with a Vegas marriage, straight from the bowels of Old School Scientology, which allows her to stay and work in the USA. He lives in Oregon and likely isn't part of Cat's Celebrity Centre circle of friends. *poof* He appears, marries, disappears, due to be divorced right after the three required years were up.

    That smells of GO/OSA Scientology management and not some friendly arrangement. (Plus the mysterious security that showed up at her place and broke the police tape.)

    There's also the question of her finances. I doubt she was making enough to even pay the $60,000/year rent on the house she was living in, never mind everything else. The assumption is that Jim Carrey was paying for the place. Dunno. How long has she been at the same address? I really doubt he was paying during the period after their first break-up.

    Now, I'm not saying that Cathriona's feelings towards Jim weren't genuine. Scientologists are experts at double-think, and she could easily have loved him while running a cynical manipulation plot. (Add the stress of maintaining that cognitive dissonance to the list.)

    Speculation. I've sure that Jenny called home base before calling the cops, and there were probably some shredders revving in the red zone shortly afterwards.
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