Jim Carrey's Scientologist girlfriend Cathriona White's suicide

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Paranoia checklist: If Cat took the pill containers from Jim Carrey's place, why did she do it before the break-up?

    Was she thinking of suicide before the break-up, or was there another reason?

    In 2001, CoS was spinning madly trying to think of a way to justify Jim Carrey going on the Purif without stopping him from taking Prozac (or whatever it was). The direct approach would be to replace his Prozac with sugar pills, just saying.

    No doubt the police have all his prescriptions in custody now, but if I was Jim Carrey, I'd toss those and get fresh ones if needed.
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  2. DH, indefatigable, incisive and authoritative, as ever. You consistently manage to get to the gist of the issues that concern us here at WWP. Thanks.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    I try to think of the worst-case situations without falling in love with them. (Worst-case is frequently a good bet with Scientology.)

    Another problem with Cathriona's Scientology status is the possible previous suicide attempt after her father's death, and before the wedding. According to exes, normally they wouldn't let someone in the door of the Celebrity Centre after that, much less get them back on lines. So, if there was an attempt, there must have been a heavy-duty intervention to make an exception for her. Why?

    I think I'll make a timeline to pin this down a little.
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  4. DeathHamster Member
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  5. Anonymous Member

    And, there is the Helnwein connection.
  6. DeathHamster Member

    The Helnwein connection isn't out of line with the standard case: They lured her in, hooked her and sent her on to LA. (They could could hardly send her to an Irish org, after all.) Helnwein son, ex-Sea Org maybe opened some doors for her in LA.

    Worse-case would have to involved sending her off to LA as part of a special plan.
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  7. Thank you for asking the questions
  8. SlappyDM Member

    Definitely things that make me say hmmmmm.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Okay, the house was new, and suspected to be paid by Carrey.
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  10. anon8109 Member

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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Eye of Sauron is upon us

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 17, 2015

    More than once, we’ve heard Scientology’s private investigator shenanigans described in a certain way. For the folks who were in Going Clear, for example, Scientology’s familiar “noisy” investigations and harassment tends to come and go, and it really stepped up early this year as the film was coming out. When that happens, we’ve heard people say that it’s because David Miscavige has suddenly turned his attention on you, “like the Eye of Sauron.”

    It’s an apt analogy. You might go months or years with no attention, and then suddenly people you know are calling, saying that they’ve been contacted by private eyes asking about you. When that happens, you know that Miscavige has suddenly turned his gaze in your direction, yelling at his underlings and demanding to know why you haven’t yet been “handled.” You know that you’re in for weeks or months of sliming by his minions as they spread slander about you and put everyone who knows you on edge.

    We’re telling you this because it appears the Eye of Sauron has turned our way again. Last night we got a call about someone pretty remotely connected to us getting hit up by Scientology’s private investigators for information.

    Here we go again.

    As we weather the storm yet again, we thought we’d put the word out in a more public way to our friends and family — get ready for a call or a visit — and we thought we’d ask our readers: What is it, do you think, that made Miscavige look our way? Was it…

    1. ‘Going Clear’ winning three Emmys?
    2. Reminding the public that Shelly Miscavige has been banished for a full ten years?
    3. This picture?
    4. Our Cat White coverage?
    5. Or something else?

    Tell us what you think.


    Here's the most popular comment:

    Observer12 hours ago

    I vote Cat White. We'd had little or no trolling for awhile, and when you broke that story suddenly there were people all over the place dead agenting her and Jim Carrey.
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  12. Cat White is the next:

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  13. DeathHamster Member

    All registered September 29, the day after she was found and the day before Tony broke the news that she'd been on the Survival Rundown. Privacy protected and currently redirected to her Twitter account.

    Maaaaybe a friend registered them. It could happen.

    Good thing they weren't registered Sept 27. Someone would have gone to The Hole for that.
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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    McMinnville? Wow. I've been there very recently. I don't know of anything there related to show biz. The only possible connection to Scn which I can think of would be the Delphian school in Sheridan, not much more than 10 miles southwest of there. I haven't read much of this other than this thread (not the linked articles, just what's actually ITT); is there any possible connection to Delphian?
  15. Malory Member

    It would be the sort of thing Carrey's publicity/crisis management team would do quietly just to stop trolls and any group trying to cash in on the tragedy.
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    'If I Could Hold Her Just Once Again, I Would Never Let Her Go': Mom of Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend, Cathriona White, Breaks Silence About Daughter's Suicide | People

    'I Would Never Let Her Go': Mom of Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend, Cathriona White, Breaks Silence About Daughter's Suicide | MSN Entertainment

    Mother of Jim Carrey's ex Cathriona White says she is devastated over daughter's suicide and wishes she 'could hold her just once again' | Daily Mail

    Cathriona White's Mom Speaks Out for the First Time Since Her Death | Extra TV

    The Mother Of Cathriona White Responds To The 'Lies' About Her Daughter's Tragic Suicide | Perez Hilton
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe. But professionals would know that empty domains don't drive search engine results.

    Trolls and ghouls could used any domain, and stuffed it full of junk Cathriona White content.
  18. DeathHamster Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    It's almost dawn where I am but the comment thread seems intact:
    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 04.45.58.png
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Both of those comments are still there.
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    In this interview that went online today, Tony Ortega discusses Cathriona's involvement in the cult, and her death. He also mentions that tomorrow he will publish an article about this.

    Life and Death of Scientology After 'Going Clear' Movie

    Scientology and the suicide of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend Cathronia White; how Scientology has struggled to maintain connections to Hollywood celebrities; tell-all book by Leah Remini, the recent Scientology wedding of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter that may have had Kidman banned; HBO’s documentary exposé Going Clear.
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  22. TorontosRoot Member

    Sad that she died, if it was because of the cult, it will be bad press. Of course, scientology denies it all.
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  23. failboat Member

    That's an old video, originally posted 4 months ago in this thread by CommunicatorIC -

    The account that re-posted the video is called Families Against Cult Teachings

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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

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  25. DeathHamster Member

    Here we go again! Inevitable when Scientology and money are involved.

    Talking highlights of 'Fair Game' with its author, Aussie journalist Steve Cannane September 19, 2016, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker
    Husband of Jim Carrey's ex files wrongful death suit against actor September 19, 2016, Chris Spargo, Daily Mail

    Husband of Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Sues for Wrongful Death After Her Suicide September 19, 2016, Char Adams, People

    Jim Carrey Sued Over Former Girlfriend's Drug Death September 19, 2016, Ashley Cullins, Hollywood Reporter
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  26. TorontosRoot Member

    Shame... the money talks, so does scientology's bogus drug PR stories.
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's some background on all this, from last October.

  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jim Carrey Responds To Shocking Allegations Over Ex-Girlfriend's Death | Access Hollywood


    ...Burton's complaint claims that "Ms. White overdosed on the drugs on or about September 24, 2015 and died," which is four days prior to her reported suicide.

    The date of White's death could be crucial for any future legal fallout, since Burton's complaint outlines the following scenario:

    "As a part of his obsession with controlling and manipulating White, Carrey had the ability to monitor surveillance cameras 'on a home White often stayed at' and was able to view the residence remotely to keep track of her; and that sometime prior to September 28, 2015 [the day of her previously reported death], Mr. Carrey's assistant remotely checked the surveillance cameras and determined that White had last entered the home on September 24, 2015 but had not left for over a day, and Carrey nor his assistant alerted authorities."

    In addition to claiming Carey and White were in a sexual relationship and that White died from drugs that were not prescribed to her, the complaint also includes the following bombshell allegations:

    "The coroner determined that the drugs had been obtained by Defendant Carrey under a bogus name, 'Arthur King.'"

    "Carrey conspired with a physician to illegally obtain the drugs with full knowledge that his conduct was illegal and fraudulent."

    "Carrey sent a bogus text message to White [who was already deceased, according to the complaint], pretending he misplaced the drugs and insinuating that White may have taken them from Carrey without his knowledge, when in reality Carrey knew full well that he had voluntarily and illegally provided the fraudulently obtained and prescribed drugs to White days prior."

    Burton further alleged that Carrey and his handlers made considerable efforts to publicize his "supposed generosity" to paint him as a "grieving good guy" and he had actually he never paid a dime of funeral expenses, instead reneging on his promise after learning she had left money to her family.

    In a statement given to Access Hollywood on Monday evening, Carrey responded to the allegations.

    "What a terrible shame. It would be easy for me to get in a back room with this man's lawyer and make this go away, but there are some moments in life when you have to stand up and defend your honor against the evil in this world," the statement reads. "I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman I loved. Cat's troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone’s control. I really hope that someday soon people will stop trying to profit from this and let her rest in peace."
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Except that it was Scientologist and former Sea Org Jenny Burpee who claimed to have checked the security system before going over‎ and finding the body. (I'm still looking for the article quoting her saying that, but it's there.)

    It'd be strange to Jim Carrey to give full access to someone else if he was that controlling.

    Edit: Here
    Woman tells of finding best friend Cathriona White's body October 2, 2015, Sunday World
    If the police didn't give that security system a full audit to see who'd been accessing that system and when, they fucked up.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    This makes no sense. Why would Jim Carrey care if she'd left money to her family? I doubt she had much as a (possibly) illegal worker and makeup artist, and with Scientology sucking as much as possible.

    It sounds like he's projecting. Maybe Mark Burton was hoping to grab the small change of her estate as "next-of-kin", only to find out that she'd cut her green card "husband" out of the loop and given it to her real kin?
  31. DeathHamster Member

    Yes, perfect prose is a dead giveaway of a criminal mind.
    I wonder which illiterate Scientology lawyer has their hand up Michael Avenatti's bum?
  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    EXCLUSIVE: Cat White’s marriage to man suing Jim Carrey was a sham to beat immigration, and was not her first fake wedding, say friends

    By Tony Ortega, September 20, 2016


    A man named Mark Burton filed a wrongful death lawsuit yesterday in Los Angeles against comedian Jim Carrey, claiming that the actor should be held liable in last year’s apparent suicide of a 30-year-old woman from Ireland named Cathriona White.

    Cat White was Jim Carrey’s on-again-off-again Scientologist girlfriend, and a suicide note she left behind suggested that she killed herself because she was distraught over Carrey breaking up with her. But she was also married to Burton, who is accusing Carrey of illegally obtaining prescription medicines under a fake name in order to supply them to Cat, who used them to end her life. Carrey has maintained that the medicines were stolen from him, and he didn’t notice they were missing until it was too late. He expressed great distress at her death, and attended her funeral in Ireland. But Burton claims in his lawsuit that Carrey reneged on an agreement to help pay for the funeral’s costs. Burton’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, used Twitter yesterday to claim that Carrey’s involvement in his former girlfriend’s death is so suspicious, it warrants a criminal investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

    Media outlets are eating up the story, naturally, but few reports are asking any questions at all about who Mark Burton is, or are bothering to remind readers that last year it came as a huge shock even to some of Cat White’s closest friends when the L.A. Coroner revealed that she was a married woman.

    Today, we have new information that should put Mark Burton’s lawsuit, and Michael Avenatti’s statements about it, in perhaps a different light.

    Two independent witnesses, both personal friends of Cat White, tell the Underground Bunker that Cat made it crystal clear to them that her quick marriage to Mark Burton was one of convenience only, and was intended to fool immigration officials so Cat could gain the legal status she needed to remain in the United States. Additionally, both of our witnesses say they are so certain of their information, they are each willing to speak with law enforcement officials about the fraudulent nature of the Burton-White marriage.

    After Carrey and Cat broke up in 2012, Cat was desperate to find someone who would marry her so she could stay in the country, and she approached multiple Scientologist friends about helping her out with fake marriages before she quietly went to Las Vegas in January 2013 to marry Burton. (When she died last year, Cat had been living for three months in a Sherman Oaks home, and Burton lived hundreds of miles away in Oregon.)

    In fact, marrying a friend for immigration status was something Cat White had talked about for years, even before she began dating Carrey. In 2010, two years before she started up with the actor, Cat and her friends staged a fake wedding with one of her fellow Scientologists in order to produce wedding photos that could be used to fool immigration authorities. Cat ultimately didn’t go through with marrying that man, but a photo from the event exists, and we have a copy.

    We asked Burton’s attorney, Avenatti, for a statement about Burton’s marriage to White and whether it was legitimate. He told us that all that mattered was that Cat’s death certificate named Burton as her husband. He then sent us a generic statement about the “Carrey spin team” that didn’t address the Burton-White marriage.

    Continued here:
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Marty Singer: Cat White asked Jim Carrey to marry her and he turned her down

    By Tony Ortega, September 20, 2016


    We spoke to actor Jim Carrey’s attorney Marty Singer today, who told us he was very interested in our morning story about Mark Burton, the man who is suing his client over Cathriona White’s 2015 suicide.

    Burton filed his lawsuit yesterday, claiming that Carrey obtained prescription medicines under a fake name so he could give them to White, his on-again-off-again girlfriend who had moved to Los Angeles from Ireland in 2009. She and Carrey began dating around March 2012 and broke up for the first time several months later. They had resumed dating in 2015, before breaking up again that September. On September 28, 2015, Cat White was found dead, having apparently killed herself with medications that Carrey procured under the name “Arthur King.” Carrey maintains that she took the medicines without his knowledge, and he didn’t notice they were missing until it was too late.

    After performing White’s autopsy, L.A. Coroner Ed Winter shocked even Cat’s close friends by revealing that she was married to a man named Mark Burton. This morning, we reported that Cat told a few close personal friends that the January 2013 marriage to Burton was a sham that was intended to fool immigration officials so she could stay in the country. Her friends say that Cat, who had met a family of Scientologists in Ireland before emigrating and had become involved in Scientology in Los Angeles, had asked several of her male Scientology friends if they would be willing to enter a fake marriage with her. She had even, in 2010, held a fake wedding with a fellow Scientologist in order to get photos to throw off immigration officials, but had changed her mind about that match. After her break-up with Carrey in 2012, she approached Burton, also a Scientologist, and they went to Las Vegas to get married and told very few of their friends.

    Now, Marty Singer had a new surprise for us.

    “I’ll let you know something that hasn’t broken yet. She asked Jim to marry her, right after they first started dating. He said no. That’s not public information yet, but it was going to come out in our lawsuit,” he said.

    We checked in with our two sources from this morning’s story, both women who knew Cat White well. Our first source tells us that she was aware that Cat had proposed to Carrey, and that he had turned her down. Our second source was not aware of it, but she didn’t doubt it.

    Continued here:
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  34. TorontosRoot Member

    This is giving scientology a very bad UV light.
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  35. tippytoe Member

    From :

    Cathriona White’s Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Jim Carrey

    The mother of Cathriona White, Jim Carrey‘s late girlfriend, has filed a lawsuit against the actor, blaming him for the makeup artist’s 2015 suicide and claiming that he gave her several STDs while allegedly concealing his diagnosis.

    According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Brigid Sweetman is seeking damages from Carrey in a wrongful death and violation of the drug dealer liability act lawsuit.

    Sweetman alleges that Carrey gave White “three STDs without warning her (Herpes I and II and Clamidia), lying to her about it, ‘dumping’ her out of concern for saving his own carefully crafted public image, calling her a ‘whore’ and shaming her, and then using his high-priced Hollywood lawyers and ‘fixers’ to intimidate and threaten her in an effort to silence her.”

    In response to the new lawsuit, Carrey’s lawyer Martin D. Singer said in a statement to PEOPLE, “It is understandable that a mother who has lost a daughter will look for someone to blame. But in directing her grief and rage at Jim Carrey and joining this ridiculous lawyer’s attempt to capitalize on Cathriona’s suicide, Mrs. Sweetman is heading down the same dark path as Cathriona’s green-card ‘husband,’ Mark Burton.”

    This is the second wrongful death lawsuit against the actor: White’s estranged husband Mark Burton sued the actor last month. Both Burton and Sweetman are being represented by the same lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

    Sweetman and Burton separately claim that Carrey obtained the drugs that killed White under the false name “Arthur King” and provided them to her, despite knowing she was prone to depression and had previously attempted suicide.

    In response to Burton’s earlier suit, Carrey said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE, “I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman I loved. Cat’s troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone’s control. I really hope that some day soon people will stop trying to profit from this and let her rest in peace.”

    Carrey further said that the drugs were taken from him without his knowledge.

    White was found dead in her Los Angeles home on Sept. 24, 2015, surrounded by four prescription medications — Ambien, Percocet, Propranolol and Zofran — not in her name. Burton’s filing noted that a coroner determined that White had overdosed on Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet.

    A toxicology report noted that when police checked White’s phone, they found texts from Carrey asking if she “knew where his painkillers went from under his sink.”

    In addition, White was found with a note addressed to Carrey, according to her autopsy report. The note read, among other things, “Please forgive me. I’m just not for this world.” The couple had broken up just a week prior after initially splitting in 2013, following White’s alleged STD diagnosis.

    The new lawsuit from White’s mother includes screenshots of conversations allegedly between White and Carrey discussing her supposed STD diagnosis, as well as a handwritten note from her to the actor.

    Sweetman is seeking — among others — general damages, economic damages, funeral and burial expenses, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

    “Jim Carrey should be ashamed of what he did to my daughter. And he should be ashamed for how he has used his Hollywood attorneys to badmouth Cat’s husband Mark with the hope that nobody will hold him responsible for what he did,” Sweetman said in a statement. “As a family, we want the world to know the truth about who Jim Carrey really is.”

    Added her attorney, Avenatti: “The lies from Jim Carrey and his handlers need to stop. Instead of attacking a grieving family in an effort to avoid responsibility, why don’t they just try telling the truth about how Carrey gave Cat the STDs and then gave her the illegal drugs? Unlike Hollywood handlers, lab results do not lie.”

    Of the STD claims, Carrey’s attorney Singer previously released a statement.

    “The claim that Mr. Carrey gave Cathriona White an STD is categorically disputed,” Singer said in the statement, adding that White had contacted Carrey to reconcile in November 2014. “This is a desperate, bogus claim.”
  36. tippytoe Member

    ^^ Scientology working extra hard to fair game Jim Carrey. I wonder who worked on the already grieving mother to get her to join in.
  37. TorontosRoot Member

    Hmm, kirstie alley or OSA?
  38. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sure that they've had people working on her for the last year, from several directions, some of them stealth.

    They needed a close relative to make this work. Mark Burton's sham marriage would probably be shot down by the court, and then as not-the-husband he would lose the standing to bring the lawsuit in the first place.
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  39. TorontosRoot Member

    I hope that happens soon.
  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cathriona White's mother says she will drop wrongful death lawsuit against Jim Carrey if he releases STD test results


    Ms Sweetman repeats allegations previously made by White's estranged husband Mark Burton that the Dumb and Dumber star gave her daughter three sexually transmitted diseases before her death.

    "Jim Carrey should be ashamed of what he did to my daughter. And he should be ashamed for how he has used his Hollywood attorneys to badmouth Cat's husband Mark with the hope that nobody will hold him responsible for what he did," Ms Sweetman said in a statement.

    "As a family, we want the world to know the truth about who Jim Carrey really is.

    "A man that will give your daughter three STDs, lie about it, call her terrible names and demean her, use his high-priced lawyers to try and shut her and her family up, and then give her illegal drugs."
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