Jive Aces on Alan Titchmarsh Show

Discussion in 'Media' started by Malory, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. RolandRB Member

    This was a vitriolic response from the public. The public now regard Scn as a nasty cult and are willing to smack down those who support it. This is a huge change in one year.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    ... and as for Titchmarsh, now we have seen what his journalistic capabilities are, he can fuck off back to his garden.
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  3. So SEWERAGE FROM SAINT HILL is not only polluting east grinstead it has reached the alan titmarsh show. He can fuck off to his back garden but I only hope that the sewerage flows into his fish pond : Pic from the thread about pollution from st hill manor esmb
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  4. Mark Pinchin from Linkedin

    "Public Affairs Director
    April 2011– Present(1 year 10 months)
    Working in a shoulder to shoulder fashion with people from all walks of life to bring about a community spirit where honest poeple can rise to even greater heights.
    Exec Dir


    April 2011– Present(1 year 10 months)
    I also run a decorating business. This enables me to be able to do my voluntary work in the drug education/charitable fields. As well as playing golf every now and then ;-)"

    Is "I used to be a drug addict until scientology saved me " the new 'standard interview tech' for all sea org members sea org/osa/scns ???? (edited)
  5. RolandRB Member

    And as for Titchmarsh, just what are the merits of giving this ex-gardener his own show so he can interview controversial groups and have them run rings around him due to his having no more than the brains of a cabbage?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    He's not a Sea Org member.
  7. Anonymous Member
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Wot the guy from the jive aces is not a member of sea org, or the public affairs director is not sea org?
  9. Anonymous Member

    The Public Affairs Director is not in the Sea Org.
  10. wolfbane Member

    Do we have a rip coming to the tubes?
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  11. Horseradish Member

    How do you rip itvplayer video? Is there a ripping tool that will work with this?
  12. pedrofcuk Member

    The world needs this ripped :rolleyes:, someone? Anyone?
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  13. Malory Member

    Clams are crawling over the FB comments if anyone wants to have a bit of fun. I'm enjoying outing them all as staff members. We've got:

    Sherry Van Hootegem
    Mandeep Birdy
    Rossella Bava
    Mark Pinchin
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  14. Horseradish Member

    The only Mac tools I've found only work with Flash... and OS X no longer has Flash. (Just tried to use a couple.) Hmm.
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. pedrofcuk Member

  17. Horseradish Member

  18. Horseradish Member

    I've captured the show with Camtasia, now converting formats...
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  19. Malory Member

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  20. Horseradish Member

    Anyone fancy posting a picture of Lisa there?
  21. Horseradish Member

    After some - ahem - tech issues, the vid is now uploading to Youtube... Couple of hours. I'll post the link
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  22. Malory Member

    Take all my internets.
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  23. Horseradish Member

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  24. wolfbane Member

    Uggg. (speechless)
  25. Makethemsweat Member

    From Pinchin: "Come on people. Lets gets things in perspective - there are plenty of people around the UK and further afield who are looking for answers and DO want to improve their lives - not every one does and that's fine. Most want a better place to live and answers to every day living. If some people, not thousands but may be a hundred or so, are unhappy with Scientology well each to their own. Either get it sorted or get on with your life. Alan pointed out on the show yesterday that for some it could be Catholicism, Buddhism or something else that provides these answers. Scientology is not for everyone but it is the Religion of millions around the world. You should respect that if you want respect back. Thank you for postings. I'm off - and won't be here to read your answers unfortunately. Take care and do well."

    If that shit ain't clam, I'll blow David M. Got the essential elements:
    - Thinly veiled "limited number of exes are saying this"
    -Want answers, or to improve your life?
    -All the other guys are doing it too!
    -Respect our religious authority!
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  26. Malory Member

    Thank you. I've added it to the OP.
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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    "It doesn't work for everybody!" Did he really say that?

    "Scientologists make donations..." Oh dear, pants on fire.

    "You can be a Scientologist and not make donations." Pants destroyed by fire. Typical twisted semantics, use of the word "can". You can, of course, theoretically, but it doesn't go that way in real life.

    "It's completely up to the individual..." Oh no it isn't.
    "an individual from the public must never
    be asked to DECIDE or CHOOSE."

    L. Ron Hubbard
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  28. pedrofcuk Member

  29. pedrofcuk Member

    "Could you leave without fear of recrimination?"

    "Yes, I could."

    Yes, you could! but you wouldn't because they say your eternity is at risk, your friends and family in Scientology will want nothing to do with you, your freeloader debt will have to be paid, you will fail in the wog world.
  30. pedrofcuk Member

    "Did you get that in the UK?"

    What a fucking nazi. Burn the book!
  31. pedrofcuk Member

    "What are you afraid of?"

    "It's not us, they sought legal advice and they were told, it's the advice they've sought, based on the fact that the information, the facts in there, are not true. They are unfounded."

    So there you go, Lawrence, a helpful review from a Scientologist, your book is full of unfounded facts :p
  32. Horseradish Member

    You can get it in the UK. I did. It's distributed in the UK. Just not published here.
  33. fishypants Moderator

    A transcript would be useful, if anyone can be bothered.

    The appropriate place to make a complaint is to OFCOM, the TV regulator.

    Here's the complaints form:

    TV programmes have to comply with the Broadcasting Code, which is here:

    Some sections which may be relevant:
    (because children could be influenced by the programme into joining the cult)

    (because Scientology is a criminal organisation - suggest provide link to French fraud judgement, UK Justice Latey judgement, Foster report etc)

    (because programme was unbalanced in that it gave undue prominence to pro-Scientology views)

    (because key facts about Scientology omitted from programme)

    (because Church of Scientology Religious Education College Incorporated, the UK branch of Scientology, is a commercial organisation which sells products and services, and because the term 'Scientology' and related terms are trade marks used to sell products and services)

    I haven't made my complaint yet, so if anyone has any bright ideas about other sections of the Code then please raise them in this thread.
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  34. Horseradish Member

    What about the time-of-day/watershed issue? This was a daytime broadcast? When children are likely to be watching? Is this mentioned in the Code or is this another type of guideline/regulation?
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  35. RolandRB Member

    Plus there might be a lot of mentally vulnerable people who watch his show.
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  36. fishypants Moderator

    Yes, that's an issue addressed in the code.

    This was pre-watershed but within school hours IIUC.

    Almost exclusively, I would think.
  37. Horseradish Member

    I didn't realise Titchmarsh had moved into the terrain of the Jeremy Kyle Show. What an idiot.
  38. Anonymous Member

    This item has got to be paid-for advertorial. Surely.
  39. Horseradish Member

    It highlights the ad campaign in London (and elsewhere). What a coincidence!!!
    Yes, this looks like cult press office at work. Perhaps offering Titchmarsh 'a different angle' on the Wright story.
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