Joe Biden And The Sixth sense

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by M1ch@el, Jul 24, 2022.

  1. M1ch@el Member

    Fortunately, Joe has no power on the nuclear button. We all know USA is not a democracy, the political american system is a joke, it's only a theater where the us president is just the puppet of oligarchy and lobbies.
  2. M1ch@el Member

  3. I can smell assange around here ..lil' putin's poodle
  4. racisme woke.jpg woke un jour woke toujours ... abrutis !
  5. M1ch@el Member

  6. les trolls pro ruSSkoff travaillent tres bien comme votre maittree julian assange
    get lost michael !
  7. M1ch@el Member

    Biden mistakenly calls out deceased congresswoman Jackie Walorski | USA TODAY

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  11. Marc Burns Member

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  12. Zen sursula Member

    It's not wagner boys right ? why mainstream medias don't talk about uncle sam mercenaries ? why don't they talk about nordstream ?
  13. Zen sursula Member

    He failed on any cognitive exam spectacularly and we all know it

  14. Zen sursula Member

  15. Zen sursula Member

    The video shows the current president of the USA, Joe Biden, bragging that he proposed the bombing of Belgrade. "I suggested bombing Belgrade… I suggested that American pilots go there and destroy all bridges on the Drina ...", Biden said proudly and publicly.

  16. Zen sursula Member

    We, the Resistance in Europe, don't accept any imperialism, nor american nor russian, don't forget !
    Russia can be an ally they have not committed any act of war or terrorism against Europeans unlike the United States.

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