John Travolta on a Leash

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Some day Travolta might get his shit together, work up an ounce of courage, and publicly leave.
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  4. What was that staring technique for again ? I have forgotten

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    TR 0 - "Confront", but in this context that means intimidation.
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  6. Now it gets weird, Kirstie Alley is sending "lovebeams" to John Travolta, Or it may have a hidden Message from COB.

    Kirstie Alley has reportedly revealed that John Travolta is the love of her life and that she adores him.
    The 'Look Who's Talking' actress reaffirmed her feelings for Travolta and revealed that she had to change her feelings of love to being just friends for her new eponymous TV comedy show, the Daily Express reported.
    The 62-years old American actress and comedian added that she loves the 59-year old actor so much that she wants to run away and marry him but has now come to see him as just a friend.
    The 'Cheers' actress revealed that the first night they met they ended up dancing and drinking and it was like a dream come true for her.
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  7. Just playing the media, she did come across as being an angry old cunt with her twits about leah.
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    Very sharp 'Poon! Bravo! :)
  10. Good show sir, poon sent too
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  11. [IMG]
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    Scientology kerk houdt John Travolta in de smiezen

    van onze redactie
    De Scientology kerk houdt haar bekende leden goed in de gaten.

    2travoltaAFP2.jpg John Travolta Foto: AFP

    Actrice Leah Remini, bekend van sitcom The King of Queens, stapte onlangs met veel bombarie uit de kerk en dreigt een boek over haar ervaringen met Scientology te schrijven. Dat is blijkbaar reden genoeg voor de kerk om haar overige bekende leden wat strakker te houden, meldt
    John Travolta, al jaren een overtuigd Scientologist, was op het 87e verjaardagsfeest van zanger Tony Bennett met dochter Ella Bleu (13). Maar ze waren niet met zijn tweetjes...
    Een bron vertelt dat er een Scientology-begeleider genaamd Angie mee was gekomen. "Zij stond de hele avond agressief te staren naar iedereen die met John praatte. Het was heel ongemakkelijk, maar John deed net alsof het de gewoonste zaak van de wereld was. De kerk rekent op John om het fiasco met Leah recht te breien."
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    Travolta under Scientology watch

    August 18, 2013


    View attachment travolta-under-scientology-watch-1376759868-8028.j
    LOS ANGELES: JOHN Travolta is being kept on a tight leash following Leah Remini‘s defection from Scientology. Church officials are apparently worried the Hollywood actor might jump ship too. At the 87th birthday celebration for Tony Bennett in L.A., witnesses say John and his daughter, Ella Bleu, 13, were being followed by a Scientology minder named Angie. “She spent most of the night aggressively staring at anyone Johny talked to,” a source said. “It was very uncomfortable, but John acted like it was normal.”–XP
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    Scientology leaders may seem to want to give the appearance of being unfazed by Leah Remini’s recent departure from the group but they are clearly launching a media attack to try and deflect any damage that her negativity that she may hand to the press. Aside from the typical comments in the press they are enlisting the help of some of their most visible members to help stay the course.
    According to the Aug. 26tth print edition of Star magazine, John Travolta is certainly expected to step up and be a good example right now. Not only is that requested of him but the cult’s leaders have actually assigned him a minder named Angie that has been trailing him to various public events. She accompanied John and his daughter, Ella Bleu to Tony Bennett‘s recent birthday party. As John mingled and worked the room Angie stared holes through whomever he was speaking to at any given moment. Needless to say this eye balling made John feel obligated to mention Scientology and how the fabulous organization has changed his life for the better.
    I have to admit, I’m really surprised that some of Hollywood’s most powerful players allow themselves to be controlled by anyone let alone bring a minder along with them! In this instance are they afraid of what John will say if left to his own devices? Is that the real issue at hand? Perhaps he has made some comments himself that haven’t sat well and it has caused Scientology’s highest leaders to decide he needs a baby sitter to keep him in line. Do you think that could be the case? Tell us in the comments below!
    - See more at:
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    i spoke with Johnny on the internet he said Ms Remini was a cunt, because of her there is a metric fuckton of sec-checks to go through
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    He's next as I said on the guessing game. COB agrees with me.
  17. [IMG]

    Earlier in the evening, as Bennett sang Cole Porter's 1944 standard “I Love You,” to his audience, it was clear that everyone—especially three guests—loved him much, much more.

    The first being John Travolta, who sat front row center with his daughter, Ella, transfixed by the music of his “favorite male singer of all time.” After the concert, Travolta reminisced about how as a boy, he wore out Bennett's albums from repeated listening. Years later, Travolta told us that he had the pleasure of meeting Bennett because the singer's sons happened to be fans of his acting. Their relationship progressed for three decades, even taking a professional turn last year when Bennett contributed a track to his and Olivia Newton John's holiday album, This Christmas. Travolta's all-time favorite memory of Bennett, however, involved another birthday milestone.

    “For my 50th birthday, I had 300 people flying to Cabo San Lucas and he sang for me at my party,” Travolta recalled fondly. “He called me after it was over and said, ‘I just want to tell you, I was at Frank Sinatra's birthday, I was at my own 50th birthday.’ He said, ‘Never ever will there be as big a party as there was in Cabo San Lucas. You wrote the book with that one.’ For Tony to tell me that it outdid any party in his own life, that was so cool.”
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    Woah, Sidney Portier in a Depends.
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    sidney poitier depends.png
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    Yeah guys need more absorption up front.

    I can't believe we're having this conversation, lol.
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  24. He still looks better than Travolta with hair glued on his head and chin!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Both look better than that beard he's got stuck to his face in that pic.
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  26. RightOn Member

    first his sons death and now he is on a leash (well he always was since he joined )
    he is in his own private little hell.
    Stay with the cult and suffer the consequences
    Nobody cares what the cult has on him.
    John, just freaking quit already
    Scientology works and it helps imprisons people
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  27. It's amazing nobody shooped a leash on him yet, but than again it's a sad sad story
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    We always knew money can't buy one's happiness, but it can't even buy this man his freedom...
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    At least his hair doesn't look so much like spray paint this season.

    Personally, I think he'd do better to drop Scientology and just come out as bi/poly or whatever.
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    But then he'd lose that beautiful, if bitchy, beard
  31. Mr. Magoo Member

    I think it would resurrect his career.
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    yes agreed! I have been saying it all along
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    WTF is that caterpillar doing on his chin? That is just weird.
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  35. An adviser told him it would make him look less gay.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Speaking of bitchy beards, any thoughts on who this dagger eyed Angie cultist on the other end of Travoltas leash was?
  37. The "witnesses" haven't given any info on her!

    Anyone know who this man and woman sitting between John and his daughter are?
  38. Anonymous Member

    poor daughter
    JT and Kelly have helped to end one child's life and now they are working on ruining their daughter's life.
    All for some fat drug addict, wife beating, raciest con man who died on the lamb with vistaril in his ass.
    way to go guys!
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