John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by RavenEyes, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. muldrake Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    I thought Cyril Wecht was busy being prosecuted for crimes again. Wecht is one of the frauds who the cult hired to help cover up the Lisa McPherson killing. The another was Dr. Michael Baden, another whore quack expert witness who will say any damn lie he's paid to.

    Not sure whether Wecht is somehow spinning for this or whether he's just jumping on whatever media bandwagon will get him more TV time. Doesn't really matter, though. Nothing this quack says is worth taking seriously. Even if he knows enough to know what he's talking about, he's only saying whatever gets him on the air and makes him money.
  2. j0eg0d Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    Federal Trial of United States vs. Dr. Cyril Wecht - January 2008

    Cyril Wecht is one of those pay-per-use doctors that lawyers love.

    He did the independent autopsy (also in the Bahamas) of Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel Smith.
  3. RavenEyes Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    oh lol - I saw Dr. Baden being interviewed for his "expertise" - I think it was on Geraldo last night, but I was half-asleep so not sure.
  4. dwest Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    Now I have that dang Peter Gabriel song in my head (Kiss of Life).

    I worked with teens who had seizure disorders. A couple of them were on low doses of Depokote. Not one was on the drug alone. One teen was not on Depokote because of her liver. She was placed in the hospital while they adjusted her meds and placed her on another anti-seizure drug. You don't just stop the drug. Not only can that cause seizures in and of itself, you need to replace the therapeutic effect, no matter how small.

    A couple of the young women were still suffering from seizures no matter how many drugs they had been on. The doctor continued them on anti-epileptics because it is always better to be safe and possibly reduce the seizures than sorry and have one, fall down, hit her head and die. (blog explaining how common it can be to hit your head... Living With Epilepsy: Recovery from a Seizure )

    There was one younger girl who had seizures so severe she carried an oxygen tank with her. She would stop breathing and the staff that worked with here were all trained in CPR. They even had the Red Cross come to our small facility to teach a class. Yet this girl remained on the last medication that had seemed to reduce her seizures. Again, better to be safe than sorry.

    With their international travels, a Helper Dog may not be a viable option. It is hard to get dogs into some foreign countries without being held in quarantine. This is also true of Hawaii which has a mandatory quarantine as well.
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    WECHT?!? Thank goodness that he's not doing the autopsy!

    Doctors paid by church give defense March 7, 2000, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times
    Aide details phony billings in Wecht case February 21, 2008, Jonathan D. Silver, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Prosecutors examine Wecht's private practice February 22, 2008, Jonathan D. Silver, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  6. RavenEyes Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    SOBBING John Travolta hugged the body of his son at a Bahamian hospital and told the teen "I'm sorry, Jett".
    Medic Tarino Lightbourn revealed the heart-wrenching scene.

    "I think he meant, 'I'm sorry, Jett. I did all I could do," he said.

    Jett, who had a history of seizures, was found unconscious in a bathroom last Friday inside the Travolta family's condo on Grand Bahama Island.

    Mr Lightbourn who drove Jett to hospital said: “He was crying, eyes red. I remember him looking up at the ceiling and saying ‘God please help me!'” God??? Sobbing John Travolta&squo;s last words to dead son | The Daily Telegraph
  7. zucchini Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    Seems that dogs give great benefits and comfort to kids with autism. The Travoltas traveled a great deal, but a dog at home would have helped Jett. Or, going to therapy with a counselor and dog would have been a great time for him. It's unfortunate he received no help for his autism at all.

    Yes, I'm making an assumption about his autism. But his uncle says he had autism, and autism is linked to grand mal seizures 40% of the time.

    It's important to discuss this, because autism probably afflicts many other children of scientologists, and many of them have seizures, too. We'll probably never hear about them. They suffer in silence.

    Would Kelly have lived her life, as is, if SHE had a life threatening grand mal seizure once EVERY WEEK?
    I don't think so! SHE would not have accepted such a life, but Jett was given no choice about it.

    Travolta's lawyer said that each seizure was like a DEATH. And each one was life threatening. Remember, they can last 30 minutes. That's why protecting Jett in the bathroom was so crucial. Yet, the night he went to the bathroom, no one was there with him, to protect him.

    I hope he didn't come back to consciousness after the seizure, and lay there dying, with no way to communicate. His caretaker should have been with him, as soon as he heard the chime. Instead, Jett lay there, all alone. I hope he never woke up.

    If he'd had a dog, the dog would have been with him and alerted others that he needed help. A seizure dog could have alerted Jett prior to the seizure, and would have protected Jett with his body.

    Why did they not try a newer drug? Depacote is an old drug. My dad was given it for a while in the 90's.

    Kelly would not have lived this way, herself. How could she allow her son to suffer a grand mal seizure once a week, each one like a death, each one life threatening?
  8. subgenius Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    Kelly would not have lived this way, herself. Nor John.
    Its child neglect pure and simple.
  9. anongurl7 Member

    Re: John Travolta speaks out on the death of his son

    the happy black man is right!

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