John Travoltas Long Term BOYFRIEND

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by NotFromTeegeeack, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    "Bad spelling" is just a passive-aggressive ad-hom in some cases, where the poster hasn't a thing to contribute to the thread.
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  2. <gasp> Et tu, Johnny? Gone all grammar-liberal? My suspicions that this is some Bizarro mirror-image of WWP are all but confirmed.

    I knew something was up when Herro posted this:

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Is it "HAIR-o", or "Hair-RO"?
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  4. Herro Member

    It's pronounced "Herro".
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  5. Strixcoil Moderator

    If I say your name, it sounds like &quot;Erro&quot; (mute H?) or &quot;Jerro&quot;. Derp.

    ...&quot;Jerro&quot; sounds like &quot;Jarro&quot;. So, now you're a mug.

    I don't give a fuck flying on a burrito saucer about Travolta's poop hole and what he does to it.
    But if he is bi or gay, it would be better to be public and try to solve it.

    Denial is always failure, and it would be uncomfortable to explain when the cat gets out of the bag for once.
    (Also, I'm sure that inside that titanium closet it must be hard to breath.)
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Touchy, biatch?

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Saludos, hermano... no truer words were ever spoken on the Interwebs.

    CIA, take note.
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  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Ya gotta pick your battles, dude. I've found that too much nagging wears out the test subjects, reducing their response rate to future corrections. Limited capacity necessitates limited load/strain. (This was all in my last field report; you should read it.)
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  9. Anonymous Member

    It's a shame that some people cannot neither speak nor write in their native tongue, properly.
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  10. RightOn Member

    omg! you can't be serious?
    ok so I am a dumb ass when it comes to grammar and spelling. I have no argument there. The schools that I went to were rife with riots back in the day. Hardly went to school half the time. Partied through most of it, and almost dropped out as many of my friends did. Didn't have much or an education.
    So sue me.

    I would like to think I contribute enough to the cause. But people are hell bent on picking on people about things that don't really matter. And what matters is taking down the cult, the last I checked. Not how well someone speaks.
    I mean really. Faulting people for such idiotic short comings. Shame!
    /rant *goes in corner and sucks thumb*
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  11. amaX Member

    i pronounce it "little buddy".
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I didn't mean you. I'm totally fine with your post, syntax and all.

    Carry on! :)
  13. Kilia Member

    I pronounce it He-Ro- sounds like Hello.
  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    in Yapanese
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  16. Kilia Member

    Yeah, what you said.
  17. Anonymous Member

    there's been so much derail ITT... is Travolta still queer?
  18. Anonymous Member

    There's nowt so queer as folk.
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  19. Rockyj Member

    Just another article about John's boyfriend but this one just hit the front page of the Huffington Post.
    Like most here, I don't care if John likes it in the pooper but what's so ironic is his denial of being gay &/or bi; its HOLLYWOOD for f-k sakes...who cares?
  20. Anonymous Member

    The press are all liars! Lies, all lies!!


  21. So let me poll you guys...

    Is all of this stuff just naturally coming out
    Is this Co$ releasing stuff to blackmail him?

    PS- It was so funny that Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) was Bob Denver (Gilligan) pot dealer and got arrested for sending Bob pot via the mail.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    It smells rankly of OSA. The overkill gives it away.

    PS-Funny to imagine that half the cast were stoned on set :)
  23. Anonymous Member

    u dint cwutididthar

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  24. Rockyj Member

    So where's the Professor?
    LSD? Bath f-N SALTS?

  25. Being a grammar-nazi is actually a terrible affliction, affecting the sufferer's ability to function as a contributing member of society. It is related to the more serious condition aliquis falsus in interrete - a form of OCD rendering the patient completely incapable of dealing with the tiniest lacuna without producing a grotesque outpouring of verbiage (often characterised by the frequent and inappropriate use of Dog Latin).

    A soothing, empathetic intervention is often the most effective treatment, though gentle mockery has been known to give temporary relief.
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  26. Aaaah! That hit the spot, Harold, if I may put it that way.
    Ingenious and succinct, returning us to the main thrust and locus of this thread.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    no he's scientologist and cured !
  29. It is not too surprising that he skipped the red carpet and did not sit in the audience.
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  30. RolandRB Member

    Mix with the audience and he could grab a few lunchboxes.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    or sit in an already-occupied seat.
  32. Anonymous Member

    or have his seat occupied.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I'll take the first option.
    I also think there is a general attitude that taking shots at Scientolgy is now almost acceptable.
    Be it Ricky Gervais talking about famous Scientologists been in the homosexual closet ,
    the National Enquirer sticking the boot in,
    and the greedy lawyer who saw the NE story and got involved.

    I'm waiting for the "Kelly Preston Knew John Was Gay" headline.
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  34. RolandRB Member

    I don't think Co$ is blackmailing him. I think it is coming out naturally. And the more that comes out, the more some untrue stories will be believed. I think the "masseurs" stories might be difficult to prove.

    JT has been far from careful. He gave Kirk Douglas an amorous kiss (snog). This was not some Italian greeting kiss. He was seen snogging with his nanny. It's like the guy does not care. So does he go around grabbing at lunchboxes? I don't know but it seems believable to me.
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  35. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, "blackmail" and "disclosure" are kind of at odds with one another...
  36. eddieVroom Member

    I hate the swelling, but I don't mind the itching.
  37. And I was gonna say, the grammar nazi relenting?!?!
    Glad you just switched plans of attack.
  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Never defend; alway...... wait, what?

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