John Travoltas Long Term BOYFRIEND

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    I see what you mean.


    Wait a minute...
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  2. Time (May 1991): "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" by Richard Behar:

    "Sometimes even the church's biggest zealots can use a little protection. Screen star Travolta, 37, has long served as an unofficial Scientology spokesman, even though he told a magazine in 1983 that he was opposed to the church's management. High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his sexual life would be made public. "He felt pretty intimidated about this getting out and told me so," recalls William Franks, the church's former chairman of the board. "There were no outright threats made, but it was implicit. If you leave, they immediately start digging up everything." Franks was driven out in 1981 after attempting to reform the church."
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  3. Never fear to hurt another in a just clause, Johnny.
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    The guy in the grey t-shirt looks an awful lot like a perma-banned little blue man that we all know and love.
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    Awareness. We all need more awareness.
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    Some gays'll fuck anything.
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    So will some Texans...
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    Published on: June 13, 2012
    Photography by: Getty Images Entertainment
    ENQUIRER EXCLUSIVE WITH ALL THE DETAILS as the JOHN TRAVOLTA gay sex scandal goes MILE HIGH as male pilot has confessed to carrying on a six-year sexual affair with the actor – and Travolta’s longtime personal assistant confirms the “Grease” star is gay! PLUS: another accuser!
    In a desperate bid to cover up his gay affair with pilot Doug Gotterba, Travolta cooked up a phony romance with then 16-year-old actress Brooke Shields, sources say.
    But Gotterba, who worked for Travolta for six years, admitted their secret affair to the actor’s former secretary Joan Edwards.
    And in a blockbuster ENQUIRER interview, she’s become the first person in Travolta’s inner circle to publicly acknowledge that the 58-year-old star is homosexual.
    I worked for John Travolta from 1978 through 1994,” Edwards told The ENQUIRER.
    “I did everything for him, including taking care of his personal and professional schedules. Of course, I knew he was gay. It never bothered me.”
    Edwards, who lives in the Los Angeles area, confirmed that Gotterba began working for the “Hairspray” star as his pilot in 1981.
    “That’s how I met Doug,” she said.
    “We both worked for John at the same time. Doug is a wonderful guy and we are still good friends. He told me that John was gay and they had a sexual relationship.”
    The ENQUIRER has learned that Gotterba also revealed intimate details of his hush-hush romance with Travolta to another male lover, Robert Britz.
    Britz claims that he was a senior at a private boarding school in Santa Barbara, Calif., when he met Gotterba through a newspaper personal ad in 1994. Britz also says Gotterba showed him a home video of him with Travolta in a hotel room.
    “Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he’d had a homosexual relationship with John Travolta in the 1980s,” Britz – an actor, model and musician – told The ENQUIRER.
    “Doug said John was constantly grabbing at his genital area, but he put up with John’s sexual advances because working for him was ‘lucrative.’”
    While they were at Gotterba’s home, the pilot showed him a home video of Travolta and also several mementos from the actor, Britz said.
    “I personally saw about two minutes of Doug’s home video showing John Travolta sitting at the end of a bed with his shirt off,” Britz told The ENQUIRER.
    “There were plates of food in front of him. The video appeared to be shot in a hotel room.
    “Doug also showed me a black leather jacket from ‘Staying Alive’ and a white jacket from ‘Saturday Night Fever’ that he said John had given him.”
    Gotterba further claimed that he chauffeured the actor to gay sex stores, said Britz.
    “Doug made it clear that it was very lucrative for him to be what he called John’s ‘personal right hand man’ and homosexual partner,” said Britz.
    But after about five years, Gotterba said Travolta’s personal habits turned him off, according to Britz.
    “Doug said that he hated sleeping with John because his body was very hairy, and he didn’t like the way John smelled,” Britz revealed.
    “John also would become heavy between movies. Doug called him ‘huge’ and said it turned him off.
    “After a few years, Doug grew apart from John sexually, and John’s advances eventually started to repulse him. The relationship ended shortly thereafter.”
    When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Gotterba, 60 – owner of Santa Barbara Executive Jet, a private charter service in Carmarillo, Calif. – confirmed that he’d worked as a pilot for Travolta for six years in the 1980s.
    A year after their relationship ended, Travolta met “Jerry Maguire” star Kelly Preston on the set of the movie “The Experts” and they tied the knot in 1991. But now, sources say the gay sex scandal has shattered their marriage.
    Although Travolta’s attorney vehemently denied the claims, several more men have come forward with similar accusations against him.
    But until now, there’s never been any indication that John had engaged in a long-term homosexual relationship,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.
    “Kelly has to worry that this man may put even more details of her husband’s affair with him in a tell-all book. And what if he has video and photos of them together? For Kelly, this is a nightmare that just gets worse by the day.”
  10. JohnTravolta'sGayLoverWritingTell-AllBook

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    Posted on Jun 13, 2012 @ 07:00AM
    print it send it
    By Amber Goodhand - Radar News Editor
    The latest bombshell in the John Travolta sex scandal is that the pilot he had a six-year gay affair with is negotiating to reveal all the juicy details in an explosive tell-all book.
    Don Gotterba was John's pilot in the 1980s, and according to his former secretary and Don's ex-boyfriend, the two were lovers, the National Enquirer reported last week.

    The Enquirer
    didn't get a comment from Don, only confirmation that he worked for John, but now the publication reports Doug already has two writers lined up to help him tell his story!
    John Travolta Sex Accuser ‘John Doe’ Says He Has Proof Of Affair
    The Enquirer reports Don confirmed his desire to write the tell-all book.
    "It could be a marriage-ender," an insider told the Enquirer, expressing that the book could not only be career-crushing, but devastating to John's wife, Kelly Preston.
    "Even though she wasn't married to John at the time, she's already been terribly humiliated by this ugly scandal that doesn't seem to end. A book by a man who John carried on with for multiple years would simply be too much."
    Second Male Masseur Files $2M Sexual Battery Lawsuit Against John Travolta
    Two masseurs stepped forward in May slapping John with lawsuits claiming he was sexually aggressive with them during massages and inappropriately propositioned them.
    Since then, more men have stepped forward claiming much of the same, but John's powerhouse attorney Marty Singer vehemently denies all allegations.
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    What was it Strixcoil wrote about denials, again? :)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Travolta's not gay.

    He's a little fond of chiffon in a wrist array.
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    ready to strut in that pic
  15. [IMG]
    June 11, 1999

    Sporting a new look, John talked with Oprah about finding the joy in life. "I love John because John loves life," Oprah says. "It's such a blessing to have that in the good times because for a lot of people, bad things have to happen to them for them to get it the way you have."

    "I do value life," John says. "Life is to be enjoyed at whatever level you can find the
    pleasure and the joy in it."

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    Slow down, Amber. Your hand isn't that good.

    (...wait, that sounds really wrong...)
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    How did I miss this thread?
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  19. Strixcoil Moderator

    ...Please, if you want to roleplay so much, at least do it in private.
    Thank you.

    Every time I see a new post here, I have to wonder if it's either CoS trying to take him down for something (Which actually doesn't seem so, but you know...You get fond on believing that when your microwave brakes it's due to Scientology's PR campaign. Those pesky thetans!)...Or if this was something waiting to happen.

    I don't believe Scientology had something to do with this, anyways.
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    I don't see any Scientologist rushing to Travolta's defense.
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    Free John Travolta? Still do not want.
  23. Scientology completions does not have a listing for Joan Edwards or a J Edwards. If she was working for John from the 70s onward, and she was a Scientologist, we should expect her to be on the completions list. They didn't start filtering completion lists until comparatively recently.

    It would appear JT had a close member of his entourage who was not a Scientologist. This is interesting itself, but it makes it hard to argue that this is being instigated by Scientology and is not just the tabloid slam a celeb mentality.
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    the recent barrage on Travolta has been too intense for it to be mere coincidence
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    So, who then? The Psychs? A Marcabian op? Conaway's ghost?

  26. Anonymous Member

    The SMERSH!
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    I can't figure out what their angle would be for doing this. If anything, if this forces Travolta out of the closet, they lose a lot of their leverage over him. The coverage of all this has been so nasty, homophobic and just downright lurid that if anything, people are becoming sympathetic to Travolta.

    Of course, I also thought he was going to leave after the death of Jett, and that hasn't happened.

    It could also be that these tabloids have wanted to do these stories for a while, but there wasn't enough out there to get away with it without getting sued. Marty Singer has been kind of a bully with the legal threats, and it could just be pure revenge now that they have an opportunity to do a bunch of stories about Travolta's poorly kept secret.
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    LMAO and bump the excellent prank

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