John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by not shure, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Not that I want to drag the thread even further offtopic but yeah, it really is well worth it to lurk in the dome as and when, maybe eventually post (anonymously, though, imo - my upstairs persona is for upstairs). It's a source of much insight, as well as many truly disgusting and/or funny shoops.

    BUT that said it's probably not something that would be very helpful for newbies, so I'd recommend hanging around upstairs and getting used to the upstairs version for a good while before venturing into the cellar - unless you're a scilon troll, in which case you will undoubtedly feel right at home in the land of the lotus tit, and if you don't, tough.
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I know I'm late to party today... but, just hard a new report on FOX that another physician is getting involved with the autopsy? This after another article I found stating that the autopsy would most likely not be released to public.

    Jett Travolta Autopsy May Never Be Public -

    Please forgive me if this is posted elsewhere.
  3. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Once again we have another death that could be related to Scientology's abusive practices. It's nauseating to think about even one person on the page. My close friend Gregor may have lived if he'd been given the propers psychiatric care.

    How many vitamins was Jett Travolta's son taking? 20 a day? Did they make his disabilities more exaggerated? Scientology's vitamin and chloral hydrate treatments did not improve Lisa's condition. And their ancient medical practices have proven to have adversely affected many other people.

    If something threatens the church it must be hidden or destroyed, and that includes the lives of its members. There is a chance that John and Kelly will realize what could have prevented their son's death. There's a completely different chance that this will only fuel the fire in their devotion to Scientology. Why? One word--DENIAL. Denial of their son's diagnoses, denial and cover up of Jett's behavioral issues, and continuing denial of how many pscyh drugs are helpful. I'm on four myself. Without them I would not be functioning. Some hard questions are going to be asked. What will their answers be? Will Mike add Jett's name to whyaretheydead?
  4. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Why do people care so much about this whole thing?
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  6. Joyful Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You know, I've been thinking about this. Too much, probably. So, would a die hard Scn go to a dr outside of Scn? If he only drs they went to were in Scn and Scn doesn't recognize autism or epilepsy, maybe John and Kelly truly didn't know that he had something else.

    Is that reaching? I mean, don't you think they are so brainwashed to the cult that if that is what the Scn dr said it was and this is what he said do, then, that's it? They wouldn't trust anyone "outside"?

    I'm not saying that absolves them at all.

    I want this to be an eye opener not just for the Travoltas but for everyone in this cult. Something positive has to come out of this child's senseless death.
  7. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Serious Fucking Business!!1!one!!shift!!1!!eleventyone!!1!
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    The widow said he committed suicide due to financial issues since he lost his job. Why did he lose his job?
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    See Nancy Grace
  10. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    and the cult does nothing nd says nothing. WAKE UP JOHN
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    The cult, John, not Jeff the nanny this tiem!!
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    This new video explains clearly why Scientology statements maintain the 'church' does not prevent members accessing medical care*. It is because ...

    Scientology does not believe medical conditions exist.

    * although even this is an outright lie since 'auditing' requires the practising Scientologist to be free of medicine.
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    No Link Between Kawasaki, Travolta Death, Childhood Kawasaki Disease Unlikely Cause Of Seizures In Travolta's Teenage Son Jett Travolta - CBS News

    Tides are turning.

    CBS News is now questioning it, actually they are straight saying its not Kawasaki. Mostly a repost of what was already on webmd but the bottom is the gold.

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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    OP, can you add:

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    LOL, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to say that.
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Travolta's private farewell to Jett, 16 | The Sun |News


    Scientologists believe humans are immortal spirits — or thetans — who after death are reborn in another body.

    A family friend said:

    �Forget that John is a big Hollywood star. He is just a grieving father who is struggling to cope with the loss of his beloved son.

    �He isn’t ready to face the public, and won’t be for some time.

    �His grief is raw and it is going to take him and Kelly a long time to recover from this.

    �Senior Scientologists from the religion’s centre in Clearwater, Florida, are expected to conduct the service.

    Jett was having up to one seizure a week and had been on medication to try to control the fits.

    But the treatment was stopped amid fears it was doing him more harm than good.


    Why else does a $cilontololligist do ANYTHING other than fear?

    Comments require registration
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    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett


    Good link.
    Thanks for posting it.
  20. onewhogets Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    "...the treatment was stopped amid fears.."

    Who's fears? Who is the board certified physician that recommended that this family stop all medications, patted them on the back and let them walk out of the office without any emergency training?
  21. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Speculation Surrounds Jett Travolta?s Death - Health - redOrbit

    Posted on: Wednesday, 7 January 2009, 14:00 CST

    Medical experts are struggling to understand what caused the death of Jett Travolta, 16-year-old son of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

    An undertaker in the Bahamas reported a seizure as the cause of Jett’s death on Friday, but family representatives have refused to give any further details.

    "We're dealing with a massive lack of information," said Dr. Bruce Cohen, a staff neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

    Many sources have speculated ongoing problems with the boy’s health for years, some suggested he had autism, which Travolta has denied.

    Up to one-third of children with autism have some sort of seizure disorder, said Dr. Michael Kohrman, a University of Chicago pediatric neurologist. But autism is one of several possible causes for seizures.


    He said seizures lasting more than 15 or 20 minutes could result in death. Also, about one in 1,000 epileptics die each year from a condition doctors call "sudep," or a sudden unexplained death that typically occurs with no sign of a seizure.

    John Travolta has said his son was SUCCESSFULLY TREATED when he was 2 for a rare disease called Kawasaki syndrome, which can lead to heart disease and related problems.


    However, medical professionals who had no association with the Jett’s case told the Associated Press that “while Kawasaki syndrome is poorly understood, it's extremely unlikely the disease had anything to do with the teen's death.”

    Jett’s body was cremated, and no autopsy report has been released, which has spurred a whirlwind of outside speculation.

    Travolta and Preston subscribe to the religion of Scientology, and the church is not commenting on their case.

    (snip - moar at article)


    Poons are easy, requiring no reg.
  22. twistedpuppet Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    It is AGAINST the Constitution of the United States of America for the GOVERNMENT to decide what is and is not a religion. All of this is covered in the First Amendment religious clause aka the establishment clause. The First Amendment establishes the right to free speech and the right to practice religious beliefs as you wish providing said practices do not break the law or harm people. The Constitution says that the LAW is NOT ALLOWED to define religion. To do so would be a DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

    Read something other that diareahetics, you moron.
  23. anonymous0601 Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I am a student of pharmaceutical sciences with epilepsy. I checked the facts and press releases of the Travoltas lawyer for myself and I am convinced now that Jett Travoltas death would very likely have been avoidable had he been on adequate medication to treat his seizures. Whether he was suffering from Kawasaki syndrome or autism doesn't matter in this regard. The simple fact that he was on no antiepileptic medication whatsoever at the time of the deadly seizure speaks for itself. Normally children with such a high frequency of epileptic fits as the Travoltas lawyers stated I know would be wearing helmets and other special gear to protect them and be under constant supervision in order that emergency medication can be administerd if needed. I guess the Travoltas are simply victims of the teachings of Scientology org which doesn't recognize epilepsy as a medical condition or the drugs against it to be helpful. Some antiepileptic medications like DEKAPOTE which Jett is said to have been taking for some time are also approved to treat psychic disorders. Scientology strongly disapproves of the use in these cases. Reports of Scientologists with seizures being told to quit anitepileptic medication are common. When the seizures come back some start to struggle and then quit the organisation. You can find reports of some of these Ex-Scientologist with epilepsy in the Internet.
    There are photos on the internet of Kirstie Alley (member of Scientology) holding up signs with slogans like "Psychatrists hooking kids on drugs" . At these protests they will mostly talk about drugs like Ritalin as they are commonly known and easier to critizise ea. misuse, not given for a life threatening condition etc. See for yourself. Ironically enough a well-trained and expierienced neurologist/psychatrist (this kind of medical specialisation often comes together) and the right medication/drugs would probably have saved Jett's life.

    In my opinion Jett Travolta and his parents became victims of the misinformation and/or technique of denial of a dangerous organisation, not religion. Let's spread the word so that other children being in the same situation recieve appropriate medical care and no cases of failure to render assistance are commited to helpless children with neurological disorders in the future by ignorant Scientologists. I deeply pity the Travoltas. I assume they were loving and careing parents to Jett. Let them grieve in peace. They have learned in the hardest possible way that what the Scientology organisation tells its members to do can be lethal.
    Putting a child off all medication against seizures is something normally only done very carefully after every possible substance it's type of seizures tried and if the side effects tremdendously outweigh the benefits. This is so rare when you consider that there are more than 15 different medications to treat seizures approved by the FDA, some being even approved for children up to the young age of two which you can even combine in many cases in order to reduce frequency and strenght of the fits.
    In Germany and many other countries the Scientology organisation has never been recognized as a Curch or Religion. This status would have given them a Tax Exempt like they have in the U.S. and many other benefits. Due to the organisation being more structured like a money making business than a spiritual group their request for this status has been declined. They sued and lost in every level of jurisdiction. Now they are playing the Third Reich card saying they are being prosecuted like other minorities in the twentieth century. This is an outrageous thing to do especially in a country like Germany where many jews, homosexuals and disabled persons were murderd during Holocaust. No wonder the Jewish community has protested against such nonsense. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is observing the activites of the Scientology organisation as there is evidence that the Scientology organisation is a threat to the free democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and might be dangerous to the public.
    I know what seizures feel like, too. Broke my jaw three times and shoulder during seizure. Sometimes to stop breathing during seizures and turn all blue, you bite your tongue and spit blood, you probably even wet yourself everytime. Now look at the press release off the Travoltas lawyer: "Each seizure was like a death". Can you imagine what Jett Travolta had to go through?
    The time has come. Tell everyone !!
  24. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Why are you spamming up the threads with copypasta you already spammed other thread with?

  25. ElronInDallas Member

    More from Arty Lange, Howard Stern on Jett Travolta

    Includes a nice anecdote from Arty!
  26. Anonycarnage Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    It is always a sad event, no matter what religion, when a father should bury his son. No parent should have to go through that.
  27. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I agree. No one should have to go through that. I feel pretty bad for him, but at the same time I also think he's rather brainwashed.

    There’s also the cold hearted scientific perspective:

    Well that’s interesting… It seems the medication only stresses their liver somewhat and that there’s no scientific backing that Depokate was responsible for Jett’s apparent liver damage. You’ve got to wonder how it was damaged.

    Lot’s of vitamins :eek: I hope those aren’t toxic.

    This one’s neat:

    I sure hope no mothers out there take excess amounts of vitamin A. That could lead to birth defects, such as autism or other disorders that involve seizures.

    If Kelly Preston was on the purification rundown during pregnancy, (which would be easy if she didn’t know she was pregnant) it screwed Jett. If Jett was on the purif while on the seizure meds, it screwed his liver. They chose to go to a scientology doctor who doesn’t believe in mental illnesses, which screwed Jett.

    What can be learned from all this?

  28. therightthing Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    for the past few days a friend of mine, and myself have been very suspicious and I would like to thank you all for giving some good information as to other reasons why he died.

    its terrible but very mysterious..
  29. TinyDancer Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You are welcome. I'm just sorry that it came to this.
  30. dan Halen Member

  31. therightthing Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    and to think I have been laughed at for being inquisitive about this mystery?

    there's definitely something wrong with this picture. it's just another one of the hundreds of cases i've read about deaths.
  32. Mutante Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    The 'Church' spokesman is lying on TV. What does that tell you?

  33. theresa Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Can someone please help me out over here.

    View topic - John Travolta's teenage son dies suddenly :: Free Dominion - Principled Conservative - Party and Canadian Politics - Canada Blogs

    I am doing the best I can, but I do not have the wealth of knowledge on Scientology that I am learning from this site.

    Try to be polite. :eek:

    BTW Thanks for the work you are doing to raise awareness on this. The more I learn about Scientology and the danger it can pose , the more I realize how important it is.
  34. basil Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Most of us were in that position, being lucky enough not to have been sucked into the cult before coming here - but there's a wealth of information here, on wikileaks and other places.

    Knowledge is power. The only reason scientology grew so big is because people didn't know the truth about it.

    Then came the internet. Almost every single piece of scientology literature is available online, for free, to anyone who chooses to look for it. Then, once they know how dangerous it is, they can be immunised against falling for the claims.

    They then tell another person. Two people are immunised.

    Then four.

    Then eight.

    Then sixteen.

    In just 15 cases of everyone telling two people, over 9000 people find out
  35. theresa Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Thanks Basil. I am trying. I was hoping someone can go over there give some facts.
  36. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Theresa I tried to give you some /b/lackup, but every time I try to register it says "this email address has been banned."

    Don't use Anonymous in your name folks. Looks like they've got some sort of blanket ban going on there. Tried using 3 emails... dunno.
  37. none given Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Theresa; thanks.

    Whenever you find something like this all you have to do is ask for harpoons ('poons) and the anons will know what to do; flood the thread or comments with truth and related web addresses. The anons will share any needed information like thebitch did in this case.
    There is even an icon you can attach to the post or thread to let everyone know what you need like I did for this post.

    And wecome aboard.
  38. none given Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Wow, they are a stubborn bunch.
    I'll stay at it.
    Anyone else?
  39. theresa Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I have been busy for a few days.

    THANK YOU for helping me out I sincerely appreciate it. I cannot believe the stubbornness of the two posters. But the thread has had over 2,000 views. So a few are reading...maybe one person has been convinced.

    blessings all. :)

    How do I subscribe to a thread?

    Never mind I just found it. :eek:
  40. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Welcome to the information wars. There's many different fronts this battle is fought on. In the streets are protesters, online are everything from haxors and dataminers, to blogospheric net-runners and information addicts. Legal there's the Graham Barry wars... lots of places to fit right in for everybody from shut ins to rocket scientists.

    $cilontolollilgy Hunter - The Game Everybody Can Play

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