Jonathan Lewis (AKA Johnny Lewis) Death and suspected murder

Discussion in 'Media' started by blownforgood, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Well, at least he didn't compound his deed by also committing a Suppressive Act, like Rex Fowler.

    Miscavige smiled.
    Jesus wept.
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  4. I saw this on the news today:

    Probably a lot of people won't even know who he is, but he grew up in Scientology and I know his parents, Michael and Divona Lewis, are still very active in Scn. Doesn't mean he was active recently, but I know he used to be.

    *tinfoil alert* Probably no connection with Scientology, but if autopsy reveals no drugs, I might suspect a psychotic episode (which I'm sure there is no way to prove). Awaiting more details...
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    Johnny Lewis pictured at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival in Sept. 2011.

    An actor in the series “Sons of Anarchy” went on a bizarre rampage Wednesday that ended with the death of his elderly landlady and his own fatal fall from a roof in a Los Angeles neighborhood, sources said.

    Investigators are looking at drugs as a possible motive, a source told the Daily News.

    Read more:
  6. Danke. I couldn't post sooner as my head was still exploding.

    Edit: ^^^^ Thread merge if people are wondering.
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  7. lostatsea Member

    I wonder if it was a Jeremy Perkins-type situation. If he was showing signs of mental illness prior to this murder-suicide, the odds are very good that he wasn't getting any legitimate help for it.
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  8. firebug Member

    Is he another Narconon success story?

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  9. Any info of when he was last active at CC Int or elsewhere? shows last service completion in 2002.
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  10. California Centers Deliver Life-Saving Rehab Services and Drug Education in Volume, and Open a New Center in Nevada

    "One of the highlights of the year's activities was the Narconon participation in the Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network event. As part of the anti-drug presentation given by Narconon staff, Johnny Lewis of the new television show "Quintuplets" appeared and told how his mother used the Narconon drug education materials to teach him to avoid drug abuse, thereby helping him succeed in his career."
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  12. I
    Sure, np. I got your Narconon Success Story right here...
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sons Of Anarchy Star Johnny Lewis Was A Scientologist, Used The Religion To Help Lead 'Happy Successful Life' | Radar Online


    By Radar Staff

    The late Sons of Anarchy star, Johnny Lewis, who is suspected of murdering his elderly landlady before falling to his death, was a high profile Scientologist, has learned.

    The troubled 28-year-old is listed on numerous websites, message boards and blogs as being a member of the controversial religion followed by the likes of Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley.

    Ironically one Scientology blogger, who says his daughter did much of her early religious training with Lewis, lists him in a category dedicated to the "Celebrities who use Scientology and Dianetics to help them live happy and successful lives" following a speech the troubled star gave crediting the religion.

    As previously reported, the actor, whose full name was Jonathan Kendrick Lewis, had a violent criminal history and was charged with burglary and assault with a deadly weapon in early 2012.

    Authorities suspect him of murder after officers responded to reports of a lady screaming at a Los Feliz, Calif. property only to discover Lewis' body on the driveway and the body of 81-year-old Catherine Davis inside.

    Police confirmed there was an altercation between the two but that Lewis died from his fall from the rooftop.

    Lewis was fresh out of jail and reports suggest he was on PCP or Meth at the time of his death. However, officials could not confirm this.

    "We do have his body and the autopsy is scheduled for today," said L.A County Assistant Coroner Ed Winter. "We do not have his cause of death and will not have any information as to what was in his system."

    Drug use - both prescription and street - are frowned upon by the Church of Scientology.

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    Another "success story" in your war against psychiatry and/or drug abuse, you fucking cult... /sarcasm
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  19. As Narconon appears to have pulled their archive and all references to Johnny Lewis I thought for those who hadn't seen it I would grab the webpage [IMG]
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Johnny at the Hubbard flavored Lewis Carroll Art academy.. AKA Valley Life Improvement Center 2010
    Tamara Meskimen, Harriet Schock, Johnny Lewis, Judy Norton, Jim Meskimen, Jeannie Deva, Cathy Segal-Garcia, cut the ribbon with More Art co-directors Michael Lewis and Alison Robinson
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  22. Daverator Member

    Scientology works and it helps people (to murder their elderly landlord with a two-by-four).
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  23. Daverator Member

    They're cutting with the wrong side of the big-assed scissors.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    he also killed her friggen cat!
    his pix at the Scilon Celebrity Center web site
  25. :).

    The two blades of the scissors are bolted wrong.
    A common mistake cultists make.
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  26. Missfit Member

    Sad. Creepy and sad. $cientology is one hell of a drug!
  27. Anonymous Member

    Pix gone by the time I got there. Just named on this list:

    johnny lewis.jpg
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Johnny Lewis -- String of Violent Crimes Before Alleged Murder |


    According to official records, Lewis committed felony assault with a deadly weapon on January 3rd. The records don't specify the details of the crime, but they do show he was subsequently ordered to complete a rehab program for "treatment of mental health and/or drugs and alcohol."

    The records also indicate Lewis was arrested on February 10th. Law enforcement sources tell us, he sucker-punched a man on his way out of a yogurt shop for no apparent reason.

    Eight days afterwards, on February 18th, Lewis was arrested again for burglary. According to law enforcement sources, he had tried to break into a woman's house through a window, claiming he was looking for a friend ... but when the woman called cops, he took off.

    Lewis was convicted of felony assault following his January arrest, and sentenced to a year in county jail. Lewis was also convicted of battery and burglary following his February arrests, and sentenced to 303 days in jail for those two crimes.

    More, and comments, at
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    I'm sure glad this prick is dead.

    Johnny Lewis Beat, Dismembered Cat To Death |


    Johnny Lewis murdered his landlady and then fell to his death -- but he also viciously took the life of the landlady's cat by beating it to death and DISMEMBERING it in the process ... TMZ has learned.

    TMZ broke the story that Lewis -- who appeared on "Sons of Anarchy" -- seemed to be on PCP or meth, because he had exhibited superhuman strength as he fought two neighbors immediately after committing murder.

    Law enforcement sources tell us Lewis went wild on landlady Catherine Davis' cat ... kicking and beating the life out of the animal and "tearing it apart." Law enforcement tells us Lewis did NOT use a weapon, but rather his bare hands and feet.

    Lewis is the only suspect in the murder and cat killing. We're told cops are confident -- Lewis was the culprit.

    Comments at
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  31. RightOn Member

    wayback machine?

    also I am not saying this guy killed himself because of Scientology...
    but I wonder if there will be more suicides the closer the COs gets to crumbling. Hubbard taught to not have much regard for your life and that you will come back several times, so if people think their eternity is being snuffed out by the fall of the COS or that they are just too overcome and freaked out finding out that the COS is a fraud, I can see people ending their lives over it. I mean it has to be awful hard to deal with after giving them so much money and finding out it is all a lie.
    And a lot of these people need someone to follow, so if they have nobody to follow, it can be quite daunting.
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  32. Malory Member

    When did his parents join and at what age did the cult get their mitts on him?

    Also, does anyone know where he did the court-ordered rehab?
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  33. Missfit Member

    Is it sick that I'm quietly hoping it was Narconon? Probably, but I'll own it.
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  35. Fairly certain Jonathan was born into Scn. I believe his parents have been in since the '70s.
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