Judge Dib Waldrip deserves a Wiki page

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Some clever writing Anons up to it ? Maybe not push it and include to much of the current lawsuit just saying.'s_University_School_of_Law

  2. /r/ mods: plox change the title of this thread to reflect His Honor's correct first name (Dib)
    kthxbai :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Wiki could include this picture:

  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if Judge Waldrip has bumped into the Narconon people in the past.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but would he appreciate it right now?
  7. Anonymous Member

    I'll be clearer.

    This judge will not appreciate anons making a Wikipedia page about him.
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  8. Delete thread ?
  9. Anonymous Member

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