[Jul 21, 2012] Washington DC Anon Revival / Anonymous Vs. Scientology (Washington, DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. MrAnonization Member

    Hey everybody,
    I have NO idea what happened while I was gone, but I wanna bring back the DC'ers cause I see head nor hair of anyone and I mostly wanna get stuff started up again if we can pull it off. I was thinking the date posted July 21, 2012 same time same place. Maybe try to pull the crew back together again. I'm hoping we can get some people looking/itching to get back in action. (Everything as for date, time, and duration are only suggestions)

    Also I don't know about you guys but I am itching to stretch out my legs and return to our "Romping" grounds.
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  2. MaidOfWin Member

    im MaidOfWin & I approve of this message
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  3. MrAnonization Member

    I'm MrAnonization and I Quote this message
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  4. Major Boyle Member

    Longcat has decreed that there must be Caramelldansen... and Cake!
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  5. anonsoldier Member

    Boy am I glad that after several months of absence I checked the boards. I AM DOWN TO RAID!! I got me a new suit and everything, just need to buy a new mask to make it all complete. Fuck the heat and fuck the $cilons, it's good to be back.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I'm going to film you all in secret to find out which one you guys will spontaneously combust first in this fucking heat. That being said, you have my support
  7. MrAnonization Member

    What is this heat that you speak of >_>
  8. MrAnonization Member

    Also a couple supplies I might need some backing on once I get there (So I can supply the mailbag next time also, so basically I'm saying what I'll be bringing)

    -Some kind of not to dry snack.... Like flaming hot cheetos :D
    -Doughnuts from Krispy Kreams
    -Energy Drink
    -Extra Mask, and Disguise kit
    -(Possibly) Some new signs
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  9. MrAnonization Member

    The only thing I need is someone who can maybe help reimburse me on some of this cause otherwise this might be the last time I can brings snacks and stuff :p I be broke cause I can't gets a job.
  10. Anonymous Member

    I am likely to come. 95%.
  11. anonsoldier Member

    I will be self sustaining in terms of water, I usually wear a Camelbak under the suit. I can also provide fliers and a box of noms in the shape of granola bars or whatever.

    Still need to purchase a new mask, it's been about 2 years since I owned a functional raid mask. I had my last one framed and shadowboxed.
  12. MrAnonization Member

    Do you need some links to some interesting ones I've seen? I've got a couple good ones that I have seen.
  13. anonsoldier Member

    I would really appreciate any links to good flyers. I was going to start hunting through the forums but anything that cuts down on my research time is a bonus.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Sent you a PM about this.
  15. conatus Member

  16. anonsoldier Member

    Happened to be in DC today. Felt obligated to drive by and they have a sign up saying free tours. I'd bet money there won't be that offer during our little visit. If there is, who wants to get out the camera and take a tour?? With masks on, of course.
  17. MaidOfWin Member

    Reminder: one of the earliest scilon lawsuits against an anon was a guy who just wandered into an Org with a mask and camera and started asking questions. The charge was "intimidation". They would absolutely use this bullshit again. The free tours offer extends to everyone but us, though Crucifuckwad did once take the free tour (maskless) a couple times in a month and then tell them thats ok he'd rather go join the protest outside instead. They never recognized him the second time around.

    Another reminder: They call the cops on us every single time, doesnt mater if its the most routine raid ever, so since its been a few months since the last raid I'd go real easy on the provocative stuff. Chances are the guy who responds will be new, will not know about any previous raids, & will have to be talked through everything we normally do.

    I cannot actually come to this due to still being [redacted] miles away doing [classified shit] for [the Pfizer-Marcabia Alliance] and [celebrity talking animals], but HT knows where the raid shit is stashed.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    That being posted, I'll show up. Maybe make eggs and bacon in front of the org just to be funny. (with 100 degree heat, I won' t be using anything but the concrete and the sunlight. So it'd be legal anyways! :-D
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  19. I'll try and bring my big ass camera... Maybe the hand held if I'm too lazy... But now that I have a car and my film equipment back.. I'm good to go..
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  20. Anyone know a way to get in touch with 3rdMan? I can't seem to start a conversation with him.
  21. Anonymous Member

    1. Go To Inbox.

    2. Drag down to "Start A New Conversation."

    3. Enter Data.

    4. Send Data.

    5. Profit!
  22. anonsoldier Member

    Okay, I've got my train tickets purchased and a room at a hostel booked. I figure I may as well enjoy the weekend in D.C. if I'm going to visit, see some of the sights. I'll get my new mask tomorrow and get fliers printed. Then I'll be set!!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Awesome resurrection of the DC cell <3!
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  24. 3rdMan Member

    Someone looking for 3rdman? He'll be back when his avatar returns to Old Spice.
  25. Hmm, yeah, but for some reason, something is screwed up with his account and you get error messages when you try to start a conversation with him. Anyway, he got in touch with me, so I think we're OK for now.
  26. MrAnonization Member

    A Wild 3rdMan has appeared.
  27. Angelas03 Member

    I would like to participate but have never done this before. Is there a mask I can use? Do we meet at the Scientology church or do we meet somewhere else first?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Yeah. I ran through the entire drill and ended up with failure. The settings permit such a thing.
  29. MrAnonization Member

    Hey would anyone appose making the start earlier and bring the end back a little? Like 1pm - 5 pm? Or 6pm
  30. anonsoldier Member

    I will have a clava to double with my V mask. I suggest you check out your local costume store or party place for a basic mask to wear. You don't have to adhere to any dress code or particular mask. It is merely encouraged to wear a Guy Fawkes mask and/or a clean and professional appearance to lend us credibility.

    I do not oppose the suggested changes but caution against it as that's right in the middle of the hottest part of the day. 3-8pm gives us a slightly cooler time frame to work in.
  31. 3rdMan Member

    If you don't mind boiling your fluids in the heat, go for it. I'd rather wait for the sun to come down, first.
  32. MrAnonization Member

    Good point We'll leave it as is.
  33. anonsparrow Member

    Please take lots of pics and vids so I have something to fap to. :)
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  34. anonsoldier Member

    Of course. We must honor your legacy!

    EDIT: Got the fliers and my mask today. Gonna kit out the mask for battle and start folding fliers!! I now have everything I need for the raid. God it feels good to be doing this again.
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  35. anonsoldier Member

    This didn't exactly get answered directly by anyone. I do not know if there will be a spare mask available, but I have a clava you can wear should you not have a mask. I recommend you go to your nearby costume shops and check for a Guy Fawkes mask, though since its not Halloween season they may be out of stock. Alternately, get any old plain mask for your first time and order a Fawkes mask for the next raid.

    I think current plan is to just meet up at the cult's building and start protesting. If you need to borrow a mask, approach one of the protestors when no cultists are paying attention and ask for a mask. I will be the gentleman in the black suit with black tie and a backpack.

    If you have any other questions on protocol, raid strategies, or whatever, please feel free to PM me. Welcome to the fight.

    Weather update: current prediction is a high of 78 degrees for Saturday. We may have lucked out with this storm that's rolling through now.
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  36. RightOn Member

    oh hai sparrow! dirty bird! lol

    go you glorious bastards!!!
    looking forward to the vids
    tally ho!
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  37. D: May not be able to go due to unspecified Batman related activities. Will come if possible.
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  38. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Glad to see you post again!

    (Maybe you have and I didn't notice. But still...)
  39. Whatever you do,

    DO NOT
    • Wear a Hawaiian shirt
    • carry a Barbie backpack
    • flaunt any masculine protuberances
    • Get a job
    • er
    • ...that's it
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