[Jul 5, 2012] "We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists" screening (London)

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    East End Film Festival:

    We Are Legion is a threat to anyone who would wish to suppress political or artistic expression. Dramatic and inspiring, it's sure to invigorate many more "nameless, faceless mercenaries of free speech," as McGill University media professor Gabriella Coleman defines Anons in the film. But at its core, the doc is a comprehensive portrayal of Anonymous, its outlandish battles, and how the collective sprung from MIT hacker ingenuity to later incubate itself in the esoteric, oftentimes crude bowels of the Internet.

    Knappenberger began filming in late 2010. By that time, the leaderless Anonymous had already transformed from being solely out for lulz, to also being interested in defending free speech and human rights. The group's 2008 war on Scientology incorporated both of those ideals, and Knappenberger does a terrific job of explaining the culture from which that campaign spawned, as well as its real world resonance — all told in a way that even Web pedestrians can comprehend. Through interviews with Housh and others, and with footage from demonstrations worldwide, We Are Legion argues that the anti-Scientology protest was the fastest-spreading demonstration in history at the time, as well as a movement that had significant influence on subsequent Arab Spring and Occupy actions.

    WWP thread:
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    Looking forward to see it in France. When do you come?

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