Julian Assange on 60 Minutes

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by anonforfreedom, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. i nominate me and Snag for prez and vice prez of teh awesome! =D
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. but... we promise to be transparent and not lie and abuse people. also caek! lots and lots of caek!
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  4. Snag Member

    U no like cake? Scilon?
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  5. Herro Member

    We got a live one.
  6. Snag Member

    As your president I will provide the irrefutable proof that the cake has never been, or ever will be, a lie.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I just saw an big ball of ego the size of a Nebraska on 60 minutes. He looked really white and talked a load of crazy. Was it Assange?
  8. and as your VP i will provide proof that what snag says is irrefutably and utterly true, also that caek tastes rerishious!
  9. Miranda Member

    N-d33d. HRd 2 b serious @ ur spLing thO.
  10. Rockyj Member

    Assange did an excellent job. The 60 minutes Interviewer asked questions that, I believe, breaks the character stereotypes that main stream media has tried to make him out to be. What was cool, in the end the Interviewer acknowledges that.
  11. i nominate Rockyj as our secretary of the caeks!!!!
  12. Anonymous Member

    60 Minutes is just jealous because THEY used to be the people blowing the lid off of corruption.
  13. haha that asshole Greg Hoglund needs to take a cue from julian and learn to listen to his lawyer and STFU"
  14. DickCheney Member

    I watched it. I thought that Steve Knoff was kind of biased in his interview. The fact that he kept asking one sided questions seems to beg that he already had his biases before the interview took place. Clearly we need someone else interviewing then, no? Came off like Bill O' Reilley when he did his interview with Obama.

    The interviewer asked a lot of questions like, "people think this is bla bla bla." Honestly he said nothing about the effects of Wikileaks or that of such.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Exactly. However, I don't have to like him to support Wikileaks. Which is a very good thing cause I'm pretty sure I don't.
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  16. DickCheney Member

    I have my dislikes with Julian Assange as well. His failure to redact the identities of the people located within the Wikileaks cables means that he just carelessly plopped these documents into the open hoping someone would pay attention.

    I read Wikileaks all the time, but releasing these documents without concealing the identities of the informants located within the document is life threatening and Julian Assange's carelessness could risk lives.

    I do like Wikileaks and I like what Julian has showed the world, but Julian has made some mistakes.
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  17. Herro Member

    That's not really a fair criticism for two reasons. First, Assange is not the only one who works on censoring information in the leaks they host to the public. Second, the people at Wikileaks have thus far made a concerted effort to minimize harm done to people while maximizing the benefit of the information they host. A quick look at my past posts on the matter of Assange will quickly demonstrate that have no love lost for the man, and you will also find that I am hesitant to embrace Wikileaks as the savior of democracy as some seem eager to do. However I think criticism of Wikileaks is extremely important but we need to make sure that criticism is fair.
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  18. SwordBreaker Member

    Do you think PERHAPS the "powers that be" would twist the arms of EVERYONE Assange ever knew to FUCK HIM BACK? Maybe? Maybe her?
  19. SwordBreaker Member

    Second That Motion! Assange is a hero like Watergate, Pentagon Papers, Journalists. Strangulation of gov. info is strangling Americas' small dwindling freedom.
  20. Anonymous Member

    This is not the fault of Wikileaks. Srsly, the practice is NOT to put the REAL names of informants in any written documents, let alone something that is transmitted. Sorry but the idea that Assange outed real people is a fallacy. If indeed real people were outed then it is the fault of the communicator. for either not omitting the names and or using fake names. The military in particular has protocol in regards to keeping the identity of sources (and each other ) secret. In radio transmission they all use code names, (one of my favorite overheard "you, this is me") so this is being blown way out of proportion for a population who doesn't know any better. IF real names were used then that is a grave breach in protocol. Hell even POTUS has a code name. If protocol was followed all that was revealed was code names and locations. that is like saying, "Bob Smith in Chicago".
  21. Anonymous Member

    Charlie Sheen for president, maybe the best president for american free thinkers should be a foreigner.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I had never thought about this in relation to the cables. I've heard first hand accounts of those practices, but the two didn't connect in my head.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I'm a terrorist and i don't think he's an American.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Hmmm... Maybe that is WHY they can't give a single example of someone who was harmed by Wikileaks' leaks... Because the names are fake (but they can't say so, so that Bin Laden and his crazies are busy searching pointlessly.)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Wouldn't be hard to manipulate the skanky ho's of Sweden. Lived there a while and the bitches are crazy. Typical Sweden kissing USA Arse, seems like the swedish government during WW2 all over again. Some countries just roll over when pressured by the big fish. Neutral country my arse, weak county more like it.
  26. Unanimouse Member

    At least your a well-informed terrorist.
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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