Julian Assange What's next?

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Who cares.
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    We do.
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    who is "we"? i recall hearing once that noone speaks for everyone.
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    congrats to julian for creating is own cult.

    please let me send you a gift wrapped box of rubbers, mendax.
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  11. funny I recall hearing that anonymous supports wikileaks.
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    It has gone to an absolute extreme. The irony is that "Wikileaks" actually has its own agenda, and does not welcome dissent or genuine questioning, itself. Irony much?
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    It's like its own Zeitgeist movement, being led by a blind man still running around country to country, wearing two pairs of trousers at the same time, and carrying a tiny rucksack with only necessary essentials. I think that when he was encamped in a suburb of London, that that was probably the first time he actually got to stay somewhere where he felt relatively safe. It is quite a story. From many angles.
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    How many of his original dudes are still with him? answer: they left.
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    It's clear he didn't understand Swedish for NO.
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    for god's sakes one girl was crying. i would say that that is a universal expression of unease.
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    look, i don't kiss anybodies ass.
    not even his.
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    go ahead, and carry on, thread people. i am out.
  19. Yep, its not perfect but they've uncovered many disturbing things and brought them to light such as the US government spying on activist groups and attempting to smear them, civilian deaths in the middle east that werent being reported, hell, even Al Qaeda's use of chemical weapons.
    Why would you not want to know what the government is up to? What is the alternative to Wikileaks? Who else is doing this?!
    The timing of this whole lawsuit against Julian is VERY SUSPECT . It smells like a set up to me for his involvement in Wikileaks. For allowing us to see the truth which the news oulets no longer give us. If that's not important to you then what the fuck is? Lastly, didn't some of those people leave because they wanted more of the spotlight and resented Julian for getting it?
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  20. As this situation develops, my interest level in Parmy Olson's recent publication rises, almost daily.

    Cryptome has published an interesting facet of the wikileaks story (from Parmy's book):
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    Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
    Perhaps I should begin by saying that I personally have gratitude for Julian for being a friend to me at the very early beginnings of Chanology which sprung out of 4 chan. He is a very bright guy, and I did support his vision at one point. I guess I am wrestling with a combination of, yes, wanting to know and understand the workings of the world around us, but at the same time, disappointed that someone I actually looked up to at one point, kinda didn't match up to the idealized vision I had of him. In short, It is like walking a tightrope, wanting to expose corruption and such, and perhaps even having a pretty noble and idealistic reason for doing so. The tricky part is not becoming that which one deeply detests. Integrity is more important than fame, imo.
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    sometimes i just wonder if all of the majorly big collateral damage was worth it.
    i don't have an answer to that.
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    It's never worth it, but the body count just gets higher and higher.
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    if you have a big data dump, you need to have truly intelligent people studying it and understanding the context from which it came. i don't see that, and so to that end, it would be like dumping my aunt's bag of loose diamonds into a pen of goats. they don't give a shit or know what to effectively make of that.
    i value diplomacy and privacy, an know the difference between a personal, totally laid back and casual conversation versus giving a prepared statement or speech to people i respect.
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    anybody remember chanology?
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    (i do. that's why looking around now, sometimes i get a case of the kinda sads.)
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    I'm no expert on Swedish legal affairs, but I know about Sweden from videos I have seen on the internet.

    Our dear leader Julian will likely end up in a jacuzzi getting surprise sex from his virgin nuns or whoever is still on the lawyers books, and it will involve a bit of lube. Plus of course Assange hitting up Svenskland means a herros return for Piraten Party.

    I have been drinking vast amounts of alcohol today and I will stop typing now.
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    The guy is a arrogant, brilliant, twisted drifter. The fact that he is a arrogant, brilliant, and twisted does not change the what Wikileaks has done. Let him be an arrogant prick, but don't stand by while the people keeping the secrets silence him.
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    Not heard this. If true, sounds like rape to me.
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    WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum from Ecuador

    By Stephen C. Webster
    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 16:05 EDT

    After losing an 18-month legal battle against a Swedish extradition request, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has fled to Ecuador’s embassy in London and filed a request for asylum, which officials confirmed they are considering.

    “ALERT: Julian Assange has requested political asylum and is under the protection of the Ecuadorian embassy in London,” WikiLeaks declared Tuesday afternoon on the micro-blogging social network Twitter.

    Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino told reporters in the nation’s capital city on Tuesday that Assange’s request was being considered.

    Assange, who’s Australian, had previously been offered residency in Ecuador by a senior level official, but that offer was withdrawn a day later after President Rafael Correa suggested Assange had broken laws by publishing secret U.S. diplomatic documents.

    Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden, where he faces charges of sexual assault. In a letter to Correa, Assange reportedly claimed that Swedish authorities would turn him over to the U.S., where he says officials have readied a secret indictment that could see him put to death for espionage.

    It is not yet clear if the U.S. has secretly indicted Assange, but a grand jury was reportedly impaneled by U.S. Attorneys to investigate charges against him.

    Assange had been staying at the Frontline Club in London while on house arrest pending the result of his appeals, which concluded earlier this month after the British Supreme Court refused to consider his appeal for clemency. Swedish officials said they expect to imprison Assange at least briefly until a preliminary hearing on sexual assault charges could be completed.
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    Venezuela might have been a better choice :)
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    Whole thing still sounds like a couple of scorned tarts trying to get their revenge on a bloke who didn't respect them in the morning.
  37. Statement on Julian Assange
    June 19, 2012
    This afternoon Mr Julian Assange arrived at the Ecuadorian Embassy seeking political asylum from the Ecuadorian government.
    As a signatory to the United Nations Universal Declaration for Human Rights, with an obligation to review all applications for asylum, we have immediately passed his application on to the relevant department in Quito.
    While the department assesses Mr Assange’s application, Mr Assange will remain at the embassy, under the protection of the Ecuadorian Government.
    The decision to consider Mr Assange’s application for protective asylum should in no way be interpreted as the Government of Ecuador interfering in the judicial processes of either the United Kingdom or Sweden.
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    Yeah and one of them even has ties to intelligence agencies. No suspicious shit going on there.
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    Good news. I wish him well.

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