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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by freeIran134, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. freeIran134 Member

    Post all news on the July 30 protests here
  2. maxoud Member

    Abnormal situation in Behesht-zahra

    Today's morning of Behesht zahra is not like everyday.
    There are lots of anti riot police in front of the main doors of there.
    There are two helicopters flying above it.
    Hundereds of basijis with their motorcycles are patroling in it.
    part 257(where Neda's grave is there) is under full control of Basijis.
  3. Visionary Member

    Scary...not going to ask how you know this. lol
    Be careful if you are out there today and good luck.

    Are there any sites that have live/current news about it up now?
  4. Twister Member

    Hello Maxoud:

    Seems like all of this 'presence' is really the regime showing fear. They are losing control and they know it. The Green Movement will not be stopped; the regime is acting desperate. Very glad to see this.

    At the same time, I hope this large show of forces/basiji does not turn the day into another bloodbath. Let it be the day of peaceful mourning and solidarity of the Iranian people.

    Please, take care today and know we will be watching for your posts later to make sure you've returned home safe.

    Thank you for the update.
  5. Visionary Member
  6. Visionary Member

    And there you have it folks, the police decided to side with the regime this time:
  7. (4:38):A large number of anti-riot guards and police are present in the area. People throw flowers on them and chant "Support us ..Support us".

    Following a live blog on: Revolutionary Road...
  8. Visionary Member

    from there:
  9. a desert Member

  10. Visionary Member

    Iran protests to honour the dead | News |
  11. a desert Member

  12. Visionary Member

  13. Visionary Member

    Iran protests to honour the dead | News |

    I'm seeing a lot of reports on twitter and other places that Karroubi is there and he and the protesters broke through the security cordon and reached the grave.

    no idea if that's true or not.
  14. This may be a stupid question. I am not Muslim, but know like you all to by now that mourning lasts forty days and then officially ends. So what comes after that?

    This comment:

    The protesters at the cemetery can be heard chanting "Basij: tomorrow you will have to answer for the relatives you killed today," an email from Farsi speaker says.

    reported here:

    Iran protests to honour the dead | News |

    made me wonder, what does come next? Revenge?
  15. Visionary Member

    first video out from today...reportedly.
    Hard to tell what's going on.
    whoa, two new videos out now
    According to the Guardian:
  16. Twister Member

    Video posted on Twitter of Behesht Zahra

    Re: Second video Landers posted... [removed my duplicate link]

    Seems like a big crowd... is that Mousavi's car they are around? Stories I've read said the crowd was trying to stop his car from leaving until basiji cleared them away...
  17. Visionary Member

    The crowds look huge. No idea if that's his car, but I wonder the same thing. I'm anxious to see if there is any footage of karroubi coming up soon.
  18. Twister Member

    .: Persian Radio :.

    Tweet saying this is live streaming from Iran, can hear protesters and Farsi commentary.
  19. As for size of crowd, reports from twitter are saying crowds in Vali Asr square to Vanak square -- jampacked, full of fire and smoke.

    Crowds chanting in subway stations.

    Crowds in Valiasr and Ferdowsi squares.

    Clashes in Takht Tavoos & AbasAbad

    Police using traffic jams to prevent people from uniting

    that estimate from Los Angeles Times says tens of thousands on streets.
  20. Twister Member

    Special Guards, Tehran, 8 Mordad (30 July) 18:30

  21. Visionary Member

    Iran protests to honour the dead | News |
  22. freeIran134 Member

    Reports from Tehran- Tweet: No Mobile Network at Central Tehran, Almost all part of Cent. involving in Heavy Clashes, fire, tear gas and gunshoot.
    Tweet: Heavy Clashes Near Neda was shoot dead, Gunshoot is hearing from Amir Abad St
    CNN: Trash bins on fire near Interior ministry. Security forces charging protesters on motorcycles. One carrying gun
    Tweet: Call for Com to Streets, ppl asking all join fighting back against army police forces in almost all central city streets
    Tweet: Iran radio station is saying nobody stay home, get out into the streets now
    Tweet: pple gathering in isfahan and not dispersing inspite of threats by sec
  23. Iranian mourning

  24. Vis:

    Gettg reports some parts of Tehran heavy smoke is rising Not sure whats on fire but can't b from usual trashbin fires

    various srcs say huge numbers gather in front of Mosalla, including top clerics.

    Iranians protest Today in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

    pple gathering in isfahan and not dispersing inspite of terets by sec

    Beheshti avenue is full of people.

    Gunshoot is hearing from Fatemi Sq, Many protesters clashing with army near Interior Ministry

    Protesters in Ahvaz (around KianPars ave)

    Gatherings have been confirmed in Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran (now in Mofatteh), and forming in Tabriz.

    Police r trying to stop people from gathering in Ferdosi sq

    Vali Asr and Vanak:

  25. Twister Member

    r/t chants in vid above from Bugs: found this, what they are chanting and its translation..

    Esteghlal, Azadi, Jomhorie Irani. Independence, Freedom, Iranian republic (as opposed to Islamic republic)
  26. good catch, Twister. luv it!
  27. Twister Member

    So many ppl! Waiting to see if they'll be a translation. Not sure where from, saw word Zahra in the tweet...
  28. Karoubi in Behesht Zahra Tehran Iran July 30th 2009

    Broken head of a protester Behesht Zahra Tehran Iran July 30th 2009

    Horn Protest Tehran Khiabane shahid beheshti Mosala 30 July 2009

  29. Gunshoots at Amir Abad,at least 10 ppl injured, 2 Police motorcycls on fire

    many unconfirmed reports one killed in Vali Asr square

    Black smoke caused by tires set on fire has spread over the sky in Tehran

    unconfirmed: Mousavi Spotted near Mosalla Tehran

    6 thousands pple wth green symbols had gathered in Enqelab Sq and around 33 bridge area

    2 young men were arrested+placed inside a van,but a group of demonstratrs brok windows&pulled men out of vehicle

    2 young men were arrested+placed inside a van,but a group of demonstratrs brok windows&pulled men out of vehicle

    Clashes everywhere reported small towns in north iran including Babol

    video of Basij beating man with baton, shooting into crowd:

  30. JohnDoe Moderator

    Actually Landers I agree with you. I certainly understand the dilemma, but hopefully soon the right moral decision will be much easier for them to make.
  31. a desert Member

    Eh, both are right- and wrong. It's great to stand up for human rights. It's also great to ensure that your dependents don't starve. :/
  32. Twister Member

    follow @iranproxy on Twitter, translating the calls coming in LIVE.
  33. It seems right now, people are hardly struggling in MOSALA. Plainclothmen are among people covered their faces with green covers. People need help there. Must call for help from other parts of Tehran. Please cover this and inform others.
  34. JohnDoe Moderator

    Part of what they are saying "today is our day of mourning. The courageous Iranians are the zealous mourners"
  35. JohnDoe Moderator

    This is HUGE!!!
  36. Twister Member

    tyvm! Listening to the radio and watching @iranproxy's translations and this is just incredible. **cheering**
  37. Frylock-IRAN Member

    If half of what I am reading on other sites is true, and many are faces from here on the ground in Iran, this is the turning point. It appears people are tired of living in fear, and fear in huge numbers is turning into fight, be it peaceful and a bit of you hit me, I hit back.

    I have so much respect of the Iranian people, may thier god be with them!
  38. just by random I came across this link on twitter:


    which is another shot of people chanting... The twitt requested somebody to upload it to youtube. I tried but it keeps crapping out on me.. Can someone take from here please.. I already have a copy on my computer so if it goes down I can provide it...

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