July 30

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by freeIran134, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Twister Member

    amazing... this day is truly amazing...

    Unregistered: Will do my best, will post back with confirmation of upload. At work, might not be able to. Thanks for link!
  2. watsongs2012 Member

    Woe unto the ungodly gov. that stands in the way of freedom. Hell will not be hot enough for them.
  3. Twister Member

    Done. If we can confirm place, I will change description.
  4. good job twister. thanx

    On a positive note, I was checking out the press tv website, just for the lulz and I came across this news:

    Jewish fundamentalists storm al-Aqsa Mosque

    which suggests al-aqsa mosque was attacked by "jewish extremists". This would be huge huge huge news all around the world, or at least in the middle east (and I would expect CNN would at least mention it...) since al-aqsa is the third holliest place in islam... Now no respectable news source carries this news and I did a quick google for their supposed source, foundation for something or another, and there ain't even a website for it...

    The conclusion: They must be scared shitless if they are inventing mock stories like THIS to divert peoples attention. These people must be seriously retarded...
  5. Responding to myself, next they will be anouncing the return of the twelfth imam hand in hand with jesus
  6. Twister Member

    Ahhh, grasping at straws now... pathetic. Hope Israel realizes it's a load of crap.

    They know their days are numbered. Listening to and ppl are *still* chanting... it's 11PM now. Fantastic, so brave!!

    Here is another good vid. The turnout today has been fantastic.

    [ame=]YouTube - Beheshti Street Tehran Iran memorial of martyrs, 30 July 2009[/ame]
  7. CBC (canadian television) got someone in Tehran and did telephone interview with him. YAY.

    [ame=]YouTube - CBC News July 30: On-scene report: Iranian police shut down memorial[/ame]
  8. Hechicera Member

  9. These guys really must be retarded. You've all seen the video with the police shooting his pistol and you can actually tell the trace of the bullet? Fortunately nobody is hit. But seriously. There you go. Somebody has you on video, on the internet, you asshole! If that bullet had hit somebody, how are you gonna say this time it was the english zionist cia agent working for the bbc shooting from the book repository using a... nevermind...
  10. Visionary Member

  11. Visionary Member

    Well well, Karroubi was there after all. I'm guessing the reports of him and the crowd breaking through to the grave were true.

    Awesome much happening today and a lot of videos.
  12. Rezayavari's Blog

    Someone who got out of Kahrizak has now fled the country and is blogging about what happened

    this should get translated
  13. Visionary Member

    I don't think these have been posted yet...let me know if they have or if they're from another day (they are all labled as from today)
  14. Yeah, and the CBC interview said that Karroubi was roughed up by the police.
  15. Normally I follow twitter and you guys quietly during the day but I was sent on the road today and have had no access until now... I've been wondering all day, what happened, I logged on as soon as I could...

    I just had to say something today; thank you so much for getting the Iranian story out to the world, I am so amazed by the passion and determination. I have often come to tears over the weeks. Usually of sadness/horror/frustration but today.. today it was pride (not quite the right word but best I can think of).
  16. Coyote-IRAN Member

    You can actually see the bullet shoot past the camera as a fiery streak, right towards where someone they were beating was standing a few minutes before.

    Very, very fucked up if you ask me.

    Here it is:

    [ame=]YouTube - ‫ّFighting people & Police in Vanak SQ--8 Mordad 88‬‎[/ame]

    Yeah, how the fuck they going to blame that on someone else? An evil American standing among their own troops?
  17. Coyote-IRAN Member

    Notice the guy taking the video got the fuck out of there when the bullet flew by him, and the video stopped. I would, too.
  18. Visionary Member

    kind of scenic and inspiring

    Yikes, very close to the basiji

    flaming dumpster
  19. Registered Member

    From the comment from the poster on Youtube (YouTube - Fighting people & Police in Vanak SQ--8 Mordad):


    "The bullet didn't hit anyone, if you pay attention, my hand flew at the sound of the the firearm, and I couldn't get any more footage, for the next five minutes my hand was shaking...."

    Yeah.. I jumped and was practically shaking myself just watching the footage!!! Thankfully no one was hit, though that seems out of luck given the officer seemed to be aiming into the crowd!
  20. Visionary Member

    decided to make a different post for all the flower videos

    flowers at the memorial

    You can hear crying in the background (I think that's what it is)

  21. Visionary Member

    Wow, so many people still out at night!



    bless the Iranian people for their courage and perseverance

  22. Ok fellas, you all did a fine job today. It's 00:30 the 31st here in Istanbul so it means it 2:00 am in Tehran... I think I can safely assume I won't be missing much from this point on. I'm handing over the shift to you guys... And good night, day, whatever...

    The Unregistered...
  23. thank you Vis and others for all these videos.
  24. Man, every video I see makes me prouder and prouder of Iranians and sad that I can't be there to protest with them. Know that all around the world we're with you and however long it takes we'll be there. And thanks to all here for posting the videos and acccounts
  25. FreedomAgent Member

    Great job to our brothers and sisters in Iran, Middle East and Europe

    We'll take over from here (U.S East and West Cost)

    Get some rest there will be many days like this before it is all over
  26. Visionary Member

    Still more videos
    being put into ambulance

    more from earlier

    Ok, I'm gonna take a break now and think over all this stuff that we've seen so far coming out of Iran Thursday.
    Talk to you all later.
  27. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thank you so much for posting this it was amazing.

    The only thing is that worthy media Press TV :rolleyes: said there was only about 200 opposition people on the street today - not the tens of thousands that this guy mentions. Now I have dilemma who do I believe . . . the lies of the state media or someone who was there . . . ?
  28. JohnDoe Moderator

    Yes thanks a million Vis, and all others who have put all this stuff up here today - what a day it's been. I've not been able to sit in my usual position in front of the computer today, and so to catch up on this all has been something.

    Azadi is now so much closer, much more than just 1 day!:D
  29. JohnDoe Moderator

    I've just listened to these videos, they are different, they don't sound like they are protesting anymore, they sound like an army on a victory march! Or as spouse says 'a river in full force'

    The dam has well and truly burst.:)
  30. there are plenty others whose 40 days have yet to pass.
  31. YouTube - onlymehdi's Channel

    over 100 vid's from today

    hmm did presstv not say they had gotten the EVIL NETVORK that was sharing vids?

    LoL at media crakdown
  32. FreedomAgent Member

  33. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    wont get fooled aGAIN!
    tanx a million for all who been covering this over there and over here ;)

    [ame=]YouTube - This Is Radio Clash[/ame]

    ;) :)
  34. Visionary Member

  35. anyone kno who is doing the gig at friday prayers in Tehran today?

    I see AmadjihAD is in MashAD-wot eeee doinG dere?

    Iranian friend said last time he over there in Iran they ordered alcohol by phone tp local policeman !!!!!! ?
  36. Visionary Member

    I'm curious about Friday's speaker as well.

    Here's a video from a few days ago of Neda's family at her grave
  37. FreedomAgent Member

    This is older, you must have seen the video of a guy crying in a pool of blood, this is the video shot before that one. I believe it was around Azadi where the Basij started to shoot into the crowd and the aftermath is clear

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