July 3rd, Phoenix "First Friday" raid.

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Edweird, Jul 4, 2009.

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    July 3rd, Phoenix "First Friday" raid.

    Raid went well, our numbers were low(clearly due to the holiday weekend) but effective overall.
    We employed revised sign tech as well, my latest addition was a double sided sign .
    "The "Basics" costs $6000 to read what they believe costs $250,000" and
    "Ask them: "What does dianetics say about homosexuality?" to fuel questions during the few stress tests they actually conducted. Several reported back to me regarding the "Non-answers" the scilons provided. I was nice enough to properly answer the question for them since the scilons were so untruthful.
    Another new sign from the PhxAnon camp displayed "Scientology; government infiltrating, critic harassing, lying, murdering cult" in the style of the old anti-smoking ads. It was super effective as well.

    oh yeah get this... the scilons welcomed a fail houseband this time. The setlist was dripping and oozing with DELICIOUS irony.
    Still Alive - Portal Soundtrack (credited as "from the internet")
    Hallelujah Chorus - Rufus Wainwright
    Sober - Tool
    Change - Deftones
    Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
    cant recall the rest...
    I suggested they learn Aenima-Tool for next month, the reference was lost on them I think. Maynard James Keenan could be heard screaming in anger from north central arizona, I think its time I called him in as /b/lackup. We "Baahhh"'d in solidarity with the appalled Tool fans in attendance, many lulz were had while our ears screamed in agony.

    Afterwards we gathered for a second meeting with the freelance journalist who is interested in doing a feature on our local cell of anons. Hopefully some more to come from this down the road.

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