July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Persephone, Apr 7, 2008.


So would you be in on this? (Read thread first, please)

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  1. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Covered ;)
  2. Anonvox Member

    I think we can find the non-Sci buisnesses in Clearwater if we just do a little discreet research.

    In fact, I've seen a pic of a buisness in Clearwater that said "Anonymous members not welcome." I don't think the Scilons want our buisness any more than we want to give money to them.

    Maybe someone could post a youtube video saying something to the effect of "Clearwater Scientologists, we will be holding an Anonymous conferance in Clearwater during July. In order that a comfortable and respectable distance may be kept between us, we ask that all Scientologist buissnesspeople post on his or her establishment's front door and website 'Anonymous members not welcome here' and we will gladly give you your personal space." Something like that.

    Edit: PS. 2500 Anon! I don't even think there's that many Scientologists in all the UK. They'd shit themselves :-D
  3. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Miami-anon here. I've got a van full of people who dig this idea and are ready to stick it to the Co$, Florida style.

    I talked to my brother who lives in St. Petersburg and he says there are cheap places to stay up there and around St. Pete beach.

    Still, I agree that it's not a good idea to rent a hotel in Clearwater itself. There are close-by places that are like, $30 a night.

    Only problem that I see with anons that live out of Florida is the gas. But if you're willing to spend $150-200 on gas, I suggest you just buy a round-trip Greyhound ticket for $115. Better investment. Maybe. It gets you there and back.

    Otherwise, sounds like epic win!
  4. amaX Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    the reno of the ft. harrison was planned a long time before anonymous started protesting. it was almost emptied when we marched in feb. and march. they moved everything to oak cove right behind the fh on s. osceola.


    bring colbert's book to the protest on saturday! let's make a cool video using "the stephen t. colbert award for the literary excellence nominee" stickers to put on each other's books and ON OUR OWN FLIERS AND PAMPLETS!!! we can vid that along with the doritos stickers.


    YES, THIS IS THE LAST DAMNED TIME I'M POSTING THIS STICKER IDEA ON ANY THREAD. if we want the colbert bump? we're going to have to feed his ego---A LOT.

  5. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Ignore this, please.
  6. Hoshi101 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    The threat of namefagging goes way down if you stay outside of clearwater and just generally watch to make sure you aren't followed by scilons.

    Also, is there maybe a place to camp for those who are pretty broke?

    Just saving like, 2 or 3 bucks a day can pay for it by the time July rolls around...provided you carpool/split a hotel room.
  7. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Here are the pro's and cons that I've seen from reading this.. OP. Hungry Shark so far:

    Anon is hitting one of the hearts of the org itself, AND showing everyone that we come in peace. Potentially huge news coverage. Support of non CoS owned hotels and businesses (we need a list of CoS owned stuff!) Also, bikini fawxies, enough cake to start a bakery. It sounds awesome, really.
    Potential namefagging, although the point is that there will be so many of us it will blow their minds. Just don't unmask around other people! Red tide. (Don't worry, Xenu will hold back the disease for us.)

    After a day of barbecue and fun, I doubt anyone in the area would have a problem with someone in a mask. They would say "Oh hey, you gaiz gave us free cake today, cool, stick around!"
    As for costs, we have about 4 months until this may happen. If you save a little bit each day, as our grandma's used to say.. Also, the UK thing sounds awesome too!

    Let's not forget that they play dirty, and might lie, or twist up our plans, etc. I'm not saying everyone should stay super hush-hush, but they are the home team in this situation, and I'm sure the org is just as anally territorial as a pack of insane wolves. They will take great lengths to screw this up.
  8. inanissum Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I'm down for this. Simotanous anon conventions for the July Operation would be amazing.

    If we're feeding 500 people though we'd have to chose carefully. Would we find a beach town with lots of hotels nearby and just conveign at different locations? Also could we end the week with one big protest in Clearwater? It would be amazing to see everyone from around the World getting together and Protesting as one group.
  9. ut1 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I am in.

    Anyone in the southwest(limited delivery area) that wants to carpool I have a gay Japanese car that gets good mileage. No not a prius, I am not that much of a fag.

    Anyways I can take 3 people besides myself(hey its a Japanese car). Pitch in on gas and the like.

    PM me if interested.

    ALSO: any tips on fair/fair motels outside of Clearwater but close?

    Edited to add: Maybe if enough of us in the area get in on this a motorhome can be rented. Cruise to the Redneck Riviera in redneck style.
  10. Persephone Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?


    I'll go to Wal-Mart and get a few of the stickers inside the Colbert books. *l337 ninja skillz*

    For something like this, I'm willing to drive my Saturn to Atlanta or VA or something if a couple of Anons need extra rides, or give gas $ via Paypal.

    For the BBQ, I have a contact that can help with discounted burgers/steaks/pork chops and if the CW anons all bring grills, we'll be awesome.

    Then, femme-anon wet- t- shirt contest. For our own amusement.

    Maybe even a trip to the Dali Museum or Busch Gardens or something. I called them, and surgical/dust masks and goggles/snorkels are permitted, just no full masks.

    A day or two of fun-ness, and we can protest the last day. By then, the public will love us.

    New Port Richey is about 1 hr from Clearwater, it's a tiny town, with LOTS of hotels and caterers. They'd love the extra commerce. I'm talking to a few diners who would potentially love to fund an Anon Only banquet thing.

    Tarpon Springs is a good idea... Greeks are kind of eccentric. If you order enough baklava, they'll overlook the funny-people-in-masks thing. Also, Fudge Factory = awesome travel-ready fudge. We can buy out the whole store and have that instead of delicious caek.

    Swimming with snorkels/masks is easy, as is swimming in a surgical mask. I did this today at the civic association, and everything was Kosher, just make sure to not dunk it under the H2O too too much. Damp breathing is possible, though... it kept my face cool after I got out, too.

    I personally wouldn't mind booking some hotels for people, even though I'm not namefagged. I'm sure there are some namefagged people in CW area who wouldn't mind, either.
  11. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Anti-cos and swimsuits? I'm pre-fapping already!

    Seriously, this does sound like fun. Organise it if you fancy - just don't over-commit yourselves money-wise in case it all goes wrong. Don't need any of you going bankrupt over this.
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Was it Weasel-Face?
  13. Anonvox Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Yeah, that's him.
  14. anonymous612 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Weasel-Face. <3 I am a fangirl for Weasel-Face. 4/12 autograph ohyesplz.
  15. juche Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I'll be off the continent and in a country where there's no Scientology presence because everyone's poor.
  16. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    This Midwesternanon would just about die of happy if she could go to this.

    On the whole Scilons-might-try-to-throw-a-wrench-in-this discussion: would they really have enough influence to convince the businesses, etc. in their area that they don't want a sudden surge of income from a few thousand tourists?
  17. CathyLong Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I'm down for this is if I can wing the cash to get down there. Always wanted to go back to Florida.
  18. Anonvox Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    This. Edit: Also, the Scilons probably won't be able to use the law to keep us away from Clearwater. Remember their failed injunction attempts? I'm pretty sure the Non-Scis would love to have us. I told a friend of mine about the Scientology protests (I didn't say I was with Anon though) and he knew all about Scientology's Shenanigans., and from what he told me, it didn't sound like the non-Scis in Clearwater liked the Scilons one little bit.
  19. anonymous612 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    The worry isn't that they can keep us from doing it, the worry is they can bribe hotels/sneak in plants to get our info.

    And no, in my experience non-Scis in CW HATE Sci. CoS bought the Hotel under a secret front and no one had any idea it was them until after they took over.
  20. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I'm envisioning people sleeping in their hotel rooms with their masks duct-taped to their faces now.

    People should probably travel in hotel room-sized groups with people they know and trust to reduce the chance of creepy shit happening :/ And not everyone should stay at the same place - we're familiar with parking far away from the protest area by now, similar tactics would be a good bet here.
  21. Anonvox Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    That is a problem...

    I don't think we could take a page from the Sci's playbook and hire private sec guards. That shit costs $$$.

    I also don't think requesting the CWPD send a few policemen to help guard us and make it worth the gaurd's while by providing delicious cake for two reasons 1) The Clearwater PD itself is probably infiltrated with Sci-plants and 2) Even if the officers they could send us are not Scis themselves, the CWPD might not consider our concerns a credible enough threat to warrant police protection.

    This is a tough one...
  22. anonymous612 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    The CPD are NOT scilons, they DO understand the danger involved, and they HAVE guarded us quite well. Just...just don't even get into that again, for sanity's sake, please. You don't have to worry about the CPD, you have to worry about the PIs and CoS.

    Travelling in a group you know is probably the best, though, and even then...well, there are always surgical masks.
  23. Anonvox Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    My bad. Apparantly I heard wrong about them.

    With all the drama in the past few days, I have 0 intention of starting any more.
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    It's a subject that comes up a lot, which is a shame because they've been more than acceptable. Anyway, you can probably count on the CPD to help in this, as least as far as they're allowed to.
  25. the_leif Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    If this ends up going down and going down big, I would totally fly down from MA with a few friends.

    The only issue I can see is hotel namefagging. We'll need to make a master list of safe hotels in the area and/or nearby cities where we can inconspiciously make board.
  26. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Absolutely THIS. The image of a bunch of cars, etc. trickling into Clearwater to drop a bunch of masked partygoers is just plain awesome, too.
  27. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    THIS! Also, if the hotels there don't like the org presence, you'd have to be in a really crappy hotel that would get bribed easily, right? I honestly think the pros far outweigh the cons here, people. Besides, just think: There will be so many anons they will be stunned into not knowing wtf to do. I'm all for this.
    Along with the bikini idea, we should have a most convincing trap contest.
  28. DLBSUAnon Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    If a date is set and there are a ton of people planning on going I would be totally down for this idea. I can get a couple of my friends to go too.

    The only problem I have is the money. I live in Indiana so gas would be expensive plus a hotel would really put a dent in my wallet.
  29. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I vote that some music-anons meet up and play some favorite tunes for everyone at some point during this if it gets off the ground.
  30. LOLCat2008 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    What if, instead of one major protest in Clearwater, we do several large protests that are regional rather than municipal. For instance, we could do one in Clearwater for everyone in the South, one in DC for the Mid-Atlantic, one in Boston for the Northeast, one in LA for the Southwest, one in Chicago for the North Midwest, etc. We could keep it to the US, or we could do this the world over. It would allow huge protests in big cities without forcing people to go too far. I have started a thread on it here:
  31. the_leif Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Maybe do the regional protests in June and the mega-protest in July?
  32. Persephone Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?


    We should put this up to vote for July...
  33. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    Concentrated regional events could end up really cutting down on the numbers of one huge event in Clearwater + Saint Hill + whatever you guys in Australia could come up with, though. Have another one on the West Coast, maybe?
  34. xenuXthepool Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I think that if you want more then one in the states, then stick with two: One in Clearwater, one in LA. East Coast and West Coast. Don't split up the numbers much more then that.
  35. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I would murder a thousand evil puppies to be there, but alas, it's great distance prevents me.

    The only thing I can think of is the scilons getting a protest permit for everyday your there. I'm not well versed in Florida law so you'll have to research.

    If this thing flies, take some pictures of Tommy Davis for me.:grin:
  36. teenieman Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I'm doing it. Fuck yea. This idea is epic win. I'll end up driving down from New York. I don't mind the namefagging issue, I'd be willing to sign for rooms.

    As for the 'most convincing trap contest', LOLOLOLOL. Do it. Even more epic.
  37. Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    LOL! A true Anon contest!
  38. AnonCynic Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    ^^ THIS. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the Clearwater/St. Pete area don't realize what summer is like around here. It'll be a piece of caek for Anons to blend in with the typical socks-and-sandals-wearing tourists here.

    If you guys spread out - which won't be difficult, considering there's 1 hotel or motel every 23 feet - it'll be damn near impossible to get namefagged. How will the Co$ be able to tell the difference between regular folks vacationing here and Anons...ya dig? :smile:
  39. anonymous612 Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    ^^ This squared. Clearwater's known for a, CoS, and b, Clearwater Beach. And Clearwater Beach is a great big white beach with filtered, trucked in sand right next to all the big hotels. Coming to Florida on a family vacation, it easily stands on a same level as Orlando/themepark area as a destination. Bring a camera, buy a cheesy straw/plastic beach bag, and grab one of the "I <3 FLORIDA"-like tourist shirts in the airport, and you'll have scilons asking you what the weather's like in Montana.
  40. SP_thats_me Member

    Re: July: Scion Mecca Road Trip?

    I'm definitely in, since I just live in Tampa.

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