July Theme?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by transientox, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. transientox Member

    July Theme?

    I figure this topic deserves its own thread, but refer to for ideas that have already been kicked around.

    Early favorites are:

    Operation: Party Hard II
    Operation: Party Harder
    Operation: FrontEnd
    Operation: Party Hard II: FrontEnd
    Operation: Mask

    Just like with March, the SRS BSNS theme was Tax Exemption, the theme for July could be the Front Groups of Scientology, such as WISE, CCHR, Narconon, Sea Org, etc.

    PROJECT CHANOLOGY/Scientology Front Groups - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    In addition, the NorthEast Anons (DC, Philly, Boston, New York) are gathering in a mass regional protest on July 26th.

    Should we consider doing an optional regional protest for EVERY region in July? If so, that's something we need to decide and hammer out the details ASAP, so people can plan/buy plane tickets.

  2. transientox Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Posted in June thread:

  3. nomnompie Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I think we can get the public's attention by letting them know how their taxes support scientology. Look for front orgs in your area ( and programs they offer (such as "tutoring disadvantaged youth"). Those programs are mostly funded by taxpayer dollars. Hand out copies of those orgs' 990 forms (many available at Those local orgs sign license agreements with mother orgs such as Applied Scholastics, ABLE, CCHR, etc. The local orgs have to pay them for books, materials, training, etc.

    Maybe also hand out pre-written letters and addressed envelopes to send to the appropriate gov't contacts demanding investigation/action.
  4. ormuzd Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I was about to suggest a protest theme being Front Groups themselves before I saw this. We can protest at the church as normal, but if a physical organization is also in the city than it could be protested instead/as well.
  5. tiggernew Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Brainstorming the issue of fronts, with potential phrases, etc.

    Front Line
    High Pressure Front
    Home Front
    Front Page
    Out Front

    CoS is kind of like an octopus, with tentacles everywhere. Anyone able to develop that more fully?

    It's late, so if this is stupid... (yawn)
  6. moose Member

    Re: July Theme?

    the idea behind Operation FrontEnd is not to just focus on the few well known organizations, like Narconon, CCHR, etc. , but *also* the 1000's of websites, companies (like for example Performia Home Page | Personnel services online | Human Resource Executive and Personnel Evaluation Tools ) and lobby groups like the ones in Brussels and Washington.

    goal is to create a HUGE list of fronts and deliver them to the media and such.
    There have been quite a few scandals in past when people/companies found out they were actually dealing with CoS. The media would love it too, i guess. :)

    we should have a wiki for this project somewhere.
  7. nomnompie Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Operation Full Frontal?? lol :D
  8. nomnompie Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Wealth of info right here: Scientology fronts: financials

    Though, it would be more helpful if it was organized by state.
  9. moose Member

    Re: July Theme?

    great source, but these are only the ones in the US.

    It should be organized by country & state.
  10. anon7846 Member

  11. moose Member

    Re: July Theme?

    thats a good start. but there are waaay more organisations then the ones listed there.
    There are lots of recruitment-, HR-, jobsearch- and testingcompanies. Good thing is they advertise for each other, and often use the same adresses for their companies, with some smart use of google they can be found.

    this is what the dutch came up with:
    Websites - TaartEnLollies

    If you feel like doing some reseach, then join #frontend for some tips on software, etc.
  12. Re: July Theme?

    No More Themes (aka Party Hard)
  13. cubby Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Operation: Party Hard 2 - Electric Boogaloo would be awesome
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I was doing some research for something else. This is still preliminary but a ref Suppressive Person Defense League - HCO Executive Letter: The Calculated Risk

    The term is Shades of Night.

    This is probably moronic but I'm tossing it out there.

    Operation: Shades of Night, we got your curtains (dog not included).

    The /b/ reference is implicit :)
  15. winanon Member

    Re: July Theme?

    It needs a video game allusion and a literary allusion.

    How about this:

    Operation: Pac Dude (get it?) does Dieanetics: Tax Exempt::: STOP!:

    Whata ya think? More colons, maybe?
  16. Re: July Theme?

    Either post something constructive relating to the June theme or get out of the thread.
  17. winanon Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Ok. I like the tax exempt angle, although it will require Anons to bone up on the subject.
    Enturbulation would need to provide an education thread that contains answers to the following:
    What Countries/States currently give Scientology tax-exempt status?
    Exactly how does the tax-exempt status for scientology work?
    How is scientology's tax-exempt status different than mainstream religions?
    What are the details of the latest news relating to scientology's tax-exempt status?
    What are the requirements for tax-exempt status in the USA?
    Under what circumstances did scientology get it's tax-exempt status?
    What arguments does scientology use to defend it's tax-exempt status in spite of the large fees it charges?

    And of course, we'd need to review, repackage, and resell the activism geared towards removing scientology's tax exempt status.

    Name ideas:

    Operation: REVOKE!

    Operation: RESCIND!

    Operation: FOLLOW TEXAS!
  18. Erra Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Err, wasn't the message behind Operation: Party Hard just how much fun we were having at these protests and what kind of group Anonymous is?

    I had that in mind when I thought of this...

    Operation: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    You know, the Daft Punk song? If you haven't heard it, die.
    It would be much like the Party Hard theme, mostly about how much moar fun we're having than Scientology, but also with a bit mixed in about how Anon has grown, and how we're just gonna keep coming back Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
  19. winanon Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I think that was a reference to LRH's birthday, not anything about Anon.

    That made it easy to understand and didn't detract from the main focus of educating the public about the fraud and abuse of Scientology.
  20. Whitehatv2 Member

    Re: July Theme?

    hmm... pretty good.
    "They be frontin."

    I know a motive line however.

    July ##...
  21. Re: July Theme?

    operation a shitload of flash / mini raids cause it really enturbs them scienos + a focus on how these fucks are tax exempt for a Major protest theme cause I can't think of a way to make taxes not serious business ?
  22. moose Member

    Re: July Theme?

    c'mon ppl, lurk moar.

    We've already focussed on the tax exempt at a previous protest, ppl have been writing letters and investigated a lot of stuff about the tax exempt.
  23. rasputin Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like Operation: Masquerade (focusing on front groups), tho I'm not *that* bothered what the theme is; whatever the stated theme people can and will bring along materials on whatever part of the puzzle they feel most strongly about.
  24. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: July Theme?

    How to get a good theme/style:

    1) Chose a topic for pressfags

    2) Find a way to make it lulzy, with a lulzy name

    3) ????

    4) PROFIT

    It's verry easy. June's Sea Org vs Sea Aaarg! is the best example yet. Great hard core point, lulzy protest.

    Here's some examples:
    1) Scientology believes 2.5% of the population can't be saved and must be removed.
    2) Operation: No I'm Sparticus. We all turn up dressed ready for prison or some shit.

    You get the idea.

    Even better if you can merge some amusing web joke (pirates, battletoads, etc) with your theme.

    I dunno, this sort of approach seems to be really working. I think June will be rocking - not only for the awesome press about the bizarre Sea Org, but for the awesome protests themselves!
  25. Re: July Theme?

    Okay, have an Idea, let's see what you guys think.

    Operation: Marcabian Masquerade

    Good for the Xenu lulz.
  26. i'mglib Member

    Re: July Theme?


    I was just listening to Andreas on Glosslip and he said he wished a light would be shined on David Miscavige. David Miscavige is virtually THE ENTIRE PROBLEM.

    He is one evil dude, and is personally perpetuating the evil of COS. Possibly single-handedly.

    Possible signs:

    David Miscavige Beats His Staff

    David Miscavige Squirrels the Tech

    David Miscavige = Cult Leader

  27. transientox Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Just to reiterate, this thread is for July theme ideas. June is already settled (Sea Arrgh).
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like this. LULZ are one of anonymous' most effective weapons against the CoS.
    Even if it is just wearing alien eye sunglasses or antenna headbands with your mask.
    I saw a suggestion to play some of hubbard's sci-fi space opera rants over speakers with a sign that says "this is what scientologists actually believe" (like southpark).

    I had also been thinking of ideas to invite more people passing-by to participate. I thought maybe some paper masks that could be printed with info on the inside could be made (I'm thinking of a similar quality to the burger king crowns). They could be passed out as info flier/informal invite for people to join in.
    Some people still seem intimidated by the masks, but if they see that anyone can have one, maybe it would be seen as being more in the spirit of mardi-gras, public masquerade or costume party.
    It would also help spread the message of "anonymous is anybody everywhere."
    Also, if the "promotional item" were made well-known to the CoS, it may discourage them from "stalking" protesters because of the risk of accidentally fair-gaming an uninvolved passer-by who is just wearing the mask for fun.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I'm a fucking faggot, please rape my face.
  30. Time of July protests

    I just wanted to put this out there.

    1. There are a lot of nerds, geeks, etc on this board
    2. Comic-Con in San Diego takes place July 24-27 2008
    3. Comic-Con attracts many geeks and nerds. Not just from L.A. and San Diego, but internationally.

    If the July protest occurs during Comic-Con, some anon will be busy...

    Again, just putting it out there....
  31. rasputin Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like :)
  32. erhowboutno Member

    Re: July Theme?

    With the Operation Anonville, I think there should be 2 protests in July.

    One towards the start of the month, your regular picket. Then towards the end (Which is the 26th) Operation Anonville.

    Why? Well, that's easy. Who doesn't like an excuse for 2 protests? ;)
  33. transientox Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Bizump bump bump.
  34. Anon-101 Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I still stand by Operation: Party Hard II

    It's sunny, let's have fun
  35. Re: July Theme?

    Operation Party Harder! :D
  36. unidentified Member

    Re: July Theme?

    What about Operation YOU LIE

    It rhymes with July and is general purpose dealing with all of Scientology's lies.
  37. supafreak Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Anything that involves dressing up like Ozone from Electric Boogaloo is fine by me. :yay:
  38. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: July Theme?

  39. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like the operation sea Argggg [piratey stuff] considering the freewinds went down recently and DM is pounding the crap outta his staff etc etc--there's a LOT to work with...
  40. unknpwned Member

    Re: July Theme?

    This is out of nowhere, but how about a braveheart/operation theme?

    OPERATION FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It makes some sense to do it in july. It can have great themes from braveheart, and of course, a mix of "epic" films for "epic" win. This can also share a theme of those who have already came out of church, and a specific focus of their breaches of freedom and how they have violated the rights of others. (not exactly fair game, but how they treat their members. Its a broad topic, but it should work)
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