July Theme?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by transientox, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    Fair enough.

    It is true that many people are competing for their ideas to be put forward.

    Although mega lulz can be had by taking Scilon doctrine and propaganda and used as counter-intelligence.

    But your 2 cents is well noted...I agree. But you don't have to go as the theme...Guy Fawkes OR anything to cover your identity is endless and default.

    Anything else is an added extra.
  2. .L. Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    theme music must be star wars imperial march!!!
  3. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here


    I did not think of fkn obviou!? :frustration:

    Oh just even suggesting ideas to Marcabian Confederacy Day is lulz.
  4. ChefXenu Member

    Re: July Theme?

    fixed ur haiku:

    Cult Watch: Clam Rescue
    For July, I was thinking
    Raw Meat Pool is Closed.
  5. Athenanon Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I LOVE the transformers idea, but definitely not for summer.
    Think of the anons in Florida, and Arizona. :flop: We can't even wear full suits in 115 degree weather, let alone full transformers costumes. IMHO, this would be a good idea for in fall/winter.

    Other than that, I really like the whole Party Hard proposition. I think its a good way to show people that Anons wearing V masks aren't scary and like to have fun, too. The Marcabian Masquerade would be a good attack on Co$, though...
  6. LOLserker Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like this idea!

    My white tee and pommade are at your disposal.
  7. anonymizzz Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Operation WISE guise does have a nice ring to it - exposing the corporate underbelly of the cult in awesome mafiosa fashion. Also might be a good way to reach the media with legal RICO claims.
  8. OneOfMany Member

    Let me go a little more indepth about my idea.

    Why thank you LOLserker.

    I decided to repost a post I made in another thread that was about planing for July. The post I made in this thread is not as indepth as the other one I made. So here it goes.

    [Begin repost]How about this.

    Operation:Sock Hop on Couch(yes, this is quite an obvious Tom Cruise reference)

    The theme of this protest is about comparing the disparengy between how Scientology treats its famous members and its regular joe members.We can talk about they pamper their celebs and how crappy they treat the other 99% of its members (the need of a celeberity center, the Freewinds bashes, the poor wage and health care[or the lack of it] they provide their employees, the child labor camps, narcocons poor living conditions etc...) We can also talk about how they use celeberties in their propaganda. We can show the public how Scientology's massive wealth gap among its members effects their regular members (specificly the ones that need to work for the church of scientology to afford its services).

    For the protest we can bring 50's music, poodle skirts, 50's style milkshakes (and cake too), lots of 50's fashion, jukeboxes, and stuff like in the "Grease" movies; "Happy Days" tv series and the dancing/resturant scene in "Pulp Fiction".I might have to learn some those dances that were popular that decade:wink:

    So what you guys think about my idea? Please be honest with me.[End repost]

    I forgot to mention "American Graffiti". But anyways, we have taken on disconection and fair game (and soon Sea Org). It's now time to take Scientology's biggest public relations tool, their use of celeberities to spread their propaganda at the cost of it's non-famous, non-wealthy members. We need to change the public's preception on Scientology being a glamorous highend spa/church that many A-list actors attend into a distructive, dangerous cult that will bleed your checking account dry.

    I think that July would be the best time of the year to protest their use of movie stars. Think about it, July is the month of the year commonly assocated with the summer movie season when alot of the A-list movies are released. July is a MAJOR movie month.

    And how can you not like the title "Operation: Sock Hop on Couch"(I think it's very catchy). Anyone that hears that name insantlys remembers the whole Tom Cruise jumping on Oprahs couch incident.
  9. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    Star Wars gangsta rap
    BSG Theme (Not the intro but the music score) 4mins long.
    Star Trek theme
    Originally created Marcabian Confederacy Invasion Fleet themes?
  10. French Ninja Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    I now fully support Confederacy Day.
  11. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    Awesome, spread the word :alien:
  12. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    As stated elsewhere: "Dawn of DM" - Zombie protest - where we protest the brainwashing of Cult members!
  13. Azrael Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    i think were going about this the wrong way.
    what we should do imo is pick a target first.
    decide what sci crimes we want to highlight this protest, and derrive
    the theme from that.
  14. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH Lulz attack!

    Confederacy Day (Ideas)

    'Starship Troopers main theme'

    YouTube - Starship Troopers Theme

    + Audio clips from the movie.
  15. Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here


    Therefore, Operation Party Harder, or GTFO.
  16. Sandwich Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    July theme was set ages ago. (The Summer of LULZ | Anonymous)

    July 12th is the anniversary of the Great Habbo Raid of 2006 (The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006 - Encyclopedia Dramatica)

    The theme was decided to be FUN (not serious business like Reconnect) and it was named Operation: CULTS CLOSED by Anonymous.

    Also Party Harder is a cool name for another one
  17. Orderous Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    I support this, in fact I believe that most of London does. With WBM and Magoo coming in, there really isn't another option. A bit of a sub-theme seems to be in rememberance of the Habbo raids as well.

    EDIT; See links above
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    I appreciate having a specific subject to address for each protest, but a different theme each month is unnecessary. Why create a wall of conformity with costumes (we already have this with the masks anyway) when one of the things that confuses and annoys the scilons so much is our unpredictability, diversity and chaotic nature?

    Party Harder covers such a free-for-all atmosphere well, is all-encompassing and appeals to a wide audience. It doesn't stop the public from getting the message - that's what our signs and flyers are for. Don't restrict the imagination and creativity of the hivemind by saying "o hay guise we should all dress like X".
  19. Anonniemouse Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    'Marcabian Confederacy Day'

    Don't like it. Good for us who know WTF it is, but we are not the target of the message. If we keep on with the themes, they should be easy to understand to the non-anon/non-hacker/non-knowing public.

    I posted this on the other thread

    Operation WISE guys: MAFIA theme, picture DM face on Tony Soprano's body. Cannoli in place of cake. Show how the COS uses front groups to funnel money to the top (RTC) and how they lie to get people sucked in and scare them so they can't get out. Theme songs aplenty! Franky Valley in place of RA. Promo Vid with the Godfather theme. Let's make them an offer they can't refuse.

    I'm not saying it's the best, but everybody gets it COS=MAFIA and we tell the public why and how.
  20. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    Operation Party Hard II: Electric Boogaloo
    Operation Party Hard II: The Revenge
  21. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

  22. Simplicus Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    I happen to like the Operation: Party Harder Or GTFO idea, it caused me to lul and very few things make me lul
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    Do we really need to add anything TO Party Harder? Keep it simple?
  24. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

  25. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    It's about Lulz people.

    Did people get Party Hard?

    Do people get these themes?

    Even the memes?

    Do people (General Public: Soccer mom and Joe Sixpack) even know what anonymous is?


    The theme is for lulz, the information we hand out is what explains what we are and what Scientology is.

    If your tight for cash like mwa or a 'non-conformist' emo turn up with whatever you want! That's why your anonymous.

    People don't give a flying ---- what the theme is...So it's ours to have fun with.

    In closing, if you don't like the themes---that's fine, :guyfawkes: it.

    It's about educating the public about Scientology, not trying to make them guess what part of Scientology we are trying to address without them not even knowing what it is in the first place.
  26. OneOfMany Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    King-Leonidas has made a pretty good point. We might to need to simplify our message for the general public.

    We need a theme that reflects the message that we are sending that day. There should be a debate on witch topic we are going to tackle in July and then form a theme around that topic.

    I had some time to think about the ideas we've been throwing around. I think costumes in general would be a bad idea. It makes it easy for Scientolgists to track Anonymous protesters to and from protests. We also got to consider that these are global protests. Let me explain. July is the hottest month of the year in the northern hemishpere, and the coldest month in the southern hemisphere. Its possible we chose a costume that would be inapropiate for certain climates. A costume that would be great in Melborne, Austrailia in July (very cold) would be terrible for a protester in Clearwater, Florida in July (possible heatstroke and dehydration from wearing heavy clothes in Florida's extremly hazy weather). Ditto for the month of January.
  27. D... Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Targeting celebrities does little to nothing, imo. Auditing is kind of iffy as well, since it can be argued.

    I'd rather go for the tax exemption or even the front groups I was originally against.

    And- HOLYSHIT WE NEED A DECISION FUCKING SOON. It should be announcable for the next protest.
  28. feman0n Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I vote for 'exposing the stress tests' theme (complete with fake e-meters). Most people have no idea they are related to Scientology, and used as a recruiting tactic. Yet that is where they sucker them in. :/

    Either that, or brainwashing.

    Both of these are possibly (?) lacking in lulz, but haven't been addressed enough yet IMHO...
  29. feman0n Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Tax exemption is another big one. Everyone cares about money.
  30. WBMBacker Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Operation: WISE Guys has good earmarks:

    (1) The WISE connection as a front group.

    (2) The money connection to Mafia style money laundering/scamming

    (3) The LULZ meter goes WAAAAYYYY up on this one!

    (4) It will be the first time anonymous goes head to head with danger-mouse, as the head of the mafia-esque organization.

    (5) It paints scientology in a much darker light.

    (6) It can be used to show their `special' deal tax-exemption!

    Guys!.. this one has it all!!!

    (Besides... I do a KILLER Don Corleone imitation! "I make you an offah you ken rehfoose!".. the YouTube vids will be priceless!)

  31. DarkSim Member

    Re: July Theme?

    As someone has surely suggested, howabout we target the scis specifically for once and do it on DM & squirreling of the tech by him.
  32. admiral_caek Member

    Re: July Theme?

    The solution theme has been amongst us for a quite some time... it moves too quickly for the average marcab to catch a glimpse.... i present your new theme...

    "ZERG RUSH!1!!1" + :guyfawkes: of course

    operation zerg rush is multifaceted and can easily be used as a talking point about how the cult uses a cheeze quad hatchery strat. (narconon, crimonon, cchr, twth, asi, etc). They sac all their drones way early in the match and didn't leave any for resourcing.

    Anonymous shows them how it's done. Turns out that Protoss will trade vespene gas for Internets, and sweet raptor jesus knows we got internets to spare. By the time CoS pops 24 'lings, Anonymous already has the expansion burrowed and is setting up a tower camp. HOW F'ING HILARIOUS IS THIS?????/?/?/???????
  33. Azrael Member

    Re: July Theme?

    am i missing something here?

    it seems to me that as long as were talking theme and never discussing
    what the ACTUAL TARGET of the protest will be this whole thread is nothing
    but a giant circeljerk?

    what is the fucking target?
  34. Outbody Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Not very, to the average person who has no idea what the hell you're talking about.
    My vote goes with Operation Teatime. The 'chans are always talking about what fags we are--let's prove them right with the most elegant, refined, bone-smugglingly effeminate tea party ever thrown. We'll sit around in cafes, sipping delicately from fine china, and talk about the evils of Scientology in impossibly clipped Received Standard accents, with just the slightest hint of a lisp.
  35. tamphex Member

    Re: July Theme?

  36. Lrononymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    yes, you are missing alot. welcome to chanology
  37. feman0n Member

    Re: July Theme?

    what tamphex said! (despite the terrible shoop job)

    our scilon spai's are pretty hilarious by themselves.. this could be epic.
  38. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I fully endorse Spy vs. Sci as an upcoming theme.
  39. Re: July Theme?

    well without a specific target this is turning into

    I like the idea of WISGUY'S though. Front groups really need some attention.
  40. Wirah Member

    Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here


    The theme decided on the chans was an afro (habbo) / beard (wbm) party with haiwaiian shirts.
    July is all about partying and hopefully there will be demand for BuckForis II for a giant after party.
    [Sea Argh has an epic after party/flash mob in Hyde Park]

    There's cheerleaders being organised for August (london). No idea for the August theme though.

    God knows.

    Also, serious themes make numbers shrink! But as long as we have a proper BIG lulzfest every 3 months or so things should be fine.

    1. CoSplay - INBETWEEN / UNKNOWN (Everything was new)
    2. Party Hard - LULZ
    3. Reconnect - SRS
    4. Fair Gamestop - 50/50
    5. Sea Argh - 50/50
    6. Cults Closed (due to raids) - LULZ
    7. ________ (Aug) - 50/50 (We need to keep an element of lulz here, as July will be very hard to top, hence masked cheerleaders in London (Gimme a C-U-L-T))
    8. ________ (Sept) - SRS (This can be very srs bsns (Reconnect))

    Operation: Clear as Mudkip

    Operation: BAWWWDIT? Moardit?

    Anyway, back to work
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