July Theme?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by transientox, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Re: Theme for JULY, discuss them here

    Front Groups, wise , able, narconon, applied scholastics


  2. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    'Party Hard 2: Party Harder', to kick off the summer of lulz.

    It's the best and you know it.
  3. Wirah Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I assumed Party Harder would be March 15th '09
  4. King-Leonidas Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Posting theme ideas is kinda's obviously decided by some form of leadership.

    I guess it's just for mini-lulz

    I say wear what you want, theme what you want...but choose a topic to work on for that raid. All the other bees can go with the main topic handed from the Generals and you can either go with it or work on another angle to defeating the Scilons.
  5. Re: July Theme?

    I'm with Anne Ominous, something along the lines of partying would be great for summer, especially if we do it mid-late July when the schools and colleges are out.
    On the other hand, if we go from a protest theme of something big like the Sea Org and then straight to a party theme it might look like we're running out of steam.
    I propose something about Narconon next, personally, and maybe do mini flash raids end of July for a party theme.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: July Theme?


    I agree, that makes sense.


    We don't have "bees". Or "Generals". This isn't a beehive or a military organisation.
  7. Re: July Theme?

    Gentlemen, I give you Operation: Level Up
    Like on 3/15 we focus on the pay to salvation set up. But this time we draw parallels to how it's set up like R.P.G.s, and give a bit more focus on OT Powers (character abilities), and how they keep people coming back even when they can't deliver on the OT Powers by promising even better ones at the next level (ye olde bait and switch).

    This would go excellently with a L.A.R.P. theme which would in turn, be awesome geeky fun.
  8. Anonniemouse Member

    Re: July Theme?

    What about this, with the theme of 'Party Hard 2: Party Harder', who party is the best party? Theme and target is up to locals! If you wanna theme, go for it! if it's cake and Rick Rolling cool, if you wanna go full out sea arggg kind o'bash go for it.

    I think all we as a group need to keep in mind is Lame=Fail, Inside joke=lame.
    Party, Party hard my friends and bring new people with you.
  9. Re: July Theme?

    In London it's gonna be CULT'S CLOSED with a sort of beachyparty theme. Observe the wonder that is wirah. ;)
  10. Consensus Member

    Re: July Theme?

    We have no 'leaders' or 'generals.' Nonetheless, there are more... 'visible' members of anon - city organizers, police liaisons, and admins & mods on the various websites which are available to Anon.

    The picking of a theme is complicated, and it is not a 1 man, 1 vote democratic decision. Persuading a majority on the #enturbulation IRC channel is a big win. Persuading the SA forums is another. The Enturb mods certainly have their own discussion - but we don't have 'authority' to make anybody go along with it, and we do accept the final decision of the hivemind whether it's ours or not. Individual cities usually have their own vote or preference too - with the bigger cities, London, Clearwater, New York, LA and so on having the biggest say. Big name figures like Stu and Tory can sway opinion too.

    The first few months were all decided by (the now defunct) #Marblecake crew. Their may theme was to be 'psychout' -the hivemind rejected it, #MC tried to push it through sockpuppets and other manipulative means, and #MC lost all status.

    It is not pointless to propose themes here. But the theme will not be decided in this thread. This is a brainstorming thread, like any other.
  11. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    i dont care what the theme is.

    to a degree the theme doesn't matter
    - the theme has very little to do with the actual protests IMO other than :



    a name that is not faggy
    (so that 70% of the suggestions in this thread discounted [by me at least])


    an issue for the media to focus on.

    Reconnect while being faggy and overly emo (imho) was a good theme with regards to the media having an issue for focus - ie CNN asking tommy about disconnection ... fairgame (in my opinon) was a shitty theme as the main fairgame stories are years old.... i am fucking overjoyed than we have the Sea Org theme (not for the pirates) becuase it's an issue the media can really get their teeth into as the focus ....

    the theme doesnt matter so much on the ground as whilst their is a little bit of focus ... the public are still being educmacated about all sorts of issues ....

    if only a non-faggy theme name could be thought of for frontgroups i think its a meaty subjects for the media....

    i actually liked the idea for Operation Wise Guys (maybe people could dress as 50s gangsters?) ... and although this is mainly associated with W.i.S.E the WISEGUYS theme could cover ALL frontgroups...

    also SPY Vs SCI is pretty crappy... what is it --- "zomg they have PI's after Us ... BAWWWW"
  12. OneOfMany Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Hear me out about this, maybe it would be more appropriate to let local Anon groups choose their own theme for their monthly protest. The only universal ties that should tie the global protest together is the date of that the monthly should take place (thus keeping it a truly global protest).It would be much easier to debate witch day the protests take place than debating witch theme to use.

    But heres the main reason for having locally chosen themes. It would seriously screw up public relations for every Scientology Center that we protest. You see, having a international theme gives time for the Co$ to prep a universal response for individual Scientology Centers to deal with the theme of our protests. We need to remember that the Church of Scientology is a big bloated org. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

    Last month theme was "Operation Fair:Game Stop". It was about Scientology's use of Fair Game. The Co$ saw the videos and postings here announcing that it was going to be the theme of this protest that month. So the Co$ held high level meetings in order to figure out what to tell local Scientology centers to do (what to tell local members and the local media). It makes it a bit easier and cheaper to deal with the protests at hand. With each and every month we have a protest with a universal theme, they learn how to deal with us in a more effective and regimented maner.

    Now look what happens if we have 65 protests with its own independent theme at 65 different scientology centers the same day worldwide. It would make it near impossible for the big bloated Co$ to deal with each protest. Not only would it trip up the Co$, but in order for the Co$ to deal with each protest they would use up a whole hell of a lot more money and resources to deal with those 65 protests than they would if there were a universal theme. In a single day none the less. Now you see what I'm getting at.

    Having locally chosen themes would be a power tool to use against the Co$. It's a powerful blend of psycological and economic warfare. It would easily make our protests FIVE times as effective. And it would be extremely easy to pull off (much easier than choosing a universal theme).
  13. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I believe the reason people gravitate toward a global theme is because it gives us a unified media front to push on the public, and makes it easy on our graphic designers.
  14. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    yes this is true to an extent... ppl can focus on what they want... but the media needs and easy to pigeon hole theme as the focus ... otherwsie it's just a bunch of noise
  15. OneOfMany Member

    Re: July Theme?


    And it also makes it much easier for the Co$ to plan ahead to our monthly protest. I'm not out to offend anyone, but I believe our use of international themes is a possible footbullet for our side. I'm also taking acount that Scientology is regimented to the point of it being one of it's greatest faults (does anybody remember Scientology's manditory phone calls every week to Scientology's world headquaters to report that week's stats).
  16. Re: July Theme?

    im all for NO THEME.
  17. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: July Theme?

    The nice thing about this movement is that no one *has* to have a theme. If people don't want one, they won't use one. Following any sort of theme, even a global one, is up to every individual.
  18. cpt-obvious Member

    Re: July Theme?

    dude wtf why NO THEME , themes are vital ! without themes anonymous has no reason to exist
  19. Lrononymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Suggestion: take to it think tank. While here in this thread, make suggestions about a theme. Thanks
  20. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: July Theme?

    lol Operation: Switch Hitter

    Every local group does their own theme.

    edit: I like this idea alot

    edit 2: having only local themes would also allow anonymous to flex their creative muscles even more (which is arguably our greatest strength)
  21. OneOfMany Member

    Re: July Theme?


    That can be easily handled by organized local Anon groups. But we have to remember that we are having international protests.

    Lets say that the Anons in Hollywood was going to have a protest that talks about the lousy pay and almost non-existant health care for employees of the Co$. The topic would be localy relevant in the US, but not so much outside of the US because the goverments in other countries have national health care. The same can be said in the UK about how a city was not going to allow signs that say "CULT", it would be a different story here in the US. And not only that, there is some countries out there is looking into delisting Scientology as a religion.

    Having local themes would better help local Anons refine their message to the public. Anon groups might have to learn to deal with Scientology within their own local and national politics and not in the geopolitical way we've been goin about it.
  22. Re: July Theme?

    because themes are a waste of time for the people who set them up. i feel sorry for all those Anonymous who work like NIGGERS in the background, day in and day out with no pay, buying domains out of pocket, making websites, writing and sending press releases, doing interviews, making videos, moderating, upkeeping servers, and KEEPING ANONYMOUS WORKING in general. lol sucks to be them!!!

    do the smart thing likez me and sell ad space in your post now! LULZ HAVE BEEN HAD!!!
  23. OneOfMany Member

    Re: July Theme?

    @AnonymousConnection and cpt-obvious

    I'm going to clarify what I said. There is still going to be themes, but they won't be chosen for a international manner. It all going to be local chosen.


    I'm planing to take this a separate thread in the Think Tank section. Thanks for that idea.


    The name of this strategy is not going to be called an operation. If I did that it would be a paradox on itself. For now I'll call this strategy the "Hydra Strategy". I call it that because the local Scientology Centers will feel like they are fighting the mythical beast when Anon protests them. I'll post the "Hydra Strategy" thread soon.
  24. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I agree with everything you have said. and you make some good points. --- but their need to be a unifying theme for what are refered to as "Global Protests" purely so the media has something to focus on. Europe and Australia has the same issues (mostly) as the US - and as far as International Media are concerned their needs to be a focus for them...

    ... what anons do on the ground is not so important
  25. Slothrop Member

    Re: July Theme?


    We need a narconon theme at some point.
  26. An0nYm0use Member

  27. cpt-obvious Member

    Re: July Theme?

    inb4 troll

    i thought the idea was to actually get a THEME set and chosen and decided upon .

    protip: just try to sence the sarcasm in some posts when it comes to themes.

    i can personally not wait till a theme has been decided. and personally think that international themes are necesarry be it for the sole reason that you can't send out a press release saying :

    o hai , we're anonymous , well yeah we don't have really a theme but meh we're gona have a protest somewhere in july don't know the dates sorry because thats decided localy, ooh and yeah . you know no more themes i sayd it again , cause you know , ninjas pirates no one agrees so just look it up .

    we sent 300k journalists / news outlets this un informative press release because you know you know, we're anonymous we cause mass confusion.

    /end sarcasm.

    without a theme there won't be press coverage = fail

    so people please do come up with a theme and agree upon it, our weapon is information and distribution of information. without it we lose.
  28. French Ninja Member

    Re: July Theme?

    OneOfMany, that is brilliant.

    DeCentralized theme go go go!
  29. OneOfMany Member

    Re: July Theme?


    I seen that you have taken a good look at my posting history. Yes I am a noob. But I've been following Anonymous since after their Febuary protests. The message of Anonymous has hit close to home. All I'm going to say at this point is that I have a relative that has disconnected from the rest of my family. I've gone on for hours, thinking about a way to help Anonymous. My beef with the Church of Scientology is quite personal. I dedicated so much time thinking about a way to get even with the Co$.
  30. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    i am not suggesting anything untoward about your presence [at all].

    and while i agree with much of what you say (and have said as much) that local anons can do whatever suits. on a global level for media proposes, there needs to be a focused theme:lol:
  31. Re: July Theme?

    ok then its agreed. NINJAS. you never see them, but they are there and everywherez, the theme of a NON EXISTENT THEME = NINJAS. every protest chooses their own theme, sounds like a NINJA op to me.

    NO THEME = win (lol ninjas not seen)
    THEME NINJAS = win (lol theme doesnt exist)
    at least with ninjas we can all wear ski mask for the lulz

    seriously guys, some people don't like the idea of themes at all. also, nothing is ever set in stone so if a local protest doesnt want to do some theme cuz they think its "teh gay", that's their business. nobody says anybody has to do anything. whats needed is a single date, and a GENERAL global theme, so we come off as unified. if you stick to the plan or not, nobody cares as long as you put the stomp on them. the media doesnt actually pay attention to what people are doing on protest days (zomg, THEY DIDNT GO DRESSD AS PIRATES) - and i've seen the pics, some of you have been wearing the SAME THING OVER AND OVER again. << which is still not a problem, that's your business .. lol

    ALSO, dont forget:
  32. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?


    it will be hilarious
  33. OneOfMany Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I understand what you are saying about having an international message. Having a international theme every month can be extremely unproductive. But I'm not against having International events (like the over 9000 march in D.C.). But having an international event every once in a while is very important. These international events are the very best time to have the international themes. It makes it much easier to show the international press what we are all about. My plan is all about properly delegating our numbers and energy in a powerful and efficent way. Having a international theme every month might water down the messages for our international events. It all comes down to timing in my opinon.
  34. admiral_caek Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Go fornicate yourself with an iron stick.
  35. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    plz "event" >9000 doesnt have a theme.

    we have be doing pretty badly so far with the themes. its not as if cnn asked tommy davis about disconnection

    oh shi-

    i am confident a win theme will magically pop up out of nowhere
  36. somnombulist Member

    Re: July Theme?

    There's a few prerequisites for themes that ought to be so obvious that they shouldn't need stating. But anyway:

    1 - Themes must be global. The idea that the protests have all Anony on the same message around the globe is both extremely powerful and one the media finds extremely attractive.

    2 - Themes need to be relevant to Scientology abuses. Sea Argh is relevant to the abuses within Sea Org. Exposing the abuses within the Sea Org are its main purpose. Dressing up as pirates is just an added bonus. However themes that are just an excuse for Co$play, without a focus on Scientology abuses, won't be helpful. They'll just confuse the message of what we're trying to protest.

    3 - Themes need to be appealing and catchy, something the general public can understand without too much explanation required. The best result would be that the best theme gets chosen. I think people need to try to overcoming personal ego, where people are pushing "their" theme so it gets chosen. Obviously this will be counterproductive. Anonymous is not your personal army.

    IMO, the above criteria should provide the basis for assessing whether a theme is suitable. I'm not greatly fussed which theme gets chosen, as long as it meets all 3 of the above criteria.

    On an aside note, there will come a time to expose Scientology's front groups, but July is premature. Front groups are not core to Scientology operations, and it's one of the weaker premises of Scientology abuse. We need to stay on Scientology as a target and have completely exposed to public view the manifest abuses of Scientology before we go after what's a peripheral issue, regardless of how appealing the prospects for playing Co$play dressups.
  37. Shifter Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Srsly, there needs to be a global target for the protests. We need to know what we are focussing on in terms of informing the public. Without that it's just a disparate bunch of people holding signs. I think that cohesiveness is what makes these global protests so interesting and effective in terms of spreading word about the evils of the cult.

    And yes, it is important in terms of informing the press what we are about. The press are our friends, they are what we need to get to a wider audience and CNN picking up on the disconnection issue from our emphasis was EPIC WIN.

    I don't care so much about themes, I tend not to dress up different from one protest to another, I just wear comfy clothes whatever. But if peeps want a theme that's cool, I find it entertaining on the day.

    So can a target please just be picked? The peeps who don't think we need one or who want to work out their own locally can go about doing that in their own little world while the rest of us stick to a winning formula.

    I think Front Groups need exposing. Srsly. That covers quite a broad range of discussion and it's something the public and press can easily understand and find disturbing.
  38. Penguin-Anon Member

    Re: July Theme?

    We should finalise this decision quickly. If the Scilons see this they will begin to see a weakness or divide in our structure and may try to use it against us. Tread carefully around this.
  39. somnombulist Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Current suggestions, in order of my personal preferences:

  40. webkilla Member

    Re: July Theme?

    i like the Party hard: 2 (with or without electric boogaloo)

    think of it like OT ratings people! we can work our way up to OT8 - each party hard will focus on BS from each OT level... plus something else, i dunno (how to shot web?)

    cant wait for (and yes i'm taking the party hard themes from the youtube chan movies...)

    Party hard OT 3 - do the mongle (do the marcab mongle?)
    Party hard OT 4 - the death of scilons (whyaretheydead)
    party hard OT 5 - the death and rebirth (scilons suiciding beliveing that they reincarnate as better scilons)
    party hard OT 6 - cults are bad for you (obvious theme is obvious)
    party hard OT 8 - in before seven (because it is just that much more of a load of BS?)
    party hard OT 7 - this protest requires a gold base to view
    party hard OT 9 - [cant think of a name here... the $cilons should all be gone and enturbed by now]
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