July Theme?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by transientox, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Wirah Member

  2. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Holy crap, this is still going round?

    somnombulist is EXACTLY right. Look at all our pre-protest and post-protest press, it always reads like this:

    "This month Anonymous will be protesting Scientology's <insert focus issue> by <insert thematic fun>. Scientology <insert paragraph on our claims about Scientology>."

    When WE 'claim' Scientology does something it gives the press a FREE PASS to discuss those problems by just repeating what we say. Which counts as reporting on US rather than libelling Scientology.

    If we lose the themes we just become "those kids mucking around in front of the Scientology building".

    How about we just chose one of:
    - Zombies
    - Ninjas
    - Partys

    And a theme of either:
    - DM
    - Brainwashing
    - <something else>

    It's time to pick a horse, not add more horses to the match.

    Erm, my theme summary is far from complete. I've had a few drinks hehehe.
  3. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: July Theme?

    DM's abuse of staff
    Hatred toward psychiatrists and denial of much-needed medication
    Brainwashing and indoctrination
    Paying money for beliefs and not revealing what they really believe until you've payed and spent years inside
    Intimidation and threats and shit to make sure members dont leave
    Something to do with SPs where we burn/tear up/destroy somehow lots of SP declares

    There's some things for protest themes, if not for this protest then just to get some ideas out there if we need any for July or afterward.

    But I think the idea of having themes for dress like zombies or ninjas is really really lame (although not as lame as the "beach party" idea). The pirates are good because they work well with the sea org theme (I guess zombies would be cool as well for brainwashing, since we can be saying something there), but I really think we shouldn't have a costume thing for every protest, just a few of them. And when we do have them, then make them relevant to the protest theme.

    Anyone agree?

    EDIT: Actually, I'm liking the idea of zombies for a brainwashing/indoctrination-related protest more and more. We could mention that woman that said her Scientologist father "looked like a walking corpse" and I think it'd work really well, I think we should totally do that if we end up doing a brainwashing themed raid.

    I think we should do this later though, rather than have 2 costumed protests in a row.
  4. Re: July Theme?

    the fact that this place can't make up their minds only leads me to believe this site is full of SPIES and OSA agents trying to derail Chanology. we need a way to handle these AGENTS like NOW!
    I hope Anons train themselves to be better DETECTIVES, this OSA crap has gone on long enough...

    anyone posting after this is A SPY. that is all.
  5. tiggernew Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I vote for this one. It can get into the front groups, etc., we can use the "mafia of religions" line, and the strong-arm tactics, special tax deal, etc. I'm all for it. Gangsters it is, for me.

    (Unfortunately, costume-wise, this will be rough for summer in the U.S., since suits are pretty much the way to go. It's either that, or wife-beaters with lots of gold chains, heavy pinky-rings, and fedoras.)
  6. Re: July Theme?

    I could go with that or, maybe choose 1 of, 2 or 3 different front front groups from a central list. Worldwide it would be the front groups and how they are used and exploited for PR, Taxes, "non-profit" status and such. At the same time individual States, Provinces, Countries, etc could be focused on one of the groups, and when it all comes back to the net we have great info on all there groups under the same title and theme?

    Multiple Victory's at the same battle?
  7. Skambren Member

    Re: July Theme?

    And if no theme shall be found, we shall call it Operation: Party Hard(er/est/II/III/etc). Unified overarching themes are important. If your location wants a sub-specialty, go for it. Stop this faggotry bickering.
  8. Anonypeg Member

    Re: July Theme?

    "Operation: What Are Your Crimes" is short and simple.
    The name of the theme may not be lulzy, but there is so much to cover.
    When Joe Public thinks "Church", they hardly think crimes. Plus, there are a shwackload of crimes to write about on the flyer. We can also write about how Hubbard told his followers that anybody critical of Scientology is a criminal and has crimes to hide. Mary DeMoss is an example of a bullbaiter who insisted Mark Bunker and Tory had crimes to hide.

    So again, lack of lulz, but presentable to the media, and approachable at a lot of angles.
  9. Anon Char Member

    Re: July Theme?


    How Co$ footbullet's its existence.
  10. Anonniemouse Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Ok, not to be a prick, but OneofMany was four or five posts late on the local theme parade. Going with the Party Harder idea, the protests are partys, every party has a theme, but they are all one BIG party. Get it? Lets say LA goes superhero, Perth does Zombies, Phili goes WISE guise(mafia) and SF goes Alice in Blunderland and so on, tell the press it's all one party and everyone is invited! I think for us, much lulz seeing what others have come up with and the press has more choices of images. For the public, we look like people who are having a good time but dealing with some heavy issues.

    That's it, I'm out
  11. cubby Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Party Hard II:
    Bucket of Lulz

    I made my font giant, now you must agree.
  12. Major Boyle Member

    Re: July Theme?

    How about "Operation Takeover". Something to highlight how $cientology plans to take over the government. I mean, can you imagine the vids you could make if $cientologists were the government? Imagine some poor guy wants to get a license for his car. $cientology charges $5,000 dollars, unless of course, you work on staff, in which case it'll be $50.
    You'll work for that amount each month.
    You can have freedom of speech, except of course, for words that $cientology doesn't like such as "cult", in which case you'll go to jail.
    And the scary thing is. This stuff is happening NOW.
  13. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    spoken like a true spy
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Theme: Summer of Lulz!
    Argument: Scientology is boring!

  15. D... Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Suggested themes:

    A. Front groups
    B. David Miscarriage
    C. The amount of money they zap from you
    D. Brainwashing
    E. Medical malpractice/negligence

    I'm against D because the tech is controversial (some might say praying, meditation, and fasting would be brainwashing) and it might cause a lot of break away from FreeZoners (though I doubt some would even care). A requires and enormous amount of information and even more debate.

    I'd go with B,C,E.
  16. A-non-y-moose Member

    Re: July Theme?

    WISE Guy's _ Party hard!
  17. DNAnon Member

  18. tamphex Member

    Re: July Theme?

    The mudkip is not a fruit. :secret:
  19. Anonymeep Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Absolutely agreed. By chopping the big huge issue into subsections and highlighting one, we give media and public an 'in' that can be covered (or at least touched upon) in a medium sized news article. If you revert to 'party harder' then the media coverage will be "Aand.. they're back.. having a party, or something"
  20. JoshTheater Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I'm in support of the following themes for the coming months:

    Operation: FrontEnd - highlighting Scientology's front groups
    Operation: Level Up - highlighting Scientology's required payment for church services and failure to tell members what its beliefs really are
    Operation: Psychout - highlighting Scientology's crusade against psychology and psychiatry
    Operation: Bad Medicine - highlighting Scientology's anti-medication stance, medical malpractice, and the resulting deaths that have occurred
    Operation: WTRPF?! - highlighting Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force where out-of-line members of the Sea Org are punished severely

    These I believe are the most straightforward and well thought-out themes suggested so far, as well as the fact that they all touch on subjects we haven't addressed in any of our previous themes yet (with the exception of the fact that RPF could be considered as having been covered by Sea Arrrgh).
  21. Snake Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Sorry I don't have time to read everything in this thread so I apologize if this has been brought up before. But a few of us in So Cal had the idea of possibly getting everyone to make LRH masks. It's highly feasible for some us with resources to make masks of L. Ron for everyone to print out and put on. I personally can not fathom their reaction to it if they saw 500+ L. Ron's outside in Hollywood. Thoughts?
  22. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: July Theme?

    We could do OPERATION: TOM CRUISE CAN'T FLY some time, and talk about Scientology's false promises and use of lies to recruit people.

    I think for July we should have either Operation:psychout or a brainwashing-related theme, they seem to be the best ideas so far.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: July Theme?


  24. nnemus Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Do it about front groups and the hierarchy system.
    Call it:
    Staturday Night Fever: Don't Be Frontin'
  25. Re: July Theme?

    You idiots just don't get it, do you.
    The theme's already been set.
    The Summer of LULZ | Anonymous
    So has the date.
    Stop pretending that Enturb is the only place raids are planned.
  26. Toxic Rose Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like's simple, intriguing. won't baffle the public. The front groups in Sci are particularly insidious because they are designed as a back door to snare the unwary, and they are so often a recipient of our own tax dollars. Nothing pisses me off more than knowing my local gov has given them money to indoctrinate MY kids all because they fell for a line of BS. The public-at-large knows very little about Narconon, WISE, ETS/AS etc ad nauseum. It's also a good topic to nudge the media into covering, it's more or less uncharted territory for the investigative reports, plus, it makes for great LOCAL news features.

    Plus it invites questions on the masking/fair game issues.
  27. Re: July Theme?

    Foogoots, this is it. Enturb doesn't decide everything all the time.


  28. Re: July Theme?

    Operation: FrontEnd - highlighting Scientology's front groups

    They will not like this!! This is what our next protest should be. This will
    undoubtedly draw local coverage when people learn about the connection,
    and why they do everything to lie about the fact that they are scientology frontgroups
    there to prey on those who need help the most, and swindle people out of thousands of dollars.

    I vote for this a 2nd time!
  29. Re: July Theme?

    I like a show of unity with monthly global themes and the benefit of being easier on the media. Plus, every time an article lists the protests/themes, it helps paint a full picture, and break down the issues for the general audience.
    FlashRaids are excellent for decentralized/independent themes.

    I'm leaning towards Marcabian Masquerade so far (with DeceptiveCon integrated), I think it's a good way to show the public how the scilons try to get their filthy tentacles into everything.

    I like the party hard catch-all themes, but I think those should be reserved for birthdays or culty anniversaries.


    Operation: Operation
    Inspired by the Doctor/Shrink lab coat idea and would basically be about how the cult needs to keep from meddling in medical matters because they can't adequately substantiate any of their claims.
    We could modify the Operation board game for removing BTs instead of body parts.


    Operation: Fairy Tale
    Inspired by the Anon in Wonderland/Exposed idea, Operation Snow White and the Little Bear Victory bedtime stories. I think it would also be a good way to approach the RPF issue. It can also be a good way to address some of the more abstract issues.

    LBV Stories
    1. Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Super Power or Super PR
    2. Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - A bedtime story by Chief Short Tails
    3. Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Bedtime story #3 from Chief Short Tails
    4. Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Another bedtime story - Little Dickie Series #4
    5. Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Bedtime Story #5
    6. Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Bedtime Story #6
    (links collected by skeptic)


    Operation: Soap Opera
    A play on brainwashing and the space opera, inspired by my bath and zombies
    Over-act everything, slap someone, cry a lot, suffer from amnesia, die then come back as your own twin, then join a cult.
    I can already imagine a spanish-style "telenovela" based on life in scientology, where all the actors/characters are space zombies.
    Brainwashing is a pretty controversial subject and will, without a doubt, enturbulate the scilons.

  30. umop apisdn Member

    Re: July Theme?

    First, sorry if anything I say has been repeated/shot down already - don't have time to read the last few pages.

    Considering the importance of not alienating the general public, I think protest themes should have SERIOUS consideration. We need to keep up the perfect balance of LOLZ vs. serious business.

    Personally, these are my favourite suggestions so far for the next few months:

    JULY: Operation Party Harder: Masquerade -

    LOLZ: some uber summer partying, fabulous costumes + masks. Possibly kind of black tie - suits and dresses? Also PARTY GAMES - hide and seek, guessing games, getting the public passer-bys involved?
    FOCUS: Subject focus would be the disguised areas of Scientology, some info on Front groups, the trap of Stress tests, how they cover everything up, etc etc.

    AUGUST: Some kind of super summer theme? I can't picture anything yet, but I'm sure some of the previous suggestions would work well.

    SEPTEMBER: Operation Education: School's back! -

    LOLZ: name needs serious tweaking, but the concept is School uniform, lots of masked teenagers in short skirts and blazers protesting. Scientology getting overthrown by schoolkids with caek? LOL.
    FOCUS: Child abuse within Scientology and affiliated organisations (RPF etc). Will definitely grab attention with media if they see young internet geeks protesting for other children's human rights. ALSO could mention the courses they use to gain/train members, how much money they cost, etc.

    OCTOBER: Operation Superheroes! or similar.

    LOLZ: Tom Cruise can't fly! Everyone dressed as superheroes or aliens or something, partying up the streets. Could probably play more games with this as well. ANONYMOUS SAVES THE WORLD!
    FOCUS: Ridiculous claims made by Scientology, revealing the scam. Also how their ultimate aim is to take over the world and destroy anyone who tries to stop them.

    NOVEMBER: Operation Bad Medicine!

    LOLZ: Doctors and Nurses, Psychiatrists - Freud masks would be hilarious. Mocking the fact that they tell members we are evil Psychs, whilst informing the general public about the 'treatment' Scientologists can get.
    FOCUS: Various cases + areas that focus on health, but also can be quite loosely themed to make way for more LOLZ. Human rights violations, Lisa McPhearson case, but more particularly the incorrect claims about E-Meters and the whole 'Clears can't get colds' thing.

    DECEMBER: Operation: Holiday Season!

    LOLZ: Well, it's the holidays! So just party it up with eggnog and shiz. Lots of tinsel and christmas cake, costumes can be basically anything. Another loose, party-related theme.
    FOCUS: Well, none really specific, but probably the non-celebrating-holidays part of living on a Sci-commune. Maybe we could find out what they are telling members about other religions? To get the message through, we really just need to party HARD in December to show how good life on the outside is.

    Sorry if that was quite long, but I think these would be good ideas about how to go for the next few months. Not too meme-specific, general public can get more involved, lots of LOLZ but each related to some serious business.

    I also have another suggestion for a catchy title:
    Operation: $cientology - $erious Busine$$
    This could be used whenever we want to get back to the Suits + V Masks origins of Anonymous - possibly in January to start the year off the way Anon started off?
    Focus would be on trying to get the Tax Exempt status revoked, seeing as the general public can understand this if we focus on how THEY are directly affected.
  31. Lrononymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Tohellwiththis and brightgreenanon,
    Hmm already been decided? Where and by whom?
    Of course enturb isnt the only place but maybe you should let us in on where the super sekrit bases are where things have already been decided. Thanks!

  32. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Their local boards decided their themes. They didn't wait for this circle jerk thread to finish they decided to pick something and go went it.

    Pretty sure they don't care too much if you wanted to be in on their decision making.
  33. Lrononymous Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Agreed lol. Thanks Skeptic.

    Now, back to the jerking...
  34. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    wirah is a great site. So what's the topic for Cult's Closed due to raids, or is it just a rehash of a shooped joke from January?

    (as an aside London wins almost always)

  35. Scythe Member

    Re: July Theme?

    I like the frontgroup theme idea. Could provide some lulz too on the net with some good viral marketing campaign like fake anonymous front group website satirizing Narconon and CCHR etc.
  36. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: July Theme?

    To be honest I have been in favor of a Frontgroups theme as well, some people are really against it as it's so complex.

    Seeing that i was all for it i have been doing some research into it, and to be honest i think it's such a huge topic that it's really difficult to boil down to digestible information.

    If we are going to do frontgroups (which we must at some point imho), i think we need to really do it properly.

    I have been collecting bits and pieces as i have gone along, next month would be good i think. For July i have been persuaded by Tamphex's shoop that an OSA op is the best. Which was suggested in

    someone said that using mission impossible is dubious so i suggested License to Lulz - their is plenty we can do with it. Spy Stuff, Detectives - it's got a great combination of a strong topic, loads of lulz potential and is also something the more creative anons can really sink their teeth into

    Frontgroups can wait. I Vote for License to Lulz

    maybe dawn can get an interview with Frank Oliver (ex OSA)?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: July Theme?


  38. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Speaking of BRAINWASHED as a theme idea, George Harrison's last CD that came out in 2001 was called BRAINWASHED. The picture on the cover shows some lifeless mannekin bodiesk, without heads, sitting and standing around a TV set, like in a family picture.
  39. Re: Operation: Bad Medicine

    Yes, this!! My variation on this would be to call it Operation Quackup or Quackout, or Quackery. We would all go around quacking and carrying bath duckies and wearing stethoscopes. We could diagnose "conditions" such as "gullibility syndrome" and "prescribe" Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology, enturb, youfoundthecard, etc. We could make our own "quackmeters" for "diagnosis" purposes, put a label on the bottom that parodies the emeter warning label on the bottom "this is to be used for lulz only"

    And of course this brings in Narconon - especially in Melbourne, where the "Doctor" who is on the board is actually a Naturopath who claimed that her years of study of naturopathy were equivalent to a phd and now has the legal right to call herself Dr.

    Hmmm. I wonder... where did the Chaser boys get their "bullshit meter" from?
  40. Consensus Member

    Re: July Theme?

    Operation: I intend to rape your nostrils.

    Wait, except for the 'Operation:' part.
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