June 24th-26th, 2011 - Oslo, Norway: Chanology Protest/Summer raid

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by John Steed, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. John Steed Member

    Day 1 — Friday, June 24th

    Seems like a very successful protest. Around 25 anons showed up. The leader of Scientology Norway got arrested after shoving anons AND the police around.



    This was also covered by one of the biggest papers in Norway:

    Here's a translation for the Norwegian impaired:


    Day 2 — Saturday, June 25th

    Today we:

    Handed out fliers outside Desucon, a big manga and anime convention.

    Frolicked in the gay parade. Picture taken from one of the cars in the parade.

    Barbecued stuff.


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  2. Ast Rickley Member

    I look so gay on 2nd pic.. but so does everyone else as well.
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  3. amaX Member

    LOLWUT??? Hurry with details, please!
  4. robotrock Member

    Meanwhile in Oslo..
    Only second largest news site in the country.. Front page same night, after demo.
    Heading says "Leader of Scientology church arrested during demo. Pushed the police and refused to leave."

    The actual story:
    This is a rough summary of what the article says:

    It starts out with quotes from Jessica and Understatement saying we’re not against their beliefs, but the harassment and abuse cloaked as a religion. Some others are quoted saying it’s a demo under project Chanology to raise awareness about CoS and their activities.

    It refers to our homepage and why one can protest the church. The long list of mysterious deaths, the misleading recruitment techniques, their victims and their brainwashy methods.
    “We were standing outside demonstrating legally. It was all fine until one of the members came out from their offices. He was mad and pushed two people. He also told us to go change our diapers (?) and tried to rip the sign I was holding. He had a camera and took pictures of us. Then he tried to push us again”, says one of the girls that were holding the sign that says “Honk against Scientology” to the passing cars.

    At 17.40 the police arrived for a routine check of the demonstration.

    “When the police arrived he(scilon) came out, furious about the honking cars. He claimed it was distracting him from getting any work done. He pushed people and the police asked him to calm down. They gave him the choice of leaving peacefully or get a ride downtown..
    Then he pushed the cops and he was put in the partyvan”, says Jessica X.

    “We never experienced anyone being as dramatic as this before. We never got physically attacked before. He went way too far pushing the others. We kept it clean and by the law. It shows who’s the adult in this situation” the girls claim. They also point out the fact that the demo was all legally approved by the police and the landowner.

    “Two more scientologists came out of the “church” to look at the situation. They walked past as if nothing when they saw the police”, the girls said.

    The police says the man refused to leave the premises, and will be fined for the incident.
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  5. John Steed Member

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  6. robotrock Member

    I shall take a stab at it, sir :)
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  7. John Steed Member

    I bet it'll be better than my usual (lazy) google translate. :p
  8. Anon500 Member

    What a brain case we have over at the Dagbladet debate:
    tl;dr: He accuses anon of religious discrimination, because he thinks Scientology is a (Christian) church. Religious cloaking win. Education fail.
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  9. John Steed Member

    I lol'd at the Hell's Angels bit.
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  10. doin it rite in Norway!
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  11. Demonon Member

    Great Success!
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  12. yax Member







    So much win
    I came
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Love the metallic mask.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Note: You are not allowed to protest with a covered face in Norway - the masks were only worn for the photographer, and then placed on top of/back of heads.

    Two-person roving flier raids with masks are not explicitly illegal though - and the police have never given us trouble for it.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Sounds perfect for tomorrow's pride parade. :)
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  16. About time one of these Pushy McShove-type Scientologists got arrested for it.
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  17. hushpuppy Member

    Translated from the comment section:
    Norway anons FTW
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Oslo Anons are made of win.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Congratulations Norway on the successful application of Ghandi tech.
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  20. exOT8Michael Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Great raid ya'll looked great!

    Brought out the scilon in the scilon.

    ...And the caek was not a lie.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    'round these parts this is called EPIC WIN!!!

    Thank you, Norway!

    Norway Anonymous Rocks!
  23. sooleater Member


    its looks wet @ norge

    hope the raids can go on
  24. Anonymous Member

    Technically they shouldn't be allowed to call themselves a "church" when they aren't one. Even if they were to keep their status as a "religion", that does not make it a church. It's just as much of a misnomer as the "Synagogue of Scientology", the "Mosque of Scientology"- I can go around calling myself a pony all day - doesn't make me one.
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  25. Let's please not fag this thread up with discussions of semantics. We can all argue till we are blue in the face about that.
  26. Demonon Member

    "LIE" was written all over the caek, so technically, the cake was lying
  27. Ast Rickley Member

    Not all over, but on half the cake. The rest was a splat.
  28. Demonon Member

    The splat is a lie.
  29. Sponge Member

    Fat scilon was probably all jelli belly cos you had big cake and all he can afford is moose hooves.

    Even without the added bonus of Pushy McShove Finger being arrested, seriously well done guise. A great turnout in the birth country of
    I've done you a media reports thread over there:
  30. Anonymous Member

    Epic Win Norway.

    Sounds like the poor scientologist was going into meltdown - maybe he's waking up to the lies he's been sold.
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  31. frettchen007 Member

    plox hurry with the vid needs moar popcorn
  32. John Steed Member

    Some more photos from the two protests on Friday:











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  33. Anonymous Member

    It's a three day raid. You'll have to patient.
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  34. Sponge Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Haha, Google and Dagbladet changed her nick to "The Statement". That's badass. Sounds like comic book heroine.
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  36. Rheinländer Member

    He is on the way to happiness. ^^
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  37. Anon500 Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Orson Member

    Well isn't this awesome. Would really like to see vid of him getting arrested. I have a fetish for scientologists in handcuffs.

    Well done Oslofags.
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  40. RightOn Member


    i posted this in the other thread...

    The leader of Scientology Oslo sings:

    "weeeeeeeeeeeeee staaand tall"
    we push the cops, cause we are nuts"

    "hey lolly la
    who dropped the soap"
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