June 25th- Australian Rally

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Incompleted., Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Incompleted. Member

    Myself and a few others were preparing to rally on the 25th of June, 2013, in light of the election and other injustices. If you would like to participate, join below. All new ideas and help is much appreciated. The reason I'm creating this event so early is that at this point in time I can't use Twitter to communicate with other Anons, and my Facebook is restricted. Therefore this is the only way I can get the news out to you guys, with the exception of IRCs.

    General Idea:
    The idea of this rally is that protests take place on June the 25th, 2013 in all major cities across Australia. It's to raise general awareness at the moment, but if anyone has any more specific ideas please feel free to come forward. We're also planning on participating on some online raids as well, so if you can't make it feel free to join in online.

    Below are the places where the rallies will take place. Note: Places may change over time. Maps to the locations will be provided prior to the date.

    Online Protests:
    The goal of this is that each location (i.e Sydney) takes down a specific website. That way we can have organized protests. Note: These may change over time. Links to each website will be provided. (I'm not sure if this is encompassed within the forum rules, if it's not, feel free to tell me )

    The following is a list of equipment that is recommended to bring to the physical rallies. Contribute as much as you like:
    * Medical Kits- People may suffer from heat exhaustion, or the usual knocks and scrapes, so it would be handy for at least one person in each group to have one of these.
    * Masks- Not particularly Guy Fawkes Masks, this can be any form of concealment of your choice.
    *Water and Food- An obvious thing to bring, seeing as we don't have a definite ending of the protests. Perhaps one person from each group could be in charge of food/water during the duration of the event.
    * Weather- related Items: Depending on the weather, bring what is needed.
    * Signs and Banners- No protest would be complete without these. Make as many banners and signs as you want.

    To be seen as a collective, it may be a good idea to have a continuous slogan/logo to show our unity across the country, even though we're so far apart. I'm not particularly creative, so place any ideas you have in the comments.

    At the moment we don't have any of these outlets (as aforementioned) if anyone is keen to make a Twitter/Facebook/IRC please go forth and link them to me. As soon as I have the facalties to make one, I will do so if there's not one already.

    Thank you for your support guys. I hope to see all the Australian Anons up and about on this day.
    Expect Us.
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  2. SydAnon012 Member

    Commit to it!

    Give it an #OP codename, I suggest #OP Alarm Clock. Up to you brother
  3. Anonymous Member

    So what are you protesting for/against?

    You need to define your message more clearly.
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  4. hushpuppy Member

    Yep, WWP is a platform for legal activism only - any DDoS or LOIC action cannot be organized on this forum.

    Otherwise, plan away :)
  5. This.

    I'll be honest -I'm looking to get out of the house more and a protest sounds great.

    I really have to know what I'm angry about though.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Come on, it's quite clear, the protest is against "The Election and Other Injustices".

    suggested chants:

    "What do we want? / No more elections and no more injustices!"

    "Elections and injustices! Out! Out! Out!"
  7. Sold.

    I am outraged. I just hope I can maintain said rage until June.
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  8. SydAnon012 Member

    Just another example of how anon would rather argue, than be constructive. What the fuck happened to the days where we would orchestrate nonsense and achieve results!?

    Less QQ, more brain storm.

    We could just verbally attack our government for being marxist sex toys of the global elite.

    They can't control our troops.
    They can't control the carbon tax lie.
    They aren't in control of foreign policy.
    They wont defluoridate our water supply. (Some areas of Queensland have!)
    They're aiming at banning single shot rifles. (complete disarmament of the citizens)
    Mainstream media doesn't inform people of important things anymore.
    Channel 9 steams pro-vaccination propaganda, even though half that shit likely has HV40 in it.
    MD prescriptions kill thousands and no one gets in trouble.
    Bill Gate's vaccination program paralyses tens of thousands of children.

    Ranting now...

    There's more than enough to get mad about, pick something, bring the internet.
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  9. SydAnon012 Member

    I'll add the fact that we have the illusion of choice, when it comes to voting, it's one big sham.
    We vote for an individual, but we have no voice in the choices they make.

    It's a gimmick, we're not in control of our government anymore, if we ever were in Australia.
    But we should be! We should be in control of every choice, every choice should come to a national vote.

    We don't need to be babysat by old men and women in parliament, who if they TRULY cared, wouldn't have incomes multitudes greater than the majority of the population.

    Get mad ffs, it doesn't matter what about, you're being treated like a slave by people who claim themselves elite.
    I'm not religious, but didn't "god" say all men are equal? It's true in many cases, and no man or woman deserves to be looked down upon from ivory towers!

    Get angry! You don't need a reason; you have plenty!
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  10. Incompleted. Member

    Sorry guys for the late reply.
    Yeah, I was in a tad of a rush when I wrote it. SydAnon you raise some valid points. There's also the fact that the Labour party has now gone to shit- the Government can't even look after itself, how is it suppose to look after us?
    Also, I'm keen to get out there. Australia seems to be lacking in active Anons.
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  11. Incompleted. Member

    Any reason you chose this?
    #Op Alarm Clock does have a catchy tone to it.
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  12. White Tara Global Moderator

    I would very much like to be a part of this but IRL has gone pair shaped so truthfully can't say till closer to time.
    I like #Op Alarm Clock very appropriate given the head in sand attitude of most Australians.
    Also heartily sick of the Nanny State we have evolved into. Nick Xenophon for PM please :)
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  13. Incompleted. Member

    That's fine.
    That's fine.
    I actually like it as well. #Op Alarm Clock is incredibly catchy.
    Also, can anyone send this around to a few pages? I've sent out the link to a couple of Facebook pages that I know, but I can't seem to find anyone else. I also don't have a Twitter right now, which seems to be a prominent place for discussion.
  14. Oneperson Member

    I would love to protest injustice! Look forward to it.
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  15. Incompleted. Member

    Great! Do you have any suggestions to make for your relevant state/territory?
  16. SydAnon012 Member

    Im sure most states have the public water supply fluoridation issue. It's unmonitored forced medication, Stalin did it, Hitler did it - Why is Australia doing it?

    China banned it, Austria rejected it, Belgium rejected it, Finland stopped it, Germany stopped it, Denmark rejected it, Norway rejected it, Sweden banned it, Hungary stopped it, Japan rejected it.

    Why have countries, some with the highest populations of intelligent people, banned, rejected or stopped water fluoridation... yet Australia continues it.
    All those countries either found no safety information, no medical benefits, or deemed it toxic.

    Sodium Fluoride is a waste byproduct created from the smelting of aluminium, and it gets sold to our water companies, who pump it into our major dams. Some towns, especially in Queensland recently abolished it.

    ~ It's in my top 3 most passionate issues at the moment, because this method of forced medication has been used on prisoners of war to reduce individuals power or desire to resist, and make them submissive.

    ~Another thing the mainstream media never covers.


    It's something I will continue to spread the word about on sydneys streets by posting information with chalk, on the sides of busy buildings, near cafes and bus stops.

    Chalk is an efficient and clean method of graffiti activism in my opinion, and people see it!

    You can also hand out chalk, and let people write up what they think is wrong with the country, and it spreads, like fire.
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  17. Incompleted. Member

    Great! I've heard some news about Fluoride in the water already, and I totally agree with you. Also, SydAnon, would be interested in being the Leader for the Sydney Protests? That way people in your area have someone to talk to with direct knowledge on the place, instead of me second guessing. Let me know if you're cool with that, and I'll put it on the main post.
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  18. Incompleted. Member

    It also appears there's not edit feature, so perhaps a few weeks before I'll post a new topic with all the information, just so it's easier for people to read.
  19. i'll be there :)
  20. Incompleted. Member

    Great! Do you know what city you will be attending to?
  21. SydAnon012 Member

    Sure thing, but I would like to keep it in the spirit of anon, and if there's no strict topic, I would suggest people print out their own flyers, bold, easy to read, simple subjects relating to things that the public need to be woken up about.

    Then just flyer-drop the entire town hall, pitt street, martin place, hyde park areas.

    Personally I'll be printing out flyers (just on A4 sheets cut in half), on water fluoridation, vaccines, and maybe some general NWO stuff.
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  22. Incompleted. Member

    Okay, sure. That's cool.
    Also guys, we now have an IRC thanks to the lovely HOC which you can visit here:|?#OpAlarmClock
    And a Twitter: #OpAlarmClock I also just made a quick Promo Poster, as you can tell my skills for such things are farily limited, but it should be effective until I find some spare time to hone my Photoshop skills:
    Another thing to consider would be a Youtube video, if anyone has any spare time to make a video that would be amazing.
    One last thing I'd like to raise with the Brisbane Protest:
    We could first meet outside the ABC Building in Southbank,then proceed onto other major points in the city. If we start at the ABC Building, then it's a good place to gain coverage and such.
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  23. HOC Member

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  24. Incompleted. Member

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  25. White Tara Global Moderator

    ^ infuriating!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Maybe you should try whatever successor board is out there for What is the Plan types?
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Incompleted. Member

    Hey man, thanks for that. I might post this rally on there as well. However, it does seem slightly dead. Anyone know any other boards other than ESMB which this could go on?
  29. White Tara Global Moderator

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  30. Anonymous Member
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  31. what about some chem trail info- look up HAARP as well.
    follow me on twitter - @Another_anon_
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  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Incompleted. Member

    Thanks guys. If you have any more suggestions/info let me know. I'll post whatever I find as well.
    This is great. And it also highlights another Anons ideas about the chalk. Something like that could have a big impact, especially if we decide on one symbol/saying which we could all spread around.

    EDIT: I'm also looking for another Anon to help admin the Twitter as I can't get onto it during the greater part of the day. PM me if you're interested.
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  34. WE need a youtube video done. also a flier with info should be posted
  35. should make stenicles and crush chalk and slap the dust onto it to make a imprint of the anonymous logo. or sticker W/E floats your boat.

    or chalk spray paint works
  36. Anonymous Member

    So be on the lookout for "The Way To Happiness" booklets sometime in May.
    Does anyone feel like carding the booklets as they're delivered?
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  37. Incompleted. Member

    Wouldn't have a clue how to make a Flier, but we do have a poster of sorts, if you wanted to hang that around.
    Poster is here:

    This is great! This is the type of thing that would be good in cities and what not.

    Great idea. It would also help dispel the common notion that Anonymous is a 'terrorist group'- a term I hear thrown around a lot when talking about Anonymous as a collective.

    I'm going out tomorrow to Brisbane City to do some handing out of the posters (above) and perhaps the chalk idea. If anyone sees me and my mate around, be sure to come and say hello! I'm also still looking for another person to help me with the Twitter. Thank you so much for the support and effort you've been contributing to this, it's great and I really can't thank you enough.
  38. Incompleted. Member

    Also, I've been doing some more browsing and I came across 'Hillsong'. Some of you might know of it, but for those of you who don't, here's some information (some of which is a bit old, others from Febuarary this year). I've had personal dealings with Hillsong, and I must say I'm very skeptical. And, no, I'm not against Christianity, I'm more worried about the Church as a seperate entity from the collective of Christianity. Hope some of you find this interesting:
    1.Just throwing this in here for some background information. I know Wikipedia isn't the most reliable of sources, but it's alright for some light reading.
    2. This source is a bit old, but once again gives you some history on the Church.
    3. This source is from Feburary this year.

    Hope you find this interesting! I thought some of you might want to use it as a protest, perhaps. If you find more recent evidence/sources/personal experiences, it would be great of you to share them.
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  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Incompleted. Member
    ^ Not exactly relevant to protesting, but interesting none the less.

    It's disgusting the price of normal, everyday shopping. I go to Woolworths, buy a few items for dinner and all up it happens to cost $100 plus dollars. It's something that honestly needs to be fixed. Middle- Class and lower class places (like my area) are struggling to survive, and henceforth breeding a culture which isn't suitable. The amount of people I've known who have turned to selling drugs because they make more of a profit than their jobs is ridicolous. People simply can't afford to pay to live anymore.
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