June 27 - Perth Australia - Operation Sea Arrgh

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Andrew, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Andrew Member

  2. Standby Member

    Re: June 27 - Perth Australia - Operation Sea Arrgh

    I'll try and get there, not making any commitments.
  3. M.E.S.T. Member

    Re: June 27 - Perth Australia - Operation Sea Arrgh

    15 of us showed yesterday. Billowy weather and heavy rainfall up until noon may have kept some folks away, but we lucked out, sun and wind from noon on.

    So we started at 1.30 after waiting for some laties, BUT we were graced with a known latie bearing Anon FLAG! Which was of course wonderful.

    We met a new member and some oldies who hadn't been around for awhile, including myself, and, as always, it's great to meet a new member, especially one as cluey and as dashing as he who shall remain Anonymous! :)

    We split up to cover more ground, and I was surprised (as always) at those who approached us asking for fliers. We gave a fair few out!! and with some signs plus Anon flag we made a mark.

    Police were on our side (we felt!) and spoke briefly to us before we set off -- just the stuff they have to tell us, but were extra friendly about it and that was very nice indeed.

    We made sure to comment on the SP Times reports, of course. There were a few cult members in our midst, but the org was empty, no security, and with the exception of one woman who, with two very young children in tow, loudly hissed at us, "Peasants!" :eek: there were no episodes apart from some spit-worthy Scieno stares here and there in various doorways which we thought was bathetic.

    At the pub I went to afterward there were two tables of what were probably lonnnnng-time staffers and their children (poor kids!) but no incidents. We had great bear and fries/chips and conviviality. Our group understands the other Perth group had same at the pub they went to. :p Traitors.
  4. TinyDancer Member

    Re: June 27 - Perth Australia - Operation Sea Arrgh

    Awesome, Perth! 15 is great! Can't wait for pics.
  5. Timmibal Member

    Re: June 27 - Perth Australia - Operation Sea Arrgh

    My favourite was dropping the DM assault thing.

    You could almost see the system32 error popping up behind their dull little eyes.

    gave me the fucking horn.
  6. AnonAus Member

    Re: June 27 - Perth Australia - Operation Sea Arrgh

    Yeah, you faggots.........................where are the pics i requested since i could not attend.

    Got problems logging into too, young fella and yes, i am using the correct Username and Password, in case you ask.

    Has the darkside attacked the website??

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