June 6, 2012; Anonymous Investigative Report from Albuquerque

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Bipolart, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Bipolart Member

    'Tis self-explanitory.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Very fine job BP. Seems that your raids have done the trick. Maybe send a memo to the "powers that be" about dat roof.
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  3. I laughed at the box o' sticks, then I went wtf at the roof shots.

    Also, today I learned, from the choice of music, that Bipolart has freaking streed cred. Gonna roll up on yo' org with ice water in her veins, yo.
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  4. jensting Member

    Excellent! Some people would say "why look such a rotting corpse?" and I say "ROTFL!"

    Best Regards

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  5. Bipolart Member

    Well, I can't sleep. What better time than to contact (via email) all 3 tv stations in my area about the roof? Tomorrow, I call the Chief Building Inspector for the city.
    More reports to follow...
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  6. Awesome Video, Bipolart! <3
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  7. Bipolart Member

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  8. Random guy Member

    Damnit Bipolart, your entubulation is excellent!
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  9. grebe Member

    Lol, "Volunteer Monsters."

    There really is a band called "MEST"? From the YouTube comments people seem to think they are "punk pop." But they sound like a sterilized overproduced bunch of kids with stars in their eyes.
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  10. amaX Member

    excellent reporting, bipolart! i look forward to the rest of your series!
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  11. Bipolart Member

    So, I have just emailed pictures to the city building inspector, and I've been told they will look into it. I'll be holding them to that.
    As a matter of fact, I'll be going by often to check the status of said roof. Pictures to be included.
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  12. amaX Member

    oh u! ;-)
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  13. who's your favorite albuquerque activist?
    bipolart, she doesnt give a ***@
    not one ***@
    did you see that mother***@er just hangin tight all day with the most blitzed face in the world?
    ***@ yeah
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  14. BigBeard Member

    The first thing that went through my mind when I saw the boxes of sticks was, "Damn, do they have to build fires to heat the place at night?" Then I went, "Naw, can't be. It must be kindling for cook outs on the patio, because they can't afford charcoal."

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  15. grebe Member

    Someone told them Scientology should accept faggots.
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  16. Bipolart Member

    Lawd knows that the smoke could be vented by those huge effing holes in the roof. I don't think they need sticks to heat the place, but I did notice a fan in the front window. AC? Uh-oh Scientology! No Ideal Org for lowly Albuquerque I suppose.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. MSAnon505 Member

    Fantastic work!! Many props from your former raid-mates! Ah, the good times....
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  19. Bipolart Member

    I sure do miss you guise! I hope all is well with yourself and Munchkin.

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