June 6 - Dallas Texas - Protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, May 11, 2009.

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    Hey guys, just saw this thread. If any of y'all haven't seen it, go read it now, then continue reading this.
    Nobody really maxes out their computer's abilities anymore, so it's not like it's really going to slow your computer down to run this. And it looks like lulzy press to me, and we definitely need some of that right now. If anyone needs help setting up, you can ask me or post in the thread I mentioned above.
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    i don't think its a good idea
    i have to download something on to my love machine
    no thanks
    its a OsA Trick
  3. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Austin, it's not OSA. I can personally tell you, it's bloody tough to track anything on there. Believe me, I've tried. I run a few other projects, and this is just as valid. Also, it's from Boris Korczak's son. And we already know he's clean.
  4. lackofluster Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    my probation will be repealed by june 6th hopefully, if not it definitely will be by the 20th so i can go. im bringing one other with me maybe 3.
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    probation says you cant protest
    you should ask because i don't think they can tell you cant protest
  6. mdma900 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    Ive never been to a Anon protest but i live in the dallas area and have always wanted to be part of one. Im on probation too lol, so i guess as long as I don't get arrested its cool. Are people seriously going to do this?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    If you are on probation and you're unable to protest legally, then don't protest motherfucker.
    We're protesting the crimes of $cientology. Cops run your ID and you get led away in cuffs for probation violation. we don't need that kind of irony.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June


    If you are on probation some of your civil rights are suspended. Also people in prison can not vote.
  9. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Yes we seriously do this.
    We do this, SERIOUSLY.
    not as in a we really do this, but its serious. You can have fun but you're still protesting a cult in our city.

    Yes I will be there.
    And we have been.
    Look at the post game reports.
    Welcome to our movement
    its good to have you, friend

    The first one is the scariest one
    its the toughest one to go to
    but trust me you'll be fine

    dont be such an asshole man.
    If you're on probation please don't come.
    but if you're legal to come then we want you to!
    if you have to sit this one out, then its k
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    all i said was to look in to it more im sure the probation officer will let them protest it cant hurt to ask and try
  11. mdma900 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    Yea well naturally im gonna ask, im not LITERALLY on probation but it is very similar, anyway i have a clean record and in 2 months will be 100% legal so if its not cool for me to go to this one expect me in the future :p

    I do take this seriously, I have a friend whose life got pretty messed up by this cult and I didn't they were so close to home until I broke my leg and got marooned @ home googleing shit all day lol.
  12. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Probation and Parole :: Southern California Defense Blog

    i really don't think protesting is a violation of probation if cops run your name it only will be bad if you have warrants
  13. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Welcome, mdma900, I hope you find our company much to your liking, haha. We're a pretty fun crew here in Dallas, but we like to make sure we're always within the law on everything we do. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask us.

    Basically, the issue at hand with the probation / inability to protest due to legal reasons is identification. At the heart of the issue, if you are never identified, you cannot get in trouble for protesting. However, if there is a chance of being identified, you should not. Especially now that you have announced you may not be able to legally protest, they will likely try some trick to have us checked. Yes, the Scientologists do read this board sometimes, so it's always best to keep private information private, even from us.
  14. mdma900 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    haha, thanks for everyones help on this. I think the cult will still be around in 2 months so I will wait.
  15. Re: Dallas, TX June

    identified identification it has nothing to do with the matter,
    protesting is not violation of probation
    unless probation officer told you right out you are not aloud
  16. lackofluster Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    i did some research and consulted a lawyer, being on probation/parole does not inhibit your ability to take part in a legal protest, as long as the protesters obtain the legal city permits. so, as long as yall have permits for the protest, im in.most ppl dont enforce having permits, but its always a good thing to have, contact city hall before the protest and scheduale a permit for the date of the protest. also, for those on probo. dont bring your id, and put super glue on your fingertips. no prints and no state id, means no identification. they will be unable to get you on anything except loitering and worst you'll get is a verbal warning. and for those who dont beleive me, i consulted a lawyer, i suggest you do the same.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    Just spoke to the DallasNinjas, they say that a third party had some major win last weekend in the DFW area. Should be on up in a couple of days.
  18. Re: Dallas, TX June

    i called a lawyer friend in Dallas and he said probation/parole does not inhibit your ability to take part in a legal protest...........
    Win for doing are home work lackofluster
  19. Re: Dallas, TX June

    whats you talking about
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    In Dallas, I'm not surprised if there is another party that protests anonymous.
    A bunch of people that come arent on WWP. so they could raid their own days
  21. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Also, as for all this about permits, thank you, but in Dallas and Irving, no permits are needed to protest.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. 13Heathens Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    Hey, I know that mall... And thanks for giving me a pic to go with my audio!

    The woman wasn't there the day I went. I'd love audio of the results of someone mentioning to them they they have a kid on ADHD meds..

    Hmm I wonder if I got my tip from the same ninja?

    Footnote: The management company that runs that mall also runs Grapevine Mills, and several others. It may be worth checking to see if they have booths in some other malls in the area (would do it myself if I had the time)
  24. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Epic Work 13
    way to go
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    Could be, but there are lotza ninjas in dallas :)
  26. Re: Dallas, TX June

    So many ninjas that even pirates are working with them.
  27. lackofluster Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    i want to ask, does the north east mall in hurst contain a dianetics center/cart?if so, i want to go there and see if i can interview the person running it.
  28. Re: Dallas, TX June

    Hmm... I want to go check out that Mall. See how they react to a more younger audience (I.e. a smaller, younger catch). On TOPIC: I'm going to see if I can go... Wish me luck. Hope it's not too hot, I'm going to need my trenchcoat.
  29. Re: Dallas, TX June

    June 6 Game On
  30. 13Heathens Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    I'd love some audio/footage of them telling some younger person to stop taking adhd meds or something like that.
  31. Re: Dallas, TX June

    I originally planned to go to Akon to raid.
    but I will not now.
    i support you
    i have some stuff that came up

    so um whats teh head count for june 6? like and dont say you're coming if you really dont plan on it :/
  32. Re: Dallas, TX June

    [ame=""]YouTube - 300 - You are a pirate![/ame]

    car is already rented and just waiting for the big day
  33. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    K, i like the idea of a stress table raid, always wanted to do one. Need to get in touch with security at the mall to check guidelines on masks and signs. Also, see how much it would be to set up a table right next to theires with a sign saying FREE CULT AWARENESS with an arrow pointing at their table. If masks aren't alowd we can were surgical masks and claim swine flu phobia.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    If you can't get into the mall maybe you can hand out fliers to the people pulling into the parking lot.

    And don't forget to tell people that the guy in the stress test booth is Scientology and that he recently told a bipolar person that they can council him better than a psychiatrist at that very location. (Of course they do not believe that mental problems should be treated by medication or psychiatrists at all, and that autism does not exist.)
  35. kcm744 Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    I've spoken with mall security. They do not permit any kind of protest on their property. Just as a heads up.

    I also ended up actually speaking with people at the stress test table. I didn't do anything, but act like they just got a passing mall-rat. Gave him a fake name and location, then told him a totally BS story and whatnot.

    ...though it was worth it to get my hands on an e-meter and see if there's a way I can futz with it without being noticed and all.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    If I recall there are two very large shopping centers one across beltline and the other across 183 that are ripe with people and May or may not be open to you handing out fliers. Simple fliers that say :

    "Scientology is recruiting as DIANETICS while giving stress tests in the Irving Mall"

    would likely get attention they might even think you are Scientologists.

    I know that when I was in the DFW area I always got business cards stuck in the drivers side window of my car in areas like that and I never saw anybody leave them there.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June


    this isnt a mall raid thread
    this is for the picket at the cults doors on saturday
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    is this on? 2daze
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX June

    pageing austin anonymous network, He hangs out some with you guys don't he ?

    * Total Posts: 525
    * Posts Per Day: 2.07
    * Last Post: /r New Message to Scientology 5 Days Ago 07:36 PM
    * Find all posts by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork
    * Find all threads started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork

    General Information

    * Last Activity: 1 Day Ago
    * Join Date: 09-23-2008

    There where cop cars around the Austin Org today around 4 pm. Scilons where seen talking to the cops. Looked like somthing happened. Anyone heard from the AusAnonyNetwork?

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