June 9th 2012 scientology toronto protest - post game

Discussion in 'Canada' started by TorontosRoot, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    Here's the video:

    And for those using mobile devices: (copy and paste link if possible)

    Great turnout, two anons, but better than a solo risky protest. Hoping to see more come out and participate next time 'round. CHEERS!!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Well done!
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  3. BLiP Member

    Thank youse.
  4. Anonymous Member

    "Nobody bothered me .......
    They did call me for a number of years"
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Here the guy claiming to be "not a Scientologist but", except that he was using all the standard handling techniques:



    I love the continual "do you know this personally" beat. I guess if you don't personally trip over the corpses, it doesn't count.

    (The best part was when a passerby took him apart.)
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  6. TorontosRoot Member

    Passer by was a proud critic. :D
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Due to removal of a building on the west side of the org, it's possible to get never-before-seen views of the Toronto org.

    Definitely no better than the other sides of the org!


    The top three floors (not counting penthouse) are definitely vacant of the Continental Liaison Office.

    Big pit (and I bet digging it was noisy during session):

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  8. TorontosRoot Member

    I wonder if that org will be demolished by mistake when building that comdo. Or damaged badly enough that it'll cost the scilons enough to almost be as desperate to make $$$$$$ from anybody, then get into trouble for harassment. tick tock tick tock tick tock.... Time is running out...
  9. Chipshotz Member

    What an eyesore.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    The builders seem to be very carefully following the property boundaries. I hope that they don't make a mistake, because then they'd have to pay Scientology for the damages.

    With the building boom in that area, eventually someone will offer them enough money for the land that the eyesore occupies and they'll sell. The buyer will knock the Org down and build condos, and Scientology will buy a smaller but nicer building somewhere else, and Davie will open another Idle Org. (Their problem will be finding the right building for the right price.) Oh yeah, they'll also soak as much money out the members for "renovations" on the new place. (If they haven't been tapped out trying to keep the Mono Advanced White Elephant running...)
  11. TorontosRoot Member

    I didn't think about them having to pay scientology. Damn. But if they re-open another Org when this one relocates/moves/closes, we'll be sure to raid it for as long as we can. :D Another idle Org which would then convert to an empty org the next day. :D

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