Just watched Assange's new TV show...

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    and it rocked!

    He interviewed Saeed Hassan Nasrallah. Like him or not, it's an interview well worth watching. Approximately 28 minutes.

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  2. AnonNoxMetus Member

    Thank you for the reminder to watch the new show.
  3. Herro Member

    It was decent. A little soft but I suppose thats the price you pay to land an interview with someone that doesn't like to do interviews.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I didn't think it was soft. Maybe the hard questions (like the final one, which essentially asked Saeed if what they were waging was not defensive, but instead jihad, only using different words...) were asked in a more diplomatic tone than some might have preferred, but toherwise a good interview.

    I'm tempted to ask how YOU would interview... but naah, won't go there LOL
  5. Herro Member

    I'd probably have done pretty much the same thing.
  6. Anonymous Member

    OMG, I was bored out of my ass watching this interview. Assange was boring, Nasrallah gave his usual spiel. Yawn.
    Not to mention - isn't Russia Today a State owned TV? Assange is working for Putin now? I mean we all know what a defender of free speech and democracy Putin is. Lame.
  7. Anonymous Member

    So let me get it straight - Assange works for a channel, controlled by the Russian government. Same government that was implicated on numerous occasions in attempts to silence the freedom of speech of critics and journalists by shooting/beating/poisoning them?
  8. Anonymous Member

    I think the role the Russians are playing here is "troll".
    And Assange's isn't much different.

    Enemy's enemy, etc.
  9. Anonymous Member

    lol yes he shoulda tried BBC or HBO instead because they're not run by murdering criminals either!
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Likely, the interview with Nasrallah would never have taken place on either of those networks. See if you can guess why.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Nasrallah carefully rephrased the questions so he could give the answer he wanted. Very good politician.
  12. Anonymous Member

    What has RT got to do with “The World Tomorrow”?

    RT is the first broadcast licensee of the show, but has not been involved in the production process. All editorial decisions have been made by Julian Assange.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Not true. I'm Israeli and I've seen endless interviews with Nasrallah. Often given to Jewish journalists. Guess what? I've never seen Nasrallah being so boring as in this interview. He is normally quite an animated man of many metaphors and analogies, but this interview was a fucking snooz. I'm not sure whether it's because of Assange, or because the earth is shaking under Nasrallah with Assad being under attack.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I protest that you call Ricky Gervais a murdering criminal.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I believe the networks being discussed were BBC or HBO in this instance.
    Assange is not the greatest interviewer, given; however, I'm waiting to see who's next... aren't you?
    Er, Nasrallah is not Syrian, nor likely in Syria... right?
  16. timthephoto Member

    it'll be interesting to see mr assange interviewing an english speaking guest, see how he compares to BBC hacks who get to 'grill the guest' on Hard-Talk
  17. Anonymous Member

    Sure... but Assange isn't employed by the Crown. A minor difference, wouldn't you say?
  18. Mutante Member

    Imprisoned by the Crown, employed by the Crown, the difference is somewhere between subtle and meaningless.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    No, it isn't.

    Assange can't be told what to say, nor when to say it, only where he can go.

    BBC employees can't say what they want, only what they are told they can say.

    See a difference?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Nasrallah is not Syrian, he is Lebanese, but his support comes from Syria. Lebanon was under Syrian occupation for years, until the Syrian army was forced to withdraw after the assassination of Rafik Hariri. But Hizballah continued to serve as the long arm of Syria in Lebanon. Hence, the situation in Syria and the very real possibility that Assad, Nassrallah's benefactor, might be gone, making things tough on Nasrallah. It also puts him in a bad situation in terms of moral high ground - Assad has already killed over 8000 civilians. It's kind of hard for Nasrallah to defend that, even though he did try hard in this interview.
    As for where he is - your guess is as good as mine, but I bet it involves a very deep underground bunker.
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  21. Herro Member

    You know maybe if the cuisine of that region didn't suck so hard, people wouldn't be as angry over there. Just a thought. COOKBOOKS NOT BOMBS!!!
  22. Anonymous Member

    Oh, is that why America is always at war with somebody? Cause your food sucks?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Middle-eastern food rules and you'll get Jews and Arab Muslims and Arab Christians agree on that one in a heart beat.
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  24. AnonNoxMetus Member

    Yes, stop holding back your best recipes and we'll stop killing everyone. Make obesity, not war.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. PresidentShaw Member

    I still don't like assange, but that was one good interview, he is in a position where he can get interviews that no one else can. I'll keep watching, should be interesting & controversial.
  27. Gottabrain Member

    Hmm, let's see - gifelte fish or an American BLT?

    You know you crave pork, you just can't have it. American food wins.
  28. moedium Member

    That was a pretty decent interview, I'll watch the following ones
  29. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, except that gefilte fish is probably more American nowadays than Israeli. We don't eat that shit anymore. We left it in Poland, where it belongs.
    Israeli food is pretty much a fusion of Balkan, Turkish, Arab, and European food. A lot of vegetables, a lot of cottage cheese [not sure who brought it into Israel from Switzerland, but it became a staple]. Also chicken schnitzel [from Vienna] is a staple. And of course the Arab humus got an absolutely legendary status. Pomegranates, oranges, figues. There is no way American food wins. And you can get as many burgers and even pork in Israel as you like. We're not Iran. No death sentence for having bacon.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Pork is not the best meat to eat, nutritionally speaking, nothing to do with the ancient invective against trichinosis.

    Please document this alleged death sentence, unless I missed the humor in it.
  31. Gottabrain Member

    That's interesting! Gefilte fish made me gag... and oh, the hideous smell of it. Glad to hear Israelis have more sense.

    Cottage cheese? Strange. I've never had it served with a Middle Eastern dish. I love Turkish food, homus, Israeli salads (always in such beautiful bite-sized pieces, too) and schnitzel.

    I think it depends where you go in America for food. Outside of fast foods, it's always delicious and innovative. The American concept of blending textures and sauces makes for some extraordinary delectable cuisine. But Israel sounds terrific. (I'm getting hungry now...)
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Enturbulette Member

    RT has offered good programming in the past, and serves somewhat like Al Jazeera as a critical observer of American politics and culture. (Al Jazeera has just done a very good documentary on the seafood in the Gulf - they are finding never-seen-before nasty abberations and mutations in the sealife from the BP oil spill, and the locals now have clean up chemicals in their blood, etc. NONE of this is widely being reported in the US though). RT covered OWS when a lot of other media didn't, also they have been quite favorable to Anonymous. I'm not saying they are stellar in every way, but I have observed that they are willing to do some stories that the US media will never touch.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Well, US media also sucks. Personally, I'm a fan of the BBC. Just the mere fact that Fox news is the most popular news channel in the States really teaches us a lot about the American society. But I personally dislike Russian TV stations, as they never show anything live, unless it's a soccer game. Journalistic freedom is virtually non-existent in Russia. Yes, they may have done good reports about the US, because it's too far away from home. But I just can't forget the Russia governments' scare tactics of sending special forces in ski masks to raid independent TV stations such as NTV, that was reporting live from Chechnya. I'm not at all a fan of what's going on in Russia, I dislike Putin with a passion. He rules people with combination of fear, corruption +money. He allows them to steal, be corrupt and make money, as long as they have no political aspirations of going against his politics. Unfortunately, it was the intellectuals and journalists that were hit the most by his thugs. Journalists are attacked routinely in Russia. Hence, I thought it was ironic that Assange would lend his name, which is synonymous with the freedom of speech to a channel owned by Putin.
    As for the contents of the interview - I said it before and I'll say it again - it was a snooz. Being an Israeli I have a love/hate relationship with Nasrallah and I acknowledge that he is a good politician who gives great animated interviews. This particular one was not one of them.
  35. Anonymous Member

    There's love in Israel for Nasrallah? Speaking of news, that's some to me.
  36. Anonymous Member

    I like watching RT news. Here in Singapore, RT news is provided free, nonstop, on non-cable tv.
  37. Enturbulette Member

    I read somewhere, don't know where now, that Pravda recently dressed down America's news organizations such as Fox for their disinformation campaigns. Funny to be in a place where Pravda may have more of an honest perspective than any mainstream American news.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Well, of course Pravda did. I mean it's easy to criticize Fox, it's American. American = bad; Russian = good. It's like the good old times of the cold war. They both suck completely of course.
    But the difference is - in the US one can own a completely independent TV channel, unrelated to government. In Russia it will be shut down under some bogus accusations of tax evasion.
  39. moedium Member

    What do you think of the second episode ?
    A neo-conservative and a communist, it could have been constructive, but it was not. They basically said to each other "No, you're wrong, you're wrong!" for an hour, what's the point ?
    Sure it was entertaining but that's it, the "debate" went nowhere.
  40. PresidentShaw Member

    It was moonbat vs moonbat

    The only value was entertainment as you said. A political jerry springer if you will.

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