Justice for Michael Brown

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Pyrrx, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Pyrrx Member

    Anyone who wants justice for Michael brown and their reasons why post here.
  2. Justice was served.

    Move on.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Don't make me come over there and kick your ass.
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Are you black?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    This is one of those time I wish that stupid hurt because you would be in tremendous pain right now.
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  7. Old_Coder Member

    I will say this that even Nancy Grace called BS on that sham jury. I kind of scares me to be in agreement with Nancy however because she is in my opinion the embodiment of the mythological harpies. Screeching that terrifying screech as she comes to eat your liver in the night.
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    1. I believe Michael Brown was killed unlawfully
    2. I do not believe that the officer took reasonable care to avoid killing Michael Brown
      1. He could and should have waited until backup arrived before confronting Michael Brown outside the police car, when deadly force would not have been necessary to subdue or arrest Brown
      2. If you have a gun, a car and access to assistance from other officers, you are in control of the situation, and you do not need to - you should not - pursue an unarmed suspect by yourself, on foot, and do not need to risk an assault
      3. By doing so, the officer reduced his options drastically, to the point where fatally shooting Brown was the foreseeable outcome
    Just my humble opinion
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  8. I agree. You never know when someone will turn out to be another Michael Brown, which makes it necessary for all cops to wait for backup before interacting with anybody.
  9. I agree, if by 'interacting' you mean 'blowing away'.

  10. No but she's fat and ignorant.
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This thread is now about shit posts.
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  12. Pyrrx Member

  13. The op was a shit post.
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  14. Amax is a shit poster.
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  15. or did I mean shit stirrer?
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  16. astilba90 Member

    The medical examiner that testified, after an autopsy on Michael Browns body, named numerous wounds, most importantly 2 chest shots. The cop continued to pursue and put a cap in his head. It was a kill shot. The incident, by the way, would have never occurred if the cop who started harrasing Brown and his friend for not walking on the sidewalk, had better things to do than to start ordering people around, for no good reason.The cop testified that he remembered that there was a call in to the Police department about a possible cigarillo theft in a nearby convenience store, (not called in by the store owner by the way). At that point he kept up yelling at the guys from his car, and Brown walked over to him, and the struggle began. Brown was being confrontive, yes, the cop was probably scared at that point, yes, he chose not to to call anything in, and the situation escalated to a point when the cop said he feared for his life because Brown was a big man,(so why start shit in the first place, without backup,why investigate a possible theft by big black men that you are afraid of, without backup, who you dont know are armed or not?) Anyway, a hands on struggle ensued, and the cop continued to get out of his car to pursue Brown, at which point Brown (according to cop), came at him. He shot Brown over and over again, and at the last coup de graz , capped him in the head. He executed a seriously bullet wounded man. The transcribes and the coroners report are all out there for public review.
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  17. Yes, it was.
  18. Brown was a six foot four inch 295 pound thug.

    *He* was the one who needed to change his behavior.
  19. Michael Brown is dead because he resisted arrest. Don't resist an officer of the law and you have nothing to worry about.
    Social media and the actual media are fueling peoples emotions and the people in Ferguson who are looting and rioting are insane to think they are justified in anyway.
    Seriously if you don't resist an officer you have nothing to worry about.
    Oh and stop making this a race thing, its not.
  20. meep meep Member

    It's about police brutality.
    The militarized police response to Ferguson protestors made the situation worse.
    There are criminals amid the protestors, but the protestors are not criminals. Deep thinking , yes. Try it.
  21. You are not a deep thinker.
  22. The protestors seem not to be very bright.
  23. [IMG]
  24. anonLX62 Member

    Mr M Brown have to agreed he made bad chose that day!
    he should have gave him selves up he be still alive still!
    as for the news media they just eat that shit up bring in more people to watch their networks, they don't really care who in the right or wrong as long draw people to them!

    its really sad

    now NYPD was in the wrong big time with Eric Garner, that was out right murder! like a the MOB doing a hit afterwards standing around looking over the dead body! double check if the person is really dead or not!
  25. "No mother should have to fear for her son's life every time he robs a store."

    Will someone please tell these folks that robbing stores in not normal behavior.

    And also let them know that Mike Brown wasn't shot because he robbed a store.
  26. Hugh Bris Member

    the picture is a shoop. It said something different IRL.
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  27. PeaceHawk Member

    Today I read the young 12 year who testified was found shot and his body doused in a flammable and touched. What sick animal would do this. How do we fight the racial bigotry? I'm aware of an action today by Anonymous; How do i join in this action?
  28. yet the joke is true

    the police in some areas need an adjustment, but the home boys in the hood need a major adjustment

    but it's not politically correct to say so
  29. WHAT about the racism us white people deal with EVERYDAY. I've never owned oa slave or cared to for that matter. 86% of stop and frisks are black or hispanic I guarantee you the other 14% are people like me. White men who don't fit "the look" I never even used the word nigger till Paula Dean lost everything she had for saying she said the word. Every other word out of a blacks mouth is nigger So what the fuck? They gotta be niggers that's what they call each other. I get called cracker, white boy, boy,cliff, and an assortment of other racist names.It's happened in front of pigs. They don't care. I don't even like Paula Dean, she's a plastic hillbilly. However, she got fucked. Michael Brown got fucked but he was a thug who, from the looks of things, was caught up in the ol "thug life" game. Had he been shot by another nigger, which, in all likleyhood was gonna happen, we never would have heard any of this. Had another nigger killed him he'd have gone to jail, right? The pig didn't, right? I'd LOVE to cops start falling like leavws off a tree. Pigs killed yearly:160 UNARMED PEOPLE MURDERED BY PIGS YEARLY:500. Fuck the police, fuck racist white people and fuck racist niggers
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  30. Freedom of speech WAY overrides political correctness Being from the old usa, the democracy america I thought i had a choice on what I wanted, or didn't want to say or do?
  31. Maybe you need to talk to more african-american people. My cousins helped me realize at a young age that DWB (Driving While Black) is REAL. They were Harassed daily in their shitty suburb. Maybe try to see things through other people's eyes and get an education on this stuff, its not new. You seem to think it is though. Get an education on it, talk to some people that might help you understand the way things are because you sound crazy AND ignorant.
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  32. WHITE_SHADOW Member

    There is really no call for all of that bullshit that you posted. African Americans really are judged every day in the united states, just because they are black. And this is coming from a white person. It is something that we witness everyday, i believe that African Americans have every right in the world to resent white people, all we have ever done is pointed fingers and accused them and wrongfully punished them because they are of a different color. And i would bet my money on that if Michael brown had been white, that officer would have handled in a very different way and would not have just come out and shot him.
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  33. If I was six feet four inches and 295 pounds and reached into a cop car and attacked a cop, and tried to get his gun, I'd expect to be shot, no matter what the color of my skin. Even then, Brown wasn't shot until he charged the cop.

    Black people in Africa dream of escaping Africa - where blacks rule - and coming to the United States.

    Think about it.
  34. It is terribly unfortunate that you think / feel that way.

    There is no logical reason or right in the year 2014, for black people to resent all white people.

    Equal opportunities abound, and Americans prided themselves on embracing cultural and racial diversity.

    I do not think that this isolated incident warrants the level of irrational responses it is generating.
  35. WHITE_SHADOW Member

    I partially agree with the point that you are making. However I believe that these recent events are a result of years and years of pen up resentment that they feel, I don't however condone the way that they are trying to get their points across. Many of the businesses in Ferguson that were destroyed were owned by innocent people and i don't believe that innocents need to be harmed for a point to be made.
  36. It is not fair for people to take out their resentments on innocent people, including innocent police officers.
  37. And i would bet my money on that if this man hadn't been white and near a Scientology building, that officer would have handled in a very different way and would not have just come out and shot him.

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