Kansas City Anti-Scientology Protest - February 12th, 2011

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by RedShieldwolf, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. RedShieldwolf Member

    Is this where we put post-game threads now? Fuck it. I'mma start this bitch.

    Because I arrived pretty late and left after an hour, I can only report on two things of note:
    1. The fucking scifags called the cops on us for using bullhorns, something KC anons have been doing for years. Other than threatening to arrest those with bullhorns on the next visit, the cops were reasonable, telling us we had the right to free speech and protest & giving us tips on using the bullhorns (e.g. turning the volume down, pointing it down the sidewalk). We decided that it wouldn't matter what we did with the bullhorns; the scilons would still call the cops on us. So we put the bullhorns down and started yelling across the street (my voice is loud enough anyway). This was my first time using the bullhorn too, so just for that, I am making a whole new set of signs, including one mentioning the current FBI investigation. (Was able to mention this before they shut us down.)
    2. Another incident with a pedestrian. This gentleman was intoxicated, had gothic-looking clothes on, and what I'm guessing is permanent makeup around his eyes that looked like mascara tears. I couldn't discern anything coherent coming from him and I started to become concerned when he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to show me something (thank God, this didn't turn out to be as wrong as it sounds here). Around that time, he started to harass one of the MainCor guys and all of the anons began to distance themselves from him. Drunk goth then got into an argument with rent-a-street-cop and left.
    We had one guy (not a Scientologist as far as I know) that got some group photos of us. The other anons will have pictures and also might have more stories to tell.
  2. conatus Member

    So, everything's up to date in Kansas City?
  3. never Member

    Up to date in what way?

    Man RedShieldWolf, you took all the fun out of everything. The drunk numetal guy was hilarious, although I would have liked to see him get v&.

    We received quite a bit of horn love this Saturday including a UPS driver, two different semi-trucks, and even a bicyclist (okay, so that was bell love, whatever). Ding ding ding! There were also several shady lookin' motherfuckers taking our photos with poorly executed stealthiness and the usual assortment of Scientologists and/or PIs (don't know, don't care at this point) that are always around watching us, plus a couple of new faces. All in all it was a decent protest. The excitement from knowing our Scilons still care about us enough to call the cops coupled with yet another visit from a crazy local made up for the freezing cold, boring protests we've had in the past few months. Not to mention Ceiling Cat had seen fit to bless us with beautiful weather in which to stand on our street corner in. The highlight of it all (for me at least) was hearing the cops refer to the Org as a business not once, not twice, but three times when explaining about the megaphone complaints.

    Anyways, I have a couple of photos.

    DSC_0400.png DSC_0410.png DSC_0404.png DSC_0402.png DSC_0421.png
  4. Bipolart Member

    Sorry about the bullhorns. We can't use ours either. Good signs, good job KC!
  5. RedShieldwolf Member

    There were some old flyers being passed out. But otherwise we're keen here.

    Oh, no. I didn't want to be a lulzkiller. :(

    Worth quoting. Wise cops are wise.

    I'm not ready to relinquish mine yet. I've seen videos of megaphone usage in Anon protests pre-dating my entry into Anonymous protesting and the cops said we were well within our rights if we turned down the volume and pointed them down the side walk. What happens in future protests is ultimately up to a consensus though. I hope I didn't waste my money.
  6. Django Member

    They've gone about as far as they can go....
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

  8. pooks Member

    Thanks for the raid and report. Good job
  9. RightOn Member

    nice signage KC!!
  10. ravenanon Member

    I was going to ask what that white stuff on the ground is, but then I realized your snow looks infected by Thetans.

    Awesome protest
  11. anonsoulless Member

    If I'm reading it correctly 80dbA is the limit for a commercially zoned property before it can be considered a "noise disturbance."

    Unless they were talking about busting us for "disorderly conduct" or something equally enigmatic then the cops had no right to tell us to quit it.

    This is subjective I know, but I wasn't being overly obnoxious with the megaphone except to try and convince Scientologists to come and have a conversation with us on the rare occasions in which they actually left the org. Other than that I'd use it about every 5 minutes to just yell something informational. "If you enjoy confessing your sins to a stranger who writes them down in a folder and keeps them forever then Scientology is right for you." That kind of thing.
  12. never Member

    "If you've got more money than sense, try Scientology today!" "Scientology, brainwashing in front, parking in the rear!"
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  13. xenubarb Member

    That'd be 'fore' and 'aft' in the Sea Org, shirley.
  14. Anonymous Member

    It's better than a magick Hubbard show.
    They bring the gigamegaphone, wherever the Scilons sneak
    With every kind of lulz, you know the Org must feel the heat
    They can party hardy in the snow and never miss a beat

    That's about as far as they can go. :|
  15. Django Member

    Well, we're done with the Show Tunes, let's move on, then.

    Does this Sea Org cape make my butt look big?
  16. Holy shit your snow looks dirty.

    Requesting pics of drunk numetal guy.
  17. never Member

    The snow is just a metaphor for Kansas City as a whole. Plus, there's a lot of crack whores tromping through that intersection with their semen caked stilettos.

    DSC_0425.png DSC_0426.png

    I didn't get very good shots of him because I didn't want him to think I wanted him to talk to me about his fight against the man. He was fucking ridiculous looking, like someone took a normal guy, put him in some clothes they thought screamed &quot;rebellious young person&quot;, drew &quot;punk slogans&quot; a 12 year old would come up with on his faux-jncos, attacked his face with a magic marker and sent him on his way. I don't totally believe he was for real. But then again, I often give people far too much credit. Our other crazies/drunks are way more entertaining.
  18. over9000OT Member

    Adding on slightly...
    We noticed a whole fucking fleet (not Marcabian, unfortunately) of po-po drive by once and then one parked in front of the org while the other two parked about 100 feet down the street in front of the Pizza Hut. Apologies for the failtech on my phone. They are parked behind the Beemer in the foreground. El Jeffe Policia went into Pizza Hut and, I assume, asked if we were bugging them. Since pizza hut is fattening, but not cultish, they must have said no.
    Here is the Scifag that came out to talk to the boys in blue.
    And the net result:
    On the bright side, at least we know what our crimes are... being too loud.

    Skip this if you aren't wearing your tinfoil but literally a minute after the cops showed up, a humongous dude showed up in this SUV and asked if we minded if he took our picture. Other than the fact that Heavy D had an enormous cauliflower ear, it was kind of weird that this guy randomly showed up to take our pictures while the cops were talking to us and left when the cops did. I got a picture of his sweet hoopty but not him:

    I'm researching the KCMO noise ordinance and it looks like we're clear as far as making a &quot;noise disturbance&quot; but I'll need to find out if there are any other laws that might apply. I don't mind taking one for the greater good if there is a stupid/arbitrary law but, at this point, I really don't think they had any legal basis to tell us to stop using bullhorns. Especially since it looks like the noise disturbance has hours and decibel levels associated with it. I'm going to talk with the Environmental Department of the PD and see what they have to say. Then I'll talk to the desk sergeant at one of the KCMO PD divisions that doesn't cover our area. If need be, I'm willing to front the 50 clams to pay for a single use Noise Permit each month. I'm also looking up what it takes to get on someone for harassment. If the Org wants to call the police on us I would especially enjoy calling the police on them. Afterall... we are on public property.

    Oh.... and there really can't be enough justice done to the metalhead/nu-metal/weirdo guy. Not only was he wrecked, he had the raddest fake Irish accent I think I've ever heard. He sounded like a drunk, and slightly menacing, Lucky Charms commercial. If, you know, Lucky Charms were made of 'ludes and peyote.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Great work
  20. RedShieldwolf Member

    Well it seems like everyone here is willing to stand up to this bullshit so far. Have any of the other businesses complained ever complained about us being too loud? We might need to have our own free speech case like the Chicago anons did. Maybe we can even get our own press coverage. It would feed my ego like sweet, delicious cake.
  21. OTBT Member

    Some cites do not allow the use of bullhorns for demonstrations. There may be a local ordinance separate from the noise ordinance posted earlier, that falls under the jurisdiction of demonstrations or protests, that prohibits bullhorns. Perhaps check with local City Hall.

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