Kansas City - May ??

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by anonsoulless, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. anonsoulless Member

    Kansas City - May 15

    May 8th is the 2nd Saturday. Is that okay, or should we move it to the 15[th?

    [EDIT] NOW FOR SURE MAY 15 STARTING AT 11AM at 39th and Main with a slight possibility to catch Scilons at the Plaza if possible.
  2. Reaper739 Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    the 15th would be better. i would be in San Jose for Intel international science fair
  3. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I can make it to either, but it would be nice to finally see the Return of Cornonymous.
  4. never Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I could feasibly do either, but I need to know so I can schedule time off.
  5. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    May 15 is a bad date. Rockfest and high school graduation. Could we make it May 22?
  6. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    who are you?
  7. Severan Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    rockfest? can wait for stoned boobies and outletting of the trailor parks in the surrounding KC area.

    Either date is good.

    We will be there.
  8. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Newfag online, KC local. Where's the meetup?
    I'm near the MedCenter Area.

    -------->SUPPRESSIVE PERSON <---------
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    39th and Main - org is right off Main on E39 (across Main from the CVS)
  10. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I know just where you mean - bus stop's right down the way from it.
    Solid. What day, or have any arrangements been made yet?
    Still have to spare some pennies for a Guy - any idea where I can get one local?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    US Toy in Leawood. Other costume shops in the area carry them as well.
  12. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    my plans have changed so i'll be able to protest every saturday and sunday :D.
    as far as masks, some of us have extras.

    I'll be there with signs ^_^

    I still have to pick up some things from maschine... I'll see when i can haz them.
    Hope anon hazn't thrown it away.

    I'll be making other signs 48 in. X 32 in. :D.
  13. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    so it'll go down on the 22? or rockfest day? i can do any of them....
  14. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    People actually go to Rockfest?

    Glad you can make it, manly, we're always happy to have you.

    Also happy to see so many noobs ITT, but its kind of hard to base our date on noob's plans because noobs have this habit of not actually showing up.

    I can make it to the 22nd but I really hate to push it so far back. If more of you noobs are ABSOLUTELY going to show up if we move to the 22nd then I'd say that is what we should do, but we need to know FOR SURE that you're ACTUALLY GOING TO BE THERE if we have to change our plans to fit yours.

    So how about it. If we move to the 22nd ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY GOING TO SHOW UP?

    That said, we start protesting at 11 am at the org at 39th and Main. The first event at Rockfest starts at 1:30, if that is actually something you're interested in.
  15. never Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Tbh the 15th is the best for me, I've already discussed it with my employer. If these newfags will actually, really, seriously be there, I'll make the 22nd happen.
  16. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Well if Pfizer needs us to work on the 15th then sobeit.
  17. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    "remember people, our employers are the pharma companies... no need to ask permission from them." *haz a big-oh grin on his face*
  18. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    May 22, good. I'll bring my fembot and maybe a newfag. I'll be the one driving an F40PH.
  19. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Do you ABSOLUTELY promise to show up? Pinky swear?
  20. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I'll do what I can - it depends if my family is going through to attend this reunion.
    No other plans, but I need to know A SET DATE.
    My foot's busted and I can't afford to limp out there twice inside a week. :p
    So then- what day?
  21. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I will show up, at least. Sad thing is, I don't know the way around Leawood so I'll have to have my dad drop me off there, or find a friend who knows their way around Leawood so I can at least get close to where everyone is. I'll make it, I promise, even if I have to bike there, since the only vehicle I have is a broken motorcycle.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    The protests aren't in Leawood. They're on Main Street in Westport. Read this thread again. :)
  23. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    What day though? 15th or 22nd? There still does not seem to be a solid answer, and the day it is depends on if I can come.
    Gotta make plans, yeah? ^_^""
  24. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    What day is good for you? This is why we have these threads, to find which day is best for the most people.

    As far as I'm concerned we should do it on the 15th, unless you noobs can give us some reasonable assurance that you'll actually come on a different day.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    apparently, you and LaekkerAnonymous can make it only on the 22... right? if so there could be a quad raid if ya'll can't show up on the 15th w/ the rest of us.
  26. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    OK, so the regulars are now just, mua, anonsoulless, never, and severan (2 we)
    Out of those regulars who can make it on what sat of month?;

    never = 8th ?, 15th 99%, or 22nd
    anonsoulless = 15th ?, 22nd is duable?
    severan = 8th 99%, 15th 99%, 22nd?
    manly man = 8th 99%, 15th 99%, 22nd 99%
    Reaper739 = 15th ?
    LaekkerAnonymous + fembot + Noob = 22nd 99%
    censoredlikeso = 22nd 70%'?'

    Suggestion, do a double monthly raid? one on 15th and another on the 22nd?
  27. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

  28. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    15th it is than... there's always june... if noobs want to join...
  29. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    ^_^ Excellent. A date was all I needed guys. Time was sometime in the morning, wasn't it? 10:00? I'll be there.
  30. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    11 am. I tend to be late sum times.
  31. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Cool! ^_^ :D
    Newfag question i know - I've done protest/movement based work before, so I know all about flyer techniques and etiquette - I'm a people kind of guy.
    But, I've never had to hide my identity in a protest before.
    When do I put on the mask? Should I walk, or is it safe to take a bus?
    Sorry if it sounds stupid... ^_^""
    Oh, and thanks for the tip on the mask vendors. ^^ I'll be getting mine this week.
    Thanks guys!
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I know you've decided a date for May, BUT if you want foot traffic change it to May 8 and you will be bombarded with foot traffic. :D
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    You just want to balance paranoia and convenience.

    If you're carrying a mask and a sign then it's fairly obvious who you are and where you're going, so you should probably disguise yourself as soon as possible. If you just have a backpack then you can probably wait till you get around the corner.

    You definitely want to be wearing a mask while in sight of the org.

    Our bus contingent usually puts masks on as they get off. I don't think we've had any trouble with them bothering us on the bus, but if you're worried about it you can get off at another stop instead of the one directly in front of the org.

    Just in case you beat the regular crowd, be aware that we are prohibited by law from protesting within 20 feet of the org entrance, so we usually stand across the street.
  35. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    9 am is well earlier than most of us want to get out of bed on a Saturday, plus joggers never take fliers.
  36. manly man Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    There will be a lot of walkers, moms with strollers watching daddy run, etc. It's also the day before Mother's Day so maybe a Disconnection theme?

  38. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    ^^^ LOVE THY SP MOTHER THY LOVES YOU :D... cheese!, I know.

    sidewalks... hmmm... i think i can scope it out and see if i can catch them with their FST set up... If I see it, I'll engage and enturbulate. And with the arsenal of videos I am downloading, I must say it will be an amazing eye opener, not only for scientologists, but for public aswell.
  39. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Arrrgh! Okay, so is it May 15 at 10 or May 8 at 9? It keeps shuffling around! XD XD XD XD
  40. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Its the 15th for sure... 'cause 9 am is too early for most of us.

    ON the 8th, I can go scope it out.

    EDIT: censoredlikeso; uhmmmm its at 11 am... or 11:30 -

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