Kansas City - May ??

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by anonsoulless, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    cool, thnx for the info... but i doubt they'll set up FST at a rivals or competitors location >_<

    BUT IF THEY DO... Playing the Audio Tape where their founder denies Christ WOULD BE AWESOME.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Good point, except this isn't a religious event so I doubt it would matter to either St. Paul's or the cult. Come to think of it, St. Paul's really isn't a rival anyway because it's an actual religious organization, where as CoS isn't.

    The church parking lot is the largest open spot on that part of Main to hold runners, booths, etc.
  3. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Yeah, its a pretty large spot.
  4. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Okay, so the org is across from CVS? And that's where anons and signs will be? Just making sure before I wander on out to get totally lost (I know, it's a picket, it's easily spotted, right? >_<) I'm just wanting to make sure I don't pull anything too newfaggish, so if anyone's got a line for me, pm me or just get back to the thread.
    ^_^ Thank you!
    Oh, and the cards thing sounds great! ^^ We can hit the films after the picket's done if you're up for it! <3
  5. never Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    First of all, you have two weeks to figure out where we're going to be, no need to stress. Googlemaps the location or some shit, get familiar with it. Yes, it's across the street from CVS. It's also across the street from H&R Block and down the street from Pizza Hut.

    Secondly wtf is wrong with you faggots? Don't we get followed enough? Do you like that shit? I don't. Please don't advertise your after raid shenanigans on the internet unless you want to be a target for Scilons and their PIs. I understand censoredlikeso is a newfag and might not understand this yet, but c'mon manly man, you know this.

    /lecture of love

    Anyways, it's going to be really nice to see some new... masks... at a raid for a change :) Can't wait to meet you glorious faggots.

    PS manly man, plz step away from /b/ and put down the crack, you've lost your goddamn mind. :p
  6. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    The org is caddy-corner to CVS. It's in the same building as H&amp;R Block. We usually stand in front of the bank across the street from CVS and across the street from the org.


    Google has the church labeled as &quot;Olivia's Hair Braiding&quot; and the Church label in the entirely wrong place. The blue spot is usually where we protest.
  7. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??


    thank you for that lecture of thing-called-love.jpg it is taken into my heart like the symphony it is.

    I agree and yes I know &gt;_&lt;, PMing will keep OSA and PIs in the dark.

    BTW I don't roam into /b/!!......................... that often. &gt;_&lt;

    EDIT: but I guess I did loose my goddamn mind. I'll be sure to find it. :)
  8. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    [0_o You're all a load of out-ring crack heads.
    ^^ <3 <3 I like it.
    Never thanks for the tough love. ^_^ Will be happy to see you there.
    Manly man - see you Saturday
    Anonymous- yes you are.

    Later guys! <3 <3
  9. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I noticed somethinig today that I noticed last Tusday. That is, that, Scientology has been using their VMYV to advertise in their new location. I mean its bright and yellow, who wouldn't notice!!? lol.

    hmmmmmmm FR
  10. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Idea Org isn't open. I'd assume that the markings on the van would be to remind the scilons to give money in order to complete renovations.
  11. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    That and because Main Street and Grand Blvd. get heavy traffic during rush hour and so some of those individuals might take a glance at Scientology . org, for that is the website imprinted on VM Yellow Van; consequently, they might fall into the TRAP!!! >_<... so FR it shall be!! ^_^
  12. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Whass all this? ^^
    Manly man- sending you a PM in regards to Saturday
  13. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    now you know and knowing is half the part.
  14. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    you mean half the battle.
  15. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    yeah, that, "half the battle". I meant to reply to ur PM, soulless... but drifted away to another site and now i am too sleepy.
  16. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    not so good news guys.... some signs were ruined by watah.... I sux.... but as i previously mentioned; i am making new ones (waterproof ^_^).

    I finished one already.

    "Scientology Convicted of Fraud in France"
    "Dianetics = Scientology Celebritry Cult"

    I am all ears for suggestions. can't think right nao.. too late .
  17. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

  18. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I has signs for tamarah! :D <3
    Told to manly man, but it's a troll sign - little cute troll guy holding a sign with Co$ logo, background paste board covered in "TROLL TROLL ----> ; string 'em along" and a quote from the Hubbard - religion is where the money is. ^_^ I likes it.
    >_< Been busy so I only has two "big" signs, and I didn't get to finish the one of "CO$ + [finance] = *swastika*. Slogan 'long the tops and bottom, but I can't remember what it was...
    =( I'll try to finish it though. 3 is a good number.
    ^_^ okay, enough chit-chat! See you guys tomorrow at 9!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    :D :D
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    One day a'trolling I came 'cross a cult
    A packet, a thicket -
    A rick rollin' mass of
    bollocks, trollops, and hires of whores
    For quid.
    And I, pretty polly, a'trolling I trolled them and posted this bit
    A'trolling the trolls who take discourse from men
    In exchange for their hands
    And the fills of their pockets
    Not content with their faces and wives and their children,
    led astray.
    By the word and the deed they persuade and destroy,
    by the same word a'trolling attend I to annoy
    The piss out of trolls trolling giddy old fools
    Who viddy them well
    A future of horrorshow wealth and a toast
    to health, life, God
    and our gold.

    Expect us. ^_~
  20. Severan Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ?? are my goddamned hero! lulz!! See ya next saturday
  21. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

  22. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I know, I'll make up for it.
  23. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhEeeeeeeyyyyyY!!!! wut about me?? Just fucking playing.

  24. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Or not?.... I'll just look thru different threads and anon pix to use those.
  25. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Whass fix'd an all these others? ^_^ Must be PM stuff yeah? nevermind! ^^ See you!
  26. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    i fix'd your post.... XD
  27. never Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

  28. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    its ok... usable... i think.... my gay signs were the ones that were runied... so yeah.
  29. RedShieldwolf Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Sup guise

    sorry to interrupt your grieving, but may I suggest something?

    try laminating your signs or covering them in box sealing tape to ward off water damage. I know this sounds like a huge investment, but I think it might work :D

    Also, I know this isn't the thread for this, but if you guys already discussed organizing a trip to Boston, it would be super awesome if someone pmed or texted me with info

    pretty plox with sugar on tox
  30. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    that wasn't the prob.... i just left them in an inappropiate place... I am using something else to make them waterproof... thnx 4 the suggestion. :)
  31. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Okay guys - once more - the meet is this Saturday, 39th and Main (big shout out and thanks to manly man for fun times and food :D).
    What time? "/0\" I forgot....
    Thanks guys! :D
  32. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    LOL.. THe Cop and the lady looking at both of our signs were epic moments in history!!

    "TROLL TROLL" and a bit of dancing, although, i suggest we do more next time.....

    wait, wat! u forgot, lol, anonymous doesn't...ummmm... oh yeah... forget... you can always go back a couple of posts... anyhow, its at 11 am.
  33. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    11 am. Bring something to keep the rain out. You're gonna need it.
  34. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    Got you. How do I go about water proofing signs.
    Manly man - I fail. Get used to it. :D <3
    Manly man- mask? <3
  35. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    anonsoulless- sure it's going to rain?
  36. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    If You read RedShieldWolf post, you have a basic idea of how, there's also a subforum "How To" on here... I haven't tried my method but I am sure it will work. I just happened to purchase clear paint! :D

    Yup - I'll take it if not me, I am sure there are extras out there.
  37. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    He's not GOD! lol... who knows, according to there's a 50% chance. so bring wats needed justincase.
  38. Re: Kansas City - May ??

    I'll seal up me signs, but I's nots afraid of rain, hahahaha! :D <3 ^_^ ^^ Alright!! See you guys out there (gals too - miss never ^^).
    RAID! :D :D :D
  39. manly man Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    DUDE!! STOP STEALING MY HAPPY FACES!!!!! LOL just fudging playing.... I am suppose to be the only "gay"* one here, rofl...

    *note: not to be mistaken for homosexual >_<
  40. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Kansas City - May ??

    you are silly.

    As of right now says 40%-50% chance, but what with their bad weather machine it will probably rain buckets.

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