Karen de la Carriere video series: The Church of Scientology killed my son

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    Church of Scientology Kidnap Contract

    Before you take a single counseling (auditing) session in Scientology Inc you sign a large sheaf of documents.

    You do not get a copy of what you signed.

    More than the likely the Church is too embarrassed to let you have a copy and is fearful (with their craving for good “PR”) that these documents will get posted on the Internet.

    Jeffrey Augustine explains more.

    Here’s the contract:
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  2. From Karen#1 on OCMB:

    Post subject: Re: Scientology SCAM "IAS" FRAUD stockpiling $$$ & MONEY is
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    Jamie posted some useful information on Clearwater
    Jamie McGuigan If you read the details, the City of Clearwater hired an outside thinktank, the Urban Land Institute to come up with a high level strategy document for rejuvenating the city.

    Here is the link to the original brief given by the City to ULI:

    The City of Clearwater provided the following tech specs in regards the Church of Scientology presence in Clearwater:

    Clearwater is the spiritual headquarters of Scientology. The Scientology website discusses the expansion within Clearwater, stating “[W]hat began with a single property in 1975 now spans a complex of some 50 buildings over a nine-mile grid, totaling upwards of two million square feet. It highlights the following key expansions:

    • Oak Cove: Opened January 1, 2008; 172,000 square feet; provides both religious retreat accommodations for visiting Scientologists and space devoted to the ministry of Flag religious services in 14 languages

    • Fort Harrison Hotel: Re-opened March 14, 2009; renovation and restoration of all 267,000 square feet of the Fort Harrison “beyond its original 1926 grandeur”

    • Flag Building: Opened November 17, 2013; 377,000 square feet (full city block); serves as the Church of Scientology new international spiritual headquarters

    The following information regarding Church of Scientology staff and parishioners within the Downtown study area, Clearwater and the region was provided by the Public Affairs Director of the Church of Scientology, Pat Harney, on April 28, 2014, at the request of the City for the ULI

    • Number of Church staff in downtown. 2,302

    • Estimate of the number of Church parishioners who frequent the downtown on a given day, month, year.
    •• Over 2,500 parishioners participate in Church of Scientology religious services in the downtown each week.
    •• Some 10,000 Scientologists from more than 60 countries around the world travelled to Clearwater in the last year to participate in religious services. These visitors stayed anywhere from 1 week to several months at a time. This is in addition to the Scientologists who live in Clearwater and surrounding areas and frequent the Church for Scientology services
    •• Data in regard to the economic impact that parishioners have on the downtown and city as a whole.

    • In the 15 years prior to the opening of the Flag Building in 2013, the Church of Scientology renovated, restored or built 1.2 million square feet of property in Clearwater, utilizing over 600 local contractors and suppliers and putting hundreds of millions of direct spending into the local economy

    • The Church of Scientology is one of the city’s largest property tax payers at over $700,000 in property taxes last year alone

    • The Church of Scientology is the largest custome of the City of Clearwater’s water and sewerage services (over $2,000,000 a year)

    • The thousands of Scientologists who visit the Church from out of town contributed over $1,000,000 in tourist tax last year

    Since 2009, when the Fort Harrison was restored, the Church has hosted and underwritten 81 events in its auditorium and ballroom for 31 non profit and community groups and helped them raise tens of thousands of dollars for their charitable purposes

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    [IMG] [IMG]

    Post subject: Re: Scientology SCAM "IAS" FRAUD stockpiling $$$ & MONEY is
    [IMG]Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:14 am

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    $700,000 paid in Taxes a year is Chump change.

    Flag Land Base rakes in $3 million a week, in hard case not even counting the *DONATIONS* to all the entities IAS, Ideal orgs, LRH museum etc. etc. etc.

    $700,000 is a spit in the face of Clearwater Council for a 9 square mile area with some 50 buildings.

    What a load of codswallop.

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  3. Dear Moderators,

    Why did my account Karen#1 get banned for 8 days?

    I would like to know what I did to ban me.

    Was it becasue I offered a free uditing session? I am good, I was trained under LRH.

    ML, Karen
    Class XII
    Karen #3
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  4. Church of Scientology's Freewinds Competence and Leadership Course Leak

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  5. Were you posting more of your NSFW photos of yourself?
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  6. KKS, thank you for your posts. They are what makes WWP the best!
  7. Seems the cult still has people willing to "donate" large sums of money...

    25th June 2014, 08:49 AM

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    [IMG] Re: Karen de la Carriere YouTube Channel

    David Miscavige rules the length and breadth of Scientology with an iron hand and dark heart.
    He rules supreme.
    His lying lawyers in the Texas law court recently alleged Miscavige is not the administrative head by *ecclesiastical* makes every Scientologist on planet earth see the outright lies spoken to a judge in a court of law,
    Some 4 years ago David Miscavige *ORDERED* that Los Angeles public were to cough up $10 million in donations in one week.
    It was an order "Straight from C.O.B" (Chairman of the Board) which is a self-bestowed title. Ecclesiastical rulers do not give out Money targets.
    The $10 million was gotten.
    Clearwater (Flag Service org) was given a target of $40 million to be gotten in one week.)
    Both Los Angeles and Clearwater made their targets.
  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Inc, Religious Intelligence, Religious Infiltration and Religious Spying?

    A private Investigator's average cost is $75 to $125 an hour. Figure out 8 hours a day.

    Figure out the *Church* hires minimally 100 Private investigators internationally. This is day in, day out year in, year out in multiple countries.

    Their Private Investigator bill annually is a staggering amount. Millions are spent to *SPY* on their targets.

    This is quite aside from Lawyer, legal bills.

    Data is gotten from Private Investigators to then form programs to *Utterly destroy the target* per the OSA Network series written by Hubbard, which is the Bible of the branch of the "Church" called OSA INT.

    Some of these polices are here:

    Radio Podcasts:
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  9. The problem is that PIs are not illegal. Yes, there is their public perception that can be slammed on why a church uses PIs. But is that going to change the cult from using them? IMHO, I think the answer is a big fat no. Especially, as Karen points out, it's in their policies. And from what's come up on the Mosey suit and from reports from various attackers, it doesn't look like they've stopped.

    Also, now that we know the cult has billions in the bank, millions spent on PIs is probably just a small drop in the bucket for them.

    Fortunately, we have been able to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, I think this will keep others from significantly joining in on the fight. Because who really wants a PI watching their every move?
  10. rickybobby Member

    No, they aren't illegal. But this is a charitable, tax exempt organization. The amount of money they spend on PIs may be relevant to the IRS' interests....
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  11. I have no expertise at all about non-profits and tax-exempt organizations. But scientology has been using PIs long before they even got their tax exemption. Like I'm sure they used them against the IRS too to support the hundreds of lawsuits the cult filed against them in the 80s. And they still got their exemption.

    So how and why would their use of PIs be relevant to IRS interests now?
  12. hushpuppy Member

    The exemption outlined requirements needed to retain the exempt status going forward. The tipping point has to be somewhere.

    (and fwiw HushHushPuppy is not me)
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  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hey hush, I was wondering. :D
  14. Oops! Sorry, hushpuppy, didn't realize I was so close to a registered nick. Yes, this is someone else.

    I hope some accountant or lawyer or some such might look up the exemption requirements and let us know anything specific. Extreme legalese makes my head spin, so this is not something for me. But I would think that the cult with all their high-priced attorneys have already looked into something like this.

    One other point to think about. I have seen it here and elsewhere that there sometimes seems to be some conception that a charitable, tax-exempt organization can't have money or spend it. I know that this is not correct. Look at the Catholic Church and all the hospitals, schools and rent they get as one of the biggest landowners (and maybe the biggest of all) in the world. The Salvation Army got a $1 billion inheritance from widow of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, then used it to beef up it's stores, from which they derive income. Even the Tampa Bay Times is owned by the non-profit Poynter Institute and the Washington Times is owned by the Unification Church (the Moonies).

    All of these groups and in fact any large organization have attorneys. Attorneys have PIs working for them. I don't think any of the groups listed above are anywhere close to losing their tax exemptions due to use of attorneys and PIs.

    I'm not disagreeing with the creep factor of the cult and their many PIs. But does there have to a tipping point about this in terms of their tax exemption? I don't know if that's true.
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Pete Griffiths , #1 SP in United Kingdom, former ED of Mission of Kendall, Ireland

    Pete Griffiths talks about his life in and out of Scientology Inc. How he was left with a 2000 British pound bill for an event and the subsequent events.

    Pete has been the target of obscene actions by office of special affairs, the intelligence division of the Church. These include associating him with Gay porn sites, pedophilia and other made up venom.

    Pete has united folk in different camps Critics, Exes, Indies, old Guard, Anons, and brought them together. He fights the abuses and atrocities.
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  16. I guess Karen de la Carriere finally stopped drinking koo-aid and became an Ex instead of an Indie. Pete is well known for being anti-tech and anti-lrh (kudos to him!) and the fact that Karen is promoting him makes me feel that she is moving toward more and more onion peeling and less kool-aid drinking.

    Good for you Karen! Shred all those certificated and materials, girl!!! Stop "auditing" people and continue what you are doing to expose the cult!
  17. Karen de la Carriere told these stories to Lawrence Wright while he was researching his book "Going Clear"[1]and wants them told here at Scientolipedia to be part of the history as an example of what she witnessed to be LRH's deep level of caring for others while developing the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology.


    Those who were close to him saw a generous and caring leader who used his gigantic personality to keep his ship, his fleet, his organization, and his religion on track. Karen de la Carriere, a young British auditor, remembers watching Hubbard in his office screaming at one of the crew; when that person left, cowering, Hubbard swiveled in his chair and gave Karen a big wink. “He was in total control,” she realized. “It was all theatrical to create a desired effect.”
    Hubbard developed many of the basic Scientology techniques aboard the Apollo. In one instance, Karen was having no luck auditing a wealthy Scientologist with a long drug history, who kept falling asleep during their sessions. Hubbard theorized that theLSD he had taken must still be in his system; perhaps the drugs could be sweated out by putting him to work swabbing the decks. After six weeks, he was a changed man. Karen says that was the beginning of the Scientology drug-treatment program, called the Purification Rundown.
    introspection rd

    A strapping crewman named Bruce Welch had what other crew members diagnosed as a nervous breakdown or a psychotic episode. In Scientology terms, he had gone “PTS Type Three.” He had a crush on one of the ship’s young women, and when he learned she was engaged, he went berserk. Welch got a butcher knife from the pantry and threatened to kill Hubbard and other members of the crew. There were no designated security procedures or personnel trained to handle such a case. It took four crewmen to eventually subdue Welch and wrestle him into a cabin in the forecastle, the storage area above the bow, away from most of the crew, where he screamed continuously. There was a metal bed with a mattress, and a metal cabinet, but Welch managed to tear them apart with his bare hands and shove the pieces through the porthole.
    A young Australian named Mike Rinder (who would eventually become the church’s chief spokesperson) had just arrived aboard the Apollo and was given the assignment of guarding Welch’s cabin. He sat on a trunk in the hallway, listening to Welch shouting, “Bring the Commodore here! I want the Commodore right now!” Then Welch would yank on the door, which was locked and lashed to the bulkhead with sturdy ropes. Several times, Rinder recalled, Welch beat up other members of the crew when he was escorted to the bathroom or given his meals.
    Hubbard saw Welch’s rampage as an opportunity to experiment with the problem of acute mental breakdown. Total silence was enforced on the forecastle deck so that Welch would have nothing to stimulate him. Three times a day, Hubbard would write Welch a note, asking about his well-being. Welch’s response might be, “You’re the devil incarnate. I’m going to enjoy plunging the knife in you.” Hubbard would respond that he understood, and by the way was there any special food that the chef could prepare for him? In this way, Welch’s rage began to subside. He allowed an auditor to visit him each day. After two weeks, the door to Welch’s cabin was unlocked and he emerged, serene and apparently cured.
    The Introspection Rundown was issued shortly thereafter.
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Inc and the Obstruction of Justice

    No criminal activity within the Church or on Church property committed by Scientologists is reported to Law Enforcement. It is considered "Bad PR" -- Bad Public relations that a Scientologist committed a crime. It is reported to the Ethics division and to Office of Special Affairs for cover up.

    This includes child molestations, beatings, felony assault and battery and routine kidnaps, hostage taking, held against will.
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  19. moarxenu Member

    Karen's video above on Scientology Inc and the Obstruction of Justice is timely in view of the news that Florida GOP Attorney General is having a Scientology fundraiser in Clearwater this evening for her re-election campaign.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Marc Headley: Scientology, Rancid Tacos, and Secret Bases

    Marc Headley describes more details of life at Scientology's Gold Base. Even though the wealth is obvious and there are multi-millions available to purchase those slick "Ideal Orgs" the food company Sysco was not paid for weeks so no food was available at INT Base, the Church Headquarters.

    Whereupon rancid Tacos dipped in Oil were fed to the crew mixed in with old old meat. Listen to what happens. Marc also discusses his trip to Scientology's secret CST base in Trementina, New Mexico and more.
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  21. veravendetter Member

    Terrahawks is alive
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Inc : Sea Org Little Facts and Big FICTION

    The 5000 army of dedicated *soldiers* who believe they are going to change the civilization to a world without War, Criminality and Insanity.

    This is the battle cry for more coerced money donations.

    People wonder how they could have extorted that much money to have a billion dollars here and a billion there.

    If you had 5000 slaves working 80 to 100 hours a week for cents and paid little no Taxes and had full time Money extortion sales people, why YOU too could amass big bucks!

    Note how they continue to make the Government and YOU the tax payer pay the medical bills of their slaves. They have done this for decades
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Chuck Beatty discusses David Miscavige, Scientology, and Author Services, Inc.

    Former Sea Org member Chuck Beatty and Jeffrey Augustine discuss a perennial debate: Did L. Ron Hubbard appoint David Miscavige his successor, or, did David Miscavige seize power?

    Chuck also discusses his experiences in Author Services Incorporated and the way Miscavige used ASI to assume power over the Church prior to becoming COB RTC. Chuck describes how ASI was created as a legal way to funnel money to L. Ron Hubbard.

    Jeff mentions a little-known fact: David Miscavige had a life-threatening asthma attack in 1980. Emerging from this crisis in a hospital emergency room, David Miscavige told Paul Grady that he had a revelation that "Power is Assumed" and thereafter began to assume power in the Church by whatever means it required.
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  24. DodoTheLaser Member

    Popcorn early warning.

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Inc Lawyer private conversation and commitment

    The "Church" gets away with a LOT because of lawyers.

    It might spend more on lawyers than anyone can even guess.

    Millions, multi-millions are spent annually.

    Using the deliberately misleading and deceptive term "Church of Scientology," Scientology Inc. likes to blather on about "disseminating the tech" in order to tell people just how wonderful Scientology is. However, the actual Scientology documents presented in this essay will prove that Scientology Inc. acts with malice aforethought to legally cripple anyone foolish enough to join this incredibly fascist and dangerous organization. The internal tyranny Scientology Inc. uses against its own members is the story of a cult taking a sledgehammer to the legal rights of Scientologists at every step of their path up what is dishonestly called the Bridge to Total Freedom.

    Read the Lawyer devised contracts you sign before starting with the *Church*.
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  26. amaX Member

    "THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them."
    - L. Ron Hubbard, "Off the Time Track," lecture of June 1952, excerpted in JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY issue 18-G, reprinted in TECHNICAL VOLUMES OF DIANETICS & SCIENTOLOGY, vol. 1, p. 418
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  27. DodoTheLaser Member

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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Inc. Meet Camilla Andersson, Her story, part one (re-uploaded)

    Scientology Inc. Camilla Andersson, Her story, part two: What happens in an accident?

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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Surviving Scientology podcast: Former treasury employee Mat Pesch spills the beans

    In November 2012, we broke a big story with the help of Mat Pesch. At that time, former church executive Marty Rathbun had testified in court that Scientology had spent about $30 million in order to influence officials and get the church out of a criminal prosecution over the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. It was an explosive allegation by Rathbun, who was under oath when he said it.

    Pesch then came forward and gave us corroborating information: He was the treasury secretary of the Flag Service Organization (FSO), and said he watched $20 million drained from that Scientology entity in order to fuel the campaign Rathbun was talking about.

    Pesch was in the right place to witness a lot of Scientology’s more nefarious activities. And that really comes through in a new interview he did with Jeffrey Augustine. Give it a listen when you have time to hear the full hour.

    Continued at
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  30. Listened to the whole thing. Another ex-Sea Orger telling a similar story to most others who escaped, after giving the best years of their life in slavery, always living in fear of some punishment from hour to hour. Repugnant.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mat Pesch Revelations on Scientology Inc Money Tactics, Money Game plans, Part 2

    Mat Pesch, 30-year veteran discusses working conditions at Scientology's Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. Topics include hard sales tactics used by the sales people to Scientology public.

    Listen to the Intelligence gathering done on a target to extort maximum money. What are his buttons? How much is his net worth? Does he have a boat? What investments? The "FSMs" are the feeders that make 10% of money they extorts.

    The Church with frenzied shark feeding at the smell of blood.

    It's so Ecclesiastical!

    Also, the utter miserable life of Outer Org trainees to the Flag Service Org, foot fungus at Flag; and the Freewinds as a money loser.
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  32. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Gotta love the random capitalization.
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  33. I typical graduate of Study tech, just like Rathbun
  34. see what i did there?
  35. Ersatz Global Moderator

    A did
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Camilla Anderson in Scientology Inc's Human Trafficking Part 3

    When you hear of some of the inhumane punishments Camilla talks about you ask how and why can they be so abusive.

    The grease trap punishment as told in this video is one of the most dreaded. Licking bathroom floors with one's tongue was implemented by David Miscavige and got exported.

    In the Sea Org, all free will is taken away and one is slowly made into an unthinking robot. When you wake up, what you wear, how long you work, whether you can ever get a day off, who you can communicate or not communicate with, whether you can own or not own cell phone, TV, computer etc etc etc is other determined where just about every power of choice is taken away, so that the Sea Org members are clustered into a Homogeneous, uniformed BLOB. There is no growth or spirituality contrary to their propaganda. There is more and more obedience and slavery and more and more robotism.
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  37. Is this woman for real?

  38. DeathHamster Member

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